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Friday, February 27, 2009

Cecilia Cheung post Edison-gate

Thanks to Bridget for the notice. Below is the frank interview of Cecilia Cheung post Edison-gate. Good that she has let that thing pass. Anyway so she was stupid, foolish and drugged out but good thing she found Nic Tse. And she became more mature and I must say she looked prettier. Gained some weight. Interestingly she called Edison Mr Chan. Very formal though but still very honest. Still not very articulate and yes, she was dumb but now, at least with such a bad thing going on, either she throws herself out of the window or she become stronger. After this nothing will faze her. I still think she was a hypocrite though but then she was always a bad girl back then rather than that Gillian Chung. Now that is a major hypocrite. Still is Edison Chan's fault though. He did say it was for private viewing also. Like I said before, his fault lies in the awful tasteless, vulgar pictures and one word to Cecilia though; not every normal human being would take such pictures. No need to comfort oneself that way and just admit, like she repeatedly did, that she was plain stupid. Like she said, she is no victim. Good for her to admit that much. Check out part 2 where she attacked Edison. I agree with her. In a way she called him a hypocrite for being falsely apologetic but actually wasn't. She had had it with him saying "hope that the victims can go on with their lives" when she felt he never did feel that way. Even called him a false Christian!! A note to Cecilia though. He didn't really forced her to take the pictures and she wasn't some young girl. But I think her anger stems from the fact that he did nothing to apologise to each of them personally for perhaps keeping the pictures? Maybe he promised he would destroy them but he didn't? Great interview.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

See this to believe the wonder of nature

I came across THIS ARTICLE about a deep sea fish with transparent head. This is like the coolest fish ever and evolution has been interesting. I wonder if a group of humans move into a cave and never come out, would 1 million years later their descendants would develop transparent heads or something to cope with the darkness? Would that be possible? Deep sea fish has always been fascinating for me even if not much focus in documentaries. Check out the video below to see it swim for real, that this is not photoshop!

New review

Added a new review by Joanne Lee on the series Gem Of Life in TVB reviews.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shocking cruel execution

Did you read about the news where a 11 year old boy shot dead his father's new girlfriend who was 8 months pregnant whilst she was sleeping because he was jealous? He even threw away the gun and went to school after that! Well the lawyer denies it but if you were the father how do you explain to the 2 girls whom the woman is a mother to and how do you explain to your unborn and now very dead child? I think the police were right and he is now charged as adult. This kid is deranged and dangerous. It happened before in Malaysia, only it was can't remember the age but a young boy who took a bus to stab dead his tuition teacher's young daughter for taunting him about his weight. Last I read he is still in jail. Wonder what happened to him now? I do know he became mentally unstable since he was in jail since yeah, 13 I think and now 16 or 17 and he wanted to be a lawyer which is of course mission impossible. Jail can do that to a young mind so the best advice is do not do crime. How would you respond to such a son? The one who shot dead your girlfriend or boyfriend for example? What about a daughter who helped dispose off your beloved granddaughter's body, chopped into pieces? Do you forgive the poor excuse of a human being? You know who I am talking about, the one who got away with a mother's worst act. For me, in the latter I can't forgive. In the former I can't either. I suppose I am an unforgiving person.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am annoyed

Saw an article in The Star today about the ASTRO WLT awards show shown recently which I did watched by the way. Linda Chung was lovely but she can't sing a decent note. Moses Chan looked surprisingly handsome even if his suit is quite not normal and Raymond Lam as always charming and handsome. Bosco looked friendly and cute whilst Ron Ng looked well, he didn't look like he enjoyed the show at all as sometimes when the camera pan to his face when he didn't notice it, he was making annoyed or bored faces, can't decide which. ASTRO's boasts of presenters are all local presenters, none of whom the stars are familiar with and some I am not familiar and not bothered with. Star power still seriously lacking but good for Jessica Hsuan to turn up and just watch the show you know. Tavia was there if I remembered correctly and she looked every inch the star and was really pretty. Even Hui Siu Hung (correct me if I got his name wrong) was there and seemed genuinely surprised when he won an award. And yes, Lee Sze Kei was there and I suspect we will see her there for at least the next 2 years when Moonlight Resonance and Gem Of Life get to win. She may even be the winner of most favourite actress 3 years in a row! Who knows eh?

