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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Damien Lau

Just out of sheer curiosity, is Damien Lau married? Any children?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Even monsters have moments of utter stupidity ...

I very nearly choked on the char siew I was chewing when I read this unbelievable news. Either his lawyer is a really good one or a really bad one. I am not sure. On one hand he is so delusional but yet someone so extremely delusional must in the end be sane right? Does he realise Buddhism does not extend forgiveness but rather he is destined to be either locked away in eternal damnation (18th level) or be reincarnated as a cockroach to be stepped on a minute after birth (for a thousand lifetimes, then he shall be a fly for another thousand and graduating to rat then every forseeable rodent, pests and hated insects and then he will be reincarnated as a diseased animal for some thousands of years and finally reincarnating as a natural born eunuch who shall serve his 10000 lifetimes as a monk who then shall finally do enough good to be reincarnated as a proper pauper for another thousand lifetimes and then ... well you get the picture)? He should have embraced Christianity, confess and he shall be forgiven. Won't go to heaven though because Heaven would be changing their forgiveness=ticket to heaven rule just for him. Hell is so ready for him, with a comfortable bed of nails filled with fire and chopping board just for him. I am surprised he found comfort in Buddhism when he should be scared as hell. Maybe he is reading Buddhism, the abridged version or maybe Buddhism, the sanskrit version.

A Fritzl in every country , the Yoga controversy, banning stuff & why F word is no way to write a song

Indeed, as evidenced in this disturbing story (do check out the corresponding links in that article as well). I am sure Malaysia has got one but we just don't know until decades later. Calls for accountability from the police and authorities are kinda pretty standard in England these days but for once I feel the victims share as much blame as the authorities themselves. Sometimes you must seek help to get help. Unlike Baby P who was just a baby and who obviously can't speak for himself and Elisabeth Fritzl who was effectively locked up in the basement with what? 3 steel doors to prevent her from running and to choose between death by starvation or rape (and even then she fought back as much as she could have), these 2 victims could roam around freely, went to school, police and authorities came knocking on the door and they themselves did nothing to get away. I am sure it was because of deep psychological abuse as well as physical abuse amounting to fear which became subserviant attitude that ultimately made them so fearful and docile, but sometimes crying that no one helped when you yourself did nothing to get help seems rather harsh on the authorities who are not psychics. In this case I feel the authorities and the victims share the blame. Anyway this man is truly horrible, a monster, a bastard, an evil non-human being... it seems more of such cases do exist.

And interestingly in today's paper, our PM said Yoga without the chanting is ok so we must understand why the ban and non-muslims should not feel threatened by the threat since it does not concern them. I know that but I don't feel threatened. I feel OFFENDED for my fellow human beings having been told how to dress, how to behave and now how not to exercise! When on earth do people practising Yoga ever chant anything? I found Yoga too slow AND QUIET! Do you chant in your head when doing Yoga? Does it double the effectiveness? Why not then come out with a special prayers and insists all Muslims who practise Yoga chant that special prayers? This getting from stupid to ridiculous to epic proportions of idiocy or however you spell that. For once our rulers said something smart, like why Yoga? What's so bad about Yoga? The way it goes I am confident our rulers will overule the stupidity and restore back sense and reason. And many are right; why not ban Qiqong? What about Kung Fu since all kung fu has its roots in Shaolin and god forbid shaolin is just a gym for buddhists eh? Like I said, I am not a Muslim but my dear Muslim friends, I feel offended for you. It's like you're forever a stupid child and only the "adults" at the committee knows best when puh-leaseee... the committee members, do they practise Yoga? How then do they know about this nonsensical chanting thing?

And then there's the whole alcohol issue where reportedly sale of alcohol is banned in Selangor for places like 7-Eleven. Of course Selangor, now probably the more liberal minded state said Nope, did not say ban, did we say ban? Well if Selangor bans alcohol, never mind, come to KL, the most hedonistic state in Malaysia if judged by what's banned and what's not. I read recently somewhere (not in Malaysia) but some Muslim country which wants to ban smoking as in cigarette. Do you think that will happen in Malaysia? Yes your guess is as good as mine!

And finally, remember the Negarakuku singer whose name I shall not post in here? Apparently he made a 3 part or 4 part youtube video song about Malaysian education system and his alma mater school was so upset, he was forced to take down the videos. He said he never intended to cause hurt. Someone has got to knock some sense into this young man's head. First and foremost, there are plenty of ways to write a anti-something song without going down the road of the usual rappers that is by expressing themselves using vulgarities. Where is a poet when you need one? And never ever say you never intended anyone to be hurt. Seriously is he so naive that no one would be hurt by any criticisms, even by justified criticisms? And finally, to criticise something like a system, use the Jack Neo way. Subtle and yet funny and yet full on assault without offending anyone at all. Look, all those vulgarities will not enhance your message, it just shows how limited your vocabulary is. I applaud his honesty and bravery at being so critical over things that not many dare to be so publicly critical about but I do not agree with his method or rather his choice of words. If this young man intends to carve a career in controversial musical career, first and foremost, learn how to express yourself in a million ways rather than just the f***ing boring way, get what I mean?

