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Saturday, May 31, 2008

My proposed new layout

It took me sometime to figure out how to do it. I wanted the look of my desktop table but since the real one is really cluttered, that would be impossible. I found a lot of Flash templates that fulfilled the look I want, such as an opened book on a table with pens and other stuff but those cost USD59 at least and frankly I refused to pay. So I searched for tutorials and found some amazing Photoshop tutorials that helped me in my quest. I feel so proud of myself, because to me it looks good. So the following is my proposed new layout of my website, have a look by clicking the thumbnail:-

Free Image Hosting at

I will need to put that in a specific pop up window so that the layout won't be screwed up. Then I will have to figure out how to insert the codes. I could do it the Flash way which will be awesome but I won't because I can't because after reading so many tutorials I still don't get it, so in the end it will be the traditional HTML and DHTML and of course iframes and all. That too I have to figure out how. And of course I may change an item or two there, maybe add some crumbled papers, paperclips, some food, water and what nots, then it will look like my desktop. Maybe I'll leave that for my The Storytellers website, now renamed The Author Story because I intend to buy a domain name for it. That one I want an open book, and it would be best if I could flip it but again, ahhhhhh Flash ahhhhh the reason why I can never be a professional web designer.

Anyway look at that beautiful new layout eh? I went mad with the colour burning and stuff. I love the scroll, I love the tape, I love the MP3 player. I wanted even to put in my Sony Ericsson Z610 phone but then I thought no purpose to put that and no use.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out of Tune?

Just to show you the definition of customer service.

I wrote an email enquiring about certain stuff and that is intended for Tune Money which I was very interested in. I wrote the email and promptly I received an automatic generated email as follows:-

fromTune Money

dateSat, May 24, 2008 at 7:34 PM
subjectRE: Enquiries

Dear Tune Money Customer,
Thank you for your e-mail.
This is an automated reply to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. We will update you on your enquiry within 2 working days.
Have a good day!
Best Regards,
Tune Money Team

It is now 30th of May 2008 and I suppose Tune Money is still close for business because obviously it is more than 2 working days.

This is, ladies and gentleman, the definition of customer service; a service to a customer which requires a respond from the person giving the service, which obviously in this case is not the case. Maybe they're just out of tune?

FYI, still no reply as of today and frankly Tune Money just lose themselves a customer.

Britain's Got Talent 2 - Semi finals thus far

What a fantastic show! How come not shown in Malaysia? Britain has got a whole lot of talent!! Anyway it is the semi-finals now and it is kinda terrible way to kick out some contestants. The audience got about 10 minutes or so to vote immediately at the end of a show (called semi-final-everyday for 5 days and the final is on Saturday-winner gets $100,000-00 pounds and a performance spot in the royal variety show before Prince Charles) and the one with most votes get through to the Finals whilst the next 2, never revealing who is 2nd or 3rd will face the 3 judges, one of whom is a rather sympathetic and often shocked but impressed looking Simon in a tie and suit will choose one between the 2. So each show 2 gets through and probably 4 or 6 others will go home. So far 3 semi-finals and oh my god, I have my favourites!

First up, always have a killer ending. Hoop La-La didn't get through but their ending to their hula hoop routine was nothing short of spectacular! Have a watch!

Then there was George Sampson who didn't get through last year and came back and tried again and was better than he was. His Singing In The Rain routine was also spectacular but the ending was the killer! I enjoyed his routine and to me he is a front runner. Handsome boy also with a very positive outlook in life, considering I have been reading teenagers in Britains knifing each other in public. He got through by virtue of highest votes. Could win you know.

The next one is a specular singer, who is cute, confident, gracious, handsome and oh so professional. He sings those old time tunes and his audition was perfection. Unfortunately he didn't get through the semi-finals because of the song. I agree with Simon and Piers; the song was terrible. Charlie was done in by his father's friend who wrote such a terrible song. He should have just stick to Frank Sinatra because look at the way this boy moves; so good and his sound is fantastic. Apparently many recording studios have offered him a recording contract! So there's still hope for this young amazing talent and a name so easy to remember; Charlie Green.I personally thought between him and Strike (a martial arts duo), I thought Charlie was better and could probably win if he was given a pass to the next round.

Then there was Andrew Johnston whose pained looks is beginning to get to me but oh boy, this boy can really really sing. Goose bumps all over! Just smile a little please! Again he got through by most votes and is considered the front runner and I feel he could be one of the 2 finalist.

Signature is a group comprising of a Michael Jackson impersonator, Suleman Mirza and his Bhangra dancing partner, Madhu Singh. Frankly fantastic routine but could get stale after a while. Also a front runner, got through by highest votes but is very very popular. I like the two dancing together and I could imagine Michael Jackson in a Hindi dance routine.

There is one more girl to look out for who sang a killer Ava Maria in her 1st audition. I think she could win too but her segment is still not on yet so I don't know if she gets through. She could be a front runner.

However the one act that had me in awe was Kate and her faithful dog, Gin. Having so many noisy audience it was amazing Gin could concentrate and the tricks she could do was amazing. Kate is her 16 year old trainer. The show may be a bit unpolished at bits but this dog, Gin is simply awesomely amazing. They got through via judges' choice but I feel, Kate and Gin can go head to head with perhaps the more popular Andrew Johnston who is tipped to win the competition and actually win it save for Gin fainting on the stage in the middle of a routine. I hope not. Have a look at this amazing show-dog.

My guess who will be top 2? Kate and Gin and Andrew Johnston. George Sampson and that girl I mentioned who has yet to get to finals if could get to final got real chance too. I personally want George Sampson to win because this boy has got passion, dedication and the talent. He alone could outdance the entire group called Flava in the competition. But considering Prince Charles, the audience and all, I do feel Kate and Gin has got a real chance. But frankly I just have this feeling Andrew Johnston will win it because everybody loves a sob story with a successful end and this boy to give him credit is simply awesome. But for variety sake, it's either the super talented show dog Kate and Gin or super talented dancer George Sampson.

Whoever wins it, with all these super talented contestants, Britain as I have said before truly got talent. What an amazing show.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Art or porn?