Anyway let's not talk about fashion. Shirley Yeung was there, she gave a good speech even if she annoys me. Myolie looks like a trendsetter and the show kept teasing about her relationship with Bosco which is getting rather stale already. Either they marry or break up if not their non-happening happening relationship is not helping the show.

Overall the show was predictable but in good fun even if it is like every other TVB shows in recent history; half hearted and at times looks disorganized. The hosts weren't helping matters when the only joke Nathan Chan or the other girls could muster was to make fun of one of the host's size. I myself thought Chui Ling should be the butt of the joke by being rather "dry" looking. I thought the so called fat host was actually the one that actually looked pretty and was rather good. In fact I thought she was cute and animated and the way Moses pretended to kiss her was quite funny.

Now Myolie. I was annoyed with what she apparently said during the show which I didn't see. She won the award for I suppose you can translate as the joker character in a series as Fei Tin where you know, she was fat and wearing a swimsuit and in the papers reported that she said that scene where she was in bathing suit should not be shown anymore just in case it scares off some children. I am sure she made that in jest because a pretty sensible intelligent girl like her can't be that breathtakingly shallow can she? But I do remember filming that scene she was shy and upset to have done so in front of so many people and papparazzi and she seems rather shy when it comes to that scene. I used to think perhaps it was because she was in a bathing suit. I guess I am wrong.

I am a fan of Myolie but I am getting very annoyed at her hypocrisy. Yes I shall say hypocrisy. There she was shy and upset over that scene and yet if my memory did not fail me, as a Miss HK participant her swimsuit would have been more revealing and my sis said in HK she saw her slimming ad in the MRT/LRT/trains and it was so sexy she decided not to take a picture of it. I can tell you why she was upset. Like that lady host who was the butt of Nathan Chan and every thin hosts, it was because she was fat. Joke is she wasn't really fat but plump and she looked rather cute in fact. Why is it that fat people get to be the butt of the joke? What about dried up corpse? No one seem to make a joke out of flat chested, no bum and dried burn up over suntanned women but fat people, there it goes, butt of the joke. I am beginning to feel less for Myolie. In fact I thought her recent performances were bland and she stopped improving for some time and giving the usual hyper boring over emotional performances of equally bland characters. And I didn't even enjoyed watching that Fei Tin series!

Now before there goes another fat joke or I am embarassed by the fat girl scene, let us not forget it was HK that produced the most talented and hardworking actress/host/singer/celebrity that was the great Lydia Shum who was never thin until the last few months of her life due to sickness. That quality of host/celebrity will never be seen again in HK, that dedication and all around talent is a rarity in today's world where in HK and even other entertainment industry, being image concious means not being fat. You can have a face full of pimples, not one ounce of fat on your body, overtanned, anaeroxic or even darn stupid, you just can't be fat.

FYI, that fat host I was talking about, she has great skin and she looks way younger than the other 2 counterpart. No one seems to compliment her that. I do pity her and the Malaysian audience when fat jokes seems to be funny enough material for the show. It shows either the lack of good skills of the hosts or good writers. Perhaps Onn Tak Jun could make a better and classier host and of all hosts, Nathan Chan had to be the repeat host and was even complimented when I thought he was a joke though not the joke, a pity. I never thought he was any good except for that jibe at Alan Tam which was genuinely funny. Can we have a decent host next year and presenters that are not ASTRO programme hosts?

By the way I think Lok as in Virginia Lok was there. If that is who I think she is, she looks pretty even if underdressed. Oh yeah, Charmaine wasn't there. I am sure her fans who travelled all the way to Genting must have been disappointed. It is time those who won't win must also show up so as to give the show a mysterious aura so to speak. Look at the Oscars. Like it is a privilege just to watch the show there in the audience.