Fathers & Sons

I am watching Fathers & Sons right now, which I am enjoying and I am going to post a few predictions. Don't confirm or anything ok?

1. Bobby & Yoyo will end up together

2. Tavia & Wong He will end up together

3. Grandma will come back to take back Bobby's son, and after some thoughts would return the son to Bobby

4. Wong He's wife will return to him either to

a. beg for forgiveness and so Wong He had to decide whether to walk away with Tavia or accept her back all because of their daughter & break Tavia's heart (I believe he will choose the latter but at last decide Tavia is the one for him & his daughter is ok with that OR the wife walks away realising she lost out on a good man)

b. wife wants the daughter and back to get custody for whatever reason

4. Evergreen will do all he can to destroy Bobby after finding out the truth and end up the villain and make Yoyo hate him more

5. Everybody will end up forgiving everybody and have a big happy ending.

So let us see....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Can you ban stupidity and unreasonableness?

This is clearly a case of one step forward, a thousand steps back.

That whole yoga fatwa thing seems like a get go and guess what? It is a complete and utter joke but hey it doesn't affect me at all since I am not a Muslim. Next you know out goes Qigong, Taichi, Karate, Teakwondo, etc. I do pity my fellow Muslim friends for the unreasonableness of it all. For fear of deviating from the teaching, the committee decides to ban all things that are mentally and physically healthy. So what are they left with? Nothing. Can there be judicial review over these decisions? Some Muslim friends may own Yoga centres and all so what are they supposed to do? Close shop and starve to death? Worse of all, every year I read about rules for women on how to wear their clothes and guess what? There is a ban on tomboys or rather dressing like a man. When is dressing like a man illegal? What then about men who use mascaras and make up? Shouldn't the ban be 2 ways? They are saying women should dress like women. Imagine you're 36, you like your power suits that are male based design, running a successsful company, a pillar in your community who so happens to do yoga in your spare time, and you could stomach how a few men dictating how to wear your clothes, comb your hair or even exercise for a healthy living? And guess what? If there was ever a Prop 8 in Malaysia, believe me, it wouldn't even pass a naming stage more so to voting stage. The government is silent on these fatwa stuff, and the NGOs also although shockingly quite a lot of letters from the public support these moves which defies logic, reason and common sense. But then again it doesn't affect me. It is your right to healthy living and self expression that is being eroded and if you don't stand up for yourself how can you expect others to stand up for you?

Read some more and the committee was urged to give alternatives to Yoga. In the first place I don't see any yoga practitioners invoking the name of the Great Lord Ganesh or Siva or any deities when practising their breathing and those impossible yoga stuff. Have you?

This is truly utter stupidity and takes the cake as the most idiotic news I have read this year. My condolences to my Muslim friends who likes to dress like a man and/or practicing yoga despite being a devout Muslim practicing every tenets and every rules to the last letter. I wonder on what basis did this ban come from? Shouldn't the committee first and foremost ban stupidity and unreasonableness? Because I believe these 2 elements are the true elements eroding the practice of the faith.

Oh come on, next to go, acupuncture! Ayurveda treatment. Herbal treatment. Alternative medicine. Practically everything.

>> Read the news here

Kate Tsui's performance in On The First Beat

Finally no longer Pa-Tuiiii but now it has a title. I mean it has a title but I just never bothered to remember the title. Anyway, Kidd posted a question in the Shout Box that I thought only a proper post could answer her question.

Her question:-

What do u think of Kate's performance?

