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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Designing in SL

Just want to inform everyone who may not know or knows but doesn't really know that I have a sister site called Funn In Second Life which chronicles my avatar's adventures in Second Life, that really popular Sim thingy. Well I am dedicating that website to document the creation of a 1st gown. You know all those clothes that my avatar wears in those photoshot? Well I am learning to actually create one and I have decided on a wedding gown. Don't ask me why. Well actually I did explained why. Anyway I believe it is fun to read as I go through stage by stage, from total confusion to conceptualisation to hopefully, crossing my fingers, a viable decent looking gown. If you're a novice designer in SL or a pro or doesn't know what is SL or what the heck I am talking about, do have a look at that site. All my designing posts are posted in Designing In SL (look under Tags). I am sure we can all learn together and some suggestions and tips from pros or just some comments will be quite lovely.

>> Funn In Second Life
[URL :]

Anyway I have some reviews to post later so do look out for them.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AI 7 : Top 10 guys

I was very surprised as the two boys who were kicked out last week as I really thought Luke Menard was dead! But he still lives on and he should be gone this week because quite frankly he was very boring to watch and painful too. Anyway let's concentrate on the positive. No where as great as Season 5 but much better than Season 6. I have my favourites and I still love Jason Castro eventhough the udges dissed him. I thought he was original and refreshing although a bit blur. The others were ranging from ok to super great so not much complaints except

1. why do they even bother to argue with Simon? It just shows lack of showmanship

2. poor choice of song but as we have read by those eliminated, they hardly have any choice. Anyway the theme is 70s, so why no disco music I wonder?

3. whilst all were equally good, only a few were entertaining or even charismatic and memorable.

Yes I thought Michael Johns were also quite good too but I am bored with rockers, wannabe rockers and so on. And I am tired of watching them defending theior own inner rocker with the judges. What I want is great performance and all in package.

And David Archuleta had it in heaps. I am a bit tire of his awww shucks reaction but damn he is such a charming guy, can't help but love him. His performance of Imagine had me in awe but I have only one complaint; he should have been allowed to sing the entire song. However I am sure you could hear his heavy breathing. Must be his troubled voice box or something.

My prediction of who is going home is eithr Luke Menard (boring) or and maybe and Jason Yeager who sings with a smile, even if it is a sad song. His performance reminde dme of a comedian who did the bollywood parody to perfection (and it was very very very funny).

Jason Yeager

The Bollywood parody that looked just like his performance by Winston Spear a Canadian. What a spot on parody of major Hindi movies! By the way a very nice song from an Ajay Devgan movie. Anyway just proves Jason Yeager sings and shakes like a Bollywood actor in a bad Bollywood movie. Not that this movie was bad. My favourite spoof video of all time.

Hopefully not Jason Castro. He wasn't that bad. I mean he interpreted the song his way and to me that is refreshing because I hate big voice and I love his style.

Danny Noriega will live for another week since he is so outspoken and I kinda like him in a not so Sanjaya way. I hated Sanjaya but I like this guy for reasons I could not explain.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If Second Life avatars were real...

Hilarious video of real people mimicking the avatars in Second Life. How real, how true, how funny!! That's how my Funn Jewell moves, only worse, walking like a drunk because I still can't quite control her movements yet. Funny stuff!!

Closure of Maidens' Vow Episodic Thoughts

Reasons as written in that blog itself. Much apologises. Thanks for the comments.

Oscars and the whole In Memoriam thing

I was watching the Oscars last night and during the segment of in memoriam I noticed one name was glaringly missing; Brad Renfro. Roy Schneider died before the cut off point so he would be included next year. Speculations were rife about why Renfro was excluded, from he wasn't a member of the academy, he died suspisciously to he wasn't famous enough. In fact the reason was far simpler; they simply didn't have enough time to include him in the montage, even for a mere 2 seconds apparently. I suppose you don't have to be an invited member to be listed since the spokesperson never stressed on that point. So that would make that official excuse simply an excuse and a very bad one. Why not just say they simply forgotten about him? And usually the last to be featured is the most famous one but I hardly think Heath Ledger was that famous. Only Marlon Brando, Jimmy Stewart and the likes had that honour so Heath Ledger was more of a popular choice due to his unexpected sudden death rather than pure merit. But even in death Brad Renfro couldn't get his 2 seconds of recognition of his life. To me that is simply sad.

