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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

With neighbours like these..

... who needs a career criminal to kill you? I mean I hope you don't have neighbours like this paragon of virtue (yes, I am being sarcastic). You know, Daily Mail UK is an amazing news site, because the more I read, the more disgusted I am with Britain. Yobs, youths, crazy parents, selish neighbours, cowardly police and best of all, best welfare for foreigners and even better welfare for people who can't work because they're too fat. Why can't Malaysia have this? Then all the Bangladeshi who comes here to work can no need to work and I can qualify for disability money, you know I am so fat I just can't work!! This is even a society that has parents say it is ok for a teacher to bare herself in sexy lingerie shoots, since what's the problem and for children as young as what? 5 to have sex education. In Asia, we beat the child senseless for being stupid, expect teachers to be super human multi tasking task force of gargantum capabilities... ok maybe we are heading the way Britain is heading. Look at children now; can't beat, must talk sense with them. Sense? If they have any sense they would be adults! In that case let the kids be adults and adults be kids.

Shocking celebrity death : Andy Hallett

Frankly the name Andy Hallett does not ring a bell as this actor died at a young age of 33 due to heart failure. But seeing his picture HERE and reading he was in the series Angel which I watched like about a total of 6 episodes during its run, it suddenly struck me; he was the singing pub owner nice green demon who was quite a good singer and quite funny as well. The character's name was Lorne and those I saw featured him heavily. So young and so shocking! Career didn't even really start now already finished.

Dragons and Second Life

Referring to my post here about dragons in Second Life, I finally found one who was very nice to give me a ride! So the areas around me didn't fully load yet (my old graphic card you see) but the dragon.. oh my god, the dragon... seen in Windlight is absolutely and utterly and so very overly and amazingly lifelike and gorgeous. That's it! I am done with avatars like this...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

(But the shoes are gorgeous don't you think? I am sure you're thinking I am wasting my time and money on such a trivial pursuit but let me tell you this, I see the beauty in the art and in the execution and I have very few hobbies but unfortunately all of them costs money and Second Life is an escape from mundane existence...)

and I am going for a dragon. I have decided on an adult dragon like the one I rode. Big enough but not too cumbersome even if the ancient ones are magnificent to behold. Is this the best avatar in Second Life? I can't say it yet since I only recently became aware that second life isn't just about human avatars but I can safely say, amongst the dragons, this is by far the best with the best deal! I can't believe all that for L$1800 (adult)!

If you are not yet in Second Life, the following slideshow is a reason. And you can even engage in combat I was told! Formidable, magnificent. Look we humans can never be birds or dragons in real life, in computer games it seems fake and pre arranged and in internet games also pre arranged and exclusive. Second Life is for everyone. Give it a try and be a dragon or even serpent or whatever!!

By the way these are Seawolf dragons and I will post the SURL later.

Go to ImageShack® to Create your own Slideshow

Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Second Life rocks

It is not everyday I am lost for words in a good way as in in a positive manner rather than disgusted with some horrible news. I was in Second Life early this morning and was at a ranch looking for a fat horse (I bought a stallion for L$3000 which is about USD12 and yes it was very lifelike and amazing and very expensive, a splurge ever since I discovered Tune Card) and came across a nice dragon-horse which is priced at L$1800 or something which I intend to buy for use in fantasy land. Anyway came across a lovely lady who was also buying a horse and told me about a fantasy sim with a dragon land. So wearing my hillbilly clothes and my trusty Daemon (my stallion) I teleported there and found some narnia like characters which was exciting. Quickly changed into my fairy mode (didn't like that) and basically flew on a magic carpet where I crash landed on an open space. Now up until this point I was kinda lost there since no signboard, no nothing and then I noticed something black, unmoving BUT with red fiery eyes which I noticed when I switched my graphic display to medium. It was a dragon!! The lady was right; there was a dragon land and this dragon was HUGE. I thought it was for display until I saw a name and I kinda said hi and all and lo and behold, the dragon said hi back. Then a smaller (much smaller) dragon came by and we had a nice chat about having fairies for dinner. Oops! Anyway this dragon even showed me his fire breath, ice breath, moved around and guess ... guess... FLEW! The wing spanned open, flapped, got sound also and flew high up! The view was nothing short of breathtaking. I was in total awe of this dragon and took me quite a while to realise it was an avatar just like me, except I am human and he is a dragon. I have never seen anything so huge before in Second Life and the dragon did lamented that not many sims can accomodate him. I can understand why and very cumbersome to walk into a shopping centre this big! Anyway I asked him where he got the avatar and he gave me the address. I tell you, at that moment I was smitten. I told myself I was born in the year of the dragon, surely I should be a dragon! Those European mythical dragon like this one looks good although the details seemed lost in black. But I have always noticed dragon avatars are expensive, those I have seen were in the region og L$2000 onwards and they aren't that big but since I could pay L$3000 for a horse, why not?