Frankly looks wise I was in total shock. I could still recognise her yes but she had such short hair, almost devoid of make up (of course she had make up but not colourful ones) and so tom boyish that I was shocked. I felt she got the tomboy looks nailed to perfection (wink wink Charmaine!) and she made an effort to lower her voice, giving big movements and not very ladylike. As opposed to her previous performance in The Price Of Greed (which I just remembered also starred Sammul Chan!), her character in Price Of Greed was on paper ladylike, very feminine and she looked pretty although her character is a bit crazy and her performance almost awful but not quite. Ok , she was awful as I have explained in my review (you can find it in TVB section). In here her character served little purpose except to be comic relief in an otherwise overly serious drama series. She was silly, she looked like she was having fun with her character and I felt she gave a strong performance in the sense she totally changed herself and immersed in her role. Is she a real tomboy? I am not sure but looks wise she had me convinced. But her character suffered from lack of good writing. Like I said her character basically had little to do with the overall plot. Her so called attempt at a romance with her cousin played by the wooden and one expressioned man, Ron Ng was just for comic relief. Her entire character is there to be the friend in need or just to highlight the training for female police cadets in the academy, which is actually a repetition from the 1st series, The Academy. So nothing new there. I find her character's traits honourable and likeable even if a bit over the top and yes, crazy again. I don't know, I just think Kate Tsui has crazy eyes. Her entire performance is hyper and crazy whilst in The Price Of Greed, it was sad and crazy. Whilst she did improved tremendously from the other series I saw (and I haven't seen much of her), I felt any accollades would be much too soon since this present character doesn't really test her. Yes, she has to be a tomboy, she has to be a tomboy and any effort put into being a tomboy will be easy rather than say other more demanding roles. Whilst I was shocked by her appearance, to me it was all on the surface. If the character had more things to do that is directly related to the plot, perhaps she would be more challenged performance wise. She is still shaky on the drama department and her comic timing is what it is for a non-comedien. She sometimes fall into the trap of overacting, or rather over the top acting. The difference? I think overacting is unintentional, some actors feel that by acting the way we see as overacting that that is real acting. Over the top acting I suppose is intentional, to stress certain comedy or shock value and if anything Kate Tsui is probably Queen of OTT acting. I think she knows what she is doing and she did it the way she wants it to highlight the differences between her characters and others. I find her interesting in this role, not necessarily the best but I can tell you this much; she wasn't as bland and one expressioned as Sonija Kwok who just sulked her way through the entire series except for some lovey-dovey scenes which were nauseating to me (or those friend-friend moments with Sammul's character which convinced me her character should have ended up with her one true love that is Pak Kiu)and she is definitely more interesting as an actress than Joey Yung who is likeable but offers not much depth to her more screen time given character. In time Kate Tsui could probably improve better in ditching her OTT moments and just act the way she should that is give it to us straight, without the big movements, big expressions or the works. Maybe she has improved much now since I haven't been following her career and I don't intend to really. I am not really interested in her to tell you the truth. I find her personality to brash. I am struggling to find reasons why I am not very interested in her and the only words I could find would probably infuriate her fans. Frankly I just don't find her off screen personality feminine or ladylike or elegance personified. There's an English word for that that is often used in many American celebrity gossips sites to describe certain actresses or so called celebrities which may be harsh to use on her but she gives me the vibes that I find much too often in younger generations of actresses who became much too famous much too soon where mediocrity is celebrated. Blame it on TVB, not her, and moreover it is just a vibe. I long for a classy actress who also can act which is a rarity these days.

So to answer Kidd's question, I thought she did a commendable job by showing many actresses what being a tomboy meant and yet deep inside me I am far more convinced perhaps what I am seeing is the real Kate Tsui. I think her best performance which we will see is one where she plays a truly insane character, preferably an overly jealous and murderous person because like I said, in her performances I often seen a pair of unsettling eyes, sometimes out of focus and restless. She would do well in villanous crazy roles which would give her some gravity as a serious actress but using the same concept in a comedic or dramedy role would only enhance her OTT acting which isn't really a good thing.

Of Twilight and Moses Chan

I was browsing thru the papers today and lo and behold, there was Moses Chan looking handsome with a head full of hair and proudly advertising for Svenson! And here I was wondering was he ever going bald in the first place? Hmmmmm...

And Twilight the movie is out but not yet in Malaysia. I have said the book will make a better movie but from the reviews, many fans are complaining Robert Pattinson wasn't a very good Edward Cullen, saying the book was so much better than the movie. Now this is bad bad bad news for me because the book was to me crappy in it writing so the movie is beyond crap then? I pity the actor. He signed on to a role that he didn't want in the first place. I tell you the movie will be better but to those complaining how the book is all about dialogue instead of descriptive actions or how rich the book was and the very little of the various characters in the movie, let me tell you the reality of all realities. The book is crap. Ok? So the movie had nothing to begin with. And for the media or fans to so negligently declare Stephenie Meyer as the new JK Rowling, well only in book sales. As a writer she pales in comparison. The idea she gave the draft book called Midnight Sun to the actor to better understand the character Edward is really funny. Imagine you think you're such a good writer that you need to give the actor access to an unpublished or soon to be published work is ridiculous considering how poorly you can describe Edward's cold hard granite soft body. Anyway, funny also to read how the reviewers (fans) felt that the director had a difficult time condensing a 500 page book into a 2 hour movie and so many rich details had to be left out. Look the book is no Harry Potter and that so called 500 page can actually be edited into 250 page or less. In fact all 4 books could have been condensed into 1 tight novel instead of money grabbing 4 books. Don't be swayed by the books or the fans. Read the books for yourself and if you think those are the best books you have ever read, go get yourself a library card because certainly you haven't read enough of other books to know a badly written book when you actually do read one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twilight : The other version

Wouldn't it be great if Stephenie Meyer actually wrote THIS version? Scroll to the bottom and have a great time laughing. I am having a headache from all the laughter!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

We Are Most Amused - Prince Charles' 60th birthday comedy gala

I knew there was a comedy gala held in honour of Prince Charles last saturday and I found the videos on youtube. I will have to say this; very seriously OTT funny and best of all, not even offensive. I find Brit humour very sarcastic, witty, sometimes politically incorrect but not offensive at all. Some American comedians were there and all were equally funny. Below click the link to see all the videos I could find. My favourite is the Iranian comedian who was seriously the funniest of the night with his flawless impersonation of a Nigerian man. Some scenes were apparently cut from the show such as an impersonation of Gordon Brown and of course George Bush but I found the Bush one. Really spot on. This is what SNL should aim for; first class comedy routines. Loads of videos so do be patient. Enjoy!

