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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The art of digging one's own grave...

...and then shoving yourself into it, bury yourself and then walk away. Very difficult to do but 2 idiots managed it by thinking they were funny when people, wisely has had enough of crude funny. Americans can't get it, but I am glad the rest of the world did. Sack them I say, sack them immediately! Read the scandal here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why can't I have these for my lunch boxes?

Definitely A+++ for effort and looks but not so sure about the taste though...

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


And not sexy hot but really boiling hot! Is it me or is KL really hot these past few days? So hot that I couldn't sleep. Not one whiff of wind, the trees never even moved at all. Hot!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My favourite gwai-lo actors

I thought I would like to write a bit about my favourite western actors, you know gwailo actors. Throughout the years I have many favourite actors, as I grew older my taste changes but I realise there are some that are quite constant, even if I don't watch all of their movies or performances. Some I tend to forget about them until something triggered it and I remembered why I like them so in the first place, some I have always liked them even if I lost touch of their news or never seem to watch their new performances, some I like because of one performance and then backtrack and realise why I really like them whilst some, well I just like them for no apparent reason. But I like to think of myself having good taste in men and all of them are either very good actors or are very charismatic or better yet, both. Some are better than the other, some are more charismatic than the other, some are traditionally handsome but most I think you will agree are not your typical pretty boy actors. They are all credible in their own way and has enjoyed a good career, some at their start, some at their height and some may have retired but left a legacy of perfomances worthy of idolising them. I don't idolise them but I do like them, very very much. Liking them doesn't mean I like their significant other or their spouse but some somehow I like their spouse also. I will talk about their spouses if I know who they are. Anyway I present to you some of my favourite gwailo actors that I still like them over the years, proving their staying power in my heart. And I think all of them are handsome by the way.

Sam Neill
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I may not be a big fan of his, know very little about him but this man since Dead Calm has been on my favourite list. I have always thought he should have been Elrond and even Peter Jacksone agreed. Rumour has it he was approached but he said no as he wanted to concentrate on his vineyard and though the role was not specified, I theorised it must be the role of Elrond. He would have been perfect. I love him in Jurassic Park and he was Kane in Kane and Abel. Although he may not be tall or traditionally handsome, he has this charisma that I just can't forget even at his old age. Just watch Dead Calm and you'll know why. I can still remember the blue shirt by the way. Not that great an actor though but he does leave a profound impression. So many years and I still remember him. I know nothing about his spouse. Anyway he has a tendency to look really cool in all of his performances. He is cool personified.

Christian Bale
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I confess he was never on my subconcious level until Batman Begins and then I remembered he was in Empire of The Sun which I didn't quite like although I thought he was phenomenal. Then I backtracked on his movies from Newsies and the rest is history. My only problem with him is he is too intense, always those manic serious deeply flawed characters. When can I see a genuine comedy? I would consider him traditionally handsome although he tries very very very very hard to disguise all that with greasy hair, bearded face and oh so frustratingly simple garments. This man should be in a suit, a well cut suit and he should embrace his handsomeness by gaining a few pounds or losing a few pounds, depending on his current look.

His Spouse
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Happily married with a beautiful daughter who looks as grouchy as her father, I like his wife Sibi. Is it a trend to marry an older woman? A few years older if I remember correctly and used to be a PA but career wise nothing much. Her career is as his wife, and is not an insult since I suspect being his wife is a full time job. She is always in black. Rather boring couple but neutral about her. I think she is pretty though and never heard her speak.

Daniel Craig
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A fan since Casino Royale, he is that actor that I have seen but never quite remember where until out of nowhere came Casino Royale. I backtracked and realised I have seen quite a lot of his movies. I like his performances BEFORE Casino Royale like Enduring Love. His movies after Casino Royale all didn't do as well although acting wise he was good, like Invasion. I liked that movie, I thought he was wonderfully boyish but then that was BEFORE Casino Royale. Golden Compass was a complete dud and not his fault. The director's fault. Anyway not traditionally handsome and before Casino Royale I wouldn't have considered him masculine. I thought he was rather soft but suddenly now he is the epitome of masculinity. He has a natural athletic built and a body to die for. I find him good looking in a guy kind of way, rough lines but with the most beautiful blue eyes that can be cold and yet can be passionate. Love his accent also although rather working class accent which shows his humble beginnings. I want to see him in romantic roles. By the way is it me or does he look nervouse in some performances?

His Girlfriend
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Either his wife or fiance or girlfriend, not sure which at this moment, Satsuki Mitchell is her name and yes half Japanese, at least. I don't think she is pretty to tell you the truth but again, neither is he traditionally good looking. There are moments she is beautiful, but most of the time her make up and dress sense didn't help. A full time career being his girlfriend, the joke is often on her "producer" cred but nothing produced yet. I never quite like her until well, any woman who can put up with the madness of his fame and hold him back in times of provocation is to me a good woman. So in the end I end up liking her and she is the symbol for every not so pretty women everywhere that you too can score a hot guy, if you're slim AND understanding. By the way the picture above is her best look. The rest are quite awful. She has this perpetually shocked look but she does have very big eyes. Those who has seen her in person says she is stunning. That is quite a huge word to use you know. She is interesting looking.

Hugh Laurie
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Liked him since House MD and then backtracked and realised I have never really known him! I liked him in Sense And Sensibility, as that bored husband who married a kind but talkative wife. I thought he was brilliant but it was House that made me go ga-ga over him. Not traditionally handsome but his eyes, oh his eyes and his English accent made me looked and listened, intently. Brilliant actor, great performances, I liked him since and liked him more and more. All those big issues about his baldness is annoying. Bald or head full of hair, I still like him. Some men look better as they grow older and Hugh Laurie is one of them. This man is perfection on screen. No fault at all.