And apparently the oscars missed on a lot of names during its many clips of tributes. I suppose they didn't think they need to show any because they never thought the strike would be over? Or simply they didn't have the time? I find the tributes this year badly done, the show not quite as exciting, not many big names and so many TV stars (felt like Golden Globes) and even has been stars. Big names weren't there, just a few big names. Jon Stewart was funny but I feel the grandness of the occasion was no more. Maybe it is time Oscars should return to the old format that is to entertain and invite the big big mega stars. Anyway I would second Will Farrell as host with Jack Black as co-host. That would be a ratings winner.

By the way how can Transformers lose to The Bourne Ultimatum in sound editing and what nots? HOW CAN?!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Edison

Edison Chan wants to retire from showbusiness, in Hong Kong. I was so overtaken by my emotion, I posted a long letter at which unfortunately was hacked in half since my letter was too long. I felt it was such an emotional letter I decided to reproduce it here in entirety. My sincere heartfelt letter to Edison Chan.

Dear Edison,

Though I am just the solitary voice, but this is my 2 cents worth of the whole fiasco.

Edison, I FORGIVE YOU! I FORGIVE YOU! Shall I repeat a 3rd time?


Go take a well deserved vacation. 18 starlets and countless other conquests, you must be exhausted. So take a rest and then come back refreshed, fully recharged and ready to roll. But may I suggest a few classes you may wish to attend meanwhile just to fill in the time since Hollywood hardly has any roles for young Asian male who doesn't know a thing or two about kung fu?

1. Top of the list, computer classes, mostly how to protect your computers from hackers with encryption classes as well. Very useful, especially in your case and if you intend to continue with your activities.

2. Photography classes, because frankly you did the Asian world a disservice by taking such horrfyingly tastelss ugly pictures of ordinarily pretty starlets. I mean a bit of lightning will help a lot. I mean even if it is for private views which frankly i doubt it, at least make it look nice? Use the OTHER PEOPLE'S PERCEPTION as your standard from now on.

3. acting classes, because your public annoucement sucks. Cry if you have to, show that you have emotions, show that you're sad, angry, pissed and disappointed that your private sex life is no longer private when it should be although frankly having seen every inch of you (pun intended), you can't be any private anymore.

4. Sack your PR team and go to a PR class and be your own PR team since you have to "retire" from HK showbusiness, they aren't doing any good job are they?

5. And last but not least, Edison, it is very sad to hear that you're retiring from HK showbusiness. Are you retiring from other showbusiness as well? No? I am sure you will come back soon enough. I am just confused you know, how you can manage to sweet talk 18 starlets and some others to do your bidding and you can't sweet talk us all and save your career? It is an art perhaps and so perhaps you may wish to consider some psychology classes as well, to know what's on our mind.

It is a sad day indeed that what is private and consensual and perfectly legal hobby became your downfall. But then Edison, others suffered as well for their indiscretion with you so I suppose it is karma.

I just hope this fiasco will blow over and life goes on for everyone. Of course we now see the real hypocrisy of certain stars and so now everyone can grow up and move on because everyone has sex, and some indulges in some photo sessions and such. What does all these starlets teach me? Perhaps there's a PLayboy bunny in all of us?

Anyway hopefully you feel better after that press statement from your PR guy and hopefully you're still alive at the time of this post of mine since I read many many people wants you dead. Why should they want you dead? They should consult you, hire you to teach them the art of persuasion. It doesn't work for masses but it sure works for individual people. And I hope all is well with that possibly was a minor when you took her naked pictures girlfriend of yours.

Edison, you must see why you failed in this. The failure is not the pictures since what you do in private is of course private. It is not the pictures or videos or the failure to protect your data but rather it is the suggestion of it all; your character has become questionable. Take some time to quietly rebuild your character. People's memory are short and in time you will be welcomed with an open arms. I just have only 1 request; please do not listen to other people's suggestion that you direct a porn film. Because frankly you simply do not have those talent. I am sure you have seen enough of your own work to realise that. You can of course release that video with Gillian Chung and others so that we can be the judge of that. A pity, I was so looking forward to seeing what you have to offer other than a few hundred pictures of what has already been offered. I have no doubt we shall see them soon.

Anyway, good luck Edison, bon voyage and see you soon, though I am sure many would say not too soon.