News 1948 vs. 2008
So what's changed between 1948 and 2008? Watch this skit to find out!

Rowan Atkinson
He did this routine before some decades ago and still as funny as ever

Stephen K Amos
He played the race card to hilarious results!

Robin Williams
2nd least funny of the night but still funny by usual standard. The whole Sarah Palin stuff was hilarious.

Bill Bailey
Possibly the 2nd funniest routine of the night, his piano skills are amazing and I really laughed very hard at the whole national anthem routine.

Omid Djalili
Iranian comedian who started his routine with a very sensitive joke about cutlery as a jab on the prejudices against his kind and guess what? What a start! I laughed so hard! This is for me the best routine of the night from what I can see and his Nigerianitis was one seriously funny joke!

Michael McIntyre
A Scottish comedien. I think his observations are spot on.

Robin Williams and Bill Bailey duet
Only in England you can get away with such a joke on the man of the hour himself. In England I doubt Obama's supporters could stomach this. Hilarious song, especially the quip on the coins.

Swan Lake and Eric Idle
I think this was the themesong for Monty Python? The finale and a very good song! lways Look On The Bright Side Of Life!! Pay attention to the quips on Prince Charles.

Joan Rivers
Most sexually charged routine, quite funny but probably the least funniest of the night. The bit on Bill Clinton was funny. Poor Bill, after all these years still the joke is on him.

George W Bush
I think this was censored from the TV broadcast? The quality is bad but you must see this. Spot on impersonation of Bush. And he even did Obama, something SNL never got it right. "My fellow amphibians!" Funny!

Now where is Gordon Brown?? After all the shit in the world, I hope you enjoyed these videos. You know Prince Charles was very gracious, laughing heartily even when the joke was on him! He does have a sense of humour, something a similar just elected president does not have. America should learn from this gala; a joke is a joke, if done tastefully, a potentially scandalous joke is still a classy joke. Classy stuff!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby P : Before and After Pictures & the identities of the murderers

Click here to see the two pictures of Baby P; one before the abuse escalate, where he had long blonde hair and big blue eyes with a full face and after the abuse escalated when the stepfather of the mother moved in, and you will see shaven head, hollow cheeks and almost dead eyes. I almost thought he had cancer if I didn't know better. How can anyone not notice? How? My heart breaks. I still have that ache.

By the way Kidd found this article with the pictures of the heartless bitch and the evil monster. One more picture not there would be the stepfather. Baby P was Peter. Look at their faces and tell me is there any justification not to neuter them to not allow them have children in future? She did have one and that kid should be adopted. She even laughed when they broke poor Peter's back. Laughed! The court has sealed their identity I think to stop vigilante attacks. I suppose vigilantes exist because of injustice and it is now for the courts to show to the world the meaning of justice. Jail them all max, consecutive sentences for every bruise Peter suffered. And sack all those who should be sacked. People who do not care has no business to be in social services, especially when it comes to old citizens and young children. Thanks Kidd for the link. Better go see the pictures fast because I suspect a court order may order the site to take the pictures down. How kind the system treats the guilty who are vile, heartless and evil. I heard of a brand of justice that is carried out in prison. Because there is a difference between a robber and a child murderer. Prison should be hell and however many years they may spend in prison, I hope these vile monsters rot in jail. As for those idiots social workers... I suppose there may not be appropriate justice for Peter. What are the MPs and PMs for anyway? Are they so useless against a bunch of not just inept social workers but grossly negligent ones? Like I asked before, what must someone do to be sacked in England? Not even murder it seems.

And guess what? Of all the serious papers out there, it had to be a spoof news site that posted the pictures for the world to see. For once these spoof news sites have my utmost respect for their fearless reporting.

Friday, November 14, 2008

TWILIGHT [Stephenie Meyers] [Book][O]

There are 4 books in the Twilight series, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Any surprise what these books are about? The following is my opinion on the first book, Twilight.