Best bits from Oscars 2009

I sat through the entire Oscars 2009 and thought Sean Penn was very gracious in his speech as well as the best speech came from the man from the documentary Man On The Wire. The great things like Asians like Indians is that they walk in themselves and then they walk out themselves. AR Rahman just said what he said and just left. Cool! The best bit is not the opening by Hugh Jackman. Billy Crystal did it better. But the best song segment was the best, especially the duet between AR Rahman's Jai Ho mixed with John Legend singing Wall-E's songs. The best! Watch it below, just skip to around 4 min mark.

The worst had to be the oversentimental ass kissing from previous winner to nominee, a bit too much. Hugh Jackman was a competent host but not memorable. He doesn't seem to really host and is not intergral part of the show. Will Farrell would be my choice to host Oscars. Jack Black was funny and so were some others like Ben Stiller and Will Smith. Daniel Craig was the worst presenter and they have less presenters this year. But surprisingly Steve Martin and Tina Fey were the funniest! The best bits follows after this:-

A decent show but still bland.

Amazing effect

THIS is AMAZING! A must see!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars 2009 big let down

I will be watching Oscars 2009 tonight but I already got news of the winners. I was hoping Mickey Rourke will win Best Actor, not because I am his fan but I feel this is one underdog nominee that I never would have thought is still alive. He is alive and even getting many praises for his performance in The Wrestler which is shocking actually. So I wanted him to win, he will give some good profanity laden speeches! But Sean Penn won, who is expected to win and who is a very good actor but not a very good speech giver or even an underdog. What a pity. Oscar wants high ratings, if that is what they want then perhaps letting him win would have made the day. Sean Penn's win just seems so bland. And it seems Hugh Jackman did a wonderful job hosting the show. I was thinking Will Farrell would have done better. If Oscars is serious about revamping the image, going back to musicals isn't the way. Getting a damn good host would be and Will Farrell is my man!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Love the husband must love the wife?

Just some thoughts of mine. I am a big fan of Damian Lewis who is by the way married to Helen McCrory, a very distinguised theatre actress but yes, a nobody on TV unless you watch British TV where she appears in some series. She has been in some big Hollywood productions but always the one by the side that you wouldn't quite notice unless you know who she is but her probably 2 biggest roles would be as Narcissa in Harry Potter and her biggest thus far, as Cherie Blair in The Queen. I didn't even know her nor notice her until I read she is Damian Lewis' wife. She is also touted as the best theatre actress who is sultry, sexy and sensual without having the traditional looks of someone drop dead gorgeous. And she recently guest starred in Life as a sultry sexy investigator.

Now from what I could see from that episode, I noticed she was haggard. She looks older than her age but for all that, she looked good with the hair, the dress, the red lipstick, etc. I could definitely see why he fell for her enough to want to end his swinging bachelorhood and obviously we all know why she fell for him and ended her singlehood.

I said haggard in a Damian Lewis discussion group and what I got back was we should be supportive of the spouses of our favourite stars and not bite our female friends of the world.

My reply which I didn't send was why must I? I said the word in earnest, if you know her age you too will say she looks haggard which was not disparaging or uttered because I hated her being his wife. It was an observation made in total honesty. So I wonder, if I love the husband, must I love the wife too? In that should I also love the children and relatives as well? Can't I love the husband and dislike the wife for perfectly resonable reason? Why must I go oooooh and ahhhhh over the wife simply because I love the husband?

I haven't even touched on her acting. Look, she is a nobody in Hollywood. That much you must agree. And to give her credit, she doesn't care. She loves theatre and haven't seen her in one but reading glowing reviews, she must have been nothing short of great. But on TV, having an actress used to theatre way of acting could be less complimentary because (and this is from my observation from her performance in Life) she tends to be overly dramatic. Her expressions is way too much because in theatre she is so far so she has to be animated but TV is so close so there is an art to just show enough without too little or too much. It takes time and a good actress could always adjust. I thought the show was too intent on showing her sensual side, camera slowly showing from her legs to her face. Having 2 children she still looks petite and slim and I noticed a small waist too so apart from haggard, her body was in great condition. But sexy may be a bit too much of a stretch. Maybe because I am a woman, I don't see that but I do admit she can be sultry in a very dark dangerous way. But her acting was to me a bit OTT. Her hands taking the briefcase was too deliberate, her swaying of her hips to self concious. I just thought for a very distinguished actress, she fell short of my expectation of nothing less than phenomenal. And I believe if I were to post all these I will be kicked out from the group even if the group is not about her.