So I went there and the shop sells boats but has decided to create a dragon av (as in avatar). You can choose between 3 sizes, from juvenile which is small and no fun at all to adult which is probably half the size of the one I saw and then that one I saw, called ancient. Humongous! One walking dragon AV told me better to get the adult version since ancients are impressive but not practicable. You can only become one in a huge land whilst the adult one, can well kinda squeeze into a big shop. After considering for some time, I tend to agree. Yes, the ancient one was the one that really made me in awe but the adult one is still huge by comparison with other avatars I have seen and both rideable too! I checked out the details and the dragons are fully customisable and can even be updated in future. Compared to my one off horse where the owner refused to create anything to customise it except for some animations (I find the creator of the horse a bit on a high horse herself but damn, her horses are the best), this dragon creators actually adopted the spirit of full customisation, like I do with my clothes creation.

And guess what? The price.... juvenile is L$1200, adult is L$1800 and the ancient is L$2400. I tell you, this is the best deal in second life ever. Not sure if I can copy the dragon but the owner has a feature call recovery meaning I can recover lost parts by clicking a signboard. I am fine by that. Imagine that, this dragon in any size is still cheaper than my stallion almost by half!!

I just banked in my money and I intend to buy the adult version. I love the ancient, and I love being called ancient, very respectable clan but adult seem more practicable and yet still huge by any standard and comes with same features as an ancient and still impressive. But I suppose the dragon can't wear jewelery?

Anyway some pictures taken of this ancient and awesome beast. If you ever do get into Second Life, and people laugh at you for playing a game, I tell you, get a dragon avatar or whatever you want and laugh at them back. The capabilities of the creators are only limited by prims, pixels and computer graphic cards of each individuals. If you have a high end computer, go on, buy that huge ancient or adult dragon or be a warrior or ride on the dragon horse or become a tiny flying orb or whatever you wish and join the fun! The lands are always lovely. And Second Life isn't always about sex and porn and orgy or fat people being slim avatars or vice versa. In fact if this dragon can poop, fart and mate I tell you, it is the perfect avatar!

The pictures...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best ghost pictures & other ghostly pictures

You know I may be a skeptic when it comes to ghostly pictures but I must say some, real or not did spook me. I will usually tend to believe those where like a bunch of guests taking pictures at a wedding and suddenly in one picture one huge gap between 2 groups of people. Why would anyone want to ruin a good wedding picture unless there was a guest who was never meant to be there?!?!? Anyway came across this interesting article at Daily Mail and whilst some pictures can be explained, there are some even experts can't agree. Like the following:-

Take a closer look ...

The photographer said this was at a Scottish ruins. Well you know Scottish ruins, old and probably lots of dead people. It was in the afternoon. No one was in the ruins. No tourist dressing like some olden day scottish woman with ruffles. Experts said maybe it was scarf but everybody can agree at that moment when the picture was taken, no one was in the building. The woman in the picture looked in distressed, a bit out of focus as in all ghostly pictures. And interestingly experts confirmed the picture was not photoshopped in any way. So, real or not? This picture won the best ghost picture by the way. And it is eerie and from what I can see the woman was in old costume.

Now let's see the 2nd place winner...

Image in the mirror but no one in the car! I tend to believe this was photoshopped by looking at how seamless and yet grainy it seems real. Experts argued probably a reflection from some other sources, probably lights playing tricks to our eyes, probably photoshopped. I doubt a light can form such a perfect human face, I doubt there was any reflection elsewhere so either it was photoshopped or it was real. Who knows eh?

Now this next one I believe is really lights playing tricks to our eyes...

But I am not convinced a person can move so fast and yet be captured posing for a picture like some experts said this following supposed ghostly man was doing...

The legs are not apart, the face was looking at the camera. So not moving. Either it is real unexplained ghost picture OR a very clever photoshop. Again why would a couple taking such an intimate photo would want it ruined by such a blurry image? Was it added later?

See some more ghostly pictures there. Experts always say lights playing tricks when they can't dispute the authencity but frankly can lights form such perfect human features? You decide.

I went in search for more ghostly photos, most I can say are like what experts always say; a play of lights. But this one if this was real, looks cute since we have a smiling patron ghost in a church!Or this scary spooky one taken at a place where violent deaths occur occasionally!