His Spouse
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Married for many years with I think 3 children (?), many commented his wife isn't pretty. Well what do you expect? So many years married and look, Hugh Laurie wasn't exactly handsome when he was young. His wife supported him throughout, even when he had an affair which was shocking to have read about, even if it was years and years ago. Seen pictures of his wife and I feel any wife who will stay behind, trust her husband's better judgment and support him no matter what deserve my respect. Anyway THAT is the wife, although years ago. She looks the same now, although better looking.

Damian Lewis
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Many years ago I watched Band Of Brothers and I liked this actor who portrayed Major Winters, that actor with small mouth and an incredibly American looks. He looked every bit like an American war hero in the WWII soldier's costume and to my greatest shock, 2 greatest shock, he was British (very very British, more so Eton type British like Hugh Laurie type British with a Queen English accent British) and his hair was really really really red. And now, 3rd shock, he is only 37 or 38. So young! Older and wiser and happily married with 2 children, he is now grown up, matured and has the distinctive matured man type of attactiveness. I remembered him because I saw Life and then backtracked to Band Of Brothers and discovered The Forstye Saga and Much Ado About Nothing. I even liked Dreamcatcher by the way which I thought he was excellent, the movie was quite touching and the story engaging. I am now really his big fan because I even liked The Baker because of him. Many won't consider him HOT material but I for one thinks he is handsome. Tall, quite tanned these days, head full of hair, accent to die for, and if you have heard his reading of To His Coy Mistress you too will agree whatever he reads, the effect is utter and total concentration. It is because of him I like poetry and discovered the really cheeky (well to me at least) To His Coy Mistress. A brilliant actor, I somehow feel he is actually a better actor than Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig has a tendency to be a bit nervous looking and doesn't fare well in comedy. Damian Lewis, like Hugh Laurie is excellent at comedy, does great in romance and best of all, so good at repressed characters. Problem if he doesn't quite cut it as an action hero like Daniel does. Which is why I like to see him in action films and I hope he chooses his projects more carefully. He should be really famous now. Everybody knows who he is but not everybody knows his name. A Bond villain would be great too. Anyway Damian is one of those who defied the usual stereotyping of a good actor. You know suffer more, better actor. He grew up in a privileged lifestyle, rich parents, richer grandparents, but he could play everyday man. He can of course play the snotty type as well. Anyway from the articles I read, he is the uptight one. I always thought his wife looked more uptight but apparently the wife is more relaxed than him. He is famous for being intense and I was like really? Didn't look like it! Anyway he has a tendency of staring into the camera subconciously. True!

His Spouse

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Helen McCrory. Never seen her work proper but since she is famous as a stage actress, she is not into movies. Although she may be recognised after the new Harry Potter movie. She is about 3 years older although she looks much much older. Not really traditionally pretty but Damian has been quite consistent in the woman he wished to marry. I read his past interviews and he has always emphasised on wit and intelligence and I suspect she has both in abundance. Moreover they seem similar stuff, with similar backgrounds as well. I suspect they're quite well suited although some fans did comment or wished they had seen for real how uncomfortable he is when around her. Complete and utter BS if you ask me. I have never seen a well suited pair and in every publicity picture in public I have seen of them, she was always with a huge smile, even when having lunch. I can't speak for the other spouses of my favourite actors, but this one, just google her and everytime she is next to Damian, there it was, that big happy smile. I ended up liking her although it must be hard for her to forgo her career for awhile for his sake. But then if you love someone, sacrifices has to be made. And of all the spouses above, she is the one who is more renowned than her husband, tipped for Dame-hood by the way. I ended up liking her simply because of her big smile. I can see what he sees in her. After all she is a real woman, not those skinny wrinkle free type. Ok so she looks exhausted but with 2 young children and a very handsome husband, who wouldn't look exhausted? I am just quite curious why all these young hot actors always kinda marry someone older.

I don't have anyone else to talk about. You must notice there isn't an American actor in the list. Well yeah, I prefer British actors. Sam Neill is New Zealander although his parents were British if I am not mistaken. It must be the accent.

So I suppose American actors playing Americans are getting extinct?

I know this is a bit irrelevant but still shocking to me.

Free Image Hosting at

Julian McMahon is Dr Christian Troy, that lusty "lam kau" plastic surgeon in Nip/Tuck which I like to watch. I was in total shock when I read he is in fact an Australian (what?!) and his father was the 20th Prime Minister of Australia (WHAT?!?!?). What a privileged background!! Oh, and he even married (and divorced, good for him!) Danii Minogue, the lesser sister of Kylie Minogue (WHAT?!??!?!?!?!)! You'd never know eh? I can't quite imagine him with an Australian accent. Read more about him HERE. By the way his father died in 1988 at the age of 80, which means he must have had this son in a rather advanced age. Read about his father HERE. Rather interesting stuff.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Barrack Obama black?

I was reading the newspaper yesterday and there was a 2 page spread or maybe 1 page, can't remember about black power in the US. Inspiring stories and all but I was quite pissed that the article listed, quite wrongly that Tiger Woods is black and even Barrack Obama is black. Why is it that just because they have 1/2 or less black ancestor (father, grandfather, etc) that they're considered exclusively black? Tiger Woods is a mixed of everything, Asian included so technically he is not exclusively black. Barrack Obama is HALF black and yet there they go, black empowerment. Shouldn't Obama be also white then? How come just because you have a drop of black ancestor's blood in you you're considered 100% black? Can't they just be mixed black?