Big news in the art world here where a famed photographer's exhibit was cancelled and now he is subjected to investigation because there were complaints that his pictures of young naked teenagers (some taken many years ago) were porn. You can view the pictures here (check out the first few pictures). Read in The Star today where Cate Blanchett (the guy is from Australia) says it is death of art to ban his pictures because his pictures were art, tastefully taken. Well if Miley Cyrus' naked back is causing so much controversy and she is 15, more so these eh?

So what is art and what is porn? I looked at the pictures, eventhough censored they are also very revealing, save for the children parting their legs and all. Vulgar as it may sound I am trying to describe now naked is naked. Frankly I don't see them as porn. The colours of the pictures made the teenagers look like holocaust victims, quite frankly. I find them haunting and scary. So what is the theme of the picture anyway? It is not pictures of naked babies that your mom and dad takes when you were a child. What is the art in this? I don't think it is porn although some section of society may use it as a stimuli. But again, what is the art again? It is not porn but it is also not art. It is what it is. If the subjects were adults no one would complaint but children are a different breed. The photographer seems rather foolish doesn't he? If he had been discovered with these pictures some might even scream peadophile so what makes him think it is ok to depict naked children? What was going through his mind? Art is to provoke? Art is to stimulate? Art is a social commentary? Or quite simply it is what it is?

Nope, to me not porn but Cate Blanchett was wrong to say it is art. I agree with the comments of the politicians and public. I find such an exhibition tasteless and is rightfully banned. Sometimes not everything can be done in the name of art.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Liu Yifei is actually Song Hye-gyo? Now this is one fact I never knew!

Wow, I didn't know. Thanks to Yahoo for enlightening me on this very interesting FALSE TRIVIA!!

Oh my God, there must be some really blind people working in the western world. I mean I can do a better job. I never mistaken Angelina Jolie for Jennifer Aniston!

I mean to mistake a Korean male star for another Korean male star is forgivable in light of this major poo-poo. They can't even differentiate between a Korean female star and a Chinese female star who both has different names, different face and different, well can I say different race? What is going on here?

Read the stupid major mix up here. Now Rain can smile, because his wasn't so bad. Poor Liu Yifei and interestingly her fans took it as a compliment. I personally thinks it is an insult not just to misprint names or pictures, but totally got the individual mistaken as another. Read the caption, "Chinese starlet Song Hye Gyo, also known as Crystal Liu Yi Fei, Liu Yifei, or Liu Yefei ... China's Hannah Montana, stars with Jackie Chan and Jet Li in a Kung Fu fantasy." That was supposed to be an April Fool joke right? RIGHT?

I can't decide which is more offensive; calling her Song Hye Gyo (who is Korean by the way) or calling her China's Hannah Montana. From what I can remember, I don't recall seeing Liu Yifei exposing her green bra in her Myspace page and she is more beautiful, more talented and definitely can act much much better. Chinese Hannah Montana? Liu Yifei is not a one trick pony. Call her China's new Zhang Ziyi if you must but Hannah Montana to me is even more of an insult than mistaking her as Song Hye Gyo which is already quite an insult already.

By the way, THIS is Liu Yifei and THIS is Song Hye-gyo you dumb idiots. Please don't tell me they look alike. They don't.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Do you know?

I am wondering, anyone knows how much does a trainee retail executive earn? RM2000-00 per month? Or less? Your help is most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Work from home?

I have been reading about working from home and earning side income and from what I read, it is doable, IF you have something to sell. Like one who sells doll dresses to one who sells her own used underwear to perverts. I have neither the talent to make doll dresses nor the inclination to sell my used undergarments to God knows what kind of perverts. So what can I sell? I opened an ebay account recently for the sole purpose to sell my extra DVD copy of All About Eve (the Korean drama series) and I discovered a whole new world of possibilities. But again will people buy what I can sell? Like I am considering selling my entire collection of Snoopy figurines (the ones sold by McDonald's some years back) but will there be anyone who want to buy any of it? How to make sustainable income? How? HOW???

Even my All About Eve I will be selling technically at a loss. The market sells it at RM129-90 and even with discount, RM119-90. I am selling for RM100-00 which includes postage by the way. My sister said no one will buy, because it is RM100-00 and it is considered used product. But I have never watched it, only tested it ONCE using ONE DVD disc only. It is practically a new copy, excellent quality. If no one wants to buy that, what more can I offer? Why is it everybody else finds it so easy to earn money from traffic to websites, selling stuff, etc and I just can't find a thing to sell? What is my talent?

Anyone interested in the All About Eve DVD? I mean will anyone buy it if I say RM100-00, free Pos Laju postage? No one?

I feel very depressed right now. I really need a side income, possibly a new career. I am not young anymore and yet here I am afraid to take the plunge because quite frankly, after reevaluating myself, I discovered I really have no skills nor talent to sell.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Funny advertising

I have received many emails about funny and creative advertising but the following are the ones that I find not just very imaginative, but really cute, funny and on the point. But I do wonder thought maybe one of these 3 has been photoshopped? There's no brand name on the shaver. Anyway the middle one is my absolute favourite. They're thumbnails, click to see the full version.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

World's shortest essay : The art of being concise

I received the following in an email and googled it and found several sites quoting the same, such as this one. However I am not sure if it is real or not, even if it isn't real, you must admit, this is really funny. If this is real, it is a well deserved win. No one could have penned a sentence meant for an essay that incorporates all the elements required. Simply brilliant!

This is a story of a 16 year old boy from New Hampshire who won the World's shortest essay competition.

He was awarded a scholarship at the University of Harvard for his imagination and humour ....Here's an example of absolute brilliance....

Shortest Essay:

An English university creative writing class was asked to write a concise essay containing the following elements:

1) Religion 2) Royalty 3) Sex 4) Mystery

The prize-winner wrote:

"My God," said the Queen, "I'm pregnant. I wonder who the father is."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AI 7 : David Vs David

Throughout the entire season from the moment he opened his mouth to sing, David Archuleta was ticked to win American Idol season 7. Along the way came in David Cook who became a strong contender and at some point totally deserved to win the competition. Look, David Cook is a million times more talented than Daughtry and he can really sing so yes I like David Cook. He proved his versatility in Andrew Llyod Webber night. Whilst I have been bored with David "Ballad, always balled" Archuleta, last night reinforced my faith in why the best contestant will win. Something quite interesting happened.