Funn Lim
One voice of the public

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My thoughts on Lydia Shum's death

I don't know why but the impact just hit me straight on the face. I can't help but feel this ache. Someone you grew up watching and suddenly gone. I just saw her pictures, the recent ones and I did know she lost a lot of weight and I thought to myself she looked so haggard. Being plump suited her and made her look healthy with a glow. Those pictures were horrible and I read how intrusive the press were. It is sad to know she died never seeing her daughter succeed in the entertainment business or even marrying. I am sure these were her regrets in life and since cancer hurts, she must have been in pain. I have never seen a memorial service by TVB in TVB website for their artiste. Shows yes but a special website? The whole country mourns? Her death was that deep impact on the senses of those who grew up watching the Chinese industry, especially TVB. It is big news, bigger perhaps than Heath Ledger's death in the Asian world and was even mentioned in some foreign papers although I think most got her age wrong. I remembered the memorial show last night and seeing a crying Eric Tsang and even a tearful Dodo Cheng was deeply depressing. Shows in TVB will never be the same without her. Hopefully the daughter will take up the mantle. Her mother has made enough friends to clear the path for her. Really TVB has a memorial page for her at their website. A very well designed one and where they put her prettiest photo. That is how I want to remember her.

I apologise for my sombre mood but I still have this ache in my heart. I am not a big fan of hers but she has been a constant presence in my life. God only knows how her daughter feels. My condolences to Joyce. She is now half an orphan but she still has her dad but then that is not the same.

Do you feel the same way I do? Why do I feel this ache in my heart, this emptiness in my soul, why I am griving too for her death? Is this my mourning of my past childhood, an era gone by and never shall be again?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AI 7 : Top 3 in top 12 boys & some other comments

On a happier note, I needed AI 7 to cheer me up after hearing about Lydia Shum's death. They and the other 12 girls are called the best talent pool of AI yet. I beg to differ only in the sense that the best AI season was Season 5. You all know I love Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin. Anyway I was eager to watch the top 12 guys because I already zeroed in on one boy whom I really really like but surprisingly I saw 2 others who were not featured in the audition round (or I may have missed them) who gave such excellent performances, one of whom I give my vote as the 2nd best of the night. Whilst I like Michael Johns, he is handsome and his accent is a plus point, he needs a shave desperately AND I am quite afraid he will be the next Chris Daughtry; praised till no end which kinda disgust me that time. Anyway he wasn't that great with his rendition Light My Fire (Idol counterpart in UK, Will Young did it much better and sexier too) but he was of course one of the better ones. This year the contestants are either very eager to hear comments or interrupt the judges, Simon in particular. You know what, I think Simon is right. Singing 60s song doesn't mean you must have the 60s look or 60s feel so one has to be contemporary and yet retain the 60s feel I suppose. Anyway I thought that guy, Chikezie said more than he should. He was becoming a pain to watch and his suit was horrible. Learn from 007; invest in a good suit. His singing, not very good. The other Sanjaya Malakar lookalike with equally beautiful hair but of course a much better singer, Danny Noriega did an Elvis song and I understood what Simon meant. You always sing Elvis' song like Elvis unless you're an outstanding melodic singer like Elliot Yamin who makes it his own. He wasn't bad but Paula Abdul, always slurring her words but less drunk than last year got it wrong when she said he was a performer. Not like that, that's not a performance, that's a spectacle and it is not a good thing. The rest were mostly ranging from ok to forgettable but I can already predict who will go home; the Orlando Bloom lookalike, Luke Menard who has my vote to be bumped off or in the alternative, Jason Yeager who annihilated Moon River with his constant self satisfied smile. Irritating.

Anyway focus on the good ones shall we? My favourite 3 performances of the night for various reasons;

David Archuleta
I love him from the moment he walked into the audition room with a story like he had paralyzed throat? ANyway he couldn't talk for years I think and he talks softly and with a whisper but he has got an amazing soulful deep soft voice and boy, the moment he sings he lights up the stage although you can hear he was very nervous and some pitch problems towards the end. But I thought his charm was infectious and I love how he blushed at the good comments and all. This one is a winner in my book and I hope he be consistent and remain fresh. Randy and Simon certainly liked him from the get go, especially Randy. Paula loves everybody so her opinion does not count. Here he sings Shop Around. Lovely performance. VOTE FOR HIM!!!

By the way this is him in Star Search 2002 which he won I think. I wonder where is the voice paralysed whatever? Anyway wow. 2002, he should be about 12? Handsome boy but trying too much to sing like an adult.

The a little later I suppose in some TV show singing Imagine. Much better but you know I like him now.

Anyway this was his audition where he explained the paralyzed vocal chords. I think the damage did his voice some good in a very interesting way. It must have been hard for him when he couldn't sing.