Favourite junk food in the world

My favourite junk food in the world is fries. Not just any fries, but my own specially made fries. I think I can be a champion in peeling potatoes and not just any potatoes, not those US large choc mud coloured russet potatoes but those small yellowish thin skinned potatoes, called Holland potatoes. Not too much water and must not have those greenish thing on it. I washed them (about 10-20 of them), peeled them, diced them (the usual long stripes or the potato chips types, but I like them a little bit thicker than usual BUT not less wider so that it is not crunchy and yet not too thick), soaked them in salt water (preferably overnight) and then dried them and then fried them for about 15-20 minutes, until it is slightly golden brown, just slightly. Then put salt plus flavoured pepper and consume them all within 10 min of drying off the oil after frying.

Why am I telling you this? I am just so full of love today, I must proclaim my undying love to my favourite junk food of all. I think this is my ultimate talent. I am really good at all these potato-fries business. But I am still perfecting my art. My aim is a 1 day old fries that still taste just as good, so it must be those potato chips type. I am so hungry thinking about this. Of course my mom would nag and looking at my size I don't blame her. But how can I resist the fruits of my own labour?

Oh I got a name for it. FUNN FRIES!! Not me fried lar... ok maybe not so good. FUNN POTATO FRIES? Still sound like some horror special effect.

Do you have any love declaration for any particular junk food?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pa-Tuiii is the most romantic series ever & other ridiculous stuff

And I mean it. I mean when Lap Man looked at Pak Kiu, both with twinkling eyes and then became inseparable again, I was so moved by their love for one another. If this was a love story, that scene would have my vote as the most romantic ever. I mean Pak Kiu even threw himself into the path of fire and gas cylinder to push Lap Man away! What more can you ask for in your best friend? What a loving couple, only if they were a couple. True, I mean it! I do!

Anyway I am officially in love with Sammul Chan and I shall forgive Ron Ng for his awful performance. He is ok when it is a non-dramatic scene and I find him quite funny. But Sammul, what happened to him? He got tanned, bulked up a bit and suddenly looks like a masculine academician. Don't deny it please. Sammul looks like a scholar, a very polite scholar. It just so happens he is stuck in 2 roles;

1. best friend of Ron Ng's character in any series (Kidd says no less than 6 collaboration between them, either friends-enemies-friends or enemies-friends-rivalry-friends)

2. the jealous guy

I always thought he looked handsome in those costume drama except he is too fair and too slim. Now in Pa-Tuiii you will see him in what he should adopt as his new image; tan, bigger and way way hotter looking. Moreover he has killer dimples and he seems genuinely soft spoken. And I feel his acting is ok, better than in the past and his best look is the "twinkling eyes complete with I don't quite believe you but what the hell, I do" look. He and Ron Ng look perfect for one another. I just hope if there is ever a series like Brokeback Mountain the movie, I want them two in it. I sincerely feel they're very compatible.

Anyway last night's episode is enjoyable in parts but everytime it talks about Madam and her ex husband I fell asleep. I don't find them romantic at all. Pak Kiu-Lap Man is. What got to me, big time in terms of how ridiculous the whole thing was was the one where Madam, as in Florence Kwok manhandled one drunk dude who almost knocked down somebody in front of no less than 8 PTU members and had the audacity to scream, shout, threaten and all. And what did no less than 8 members of PTU did? Well they should win awards for most polite cops because they were so nice to him. Florence did it right when she just twisted his arm, banged his head on his car and told him to just shut up. I thought they should have done that a long time ago. In America, that drunken man would have been a threat and the cop would have pulled out his gun, told that man to take out the car keys, hands over the head, lie on the floor, cuffed him.. eh didn't PTU taught them that in the academy? So why now they are so bloody polite to him? And when that guy threatened to complain, oh my god, they all were like shaking with fear. What do they expect? ZERO complaints? Come on, be realistic. Be fair to the police. So complain, well go complain lar! Will investigate and then what? And guess what? They didn't arrest the guy for drunk driving!! Instead they threatened to arrest him for modifying his car, so he dropped the complaint in the end. What is this nonsense? Are the cops useless in HK? I tell you TVB is not helping the police force in HK. The police force should just stop collaborating with TVB because all I can see is incompetent police force for failure to back up their guys and arresting the right people for the right crime committed!

And why is PTU all walking like a pack of wolves? Is it necessary for 8 to 10 PTU members to argue with one drunken driver? Is it even lawful to have them check your ID and stuff without just cause? (Well maybe yes, even in Malaysia we have this practice) When 6 to 10 of them surrounded the drunken guy the next time they saw him, I see that as police intimidation.

What useless depiction of the useless police force in HK. The more I watch TVB series and if I were to be really gullible I would believe that

1. all civil servants in HK are highly paid, look at their condos

2. they are very free since they have so much time to do everything but work

3. the police force are really afraid of complaints and the superiors do not seem to help their own even when the complaint is ridiculous

4. the police doesn't arrest drunken drivers for drunk driving, they instead will arrest them for something else

5. the police can't manhandle a violent person, no they must talk to them with the patience and politeness of a saint

6. the nurses in HK are incompetent

7. the doctors have plenty of time on their hands since no one really falls sick seriously enough to merit an emergency procedure

8. the firemen would beat each other up for the sake of a woman rather than save fires to save lives

9. Police in HK will march the criminals and rioters back home, nothing else (Well at least PTU did show some dangerous moments so maybe this is not so fair but their training since consisted only of marching, maybe they are inadequate in handling serious riots)

10. criminals in HK will confess each and every time

and the best of all, they will have us believe HK actually has riots. And I am talking about 2008 here.