David A was always the one looking pale and almost to the point of fainting but last night, it was David C who looked unsettled, almost intimidated and not quite as polished. David A looked every inch the professional he may already be. I was very annoyed when local radio station Fly Fm this morning went on and on and on why David C should and will win Idol. That he's more talented, that he's more contemporary, more versatile, more original... Many attributed David A's success in AI competition to screaming young girls. Full stop. How dumb can that statement be? Whilst I am bored at him at times, this is a SINGING competition and as much as you all David A haters may disagree, David A is a very talented singer. Limited yes but nevertheless talented. He sings the lyrics, so much so you will believe in the words coming out of his mouth and his voice is so pure and that to me is original.

That is not to say David C is not talented.

Last night's show was like a boxing showdown. And that I must agree. This is perhaps Idol's best finale EVER. Two equally as talented singers, two equally as cute personalities, 2 equally as nice and likeable belting out their hearts and souls. Both made good songs great, great songs better, usual songs sounding different and badly composed music into workable songs. 3 songs each and they sang the hell out of 3 songs. Talent wise, it is very hard to decide. I am ok with either David but with the way Fly FM goes, I'd rather Archuleta win and I have good reasons to say that.

1. Interestingly Cook looked squeamish, almost scared, in fact pale. David A looked every inch the professional. In fact when required he actually looked confident although he still has that awwww shucks factor at the end of each song. But at least he didn't look like he was going to faint.

2. David A was given and chose slightly better songs which are more memorable.


3. David C seems to be giving the usual great Idol performance but David A like Simon said gave winning moments. Each song he sang was a winning moment, including that god awful amateur winning song that I can't even remember the title which he made the song sounded better than it really was. David C did the same thing too I must say. In the end David A, in each and every performance looked like there are confettis and balloons falling down, like having been declared the AI season 7 winner. Winning moments count. Whilst I understand why David C sang a new song for his final choice, he should have repeated one of his best performance in the show.

David A proved last night why he is and will be the winner of AI 7 and Cook shows why he may sell more records. But given the right training and marketing, David A could be the next John Mayer or Josh Groban, except Josh Groban is a far far better singer but David A is far far better looking.

Results will be out soon and I shall venture to make a brave prediction.

I am baffled like how Chelsea fans would think Chelsea will win the all important football game I think early this morning when Man U is totally the it team. And Man U won, even if by penalties.

So all those David A haters listen here, DAVID ARCHUTELA WILL WIN AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7. AND HE WILL DO SO BY A VERY BIG MARGIN. Don't worry about David Cook. He will do just fine.

You know what I love about this season more than every other season other than the best finale showdown ever? I mean Season 5 is still the best but this season everybody seems to genuinely like everybody else. I don't see the hate between David C and David A and that is such a welcomed sight. I was choked to tears too when I saw David C crying at the end of his 3 song, he was so overwhelmed whilst David A looked on the verge of tears. Don't worry David Archuleta, you can cry all you want later this hour when you win with all the balloons and confettis and applause.

That being said, David C does have a good chance of winning. Like I said I am ok with either David.

OH MY GOD! DAVID WON!!! Ok, which David> Guess... Guess..... YOU GOT IT WRONG!! Shocking results, DAVID COOK WON!! Like I said, I am ok with either David. I suspect Simon's harsh comments may have something to do with the 100 million votes and the majority swinging to David Cook. That being said, could this be the 1st time a contestant tipped to be "should win but won't win" have won the whole thing? And does this mean Hillary Clinton can be the next US president instead of Barrack Obama? OH MY GOD!! Must watch tonight's show!!

I love this article. Such comraderie. Read between the lines and it kinda confirm what I already stated above; they all seem to really like each other. I am pissed though; they even asked Ruben Studdard to sing and Elliott made 2 appearances I think so WHERE IS TAYLOR HICKS??? Anyway,


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

John Rabe & the rape of Nanjing

I didn't know who this man was until I saw a documentary broadcast on History Channel and his name, John Rabe came with the title "the hero of the rape of Nanjing". His story is similar to Oskar Schindler but with a twist. John Rabe was a German businessman who worked for Siemens in China during the turbulent years and he was also a member of the Nazi party. He wrote diaries and meticulously kept videos and pictures of the horrible things the Japanese troops did to the Chinese in Nanjing, hoping to send them all to Adolf Hitler to persuade Japan to stop the atrocities. Yes, a bit delusional but maybe he didn't know Hitler back then was busy gassing the Jews. Maybe people didn't believe that back then, hence the slow action. But essentially John Rabe was driven by his conscience and during those years, I believe those few years before 1938 when he had to leave China, he sheltered thousands of Chinese in his small mansion, giving them food, shelter and protection. The Japanese then were allies with Nazi Germany so all Rabe had to do to chase them away was shout what was that? Hail Hitler? I am not sure of the spelling. It worked but when he was away for work, he worried constantly about their safety. After he left in 1938, the fates of those who were in his mansion were left on their own but obviously many survived to tell the tale of heroism of a fat German businessman. Interesting he returned home and before he could present the evidence he was arrested by the Gestapo. Siemens frozen him in his job and for years he lived in poverty, with meagre food. Later years he was arrested by the Russians and then the British until they were satisfied like Oscar Schindler, he was only a Nazi in name only. His later years were bad. Siemens took him back but on a lower ranked job and his health suffered. He died in the 50s but for some time he survived by the gratefullness of the Chinese who sent him money and food packages. His tomb was later removed and moved to its final resting place in Nanjing. You can read about his life here.