Well love the husband, you must love the wife. Silly isn't it? It's like Wayne Lai suddenly marries Shirley Yeung, I could effectively be shut from commenting how bad Shirley Yeung's acting is because love Wayne Lai, love Shirley Yeung. And again I wonder why should I? I love Damian Lewis as I am familiar with his work and has come to a conclusion that he is one of the finest actors around who still seems concious of the camera before him (every show, every movie, notice how sometimes he does seem to stare at the camera fleetingly) but I admit, I am not familiar with Helen McCrory, except for some interviews, some movies and a whole lot of articles. Not having seen her in theatre I observe her through the most popular mediums, cinemas and TVs and even then she has limited performances. In The Queen, I really didn't notice her although I thought her Cherie Blair was a bit of an airhead opposite to good boy scout-ish Tony Blair. Not a criticism though. But even then I thought she was quite OTT and having been told she is a famous theatre actress, I understood why. I do like her in interviews, honest, animated and very eloquent. I thought she is well matched with Damian Lewis who is one those stars who married right rather than married models so to speak. So he has good taste in women.

But must I love her too since I am not feeling it right now?

Monday, February 16, 2009

How to recognise a stroke

I never quite get the differences between a stroke and a heart attack. Stroke is blood clot? Heart attack is heart stop? Anyway what I do know is every day somebody out there is having a stroke of some kind and today I received a very informative email that I would like to share with you:-

The email says if a doctor can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours of a stroke, he can totally reverse the effect. Question is can you recognise a stroke? The first 3 symptoms are STR with now an additional 4th sympton. Do read on.

S *Ask the individual to SMILE.

T *Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently)
(i.e. It is sunny out today.)

R *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

New Sign of a Stroke -------- Stick out Your Tongue

NOTE: Another 'sign' of a stroke is this: Ask the person to 'stick' out his tongue.. If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke.

The lady in that youtube video rolling on the floor when she missed her flight at the HK airport? That is NOT her having a stroke. That is a tantrum. It could be mistaken for a DQS aka Drama Queen Symdrome.

So now you know. The thing is how would you know when to suspect a stroke enough to you know, suspect a stroke and ask all these questions? Is it every person who suddenly seems unbalanced may be having a stroke and you go ask all these questions?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maybe the world is not coming to an end but it is crazy ...

Remember THIS STORY? Well an explosive follow up HERE will surely delight the optimist and further depress the pessimist. You see, 2 other teenaged boys, 14 and 16 respectively (and looking older than their age) just came out and said they may be the father of the baby girl! That the 15 year old mother is plainly a slut who sleeps around and that maybe, just maybe young Alfie, the 13 year old looking and sounding like an 8 year old pubescent boy was a scapegoat since nobody seems convinced he can actually make a girl conceive. Can someone like him produce sperm? I do know 12 year old boys can produce sperm right? Unless he must first hit puberty which he hasn't since his voice hasn't broken yet? I am so confused. Anywayyyyy... this is the 1st time in the history of mankind that young teenaged boys woudl voluntarily come out and admit fathering a child by an equally young girl! In fact they're fighting and they will do DNA tests! So ermmm, does this mean the 16 year old may be charged with statutory rape since this is like a confession already?