Why? Why such depiction? Everytime TVB makes a series about professionals, like lawyers, doctors they're always pretentious, incredibly rich, drinks red wine for water, eat western food everyday, sleeps around and are incredibly relaxed. Never seen a stressed doctor or lawyer in TVB's world. Then everytime they make a series about law enforcement, these law enforcers are always go huge drama over a tiny complaint, always so bloody polite and their investigation consists of crossing their arms over their chest, looking stern, walk around, minimum interviews and a confession. Oh and they live in HUGE CONDOS.

Why death penalty is still a good option

When I read this news, I felt very distressed. I have never seen a sadder baby and to know what her father did and what her mother did not do, I felt this tremendous headache. I wonder, why be a parent when you don't want to be one? Why these useless stupid cruel evil buggers can just mate and have babies that they do not want when real couples who desperately want one can't? Read the news at your peril because it is depressing. The 1st paragraph itself will hit you in the stomach like that father probably did for real to the poor poor baby. If there is reincarnation this beautiful baby deserves to be reincarnated into a loving good family. Which begs the question; where is God for this baby? How cruel can humans be? If he can be this cruel to his own child (and so was the mother cruel to her own child), I wonder how cruel he can be to others? I wouldn't be surprise he treats his friends and pets better than he would treat his own child. Death to this bastard. A pity no death penalty. I am looking forward to reading his sentence and I won't be surprised it will be a short one. Judges these days have no sense of priority when it comes to sentencing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gigi Lai is retiring from entertainment world, completely & Gillian Chung is staging a comeback, completely

Gigi Lai is retiring, completely, not because of marriage but for a more noble reason; she is going to take care of her family and her seriously injured brother. I wonder how injured? Anyway whilst I am not sad to see her go, since I often find her overrated but I feel there are others more "deserving" to retire than Gigi Lai and these people are still there. A great pity. I like Gigi Lai as a person, she seems quite sincere, genuine and warm even if she doesn't quite come across as someone bright. Who knows in future she may have a few guest spots or when her brother is well enough to take care of his own affairs or she may go the Marianne Chen way; no way back to entertainment world. Gigi said she would not be attending any shows, no awards, no commercials, no interviews... in effect back to civilian life. This is harsh and drastic since she would like to do some beauty product business surely promotion would entail interviews as she is and will be was a celebrity. I have mixed feeling on this. Like I said, not like I am sad to see her go but she is the last person I expect to leave but under such circumstances, I applaud her bravery, I respect her decision and I feel she is one classy lady to have put family first and herself last. I wish her all the best. Now I just hope Shirley Yeung will announce her retirement, but I don't wish her family ill health. Just get married and retire. Just retire.

And then there's Gillian Chung, staging a comeback after almost evaporated by the sex scandal. I feel she is right to stage a comeback but fans have a right not to welcome her back. Whilst the leaked photos weren't her fault and the sex scandal wasn't that much of a scandal since what she does in her private time is her right, but I hate an openly open hypocrite. I can't help forgetting how she was crying her heart out over the Genting Highlands incident and I quite sympathise with her since she was such a goody two shoes, quiet and mature and suddenly came the pictures with her posting in provocative ways. I doubt no one over the legal age (presumably you were all of legal age) has not seen her completely naked, and I mean COMPLETELY naked and not feel slightly cheated by her demeanour. Well that teaches us all a lesson; image is just that; an image. I wonder when we can see the sex tape. I am just curious. Truth is I am even more disgusted with that person who released the pictures, and especially what happened to Bobo Chen but I assume she is happily married now?

Anyway she can comeback for all I care and maybe all these scandals have matured her and made her a better performer since she suffered a very public humiliation and lashing so that must make her misery and therefore a better actor. If not, well it is expected because I never thought of her much as an actress and a singer. But from the looks on those pictures that I saw, she could try out Lust, Caution the sequel. Oh come on, she can take on more adult roles, those artistic adult roles, not necessarily those cheap Category III movies. One thing for sure; she can't maintain the sweet innocent virginal image anymore. Maybe that is a good thing since now she can actually pursue varied roles, not held back by her management company in trying to protect her image. The only image she needs to nurture is her professional image and the only image she needs to protect now is her credibility as a performer. Everything and everybody else can just go screw themselves.

Are you watching NBC's Life?

How I wish Malaysia is showing Life Season 1 and ASTRO season 2. I watched Season 1 and loved it. Season 2 is showing in USA and some selected online sites which other countries have no access to and the problem is rumour has it NBC is or may be or will be or could be cancelling the show because of low ratings. It averages between 4.5 to 5.9 million viewers, more so because it is shown on Fridays, which is supposedly ratings death day because nobody in America stays home on Friday I suppose. Even shows like Pushing Daisies may be cancelled though I am not sure what channel is showing that. A show as great as Life (even if Season 2 slows down a bit and lacks the original's wit, whimsical candour and all the flirting between Crews and the very married mother of 2 ex wife is getting boring, more so when the actress, Jennifer Siebel I think is god awful but thankfully we see very little of her) it is a pity, a great great pity a show with such memorable characters like Charlie Crews played excellently by Damian Lewis and Dani Reese played by Sarah Shahi is cancelled. The fans of the show are urging the public in US to tune in to push up the numbers so as to secure Life's errrr.... life expectancy. NBC has yet to announce a full season 2 pick up for it and I find NBC's treatment of this series a great shame when series as crappy as Knight Rider (yes a remake of Knight Rider) is being given full season despite it being a talking car. Joke is Life is garnering rave reviews but people are watching Knight Rider probably to see what was the fuss about. Now I hope I am in America because I would be those watching Life. If you're living in the US where your viewership counts, I urge you to switch the Channels on Friday 10pm to NBC and give Life a chance. It is a slow burn type of series where you need to watch 2 episodes and above and I guarantee you, you may not like the cases (I didn't) and you may be turned off by the oily boss named Tidwell but you will fall in love with Charlie and Dani. With that you will probably go back to watch Season 1, which is better than Season 2 since Season 2 may be muted in its creativity by the executives at NBC or maybe by the writers' themselves for whatever reasons. If they're going to cancel Life, the writers might as well go full force with the potential like Lost did and have a run with it.