The documentary was interesting as much as it was heartbreaking. Tales of rape of a child as young as 8 and as old as late 50s were told and of how babies were thrown on the floor like a piece of garbage, how women were raped AND stabbed multiple times on the face and left for dead. How men were rounded up and shot, how one young man took the risk and just ran for his life. How children became orphan, how these survivors, now in their 80s and 90s still weep when they remembered how their parents died. How Japanese soldiers just stormed into a house and stabbed a father to dead for no good reason. How they massacre almost the entire town in just one night when they have had enough of just killing a few dozens. The former Japanese soldiers (I suppose it was a hidden camera since it was slightly blurry and tilted) even laughed "remisniscing" about the old days. They even confessed to raping young girls and old women, killing families, babies, etc in a seemingly unprovoked attack and one or two did looked like they regretted what they did. There was a flash of regret, a flash of guilt perhaps, I am not sure but they seemed sorry and they reasoned their behaviour as uncontrolled once away from their homeland and that they became beasts. That they raped because of an urge, this uncontrollable urge. Pictures were shown, many I have never seen before taken by Rabe where young children were badly stabbed on the face, men burnt, many wounded, all because they were Chinese. The astrocities were horrible and like I said unprovoked.

I am sorry to say I feel very little pity or empathy for what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am sorry children suffered, innocent people bore the brunt of the attack and the consequence thereof but remember this which is how I reasoned it; what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki was AS A CONSEQUENCE OF whilst what happened to Nanjing was TOTALLY UNPROVOKED.

Some Chinese have forgotten about what happened to Nanjing. A movie is coming out so that would be a good reminder. Some older ones who survived told the tales of torture, murder, rape and humiliation. Their children told their moms to shut up, stop talking about the shame but this one small old woman refused to shut up. She was 8 when she was raped, and she didn't even know what that meant and I am sure she knew what it meant after. She was stabbed multiple times on the leg and I am sure left for dead or made to become a sex slave or the Japanese called it, Comfort Women. How comforting. She didn't cry, she was in fact very angry when she said what happened and she said she refused to shut up. For as long as she lives, she shall tell her tale. It wasn't her fault she was raped and she shouldn't feel shame for it. The shame should be on those beasts who did it to her and after hearing what she had to say, I salute her strength and her honesty. She and many others should just file a class action against the Japanese government because up until now, a sincere apology was not forthcoming, more so compensation.

I felt disgusted with what I saw on TV and yet strangely proud of this German Nazi who somehow in his own incredible way believed Hitler would save the Chinese. In fact I was slightly amused that for once Hitler did one good thing; his name saved the thousands of Chinese in Rabe's mansion. I felt sad for what happened to Rabe though. No good deeds should be treated the way he was treated. But he is a well known figure in Nanjing. As for the survivors, Chinese are resilient. They have been through so much more and so they could move on. Not forgive but move on. My sister did ask how can we now eat Sushi, watch Japanese drama, drive Toyota or even worship Japanese culture.

Simple. We can draw the line between what was and what is. We can't blame the new generation for what the old generation did. And we can't let bygones be bygones either. The new generation must know what happened to prevent it from happening again and to remind the world there was one this cruel race. We want accountability and what irks me most about the Japanese government is that thus far they have yet to do so. Germany at least made the effort and so it is time the Japanese do so. In light of such staggering evidence collected by Rabe, how can they deny this ever happened? I hope History Channel will repeat this episode. It is worth watching again. As much as it will stun you, it will educate you too. Some things must never be left in the past even if we can move on. I shall state further; next time you go to Japan and in the itinery there is a visit to the war memorial or whatever they call it, please try not to enter it. It is of no use to pay respect to those who were involved in this war, which includes those who committed such atrocities.

>> Read more about the Nanjing massacre here

Monday, May 19, 2008

Gay marriage

Gay used to mean happy but now when someone says gay, immediately we know what it means. Recently in California the courts there allowed marriage between 2 people of the same sex, meaning gay marriage. You can read the reaction here. And what a reaction. From outpouring of support from openly gay celebrities (I never knew George Takei is gay and has been with his partner for over 2 decades!) and of course scorn from those who opposed it. Gay couples shouldn't rush to the altar yet since like the report says, the councils are being very very cautious. My sister surprisingly said she thinks gay marriage is just unnatural and wrong. Everybody else seems to use either the words UNNATURAL or GOD to go against the probability of gay union but the last I check, so was killing someone and we still have people professing the love of God go and throw themselves strapped with bombs at innocent people at large or a man using God to procreate with young children in a secluded community where women meekly followed, men ruled. It isn't the 1st time God's good name has been bastardized and abused to suit the occassion so frankly that argument doesn't hold up. But unnatural seems likely.

Homosexuality has been in practise since long long long time ago but back in the old days, such as the Roman days it's more like a hobby, to past the time. But I am sure there were gay couples then. What I am talking here is 2 consenting adults who are sure of their sexual orientation. Apparently my sister formed the opinion above after reading about the bees some years back; where bees seemingly of specific sexual orientation when thrown into a group social circle would follow the behaviour or others and just you know, do the dirty with the opposite sex AND the same sex. So to her, this homosexuality thing is a social thing, because it is popular everybody does it and therefore is a passing fad.

Maybe it is true. Actors who used to be heterosexual suddenly becomes gay. Everybody seems to be gay nowadays so is it just a fad? Or maybe these individuals didn't know who they are until they live in an age where the rules of society are more relaxed and accepting? If US can probably have a black or woman president which is unthinkable just a few years back why not gay union? If gay couple can adopt or have children, why not? The reaction seems to be the same when a man formerly a woman announced he is pregnant. That my sister says is ok. For me that is unnatural because if you have given up your womenhood, likewise you shouldn't have kept your uterus and get pregnant. That freaked many people out and I don't blame them. It takes a while to reconcile man and pregnancy with 5 simple words as an answer; she was formerly a woman. That explains.