Jason Castro
This was a shocker. For one I didn't notice him. How can I not? So handsome, interesting hair, the feel of a folk singer. And he gave a very refreshing take. I mean I do not know the song but the way he sang it, he sang it with style with his guitar to boot. Excellent performance and my 2nd favourite of the night. The song is Daydream. He is very handsome.

Garrett Haley
This one I don't know, I liked him. Simon was right about his pale complexion and all, he looked like some malnourished drugged hippie but yet he does look like a cross between Barry Manilow (a good songwriter) and Robin Gibb (an excellent singer). I feel he has a very good voice and gave his rendition layers and left a deep impression. I like him, making him my top 3 although many predicted he will go home. Just listen to him. He is very very good.

Michael Johns
Michael Johns, yes I do like him but he is not in my top 3 because someone else did that version of the song better. Anyway his performance...

Eveyrbody loved his Bohemian Rhapsody. I for one thought he should have been made to sing the entire song because he did not sing the difficult parts. The earlier parts were the easiest. There is a reason why this song which took one man called Freddie Mercury to sing would actually need 10 tenors to sing it properly as I have seen before!

The better version by Pop Idol winner, Will Young. He sang this at World Idol and wow, it was sexy and sensual. Slower and he has a nasal-ish voice but this man has got the technique right. I really wanted to light his fire but then he's gay!

By the way the following guy, Kurt Nilsen from Norway won the first and only World Idol, beating Kelly Clarkson but hey, he was excellent. He created atmosphere around his own performance which is rare. Not even Will Young could compare! But they shelved it the next year. Could it be because Kelly Clarkson, tipped to win didn't?

Anyway reminded me of Paul Potts audition in Britain Got Talent. I saw him in Royal Variety Show where he sang for the Queen since he won the competition. Very very nice but hey, you could hear the difference when another opera singer, Dame Kiri something sang. That was pure pro but Paul Potts really got talent. Anyway I thought he was mind blowing in his audition rather than in The Royal Variety show so I am reposting the following which I have posted a long long time ago. Just see the following audition, notice how the judges' look and how they regretted that look. Just because of his looks...

Anyway some controversy with regards who can actually audition for AI. Two contestants, Michael Johns and the Irish Carly Smithson had fronted a band (the former) and produced records with major labels (the latter) so it isn't fair isn't it? They're not amateurs. Just because your debut album flopped does not mean you can join AI. Not fair at all. It should be for those who has never recorded an album before by a major record label. A single maybe, fronted a band maybe, but an album? Boooooooooooo.... I don't like her already! I don't like all of them already. Give me UNDISCOVERED TALENT as in UNSIGNED TALENT please.

R.I.P Lydia Shum

I am really slow on the uptake lately. I knew she had been very very sick, looking so thin and frail in her last public appearance during the TVB awards but frankly I didn't know Lydia Shum has died until I saw the specials yesterday night over at ASTRO. It has greatly affected me. She died young in my opinion although she was I think 62 or 63 but it was sad. I mean I grew up watching her, hearing her laughter, seeing her host every TVB birthday bash that without her seems odd, very odd. But it got to me when I saw her colleagues cried, even Eric Tsang was crying and surprisingly it was the women who was most calm, most annoying was Mui Siu Wai with her silly smile, so totally inappropriate. No comments from her ex husband, her daughter or even Liza Wang actually but it was heartbreaking. It seems her biggest worry was her daughter but with every famous personality pledging to support the daughter's career in TV if she ever chose to do so, it seems affirming that if ever Yan Yee wants to act/sing/host like her mom did, she would have had her place guaranteed in TVB. Her mother was considered TVB's most powerful woman, and probably most respected and most loved so I don't see a problem for the daughter to pursue a career in entertainment. More importantly the HK TV industry needs the presence of a happy go lucky personality and who best to fill the shoes than the little girl we saw growing up before our eyes? I think Lydia Shum has little to worry about. The daughter seems very matured for age and has grown into a confident beautiful woman. If she is blessed with her mother's hosting talent, likeable personality and her father's talent in acting, believe me she could be a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait to see her light up the screen the way Lydia Shum often did in her amazingly long career.

R.I.P Lydia Shum. I shall miss you too.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Updates & a note

Added a movie review, CJ7 by myself in Movies. Also posted a summary of that review in Beware, spoilers alert.

By the way I have new reviews, a lot of movie reviews but doesn't seem to have time to post them. My apologies to the reviewers. I will get my butt working although now I am obssessed with Second Life and earning money!! Well Linden Money. Anyway new reviews please do send them in so that I can add them all at one go.