Please, if you're in the US, save Life by watching Life. Remember, NBC 10pm Fridays. You won't regret it.

And to NBC who must realise their shows are not only syndicated in US alone. I am from Malaysia and I love Life. I read how it garners fans from all over the world. Give it a chance to realise it potential and for once let good TV prevail over hype TV.

For more info on Life, check out:-

- NBC official site (if you're in US, you can watch past episodes there)

- Reviews of the series

- Damian Lewis fansite (with screencaps, episodes info)

If Season 1 reaches local TV, please do watch it. I believe this is a series than can potentially win the actors a Golden Globe or Emmy if NBC promotes it well and if the writers go all out in the writing. I have no doubt however of the capabilities of the actors. Any fans of Adam Arkin or Sarah Shahi (the breakout star in series 1 actually because I never knew her and I thought she was fantastic although in series 2 she suddenly became the sidekick prop) or even Damian Lewis (Band Of Brothers, remember?) would know the acting is not the problem.


The Pak Kiu Fan Club & many Pa-Tuiii questions

I have called this series Pa-Tuiii so many times I seriously can't remember its English or Chinese name proper.

I was wondering how many of you who have watched or is watching Pa-Tuiii (you know which series I am talking about) and who has seen or is seeing the quarrell between Pak Kiu and Lap Man actually sides with Pak Kiu? Kidd says many side Ah Man, saying Ah Kiu was unreasonable, stubborn but am I watching a different show here because I thought Ah Man was the bully, Ah Kiu the miunderstood tortured soul. Since the feud is probably ending tonight (like I said, they will kiss and make up and I hope they emphasise on the KISS since these two quarrelling is like lovers quarrelling I tell you, I kept thinking they should just confess their eternal love for one another) I just want to know, Ah Man Fan Club or Ah Kiu Fan Club? I am not talking about Ron Ng or Sammul Chan but Ah Man and Ah Kiu. So Ah Kiu started the ball rolling for saying Ah Man got favours from what's his name, Cheung Sir which was why Ah Man is successful simply because of help so Ah Man's ego got bruised but Ah Man annoyed the hell out of Ah Kiu by being simply an idiot in my opinion, never following procedures, stuffing his opinion down Ah Kiu's throat and siding with Cheung Sir, at first Darth Vader in Ah Kiu's eyes. Now of course he is Obi Wan Kenobi. So whose side are you on?

And as observed by me and as agreed and further observed by Evelyn, is it that Ah Man is supposed to be the good guy but somehow, someway, sometime thanks to Ron Ng's incompetence, Ah Man became the unreasonable childish immature bull?

And my biggest question, perhaps the biggest mystery of this Pa-Tuiii series; Why is everybody so concerned with patching them up, from top till bottom, eventhough their .. I won't even call it rivalry but I shall call it childish fight is affecting everybody, and I mean everybody, ruining the practice, making a fool of everybody... why after the repeated stupidity that PTU has never ever ever ever considered kicking them out of PTU? Is it because they want to show 100% passing rate? Why are they so lenient to them and the only time the big guys considered kicking anyone out, in particular poor fall guy Pak Kiu was when Cheung Sir accidentally fell to the bottom of the cliff, didn't die and only he and Ah Kiu knew what happened? And why would a training exercise have the bad guys climb down on the steep hill if it was never intended to be a route in the practice exercise since it was so dangerous? After all if there is a rope down, a dedicated policeman would run after the bad guy and may I stress TRAINING exercise.

I shall say this again.. Poor poor Pak Kiu. I am all for Ah Kiu. After all he has such a friendly name; Building The Bridge. Well kinda like that.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blood pressure, uppppp

I was watching Pa-Tuiii just now .. actually 3 hours ago and still my blood, boiling! Ooooooh that Lap Man, how I want to strangle him. His smart aleck remarks, his prejudiced opinion, oh poor poor poor Pak Kiu! Oh my pooooooor Pak Kiu. I must say Sammul looks good tanned and a bit buffed and I was so surprised he is actually taller than Ron Ng who has really bad posture. Anyway must breath now. Can't stand Ah Man. Can he just die and not return in the 3rd series? Can some rioters just throw a plastic bottle at him? I am convinced, if anyone were to fall down 1000 metres away Man would say "He did it!! Ah Kiu caused it all!!!". Talk about being totally immature. Now I regret not doing an episodic thoughts/feelings on this Pa-Tuiii. Oh by the way today they had a test run on Pa-Tuiii activities and once the tear gas are out, the rioters just ran for their lives. Wow, so obedient. One scene they had some special task force thing and one guy was ordered by Man to take out car keys, put hands up, walk backwards, etc etc until he was handcuffed. My sis, as observant as she was when she asked "Seems rather obedient isn't he?" just simply ignored the fact that about 8 pair of guns were pointing at this man. I ask you now; 8 pairs of guns, would you have done what that man did? Of course. This is realistic but the riot control scenes, I could only conclude if every murderers, rapists and terrorists in HK would confess from the moment the Ah Sir says "So...CONFESS!!!". it is entirely possible a few tear gas could persuade dozens of angry rioters to run back home and be good.

Oh come onnnnnn... I must remember to add these all into my review proper. One question; why all the girls have such short hair cut? A must for Pa-Tuiii or police force in general or cadet in general? So why Madam has such long flowing glossy black feminine hair? Ok maybe they're cadets so the rules says cadets must all have shaved short military style hair because after all, THIS IS... ermm...a police force? Who am I to laugh at TVB's depiction of HK police force when in reality our own Malaysian police force just a few days ago closed down one of the station or something at the crime ridden area for the safety of the police. Now you can add your ultimate pun after this sentence.