Back to gay marriage. My stand is simple. If two people, of consenting age, with clear mind wishes to be bound by matrimony, whether religious or simple civil marriage and enjoy the same marital privileges and liabilities as all heterosexual couples do by marriage, why not? Like the comedien Joan Rivers said, if they wants to suffer like all heterosexual couples married to one another do, why not? It goes beyond religious connotation; it is about legal privileges, benefits, wills, pensions, insurance, children, etc. Most of the time whilst it really isn't about religion or god, these couples simply want the option to be able to celebrate their love for one another and the greatest and simplest mode of celebration is to announce a union of two individuals in the eyes of law. More work also for divorce lawyers! In the end with this option available, I suppose many gay couples would come to a day decide like all heterosexual couples marriage ain't for them. Even gays may have aversion to commitment by marriage. But at least give them the option.

Is that an erosion of family unit? A complete breakdown of family and moral values? What is a family anyway? A man and a woman with kids and a dog and a house with white picket fences? Or simply 2 people who love and honour one another bound by the promise of eternal love through good health and sickness, through rich and poor, through good times and bad? These days you hardly see such love anymore. Young people marry and divorce within 6 months of marriage and if that is respect for the idea of matrimonial union, let me be clear with my opinion; matrimonial union is therefore dead. Genuine matrimonial union that lasts is quite possibly a fiction nowadays. So if there are people who are genuinely keen to marry and has been together for decades and has been denied that right because their relationship didn't fit the description as allowed by the law, why not let them get married? Maybe these are the unions that can reinforce the very meaning of matrimonial union. Because I am disillussioned about marriage. It is to me just a piece of paper for legal consequences, good or bad. So if someone can show to me it is more than that, it gives their relationship meaning, purpose and validation, I feel no one has the right to stop it.

The argument that it is a fad is an insult for someone brave enough to admit they are different. There are still society that shuns homosexuality and there are those who still punishes those who professes love for an individual of the same sex. Those things about promiscuity, AIDS and all that nonsense, can be said of heterosexual couples. I have never met a gay person before but I suspect a few which was quite obvious. I am not gay myself nor do I expect myself to fall in love with a woman, or any person enough to want to be married to them in the eyes of the law. But I feel for those who really wants this. I see no wrong in gay marriages. I see no difficulty in redefining family law to say "A union in law between two INDIVIDUALS of consenting age". It is just from "between a man and a woman to between two individuals" since gay people are still individuals. Those who opposed them reminds me of the days when people opposes women from voting, black men from having rights, people of different culture or colour having the same rights as those who are supposedly native in the country. Change is slow but it is inevitable. For me it is the lesser evil of all things the world wants. I am all for gay marriages but I stop at that. Any idiots who wants to legalise sex with minor or lower the age of marriage or legalise guns or that sort, I stop at that because there is more harm than good. Let's hope the law keeps up with the "good" inevitable end and gives the people who genuinely wants to be married the option to do so even if in the end they do not.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Return Of The Condor Heroes 2006

I think that's the Huang Xiaoming version right? Because I am watching this, after having borrowed the DVD from my friend for like ages. One day and I watched I think 13 episodes. And then I read the online review and my god, such a long winded story! Luckily this version is 40 episodes but it feels sometimes rushed and sometimes draggy. I must admit, I have never properly watched the entire series of any version and there it was my sister kept telling me the version, the TVB Andy Lau version. From what I remembered, Chan Yoke Lin looked pretty old so when I remembered Fann Wong version with Fann Wong as Xiao Long Nu and then can't remember her name, Carmen something in the Louis Koo version, I began to realise maybe Chan Yoke Lin may have been a miscast? I know I know that's the best version and all. Anyway my friend fell in love with Huang Xiaoming in this version and he does remind me a lot of Ma Jingtao, acting style also but well he is handsome I must admit. I have a feeling in the entire series only his voice was not dubbed and recorded at the scene itself. The others have the usual annoying high pitched girly voice and low pitched manly voice. I almost cried because there was no subtitles but I managed. Understood about half the dialogue so yes, frankly I am a bit blur about the storyline. After watching this series I realised I kinda missed this kind of series you know. Typical Jin Yong. Lots and lots of people in one scene listening to long winded storyline. This version is great in so far as the scenic views are concerned. China has great views so that's that. But sometimes I do think the director was more in awe of the scenes than telling the story in a nice continous flow. I shall write more in my review.

Anyway two essentials that this series showed me a good filmmaker of such a series must have.

1. spotlight
2. a fan

Never was there a scene without a single spotlight with wind blowing. Everyone's hair got the fan treatment. Which is nice.

Whilst I have nothing much to say about Huang Xiaoming, I am writing this to talk about Crystal Liu Yifei. When I saw her in this series I thought she looked familiar, then I realised she was one of the pretty girls in Forbidden Kingdom. Only 21! So young. I read the reviews, many complimented her but felt she wasn't the best Xiao Longnu. If Xiao Lungnu is the essence of purity (since she is always in white with simple hairstyle) and innocence, I feel she is the best there is. Her first scene had me in awe; the introduction was superb and complete with spotlight and fan whereever she stands, she looked picture perfect. She really does look like those girls on the covers of some wuxia novel, big eyes, small heart shape lips, flawless skin and very young. I thought she was simply breathtakingly gorgeous. Of course as I watched more I feel she has flaws, like her eyes are a bit what's that word for "dau kai ngan"? Or that she seems a bit botoxed in her expressions but take that all away my god, that woman is so beautiful. Like innocent beautiful, or mischevious beautiful. She doesn't look as good in modern look but well, she fits the ancient look perfectly. And she can act, although I wonder is that her voice? Did she dubbed over her own voice? I have this feeling her voice may not be this high pitched. Some pictures below to illustrate my awe of her beauty. Everything the director did was simply to amplify her beauty, I SWEAR! Every fan, every spotlight, the flow of the costume.. it helps she walks so gracefully, I do think she is either a trained dancer or has training as a dancer. Her acting like I said seems botoxed at times, she doesn't seem to have the gravitas to be the sifu at times, that is until I read she was 17 when this series was made. Well ... no wonder but for whatever her weakness may be, she more than made up for it with her breahtaking beauty or rather the director's very clever manipulation of the wind and spotlight with water and a few yards of white clothes blowing everywhere.

Anyway continuing with the looooooooooong series...