Do read the article and you will understand why I ask this question;

she said she lost her virginity to babyfaced Alfie, she loves him, he loves her... if you can stomach the idea that he can understand love as in husband and wife love when at 13, he doesn't understand what is supporting a child FINANCIALLY. How dumb can a 13 year old be? Anywayyyy.. my question is can you ever be physically attracted to a boy looking like a young child? I mean look at the girl, she looks at least 17 even if she's 15 so she looks mature for her age even if her brain may be wired wrongly. Can't help it; may be genetics you see. And yet she claims she loves and is physically attracted to and is physically drawn to this 13 who was then 12 year old boy (she was then 14 then) who even at 13 looks like an 8 year old and even has the height and mentality of that age! So doesn't this mean that

a. this is TRUE LOVE - NOT!

b. she likes younger... boys - maybe not since she is young but she likes young looking boys?

c. potential child abuser perhaps? I mean look at it this way. She slept with this 8 year old looking boy, if the reports were true and she did have sexual experiences, did she instruct the boy like how Mrs Robinson did in The Graduate? Did she do something to arouse him? Let me be crude with my language; did she seduce him to the point he is physically able to get in her, strut his stuff and assuming release his ermm.. millions of potential half of the chromosomes into her womb? I mean come on! How can she even kiss him? Doesn't this make her a possibly young potential sexual predator the media talks about? Like how can teachers in their 30s feel sexually attracted to 12 year olds? Granted the 12 year olds looked like 18 year olds in some cases but those odd cases?

I am just shooting from my mouth here because I just can't understand. If a 16 year old has sex with a 13 year old girl who looks like an 8 year old, doesn't that ring any alarm bells?

These kids, whether the daughter is this boy's child or not definitely needs therapy. And the way the parents are handling the matter by instead of seeking counselling or reprimanding them or doing something any responsible parents should do like not going to the media and shopping for a lucrative deal, I think these children and the baby girl are screwed beyond help.

In the old days, such a scandalous birth, parents would adopt the girl as their own child and quietly raise the child as their own. Now? Reality shows, talk shows and magazine deals will guarantee greed taking over sense and this will probably destroy the children's life but then I suppose with parents like these, young Alfie and the likes will get some practice to screw their own child over in future. After all, children learns from adults and with adults acting like idiots, how else can we expect the children to act like?

Child having a child? Idiots breeding idiots. Hopefully the young girl will grow up to break the cycle but most probably, she will grow up parentless and get pregnant at 15.

I wonder what is the young mother thinking? Was that one night of sex (I don't even think there was passion and if she enjoyed it, see point c above) worth the trouble in the end?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Malaysians and fellow netizens, this is the prime example of how to screw youself over even before you begin to have a life. Hopefully this will put off young children up until the age of 18 off sex for the time being. Yes, sex is great but there is a reason why the law even favours sex as legal amongst adults (16 and above) because with sex comes responsibility. The only reason why God made your that part that matters when it comes to sex the way it is is because to make you feel pleasured enough to want to repeat it so often as to hit the jackpot and no I am not talking about orgasm but I am talking about babies! And babies requires money! In Asia, parents will take up the children's dirty linens and wash for them even if it means they already have 10 basketful of linens to wash with one pair of hands. Westerner? Not only will they not wash the dirty linens, they will just hang it out for all to see!! For heaven's sake, I am a firm believer that parents should be parents and not be best friends with their children. Until they're 14, whatever your children expresses is an opinion you should just listen, take note off and ignore because if children could and should decide for themselves important stuff, complaining you're too controlling and not living within a set of reasonable rules meant well, then they're old enough to move out and find a job and earn their own living. Until then, children are children and parents should be parents who behave like parents and not compete with their children in being an idiot. Children have the added benefit of youth on their side to fumble as time is a good way for them to try to learn from their mistakes but parents? You leg in one in the grave already so you have no time to make amends.

I can't believe I was so crude in my comments above but I have said it.


The mother of all tantrums

I was reading The Star today and came across a small note about a hit youtube video entitled "A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA" and I went in search of it and watched it. From the looks of it, it isn't what it appears to be. The way the woman went when she missed her flight, you would think she left her infant child on board unsupervised and the plane was flying off! Just a huge big time drama queen. Happy ending though. She got on another flight a few hours later. One wonders why was she late in the first place if she was really that desperate to get on that flight? Silly woman. But then the idea of having paid so much money for the ticket (assuming I am going somewhere far away) and having missed the flight by seconds, I might actually roll on the floor, punch my fists into the marble floor and cry.