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I admit,I have never heard about this book or the author until I stumbled across the Twilight movie promos after reading how Warner Bros chickened out of releasing Harry Potter movie at the same time as Twilight movie and that was like weeks before the movie will be broadcast. I bought all 4 books, each more expensive than the other where for Twilight I bought the movie tie in version. My advise is wait until the movie tie in version, if not you will have to pay RM10-00 more for the 4th book. I know the basic story; it is a love story between a vampire guy and a human girl. That in itself could stretch to 4 books kinda stirred my interest. And I was happy I had new materials to read. Kinokuniya at KLCC is my favourite bookshop.

Anyway, read it in 3 days, mostly speedread which is not good news for me. The book is appealing understandably for the young ones because it is written in simple language. How many ways can you say I love you? In this book, 1 way; simply I LOVE YOU. So how complicated can that be? The names of the heroes and heroines even reminded me of the Judith McNaught type of romance books, with a twist. The girl is Isabella Swan or Bella and the guy who is a vampire who looks eternally 17 but is actually about 100 years old is Edward Cullen or well.. Edward. Both very sturdy not very often used name, especially Edward. No Eddie, no Ed but Edward. Very aristrocratic. Other character names like Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper, Carlisle, Annie, Laurent, James, Victoria, etc ... very old timer names that explains old how the vampires are. Modern names like Jessica, Mark, etc. There's one Jacob Black, a simple enough name to stick in one's mind. Nothing complicated.

The story begins with Bella moving back to a really small town that rains more than shines with her Chief police father when her mother remarried as she felt she was intruding in her mother's life. She is a sullen 17 year old who hates attention and would rather keep to herself. At school where she is mostly alone, she was first struck by the curiosity of a group of 5 pale people who sit together but never eat and she was struck in awe by one of them, Edward's pale magnificence and also the way Edward looked at her; that is with pure hatred. Later into the story we will discover why he looked at her so; he is a vampire who kills animals only so basically a vegetarian vampire forever thirsty for some human blood. Problem with Bella is her blood is like fine wine to him. He thirsts for her blood, he wants to bite her but yet because he who can usually read other people's mind couldn't read hers, he was intrigued and slowly fell for her. Bella already lost her mind to love from the beginning.

The entire premise of the story is forbidden love in a sense; Bella will grow old, so her fear is she would die before him. She wants him to make her a vampire. Edward's fear is her losing her soul so he was reluctant. Very reluctant. Moreover there is a danger in this relationship; Bella is like a prey, a very delicious prey to Edward and at anytime if he ever losses control he might just bite her. The story explains to become a vampire, a person must be bitten (not to death) by a vampire and the venom in the vampire's teeth will travel and change the physical aspects of a human being and in 3 days a human is now a vampire, an immortal. Problem is it also includes 3 days of extreme pain as the venom travels through the bloodstream. Then there is the ethical issue of killing people to feed.

I didn't quite get Edward's reluctance to change Bella. The truth is there is no major consequence to the change. The whole myth about how sunlight can burn the vampire is apparently just a myth. So the vampires can walk around in the afternoon. The only catch is if under direct sunlight, a vampire will glow like crystals so obviously no human can do that. So for me there is no stigma to change and the whole soul thing with Edward seems rather forced. We don't know much about Edward's past, except he was dying from the influenza or something like that until his adopted vampire father, a young handsome blond Carlisle, a doctor immuned to blood after years of practice changed him for companionship. He didn't blame the doctor but he struggles with the killings and the soul thing. When I said struggles, it wasn't very well written. The struggle was feeble. The entire soul argument didn't make sense. A vampire who believes in soul? Was he religious? Did Edward believe in the existence of a higher power? Because I didn't get that impression.

The rest of the book deals with Bella catching the deadly interest of another vampire named James who wanted to bite her and how Edward and gang raced to save her. And also her friendship with a young Jacob Black who himself shall have a big role in the next book.

In between we have many many passages of Bella and Edward, quiet moments where they talk about each other, increasingly becoming more passionate in words but not in actions because he can't kiss her too passionately for fear of accidental biting. So the book is pretty chaste, no sex, not even French kiss.

What it does have is an overdose of repetetive description. By the 2nd chapter and thereafter every other paragraph, I know Edward is mindbloggingly awesomely mega super duper greek god hard chest, full lips, great hair total gorgeousness. Every vampire she met has the same awesome beauty and grace. Edward smells great too, talks sweet, walks gracefully and is basically just like the most ideal royal prince ever, except he is a bloodsucker who will not age and will not die. Tragic eh? And by the 2nd chapter I also know Bella is accident prone. She just tumbles, stumbles and falls like a total klutz. Except that if someone can be as clumsy as her, her eyesight must have some problem OR she must have some balance problem because no one can be THAT clumsy. She is also quite anti-social in my opinion since she hates parties, gatherings, proms, birthdays, etc. Why Edward loves her is because she is intriguing, he can't read her like an open book and because her blood is irresistable to him as much as her companionship. She is supposed to be plain or so she thinks. The problem with all these is the repetition. Bella always hyperventilate when she kisses Edward. I know he is a supreme gorgeousness but to repeat everytime she hyperventilates is really a chore to read. To repeatedly read how gorgeous he is is also quite a chore. It's like at the end of that chapter I could have sworn she repeats herself every other paragraph. I kinda felt frustrated by the lack of good description. Not much is said about appearances except for the very basic. However there are some strange descriptions like Edward's chest is granite hard and cold and yet the same paragraph, Bella says as she lies on his chest that his chest is soft. The way he picked her up is as if she is a child. All those bed talks, literally are about how I feel, how you feel, how we feel. It is quite obvious a woman wrote this book because to me women authors place more emphasis on feelings when it comes to love story. The entire book is more about feelings and each discovering each other's feelings.