But the following picture was also posted here where the photographer was taking a picture with an abandoned coal mine as a backdrop. The image, unexplained is very creepy and does look like one of those coal miners back in those days.

There are many more unexplained pictures here and if you come across a truly creepy one, do drop me a note. There are just too many there for me to look through.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Art wizardry

Wow! What people can do with a good software! You must check out this article and then you MUST click on the slideshow. I can only say oh my god! So real! I had to look again to convince myself there's no such amphibian as hippofrogtamus!! A must see.

Dickin Medal & a very brave judge

I knew animals have this medal of honour since I've seen a documentary on bravery of animals during WWII and how they were callously abandoned in the war zone since they were not priority to be removed to safety. Then I came across this article on Dickin Award in Daily Mail and I became intrigued that I went in search for more info since I was curious; what did the pigeons do? Well, read them here and mind you, the pigeons did a lot! Cats, horses, dogs, pigeons, all brave and did their duties faithfully and without question. You know I love reading stories like these. Even now the awards are still given, not necessarily for war zone animals but you know brave ones. More here on the modern recipients. Sometimes animals have more compassion than human beings. And all the require in return is our TLC. A great read!

Another great read is this one on a very fast acting American judge protecting a witness from a brazen accused. Luckily I have yet to have such encounters in our local courts but it will be nice to know if that happens, at least the judge would leap to my defence. However the judge in that video is 33 years old. The ones I usually see are 50 years and above. So basically I may be the one doing the protecting. The video...

Monday, March 23, 2009

New layout

If you click on any review right now you will see a new layout, which is like a newspaper cutting. I really like this one and it suits the whole idea. Hope you like it too. I have also come across some fantastic looking blogger templates that is really my ideal template but since I really LOVE this present one I will not change anything. I will use the new one for my Funn In Second Life page. People are so creative and best of all FREE!

Friday, March 20, 2009

New review

Just added my review of TVB's The Ultimate Crime Fighter. The link is also in Reviews Database. That review template seems to load a tad slower so I am looking around for a new template. Just to let you know. Any new reviews please email them to me. Pretty quiet lately.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The bravest, most giving of them all

One day, Elisabeth Fritzl may be annointed as a saint. Who could love those children of the man whom she called father and whom raped and imprisoned her for 24 years, stolen her youth, her life, her hopes and dreams? And yet she could. Maybe in a warped sense it may be a twisted sense of love because common sense dictates she shouldn't want anything to do with them but yet now she is the one who unites them. That monster got life, well he took her life, he couldn't give her back life. After reading and following her story, the horror, and sometimes twisted fascination of the degradation she was submitted to, I felt myself unable to understand her because I can never be that strong or loving and yet I felt this tremendous respect for her. For once in my life, I feel unequivocally respectful, admire and felt fully encouraged by her brave path towards recovery. She may never recover but she is trying her best. Reading THIS article where she refused to change the children's name, you would know if she had not been imprisoned all these years, she may have turned out to be a remarkable stubborn and wholly useful person that is a bonus to the society. I can't say anything more than she is one remarkable woman, more so when she actually went to court to face her tormentor, to shame him into confessing. Again it may be a twisted sense of love or it could be because she knew she had to face him to get past him. I hope she writes a book because I would love to read her brave recovery. No need to repeat what happened in there but rather what happened thereafter. I hope her children, even those who may feel resentful having their life changed dramatically and may be like their grandma who prefers to be an ostrich and thus hurt everybody in the family, will learn from their mother's story about bravery and how love conquers all. And how they should pay more attention to being brave rather than scared and stand up for what's right instead of Elisabeth's brothers and sisters and mother, even those who empathise with, those so called family who did nothing and actually believed the bullshit their father said about her whereabouts. The fact that she could forgive them or even be cordial with her mother is really amazing. Truly an amazing woman and I nominate her this years Time Magazines Person Of The Year. She deserved it. To me she is a survivor, a hero and blank her face all you want, her name stands for severe hardship, pitiful existence, monstrous acts, degradation and yet, survival, love, bravery and above all else, the triumph of a woman's most basic instinct; maternal love. That alone put to shame Baby P's parents and all those useless buggers who calls themselves parents. What a woman.

To Miss Elisabeth Fritzl, the road to recovery may be long but I hope your resilience will do you well. And may you find lasting happiness. And to her 6 children, love her as she had loved you. There can be not much more than that simple act; she deserves some peace and the taste of complete and utter freedom from that monster.