Friday, February 13, 2009



The world is coming to an end

Guess the relationship between these 3 and then click the link below for the answer and then you will understand why the title above.

The answer here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Please read this post, especially if you're well versed in Taiwanese or Chinese folk/modern songs dedicated to mothers. I have been looking high and low and all I could find are 3 songs directly on point:-

1. Jay Chou - Listen to mother
2 Mother's kiss
3. Beyond's famous song

None of the above is what I am looking for. Can you help me? Can you recommend me what good traditional folksy songs about mothers that are upbeat, meaningful and in either Mandarin/Cantonese?

I am desperate here! Help!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TVB's truly excellent title

There comes a time, rarely that there is a title that you just love for no reason whatsoever. The title may be ordinary, simplistic and even meaningless in the scheme of things but somehow, like true love, you just fall head over heels, no rhyme nor reason.

I am absolutely and unequivocally in love with the title, ULTIMATE CRIME FIGHTER which I am watching right now over at ASTRO. Even the Chinese title sounds great, and translated into the English title which I just mentioned. There are just so many ways to say the title, from the whispering ultimate crime fighter to the theatrical ULTIMATE Crime Fighter to the accented Ultimate Crimeeee Fighterrrrrr to the WWF like UL-TI-MATEEEEE CRRRRRRR-IMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE FIGHHHHHHHTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love this title even if looking at the content of the series, the title makes no sense because well there aren't any ultimate crime fighters in there! But still... such a simple title, so many varied ways to express oneself. My favourite amongst all the ways?

Ah-tee-mate Kime Fai-ter.

Does remind me of Fighting Nemo... I mean Finding Nemo!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I hate Facebook

Oh yes I do. I haven't been logging into Facebook for a very long time and everytime I did I see a list of updates, all of which I consider as Spam. When I first joined I was very excited, keeping contact with my fellow netizens, all 5 of them and also there's the whole group discussion thing, which is better than my not so regularly commented blog right here. But after a while, I just hated the whole layout thing. How many ways can you comment in Facebook? Thousands which means total and utter confusion. You can use the wall, mail, group, whatever and I just feel there is no consistency. Everytime you wish to email or whatever someone, that person will have access to your whole profile which is scary. Imagining opening up your facebook to find friends you never know existed. And reading reports of how husbands killed wives who wrote "Single" in their facebook account is just scary (and wives were stupid to say the least). I logged into account and all I can see is non-communicative stuff popping up. I thought Facebook is about communication? But what I do see is invitation to join games, games asking me to come back and play and gifts sents by fellow facebookers that means to accept I have to say yes to add in new feature into my already overcrowded panel of useless features. I hate Facebook. I have now decided if I want to communicate with my fellow netizens, I shall

1. write in my blog. So no one comments, I don't care. It is easier to keep track

2. email even if it involves 2 individuals only

3. use some group chat thing like messenger or google or go back to Habbo, although it won't work since we live in different time zones

4. just meet at a proper discussion group like SPCNET forums or something or I just head to Facebook group discussion but everytime I go there it means I have to go through tons of garbage before reaching that group so again won't work

5. I use twitter which you can comment. Reality is no one is that desperate to communicate with me, because if you are, you can always email me.

And Facebook is about large scale communication so frankly methods 1-2 is not suitable, 3 is ok but bad time zones, 4 is maybe but I am never at asianfanatics and not many at spcnet which also involves other netizens and is not some exclusive club and 5... is not possible.

Or quite simply I will stay lonely, alone and ermm... lonesome. It is a far better prospect than seeing spam even in Facebook!