It doesn't mean it is a badly written book. But to say it rivals JK Rowling's expressive and expansive words is ridiculous. Stephenie Meyers' way of describing feelings is question upon questions and then to end it all with I will die for you, I rather die than live, I love you. Pretty standard and unimaginative and cringe worthy words as well as unromantic.

The better passages were mostly the action parts, how Bella confronted the sadistic James and escaped, barely. Now sadistic is the word used, often we also read how Edward said he could read the minds of those 4 men following Bella at some dark alley and he could read what they wanted to do, enough for him to want to hunt and kill them. And James torturing Bella. Exciting stuff but in the end inadequately written mainly probably because the author could not bring herself to describe them? In that part Anne Rice was more poetic and forthright and I see familiar elements between these 2 authors, especially in the 2nd book where she was describing the ancient vampires, which reminded me of the ancient ones in Interview With The Vampire. But I do enjoyed these passages and especially those that concentrates on Edward, the more fascinating character than every other in the book.

I don't get the friendship between Jacob and Bella and I feel it was too sudden. This book makes assumptions; Bella just like Jacob. Edward just falls for her. No rhyme, no reason. But I have a theory about Edward and Bella. Bella sees Edward as total perfection and I suppose a vampire has this mesmerizing aura that makes people see perfection, beauty, etc when in actual fact maybe they aren't? I mean how then to explain all vampires are gorgeous. So when Bella becomes one she too is total perfection.

The one scene that was off putting is the scene where the Cullens decided to play baseball in the thunderstorm and Bella was there to watch and then they knew 3 dangerous vampires were in the vicinity and Bella was in danger. The entire baseball scene was supposed to be family gathering, fun time but I just don't feel the closeness between the Cullens. Even the baseball scene felt forced; I couldn't read even between the lines the affection between the Cullens or even Cullens and Bella except for example they just like her. They like her for the sake of liking her and that to me is not very well written.

In the end, I feel this book feels more like some teen vampire story than a proper adult mainstream book that the cover suggests. It feels and it is a first time published story, not as terrible as The Rule Of Four but not in the same breath, or even in the same parametre as Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone. What this book lacks is desriptive moments that plays out a scene, more choices and varied words other than I love yous and a better storyline. Bella seems to have a boring life. If Edward wasn't a vampire, his life would be totally boring too. They go to school, come back from school, sometimes chased by vampires but other than that the entire story is set in a rainy bleak foggy boring non happening town. The movie will suffer from the colour wouldn't it? Always bleak and bland. No one in this town seems to know how to use an umbrella since they always walk in the rain. No one has died of pneumonia yet and no one questioned how a 30 year old doctor could have a 17 year old adopted son.

And the best (or worst) of all? When Bella was told by Jacob about the legend that the Cullens were vampires, she believed it. No questions asked. She just believed it. Gullible? And when she asked Edward, not like are you a vampire but you know beating around the bush, he didn't deny and just launched into his vampire-hood. She wasn't shocked that mythical being is real. She didn't ask the all important question how he became one but rather why he hated her so. Only later she asked how he become one and the details are vague at best.

Put it this way; this book would probably make a better movie than it is as a book. The plot is there, it is pretty intriguing and Robert Pattison may not look awesomely gorgeous but he does have awesomely gorgeous hair with a very animalistic look to his face as in raw and passionate. The actress as Bella whose name I forgotten is pretty but not over awesomely gorgeous but both looked rather dead serious. Which made me realise what this book seriously lacks; humour, wit and more importantly, playful banter between these 2 main characters. They do banter, but in cringe worthy way. He teased her, she teased him but not in the way that is well written.