Scarlett Johansson trying to assasinate her own talent

Why would someone who has a thriving acting career would want to kill her own credibility by releasing a music album? Problem is really not the songs at all but her really god awful music. She sounds like half baked, karaoke untuned no talent club singer. The worst singing and I can't believe I am saying this; Kate Winslet is a much better singer. And truth is Scarlett Johansson is an overrated actress anyway. Awful music.

You can find more of her songs in Youtube and believe me, everyone of them is as awful as this one. The tuning is not the problem, she is just terrible singer. Maybe she should just be a model. She is beautiful. But singing is really not her strength.

Friday, May 16, 2008

How to spot a fake RM50 note

I received this awesome email with loads of pictures in it, detailing how to spot a fake RM50-00 note. RM50 notes in Malaysia is probably the most faked note in Malaysia. RM5-00 note is more difficult to fake but our government has yet to commission more notes like RM5-00 notes. The RM5 note is unique in the sense it is covered in plastic. So can't be torn, burn, wet, whatever. Anyway RM50-00 notes. How does one look at the note and see a fake without the help of some infra light equipment? The text as contained below is copied from the mail itself. Click the thumbnails for larger views.

How to spot a fake RM50-00 note

1. most of the fake note RM50 found at Lahad Datu started from serial number '529' or '530'
Free Image Hosting at

2. note the clock. Fake note does not have the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock bar facing inside of the clock.
Free Image Hosting at

3. 2 versions of fake notes
a. whole note reflective
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

b. not reflective but appears blurred
Free Image Hosting at

4. the deer's head facing right side as opposed to left
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

5. the serial numbers not reflective
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

How NOT to spot a fake RM50 note
Free Image Hosting at

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your feedback please

Do all of you have flash installed? I am learning Flash right now and I hope that I have the intelligence to learn all the Flash jargon so that I can create something akin to a desktop flash template for this website. Longgg way to go but just wondering, you all got flash?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My reviews as a reference point

I know it is a bit egoistical of me to do this sometimes but I do have a habit of googling my own name or Point2e. Whilst most points back to my reviews, website and even my own posts in other discussion forums, sometimes I could find comments about my reviews that I have never seen. Of course most of these are a few years back, such as 2 years or so when I was more active in writing reviews. But once in awhile I would stumble into a site that kinda literally shocked me. There are what they call robots scanning the various posts and link them back to some commercial sites, mostly porn sites so yes I do get a bit surprised at seeing my name in a porn site when the series is a TVB series! Today I got a big shocker, and I suppose a good one. I found my name in a wikipedia-like infosite! I was quoted and for someone to even include my review in a dissertation of a movie is quite simply a new high for me. Which will spur me into grammar-proof and spell check which is pretty useless since like some love to say "My Engrish is velee powderful"! The review in question? The one in, I Not Stupid. I believe it is one of my better written reviews. Since so many visits Spcnet, I am very tempted to re-post my movie reviews there. TV reviews must remain here since they're uniquely mine and if I post them elsewhere and not here, I suppose this site can just close down. I hate to admit it, but my website is becoming more and more like a blog. Kinda getting too personal for me.

Who the hell is that?!

Poor Rain. What a major poo-poo by a very popular US magazine. But then what do you expect? Even the Oscars can mistaken call Infernal Affairs a movie from first was it Japan? Then Korea? Poor poor Rain. Anyway Rain is so much hotter than that guy. I am sure his dance moves are smoother. What to do? Never fact check.

Terrible terrible news

With the Olympics coming and all, China should be in high spirits but instead, 900 children dead? Many more probably still buried alive? Terrible terrible news. If there is a God, he/she/it can be pretty cruel at times. Hope none of you or your family/friends are at that place right now.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Added a new review, The Baker in movies. A British comedy starring Damian Lewis. Also added the link to my Shutter review.

I am still trying to finish my Brink of Law review. Somehow just can't seem to form an opinion on it or rather can't really express myself. Must be because haven't written a proper review for such a long time. I also got reviews to post but darn lazy to do it!

Dancing With The Stars

ASTRO via BBCE brought this highly rated reality ballroom dancing show recently to Malaysia, watched the 1st episode and got hooked since. TV is showing last season's show where the racecar driver won. Anyway fantastic show! Brilliant! I have my favourite, Albert Reed the model who did some major gyrating thrusting hip action in episode 1 but he got kicked out, unfairly in episode 2. Anyway still got some handsome guys left, such as the TV soap star, Cameron Mathison who has probably the most beautiful posture I have ever seen. Last week he did the dance I think Paso Doble or however you spell it. It is like a matador's dance. Anyway he got the Superman soundtrack because one of judges' once said of him that he looks like Superman but sometimes dances like Clark Kent! I kinda agree and since then the sholw Superman thing stuck! But he did amazingly well, however very little actual dancing he did. I love the part where he dragged the girl along like well like Superman! You gotta admit, he has a sense of humour. The video for your sampling...

I also like the race car driver, called Helio. Very graceful, could really dance, has rhythm despite never dancing before. I suppose being a Brazilian means he has rhythm in his blood. A sample, and one of my favourite dances of his thus far, them doing the Mambo...

Then there's this girl called Sabrina who is not exactly slim but young and could really really dance. I can't understand why she didn't make it to top 2 though. Mel B did. Anyway no videos for that. The dance with Helio, Julianne Hough was last year's winner together with the Olympic gold medalist named Apolo Anton Ohno. Very interesting name. Anyway I did some search and came across this video of them dancing the Cha Cha Cha. May I say the music is sexy and the dance is red hot sexy. The entire thing just screams sexy big time. In fact that to me is the sexiest dance ever, without being lewd. Do you agree? I wonder what is the song? By the way Julianne Hough is only 19 this year. A very ladlylike dancer although when she talks she does talk like a 19 year old. Last year she was 18.

The best reality show thus far, better than So You Think You Can Dance, mainly because these are famous personalities. Just waiting to see one tumble, which one did, former 90210 star Jeannie Garth who is surprisingly very ladylike and demure. But guess what? She came back stronger and is one of the stronger contestant. I love the closeness between the dancer and the star and some rumoured or really for real dated the stars at some point during the show.