Deadly phobia

This is one shocking news. I never knew anyone would be so scared of dentists that they would starve themselves to death because they refused to open their mouth due to traumatised encounter with dentists! And only 8 years old! But most shocking is where got any parents just phone doctors to visit or blame psychologists for not visiting when they knew their child had not been eating at all for 2 weeks and NOT bring her personally to a hospital and demand for treatment? I noticed in Britain there are still doctors who do house visits. Most important of all I have often read of parents of dead children blaming doctors (well there are lazy uncaring doctors around) for not visiting and just giving instructions over the phone when their child was having high fever and there I was thinking if the fever was THAT high, how come that parent never called the ambulance earlier, or carry the child and run to a hospital as soon as possible, as any parents in Malaysia would do? Why ah?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Voice of angels

I have never been a big fan of boy choirs but I saw this one on TV today and I was very moved by the voice of an angel. The boy I googled is from Japan. This is the prestigious Vienna Boys' Choir performing recently in Korea, singing Arirang, a Korean folksong.

Arirang translated can be found here but there are like so many versions!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A movie in the making

I am a big big big fan of National Geographic's documentary on plane crashes. No I am not sadistic, it's just that I learned a lot from that show which I rarely watch these day unfortunately. I do know that ditching or landing on water (sea, river) is almost entirely 99.99999999% fatal for any plane that will be like hitting pure concrete so the plane will break into million of places. Seen it on TV and it is not good at all. So when I read about a plane successfully ditching on Hudson river, I was immediately intrigued though I did not talk about it. It is thanks to the show that I came to admire pilots and the plane crews and in some respect learn to feel disgusted with the very same group who failed the passengers. I also admire the coolness of the air traffic controllers and also hate some who simply did not care. Very few did not air. Air traffic controllers often feel as involved in such accidents as the pilots, some even felt guilty to quit for life. I ended up hating the people who make planes, to watch in disbelief just one screw could bring the whole plane down and to watch in even more disbelief that a plane consisting for millions of parts in the sea and the authorities, like CSI of the plane accidents world could actually find that one screw or wire!

So when I read this report, the calmness of the pilot, the swift work of the rescue team, the helpfullness of the air traffic controllers, and some poor roasted birds, I just feel in my gut Hollywood will turn this story, amazing story of pure bad luck, good luck, skill, co-operation and heroism into a really good disaster movie that Hollywood had not made for some time. At least National Geographic will make it into a 1 hour story.

Mark my words; this is a movie in the making.

Akinator guessed it right again!

Kidd mentioned she had difficulties in getting Akinator to guess Sammul Chan and guess what? I got Sammul Chan!! Nice picture too... this Akinator is fun. How I got Sammul Chan? Apart from he is not living with me, he is Asian, black haired, not sure if he is tall, not in cinema, partially a singer, not a comedian, is a TV actor and is from Hong Kong, not much else! Anyway this Akinator sure knows how to pick the pictures...this one looks great. Wondered where he got it?? A poster from a series perhaps?

Free Image Hosting at

Surprising news with not so surprising motive perhaps

I read with surprise that Gigi Lai is getting married this month! So I did a bit of digging and saw this article. Shocking not really because she is 38 and getting married. She looks great for her age. Shocking is because he husband to be is 51, using crutches and looks more like her father than her husband! Granted he is very rich, as emphasised by the article on how lavish the wedding will be, how generous he is to charter a plane for her disabled brother, etc, however I just can't understand why gorgeous pretty independent stars like Gigi Lai would settle for an older man (in her case not much older BUT still she looks way too youthful for him and if she plans to be a mother, he is a bit too old to be a father) on retirement and I notice most chinese stars often retire and marry rich, and most rich man are old I suppose. Isn't she a bit too you know hot for this older man? Is she settling for less as she is settling for more? You know, motivated by her need for security and for women security is... well you know what I mean. The article seems to suggest that. I am just shocked at the turn of events.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Gallen Lo reportedly getting married to a Chinese actress and I googled her and she is far prettier than his ex wife. See the differences? Of course when I saw Gallen's ex wife I have this feeling Gallen is way too hot for his dowdy wife. Never mind the fact she was with him through thick and thin, I just got this impression he regretted the marriage at a time when he wanted to remain a bachelor. But 2nd wife is far prettier you see.