Overall I enjoyed the book but I am surprised at the accolades given to what I feel is a mediocre book. But then if a crap like The Rule Of Four can garner favourable reviews, anything is possible.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Justice for Baby P

Remember this news? The father was convicted of murder. I thought it was the same case with Baby P but the baby there was a girl, Baby P was a boy. In Baby P's case, no one was convicted of murder because the jury couldn't decide who actually delivered the deadly blow to the poor boy. There were 3 defendants and my take is all 3 should have been convicted of murder. There is no justice since the max they get is 14 years and you know England, deduct holidays and so called good behaviour, these people would be out to procreate and torture more babies to death. I commented on this case here and today I read this article and kinda reminded me of that father who snapped the girl's back to two, thus killing her. As I read how much Baby P suffered at the hands of a man he called Dad I felt sick that not only these monsters will get out in 14 years max, no one at the children’s welfare services in Haringey got sacked. Not one was deemed responsible. Is it a case of too many people involved so at last nobody is? How could they live when they knew they failed Baby P so terribly? How can they go on to say "I protect children, I have their welfare at heart" when they're either so naive, stupid or simply didn't care? Sack them all as I have said in my post. Why sack them all? 60 visits, repeated abuse, obvious signs and no one knew, stupidly. And guess what? Even the father should be arrested for gross negligence because he had the baby for one day and he too didn't detect the boy was crying in pain. Were the bruises healed then? Was it so difficult to see? Why are those who do not deserve a child could breed so easily and yet those who could love a child couldn't? Will any of these evil monsters ever get neutered? Yeah neutered. They can't have children, ever. I know it is difficult, but you must read what this poor boy went through in a matter of months ...

The little boy was seen SIXTY times by health or social workers during the eight months in which he was brutally abused.

The tot had more than FIFTY injuries or bruises.

When he was seen by a doctor two days before he died, he had a broken back, eight fractured ribs and was paralysed from the waist down.

Yet NO ONE realised the danger he was in. And NO ONE saved him.

He was on the child protection register of Haringey Council in North London - the same authority that failed to help doomed eight-year-old Victoria Climbie in the case that shocked the nation in 2000.

Tiny Baby P — hollow-cheeked and with his curly hair shaved off — died in his blood-spattered cot hours after he was punched so hard in the mouth he swallowed a bottom tooth.

Baby P’s back was broken by being forced over a bent knee or banister, the court heard.

His ears were torn where he had been lifted off the ground and fingernails, fingertips and a toenail were missing. He had lesions on his scalp — and his lips were ripped.

The stepdad also “trained” Baby P to sit on the floor with his head between his legs for half an hour until he clicked his fingers. Police images of the tot’s injuries and stained clothes were shown to jurors.

Prosecuting QC Sally O’Neill told how a family friend revealed the depth of the abuse as the child was used like a punchbag.

She said the stepdad would “pick him up by his throat, punch him and spin him around on the computer chair until he fell off”.

Time after time, social workers noticed marks on the boy’s skin. But they fell for a pack of lies they were told by the mum. She claimed Baby P was a “head-banger” who kept bumping into hard objects.

They did not see through her even though she smeared CHOCOLATE over his injuries to conceal them.

The blunders continued even after the mother was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Baby P. The child was handed to a friend. But social workers soon returned him to his mum. He died the day after she was told she would face NO charges.


What do one have to do to get arrested in England for child abuse? In America a simple slap would suffice and that is ridiculous. In England they even pay a suspected abuser money to keep the baby she is suspected of abusing!! What is this Haringey welfare dept doing? I feel sick. Whenever I see the computer generated pictures of Baby P and also the blood stained clothes and read about the injuries, I wonder, where have humanity gone? I feel so appalled by what happened. Where is personal responsibility? It seems it doesn't worth anything. Anyone will deny responsiblity just to keep his/her job. Anyone will just ignore what is blatantly their major involvement simply to comfort themselves that "Hey, not me! It's them!". Sickening. Gross negligence. I feel sickened also 14 years for what these real perpertrators did to the baby. 14 years for snuffing out a life, even if a life that has just started.

And worse of all?

14 years for the brutality, the abuse, the "joy, fun and great time" for punching, kicking, throwing, dangling, cutting, stabbing, pinching, stomping, bending the back, shaking, spinning, slapping, starving, suffocating, pushing, tearing, pulling, scolding, freezing, heating, hitting and ultimately unloving a poor defenseless innocent, living, breathing and smiling little boy who called the very man who did all these to him dad.

And no accountability to those who simply did nothing to prevent all of the above.

I suppose the life of a baby is nothing to shout about. After all there are so many babies born every day, right? Funny, how some would cry murder for aborting an unborn, unformed and unknown featus and yet so little thought is given to an born, formed and named human being. It is time we all should get our priorities straight. 14 years for every abuse inflicted on the child and the sacking of those who were supposed to protect him but failed would be the most comforting action right now, and a complete revamp of the system. Hire people who cares and stop harassing parents who slap their children because the children were naughty and spend more effort in detecting real abuse cases such as this one. I am sure all these people must sleep soundly at night because none of them have a heart. In fact a heart would be wasted on them. Take them out and given the heart to those who deserves the heart.

I am confused..