Anyway if you have ASTRO be sure to catch Dancing With The Stars. I think they're showing Season 4? Anyway it's the last year's show. It's on Friday 10pm and the results is on Saturday 10pm over at BBCE channel. I think it is Channel 731.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stephen Colbert and Rain dance off

About a year ago comedian/political analyst Stephen Colbert (who now has his own show) was extremely proud of the fact that he was in Time's 100 Most Influential Person Of The Year list I think the year before but last year in the polls, he was no. 2. Rain was No. 1 and he made the most of that by expressing his jealousy and all. It's all in good fun and he even made a Korean MV in the style of Rain's MV!

Zoom to a year later and Sehseh informed me via email Rain made a reply and my, Colbert was pretending to be very pissed (whilst pretending to harbour an almost awe struck love for gorgeous Rain) when he again lost to Rain, only this time in the poll he was no. 3 and Rain was no. 2. I love it when he said RAINNNNNNN and then proposed Speed Racer 2 : Under The Car as a starring vehicle for Rain!

*** Unfortunately Youtube removed the video and I can't seem to find this one! Why? Can't the fans post this? Lucky for you I downloaded it!

Download site : MEGAUPLOAD - If no more slot for your country, download the Megaupload Toolbar ***

So he challenged Rain to a dance off and he gloated when Rain didn't show up, but did he?? Watch the video. One of the funniest if you ask me. Colbert can dance of course and Rain to his credit took all the fun jibes in good fun since it was intended as such.

*** Unfortunately Youtube removed the video and I can't seem to find this one! Why? Can't the fans post this? Lucky for you I downloaded it!

Download site : MEGAUPLOAD. If no more slot for your country, download the Megaupload Toolbar ***

Ahhh found it in! Anyway this is the last part, the dance off part!

Get the videos fast before Megaupload delete them just in case!! Use FLV Player or if you have the codecs installed, you can use Windows Media Player to watch the clips.

Would you believe it I have never watched Full House or any of Rain's movies OR even listen to his songs or his MV? I just know him because he is famous and boy, can he dance. And since success came to him, he looks like a bona fide star. How dare the critics in the past say he can never make it in the entertainment industry because he is ugly? It just shows charisma, a smooth dance moves, hot body and a never say die attitude is what ultimately makes a star!


Oh my god. I just love this song! I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. I can imagine Jason Castro singing such songs. Anyway this man can really really sing. I give you 2 versions; the music video version AND the acoustic version, both I love.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am sane, therefore I am insane

An Update
Oh dear. His lawyer is either really terrible or really good. Either way his own delusions are so profoundly delusional, surely he can now rely on the insanity plea? Please no, no, no. Anyway I lost the link to the article which mentioned the police believed he may have or may not have but may be raping the eldest imprisoned daughter/granddaughter. Once I find it I will post it here.

Sometimes I do think by acting as if one is absolutely not guilty of any wrongdoing despite obviously is is perhaps the first step towards establishing an insanity plea. How then do you explain how a perfectly normal human being could justify his own montrous action as being kind and in fact kinda selfless? Must be delusional right? Hence must be something not right up there right? So hence mental illness right?

Now that is what this monster is saying and basically trying to do I think but I think the world would not be fooled by such a stupid reply to what he did. But then Austrian police and authories aren't exactly that bright if you have been following the events closely so this monster may actually get his insanity plea. Isn't that the irony? By acting perfectly normal, as if everything was right in his eyes leading the world to feel repulse of his monstrous behaviour may actually in the end help his escape from the prison because it defies logic one could reason one's own monstrous action so therefore he must be crazy. Reminds me of the book Catch-22 by Joseph Heller in what is known as circular logic.

You see the hero in that book, a bombadier who flies a war plane is afraid to die so he is trying to find ways to get out of active duty. But the military has this catch 22 provision where ...

"There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle."

Basically if a soldier expresses concern about his safety and refuses to fly, he is considered sane so he must fly the plane. If he flies the plane, he is considered crazy so he didn't have to fly the plane. But if he doesn't fly the plane, he is considered sane so he must fly the plane.

See the silliness and the humour in this?

Likewise we see the monster as sane when he did what he did. And yet because it was so monstrous that when he doesn't admit his guilt he could be considered delusional and having mental illness since logically he can't actually believe he is not guilty. And yet if he admits his guilt he would seek to rely on insanity plea because surely a sane man wouldn't have done what he did and admit what he did? Moreover only a man with an extremely sick mind would do what he did and justify it and yet when he did what he did he knew what he did was wrong as he tried to conceal the evidence, which again goes back to even when he was concealing the evidence and his track he continued with what he did and so only a man with such a sick dedicated mind would do what he did.

I don't agree with this analysis but perhaps that may be what the lawyer is getting at. Acts of such extreme depravity could not have come from a sane man, more so if the man says he is sane so therefore he must be insane.

See the catch 22? Maybe I didn't explain it well but re-read it and I am sure you will see the joke in what he is admitting and not admitting. Believe me whatever he is doing now is to pave the way for his insanity plea.

Anyway, read THIS article. Maybe he should be given the father/grandfather of the year award. Such compassion he feels for his imprisoned and raped daughter. Such kindness, such mercy. How great he is. Now the authories believed he may have raped his daughter/granddaughter, Kristin, the one in induced coma. Is that what is meant by keeping in the family? So if she gives birth to a child, this monster is father/greatgrandfather? Too many /// that frankly I can't keep up anymore.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The love story of the century

You know the Chinese saying where "Do not eat and shit at the same place"? After the whole Elisabeth tragic saga, in today's Star newspaper there was a very long article about incest in the human civilisation and animal world and there was a small article with a big picture about a father-daughter in Australia who pleaded for empathy with the public to their consenting relationship where they gave birth to a dead child and a healthy daughter. Apparently they didn't meet for many years until some years back where she was married with 2 children and he too was married to someone else. They said they met again and instantly there was this sexual attraction which they duly consummated and for a time lived together. People found out and whilst the judge concluded their relationship was yes, consenting but the father was barred from ever having sex with the daughter again. Do you think he would abide by this ruling?