So is it like this? A man marries looks as well as love whilst a woman marries money as well as love?

Fans of Gallen and Gigi need not be pissed. So I may have made an uncharacteristic attack on their spousal choices but oh come on, admit it, why on earth would a gorgeous girl like Gigi marry such an older dowdy looking man if not for financial security? And why Gallen has a hotter 2nd wife to be if not for her looks?

There are often actors marrying actors since you see them 15 to 20 hours a day, so can hardly blame you for falling for that guy or girl you act with. Often actors marrying actors are on equal footing when it comes to looks, maybe status as well but my feeling is a more famous girlfriend with a less well known boyfriend is disastrous.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009, year of TVB at last?

I was watching the TVB preview channel on ASTRO and 3 series caught my eye which I feel would mean 2009 may be a great year for TVB. One was Greatness Of A Hero, starring Kent Cheng as the good guy opposite of the bad guy Wayne Lai with Mou Chak Tin as the background story. Looks explosive with some major great acting from the veteran. 2nd was the one marking the return of 3 long time no see stars, two of whom is Chik Mei Chan who looks great by the way and oh dear I forgot the 2 others. One is Chilam's wife and I can't remember her name!! Yeah, Yuen Wing Yee!! She looks good. The guy is Gallen Lo opposite a somewhat youthful looking ...oh my god I forgot his name!!! I know him! I know him!!! I haven't seen him for a long time. I also saw Kenix in it, and she looked scarily older than Chik Mei Chan! Anyway modern series of 2 feuding brothers, looks good. And the 3rd is Qing series starring Tavia Yeung and Steven Ma, looks like a winner series. Oh yeah one series I saw got Kathy Chow. Is it me or is everybody returning to TVB these days? Don't get me wrong, I welcome their return. I am bored of just seeing those few.

Of all these 3,the one that I actually know the title to, Greatness Of A Hero is the one I am most excited with even if it also stars Sonija Kwok whom I am beginning to be annoyed less with and of course Bernice Liu. And theres's the ever happy and youthful looking Sunny Chan who is now making the rounds with secondary characters but is of course doing really well. I can't believe it; Kent Cheng and Wayne Lai. Is there any more reason to rush out and rent this series? And we have Rebecca Chan as the Empress. Great casting with some clever lines which will translate into great series I hope.

Looks like 2009 is a good year for TVB lovers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Akinator, The Web Genius

So the game may be pointless but I was quite shocked that as I was answering the questions to the Genie I was thinking about Charmaine Sheh and the genie guess Charmaine Sheh!! Of all the possibilities...he probably guessed right when I answered the character is Asian, a woman, an actor,speaks Chinese, short, beautiful, famous and is not a singer. Quite freaky but he got it wrong when I was thinking about Damian Lewis and he guessed James McAvoy. Which means Akinator really knows his HK actresses, especially Charmaine Sheh! You try and do tell who you were thinking of and who he guessed!


And bloody hell, tried it 2nd time with different questions and still got the same results!! The picture I got ...

Free Image Hosting at

Then I thought of Fann Wong and he guessed ... FANN WONG!!

Free Image Hosting at

And after some 10 tries the genie finally got Damian Lewis!! I suppose I gave the European clue although England is Europe meh?? But he is famous because of TV.

Free Image Hosting at

I am beginning to suspect Charmaine is the only actress from HK entry although I saw Rainie Yang though she's from Taiwan.

Give the game a go and do post your results!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Computer's back

I got 1 week of CNY holiday planned with many stuff involving using my computer which went "Operating System Missing" on the 1st day of the planned 1 week holiday and only got it fixed on the 3rd last day of my planned holiday. I was told it was a virus. Anyway there is a blessing in disguise; I finally could declutter my computer although it was a hassle trying to find my collection of photoshop brushes of I suppose over a year? I also forgot about the passwords and all but overall it was pretty ok for me. Anyway I am back so I will be posting some new reviews. Any reviews do send them in!