My itchy fingers ...

I am growing restless these days, for many reasons but one of which is because I haven't been writing much. It just seems that as I get older, my opinion gets muted. Recently I read some article about bloggers who used to be forceful and therefore readable, but once they discovered they're readable, they become rather muted which in turn turns off readers and thus lowers the readability. Like a one big circle of what? Nothing? Everytime I start an Episodic Thoughts I become bored because it takes an effort to finish one episode, night after night. My memory is not great so I tend to forget so I must finish it within a day of that episode lest I forget. Because of the monumental effort (you might wonder what effort? It's just typing. But usually takes me 4 hours and above to finish one episode) I tend to not continue or even begin. But my fingers are getting itchy so I feel like writing again and yet can't figure out which one to do because every series right now is like halfway or uninteresting and I can't possibly write for the Hokkien Channel in ASTRO since I can't understand a word! Anyway my mom's favourite channel, loads of women arguing, men debating and everybody plotting and double plotting. ASTRO is showing Drive Of Life which I watch and then don't watch because I don't really fancy it although I thought for once Michael Miu could act quite well as the spoilt flirty youngest brother of Damien Lau, always the most charismatic of the lot to the point of overshadowing EVERYBODY unless he dies which will kill the series. My young nephew said he won't die so that's good news. Pa-Tuiii is halfway already and so far I have nothing much to say except maybe everyday writing how much I detest Lap Man, Ron Ng's character that I absolutely can't stand. Is it his bad acting? Is it the poor written character? Or rather the skewered character that supposed to be decent and all nice but come across as a little kid with a tantrum or maybe a lover begging for attention from his lover, Pak Kiu? Not even sure I want to write a review since again miss one, watch one. Can't somehow just bloody sit down and watch the series proper because so many other shows but since my family is hooked on these two, I suppose I will in the end follow through, like Drive Of Life. Just because Damien Lau made a sweeping grand entrance in the shady world of business that my family immediately got hooked by his total awesomeness. Can't blame them, I am convinced of his total awesomeness too and that kinda dispell that image of him with pencil thin moustache in some better to forget comedy about a cheating husband or whatever. Can't even remember the bloody title anymore. What to do? What's next on the list? I think ASTRO has yet to post them up. Can't write for English series, they go on forever. Moreover plenty of those on the net. Aiyayahhhhhhhhhhh, what am I to do?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who are you?!

I was checking the Some Stats panel and specifically Top Visiting Countries which shows where my visitors are from. Interestingly Canada, US, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Basically I kinda know who is from Cadana, Malaysia and Singapore but curiously, more on my side than yours I suppose, who is from Australia and USA? Quite high percentage also but then out of 5 individuals, the percentage would be high.

And even more interesting would be why do I keep typing CANADA as CADANA??? I had to correct it twice and I got so frust I just kept the wrong spelling which you must notice. CADANA. What is wrong with me??

Oh yeah, since I haven't been updating much here, I have decided to move my regular posts from Funn In Second Life to here and just leave Funn In Second Life site proper with a twitter badge to inform anyone interested what I am creating next. Also some product updates. I want to fill this site up! Fill it up! Fill it up! And no I am not insane, until I spell CADANA again. Oh dear, I am insane!

TVB's new promotion strategy

There's a new TVB series out, a Charmaine Sheh-Liza Wang-Joe Ma (again??) series called When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West. I actually thought the title was a joke, thinking it would be changed into something more English friendly, something that actually makes sense but this is apparently it. So is TVB trying to outdo themselves in the sense that since the story will probably be a rehash of some previous type of stories, the pairing obviously the usual overdone boring pairing, so they have decided to get some breakthrough in terms of the title? The Chinese title is as long so this series can probably win TVB's longest title award, if there is one. There might be one since they may be running out of actual deserving awards to give out and since longest title implies a title that is the longest should win, there shouldn't be any controversy if a series with the longest title actually wins, right? What's next? When Western Rain drops on the Bright East? Sounds like a potential title for a comedy. What happened to Looking Back In Anger? What happened to Plain Love? What happened to the good old The Bund? When did titles become such a long nonsense?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My worst nightmare

Just came home, resigned to the fate that I shall not be able to feed my internet addiction and watch episodes of Life when suddenly, miraculously I got the ADSL signal back and I am online!! So that means TMNet guys really fixed it? I think I will not cancel the report just in case. And just 3 minutes earlier I told my very surprised sis about my internet connection problem and how only a miracle can help to put back the ADSL light and guess what? Miracles do happen. I am indeed in shock. Shock because I got the line back and shock also how deep my addiction is. I think I have a problem now. I am addicted to being online even if I have no place to surf.

I am now living my worst nightmare. As of yesterday afternoon my Streamyx connection was out. I thought my modem was the problem but I got it checked and it was ok. I thought telephone line problem but using my modem I can't see my ADSL light even at my neighbour's telephone. So it must be Streamyx problem. Again the 48 hours notice will send technician which they never do. The tech help, or so they call themselves are completely and utterly useless, just typist typing reports. Why not just connect us to the real techs?? My place reportedly has no outage. My modem all lights are on except the most important one, the ADSL light. Never happened before except when once my modem got blown up by lightning and second when my own telephone line got cut due to some faulty line. This time everything is ok except there is no light and I can't connect. Anyone else with such a problem? Is it the cable problem or should I call an electrician? I am utterly depressed and this IS my worst nightmare.