Anyway this got me thinking. Both mom and daughter clearly had same taste in men. I assume the mom is dead and I further assume if the mom had been alive, she would have been shocked to death. This relationship came about after years of separation so clearly she felt no affinity with this "father" and the father apparently said he let his emotions win. Surely an emotional reunion between a father and a daughter should just stop at hug, kiss (on cheeks) and bid daddy-loving daughter well? Well so when in bed, or in life does she call him daddy or just the 1st name? The daughter that they have, does she call him grandpa or daddy or granddaddy perhaps? Wouldn't she be thoroughly screwed up? And if they had a son, would they even let the daughter and the son sleep in the same room since you wouldn't know what they're up to in the room? And what about the mixed gene pool? So she is not deformed or anything but it is defective. There is a reason why nature dictates we must procreate as wide as possible. This is to diversify the gene pool. If animal kingdom in Africa understands that, shouldn't we human being being the more intelligent life form should be able to understand that?

Here we have a story about Elisabeth who was forced to have children of the same gene pool with her father, kidnapped, chained, raped and imprisoned. And here we have the story of a woman who fell in love with her father and vice versa, willingly sleep with him and bear him a child and they both see nothing wrong in that. Personally, I think a man who adopts a child should not be permitted to have sex, have children or marry that child, more so your own biological child. This is not the case of mistaken identity, since with the adoption and in vitro rate going really through the roof, you will never know one day you may marry your own father/brother/sister/uncle/whatever. I am from a generation where I know for sure I won't marry my sibling, since in vitro back then wasn't very widely done and I don't think I have any siblings given away.

Anyway, my advise to you younglings, next time when you meet someone you feel is so similar to yourself physically, do the world a favour, get a DNA test done. This is to avoid any gene pool problem and more importantly, you wouldn't want to marry your "family". Of course denial is a great thing if you're both massively in love so it is better you not know but if in case your child is born with a congenital heart disease or missing an eye or maybe your grandchild is born missing an eye or a limb, save for any nuclear test ground nearby and a family history of missing limbs, wouldn't you want to know just to be safe? You really don't need to marry your own family, I mean there is more than 1 tree in the forest? Unless of course the forest is populated with your own family tree so maybe, just maybe it is far better to marry a different race. At least the likelihood of a shared gene pool is half, since your daddy may have had a fling with some other races. You will never know. Moreover whilst all teenagers aspire to grow up and move away from the family, surely you don't really want to be known literally as daddy's girl or mommy's boy by actually procreating with your own daddy or mommy for real? Love is really a very dirty four letter word isn't it? And when I saw love I mean love in the purest form that conforms to the general expectations of a civilised modern society. If you want to go back to the dark ages, well let's hope a scientist creates a time machine so you can travel back to old Egypt eh?

>> Read the love story of the century here

P/S : Read the article in full, the mom is still alive! Well well well, mother-daughter can share notes on how to best keep this man I suppose. Yes the mom is devastated. Who wouldn't be when you left that man thinking you be rid of him and then your daughter ended up going down the same road by getting involved with the same man, albeit your ex-husband, her father. And apparently the daughter-father had contact with one another for some years. All I can say is the world we live in, nothing shocks me anymore after the halfway house-paedophile heaven/tragic slave girl Elisabeth/father-daughter incest stories. Nothing will shock me, unless mom has sex with son who has sex with sister who has sex with father and has sex with the family dog. Truly a very epic story of keeping it in the family and one that illustrates the bathroom and dining room do not mix together saying from the wise Chinese people who truly understands the practice of diversifying the gene pool. After all, the emperor routinely marries off his princesses to foreign prince of othe races, thus diversifying the gene pool and eliminating the possibility of incestous relationships. The bible may say otherwise but that is the OLD testament you know. Come back to the modern world my friends. Your daddy is your daddy. Period.


No. not the Damian Lewis new super hot TV series, but this animated GIF that I got in the email. Very nicely done and yes, it is about life in a nutshell. Don't worry, unlike TVB series, there is a beginning and there is an end, not sure if you like it the way it is but it is what it is.

She helped built her own prison

More details on the sad tragic sordid tale. How terrible. How awful. I can't bear to write more, so better you read it yourself. I wonder, maybe her own docile personality may have contributed to this tragedy? Maybe the mother was simply living in denial? Just when you think it can't get anymore shocking, it just did. I believe there will be more revelations.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Raped or starved : Choose

BASTARD! DIRTY UGLY EVIL BASTARD!!! Just read this and you too will feel the same as I do. And I can never believe the mother knew nothing! One former tenant said he saw the mom took food to the cellar where poor Elisabeth was locked up! He saw her and the police did not interview him nor her! And apparently he was going to release her later this year because she was old and no longer appealing and he was tired of taking care of her. And now his best friend and wife are coming forward and said how he slapped her around, how a monster he was and this begs a question; how can you be best friend with someone like that?!??! And the police twice returned her to her father when she tried to run away twice!! And she said she had to choose between being raped and being starved! I tell you this woman is a survivor. A formal investigation must be made as to how this man can build this big bunker and how the mom did not know! And guess what? The max he could get is get this.... 15 YEARS!!!! WHAT?!


Mark my words, a movie will be made of this if the end for this monster is death!

Narcisistic Squint Disorder

This is one funny funny funny impression of a star that is on the spot!! Just notice her "Not my right frontal lobe!" when it is on her left!! Made me laugh which is great after that very terrible news of poor Elisabeth. The latest news had it that her father the monster used public funds meant for building nuclear war bunkers to build his state approved bunkers since she was 11 in time to imprison her when she was 18! He had it planned! I feel so sick. I still think she is such a survivor to have retained her sanity and I think for some part however cruel it may seem, her 3 children trapped with her perhaps gave her a sense of sanity. Reportedly that monster showed no remorse. Well he had lived a full live hasn't he? So he can die a happy man for having done the deed for 24 years!

Anyway back to the Narcisistic Squint Disorder. We need a bit of laugh here and I hope you will find it funny too.