English experts out there. When did CHEAT became CHEATER? "He is a cheat" but now everyone is writing "He is a cheater". What about Bridget Jones' Diary. When did Bridget Jones' Diary became Bridget Jones's Diary. I always thought you know Indiana Jones' hat is like that but everyone is now writing Indiana Jones's hat. What is going on? Is English evolving that I am not aware of?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sawed in half trick - totally awesome

Sawed in half trick at the America's Got Talent segment which is amazing I tell you. Fast and quite funny, I had a shocked at the sawing part. The last scene was deleted in the official broadcast because that is a dead giveaway. Watch first and I tell you my theory how it is done...

I think that black man is a man born without legs, meaning he is normal bodied but without a torso and legs. The legs part is fake but controlled electronically hence the illusion. Agree? Some argued he is a contortionist but it doesn't explain how fast the legs could stretch in and out. Others argued there were 2 black guys. One half concurs with my theory.

Since there's a ton of discussion about this, let me clear up the trick for you. The top half of the man is actually an amputee. Amputating someone at the waist/hips is a last-resort medical procedure, and is only done in severe cases of genetic disorders and terrible accidents. The initial "doctor" is this amputee on top of another man whose upper body is inside the table. The man in the table walks offstage, leaving the amputee onstage. The "legs" brought out by the nurse are fake. Then both amputee and fake legs are rolled offstage. The doctor that comes out is a completely different man who is just twisted to look like two seperate entities. I hope this clears up some confusion.

Still awesomely shocking though. Now I know how these are done!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When even those paid to care doesn't care ...

Even the papers are calling for blood! Read more here. By the way that picture without a face is spooky. I agree, sack them all!! I signed the petition which you can click in the link above.

I feel very distressed after reading this terrible terrible news. How can anyone be so evil? How can everyone else be so blind? All the people in the system failed this poor Baby P, his dad included. I am just speechless no one else is accountable. All these social workers clearly do not care about the people, they just care about themselves. Well, it's not their child right? Disgusting.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New review

Added my review of Quantum Of Solace in Movies. In short, and briefly, I thought the movie was bloody awful

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why CNN, Why?

I was watching CNN's coverage on the election last night and one dude pointed out from a map of USA that Southern states did not vote for Obama, and the word RACIST? flashed on the screen. They were saying did they not vote for him because he is black? I almost choked on my rice. So this is it isn't it? Anyone who did not vote for Obama is a racist, is it? What about those who didn't vote for McCain? Aren't they racist as well? I was wondering why belittle Obama's success and attach it to the race card? Some states are predominantly Republican, so naturally they will vote for a Republican candidate, white, black, orange, yellow or green. I hate the way CNN reported the election results and in the end I kept wondering those who voted for Obama and expecting change,what sort of change they are expecting? More rights to the minority and lesser to the majority? A hamorny between races? I hope for the latter. I hate to see the race card being thrown at every corner, when Obama didn't actually do that, even if he sided more to his Black side than his White side when he is whiter than white in my opinion. White, black, whatever doesn't matter. It is his ability to lead and inspire that matters. Joke is I believe he won't be able to achieve much change in 4 years or even 8 years time.

Shocking news

The fact that Obama is now the 44th President of USA and that our PM said that means even minorities can be leaders (well not in Malaysia but apparently the memo never reached our PM) is not as shocking as this news. Michael Crichton, author of various books made into huge movie hits like Jurassic Park and also creator of ER DIED at the age of 66. How he died I haven't found out yet. So so so shocking!! I thought his best book was Prey which I hope to see made into a movie soon but curiously never was. Anyway SHOCKING!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barrack Obama the projected winner

Well google news says so and indeed thus far he is like 300 plus votes to McCain's 100 plus votes so basically America will have its first MIXED president. I refuse to call him black. He is half white, half black, some Asian I believe and so why must the Blacks take credit 100%? He personifies the new kind of race as in mixed. So there it is, America will have its first MIXED president. Be proud you all white/black/Asians folks. KKK must be choking on their cabbage soups on this fact, that a half white is now a president. They just can't take the fact that he is also half blacks whilst the blacks can't be bothered to admit he is effectively half white.

Anyway Mr Projected President Barrack Obama, WHERE IS THE CHANGE? Oh yeah, recall all trops from Iraq and redeploy to Afghanistan? Now where is the change again? Anyway if he wins I am just glad Palin has no chance in hell near the oval office. I can't imagine a woman who treats the race as a beauty pageant contest and cites proximity with a foreign country as experience in foreign policy ever becoming the Chief Commander, ever. Why can't the oppositions just come out and say she is just stupid? Hillary Clinton has every right to be furious, if she is. I predict she will be the Secretary of State. Which means America is ready for its 1st MIXED president (black or otherwise) BUT hell to a woman becoming president!!

Shaun Chen & Michelle Chia getting married!

I think the title says it all. Thanks to Pearl for the scan. Nice picture I must say!!

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You will see the same post in The Shaun Chen Board. Ermmmm it seems I am the last to know about this news! But between this wedding and the other higher profile one, I suppose we shall have 2 very beautiful brides and 2 very lucky Malaysian men!