Which is TVB's On The First Beat. I actually thought it is called PTU but then I found out it has a proper English title. But I so love the idea of PTU because you know, I can call it Pa-Tuiiii. Anyway I can hardly remember the prequel or rather the 1st series where Michael Miu died so now we have a sequel. But what I can remember was Ron Ng and I remember not liking him at all in the 1st series. Now after watching this series for a few episodes I am so tempted to create an Episodic Feelings which will be like

Episode 1
Urghhhh don't like Ron's character

Episode 2
Oh I hate him

and so on and so forth. So far I absolutely hate this hot headed bull for daring to accuse poor Ah Kiu. And the series is still like The Academy. Remember The Academy? What that series teached me was police in HK can actually march all the criminals to prison because all I can see is march march march. In this sequel, we are shown the inner workings of PTU or Police Tactical Unit which I suppose deal with those illegal assemblies and riot and again I suppose they can march the rioters to prisons because again they march march and march. One episode they introduced some guns and gas cylinders or whatever, and I was like finally but no, no practice with those weapons. Again they march and I can't understand a single English word. They must be speaking english, I can hear "Tuuurnnn tro de lerfff, turnnn tro de righhhhh...marchhhhhh....". But I love the themesong, not for any reason but because I just love the part where they sang horribly 'Oh can you see... our sweat and tears..." and I could hear "awer swat ant teers" and then something like "We will overcome hardship and fears" which sounded like "Wi wil awercum hadsip n feers". Did I mixed up the lyrics? Could it be sweat and fears, hardship and tears? I don't know!

Yes it was that bad. But other than that and Ron Ng's Lap Man who is like a bull, all is quite entertaining. I was just surprised at the amount of fake tan I could see. I mean look at the suddenly all tanned up Michael Tao. Is it a rule all officers of some rank who is a mentor must have an actor with the name Michael in it? And I didn't even notice Fiona Sit dying. She was that rich girly girl in part 1 right? She died anyway and I didn't even notice. I didn't even care. I also know Sonija will die. Who else are they gonna kill off? Ah Man I hope. Oh there's Joey Yung by the way. She looks in need of some nutritous food and other than her oh so goody goodness I think she is ok. I mean let's make a checklist shall we... hero falls for girl who is

1. so kind hearted she spends her free days with cute little orphans. CHECK!

2. like animals. NOT YET BUT SOON WILL BE CHECK!

3. listens to him with keen attentiveness and never quite rebut him eventhough the hero is a hot headed idiot. CHECK!

4. cute. CHECK!

What else? Oh when will she adopt a dog? Rescue a baby from a burning house? Help an old lady cross the street? Ooooh waiting with eager anticipation!

Anyway are you watching this series? What do you think of it? To tell you the truth so far I kinda enjoyed it because there is nothing better than two squabbling lovers, in this case Ah Kiu and Ah Man. A pity they won't kiss and make up. And I emphasise on kiss. Anyway let me continue my viewing pleasure tonight and I can predict 3 things:-

1. again Joey's cute character will be ever so encouraging to the hero

2. hero will still act like some impatient idiotic bull and poor Ah Kiu his victim

3. march. They will all march march march to some urgent music. Like I said, as if the rioters can be marched back home so simply.

Proposed DNA bill

Malaysia legislature is tabling a DNA bill, the first of its kind in Malaysia. This was proposed some time ago and I totally disagree with having to be made to give away my DNA so freely and having it available in the databases like my fingerprints like I am some lowly criminal when I am not a criminal, yet. I understand the logic of the bill but like how it is now being criticised, we must first see our track record which isn't exactly shining. The bill is radical because it proposes that DNA evidence as the ultimate unquestionable evidence. God is unquestionable but people still question his existence so what makes DNA so unquestionable? So it is 99.9999999% accurate but there is still that 0.000001% screwup in the end.

Even if it is limited to certain cases and to certain people, I feel this database will be useful to capture criminals but the fact that this database makes us all submit to it like we are all criminals is not only wrong but dangerous. In fact this database can be used in all levels of cases, not just criminal and I feel like I am being invaded. I mean wouldn't it mean the end of privacy? And what if a child is very sick and the database is used to check who is the perfect sayyyy donor and I am then obliged to donate whatever to save someone like I have been hijacked to do it? You know what I mean? Worse still, it says the police can use whatever means to obtain a sample if I say no. So does it legitimise police brutality in the name of justice? Wouldn't that be a perversion of justice because to beget justice you spit in the face of justice itself?

No no no to this bill until all the concerns are removed. As usual the director or whatever of that DNA centre disagrees and feels this database is beneficial. True but again what do scientists know eh? They're not bound by moral or ethical rules which is why science can thrive. Remove the concerns, retable it, rename it, re-everything about it and I feel this DNA bill can be a pretty neat idea.

Datuk or no Datuk to SRK

There is a new controversy in Malaysia, where Bollywood's no. 1 actor Shah Rukh Khan was awarded a Datukship by one of the Sultans or whatever. I just recently caught up with the news and there were major uproar especially from the entertainment industry in our country, amongst the chief question is why SRK when there are more deserving local artists for contribution to local entertainment/arts and also what did SRK do to deserve such an honour. And also he was never present to receive the award. Well SRK is extremely busy, having to act in 10 movies a day so he being unable to attend is understandable. Moreover not everyone attends the ceremony when Queen E knights them, right? And we are talking about Queen E here.

Anyway I understand the uproar because at first I was like SRK? Why him? That was quite sudden but I suppose our ruler must be a big fan of his. However I don't understand the uproar after looking at the issue closely because if I remember correctly Queen E routinely awards knighthood (equivalent to our Datukship) to foreigners as well so why not SRK? And as to SRK not deserving, I suppose that is because he is just an actor, right?

Wrong. He is not just an actor. He is an idol. Period. I mean who is the biggest star of Bollywood right now and has been for a very long time? SRK of course. And I grew up watching his movies. Who can forget Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? All races, Chinese, Indians, Malays and I suspect even aliens from the planet Jupiter can hum the tune and even sing a few words, irrespective of the fact that none of us knew Hindi, at all. I even know what Kuch Kuch Hota Hai means. And who can forget the tears welling in our eyes when father (Amitabh Bachan) and son (SRK) reunites in the tearful emotionally charged scene in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham, again we all know the meaning of the title! And can you forget how he was blown up in the end in the movie Dil Se? That movie where he didn't have super human strength and he was beaten to a pulp? I can't remember all his co-stars or even the leading ladies but I sure do remember SRK. So his contribution may not be world peace or political but socially he united his fans, whatever the religion, race, gender, colour or even nationality and to me, I feel even if my voice is a minority he deserves an award, in this case the Datukship. Sooner or later Queen E will give him a KBE, MBE, OBE or even a knighthood and Malaysia can proudly say "Eh, we DID IT FIRST!".

Honestly local stars, very few deserve a datukship because they do not have the mass appeal. I can't remember the last time all races run together in the direction of sayyyyy Awie but maybe P Ramlee. I tell you the way this is going, we may have Datuk Bae Yongjun because that man could make all of us unite and we can't even speak a word of Korean!

So why dismiss SRK's contribution to cinema, entertainment and world racial unity? So it is a bit silly to award a foreign film star but in the end I feel it is harmless. Rather him than some unknown businessman. I doubt SRK even knew this was coming! As for our local artistes crying for attention, I suppose work harder and up your mass appeal. Some local artistes deserve the award, that I agree but not being given any doesn't mean gives you a right to say

1. criticise the great SRK's contribution

2. propose any future award of datukship must be consulted with our local film organisation or whatever you call them - this is just silly. Why not consult with the people in appointing our new PM for a start?

3. Question the poor Sultan or whatever for awarding SRK when I am sure if you look at the long list, there may be other questionable choices and if there aren't, well 1 supposed mistake in a list of 100 is a good thing instead of 99 mistakes and 1 brilliant choice

My advice to local artistes? Bring your career to the level of the great SRK and then start to tear your hair out for not being awarded Datukship. Is Siti Nurhaliza a Datuk yet? I don't quite agree with one Bond film gets you the Datukship but since Michelle Yeoh is the perfect ambassador for Malaysia, I feel in the end it was justified.

Oh stop crying. Let it be. If you're not happy, boo-hoo. It is Datuk, not Nobel Prize for heaven's sake. And if I have my way, I should be awarded a Datukship. Why? You ask what is my contribution? I tell you what is my contribution. For not contributing to the crime statistics and for being perfectly ordinary, paying my taxes, contributing to the economy and being the everyday girl in an everyday world in an everyday life not filled with WAGs essential stuff. I have not even seen nor touched a Jimmy Choo shoes, so yes, I should be a Datuk simply for earning an honest below moderate poor living. Local ordinary folks such as I deserves some recognition I tell you.

This post is to all the Datuks in all of us!! I salute you!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My secret writing corner

Ever thought where I blog these posts? Don't tell anyone, it is my secret writing corner at... SECOND LIFE!! Pictures below to prove it all!!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

If you have a chance do drop by for a visit. It is actually my 2nd store in Second Life at Sweetest Dreams (124,193,27), a mega creepy gothic themed mall. I thought the owner was joking when I was invited to open a store there because my designs aren't exactly gothic. What's so cool about that place? Perpetually night with howling wolves and with burning corpses! And my store super cool. Got a chair, a dirty table, an old laptop, a talking pink bonsai plant for companionship on nights I tapped away at my laptop and a creepy bookshelves elevated slightly and with fog on the ground. My next door neighbour used to be a coffin maker I think, now gone. Creepy!! Now you know where I got my inspiration for all rants. Secret's out!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Slight Update

I just added the video clips of my favourite scene in my review of Royal Tramp (TV > China/Taiwan) and some songs and link to download the OST of Glittering Days hosted at my host (thanks to Sehseh for the huge file) in my review of Glittering Days (TVB) just in case Sehseh's link doesn't work. Wait another 30 minutes from the time of posting of this post (5.48pm Malaysia time) and the link should be ready.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New review

Just added my review of TVB's Glittering Days. No detailed synopsis, just a few paragraphs on the plot and then entirely seriously review. No new reviews for now. Any new submissions anyone? Send them all in now!

The good old days ...

Ahhhh the good old days. I was googling my own name and suddenly I found links to the glorious past! Oh how I fumed at that time but now how I laugh. I suppose my end is I am not dying, I meant the reviewing part. But it was a fun find.. if you were in the thick of the action, you too would probably laugh at the following article which luckily I cut and paste it somewhere I can't even remember...has it been 7 years??

- The infamous thesis on me and my reviewing skills

Then there was one and only story that I posted in the soon to be revived The Storytellers and the review by someone else. Love the review, liked the story. It was written when I felt the worst...under a psedunoym of course...again in 2001!! My most active period of time...

- Meeting Of The Minds story & review

If I search deep enough, I wonder what else can I dig out about myself written by others? I wonder...

Have you ever tried digging about yourself? I use google and I write reviews "funn lim" which will search for keywords reviews and funn lim. Why not you try and post the result in this post?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Slight update

As you can see below this post itself, I have removed the Agree/Disagree buttons and the stars rating since pointless. Somehow for some reasons I can't explain why reactions widget isn't working. So I better remove it and the stars. Until I find a working one...