How can a monster like that, how can a woman like Rosemarie could breed such a fine outstanding woman?

How many more of such cases we have yet to know? Is your sibling missing? Is your daughter missing? Do you suspect that something like what happened to Elisabeth is happening to them? Open your eyes, stretch your ears, flex your muscles. This is your daughter, your sister, your aunt, your family. How can you stand by and do nothing? How can you let a monster in a family roam and rule the way he is doing? It is time to wake up and realise a life like that is better shortened than to close one eye. Be brave and speak out. Be diligent and act. Help save your loved one before another such tragedy happens again. Not everyone is as brave and resilient as Elisabeth Fritzl. Maybe death may be a better option but a better option is always protect those who are weaker, protect those you call family. Look see please!

What a brave woman.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natasha Richardson is dead

You don't expect to hear news like this. Shocking news, Natasha Richardson is dead. I knew she was very ill due to a fall during skiing classes when she hit her head. She was ok but 1 hour later rushed to the hospital and there were rumours of brain swelling, brain dead, etc and in the end she was flown back to the US to say goodbye to her family as she was on life support system. All because of one fall. Wear your helmet everybody! In case you don't know who she was, she was the mother in Lindsay Lohan's Parent Trap, wife of Liam Neeson, sister of Joely Richardson who was the wife in TV's Nip/Tuck, daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and one part of the Redgrave acting legacy. She was only 45. I knew this was coming but this is still so shocking.

Interesting turn of events ...

After my very angry rant here, interesting to read the monster developed a conscience! You can also read her sad tragic story and how she survived it all. Monster I tell you but now he will be in for life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fann Wong?

Did the creators model the robot after Fann Wong? She really looks like Fann Wong, lips especially!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The trial begins ...

Disgusting. To think he can get out in 7 years. Haven't Austria got CONSECUTIVE sentencing? Monster and read how he tried to justify his action here. She was truly and utterly his sex slave. Is that called love nowadays? Disgusting. And finally Elisabeth Fritzl realised her mother may have a part to play in it because rumour has it she is not in talking terms with her mother anymore. Good for her. Read the mother's so called sob story here. The way I read her story, it was as if for money and a comfortable life she could turn a blind eye over anything. I still feel Elisabeth is a woman of great courage and a heart who is capable of so much love. I wish her well. Although I am curious about how she looks, I will respect her privacy to live the rest of her life in quiet dignity. Not even a penny she said. She just wants to live with her family, away from the public's eyes. How brave, how courageous, how rare. Decades wasted. I read in another article how he used and I shall quote OVERSIZED sex toy on her, so much so even if she wanted to, she could no longer bear any children. The lawyer must be insane to appeal to public sympathy for his hideous monster of a client, unless in Austria what he did was really nothing hideous. 7 years of imprisonment only? I hope the murder charge sticks. Lawyer or some expert said the charge won't stick since it's her word only. No body, no evidence. He admitted there was a baby born, he admitted the baby got sicked and he ignored the baby, baby died, baby thrown into furnace, baby ashes scattered in garden. So what else do you need? If I were the jury, I will take her word over his any time. I mean how much credibility does a guy who has imprisoned his daughter for 20 odd years and raped her over 3000 times and father 7 children has? Just because he let her go in the end doesn't mean he should be shown leniency. He should be punished. One moment of kindness does not negate a lifetime of cruelty. If he is that good a man he says he is, he will take whatever punishment like a man of honour that he is. The fact that he is giving excuses after excuses, he is not a man of honour therefore he has no credibility and therefore every charge should stick. Please let justice prevail if not I am going to be so disillusioned. What does it take to imprison a man and throw away the key? The deliberate torture and killing of a defenseless baby like Baby P isn't enough, the rape of young children isn't enough, a lorry driver killing an entire family in a car accident isn't enough, so in the end would imprisoning your daughter for decades and repeatedly raping her in sub human conditions enough? Is it??

Hilarious impersonations by British comedians

I am a fan of any good impersonation by any comedien worth his or her salt so to speak. After stumbling across some gems from British comedians, I realise those at Saturday Night Live seem rather amateurish. I have only seen a handful but I can assure you they're all funny. From the show Dead Ringers to many more, I present to you some of my favourite ones that I stumbled across on the weekend that had me laughing so hard I had to burn them to DVD even if the quality sucks and laughed some more!!

The Penelope Cruz impersonation is spot on. I have seen this funny comedien as Posh Spice but only now I know her name, Ronni Ancona. This has got to me one of my most favourite ever. I wonder did Loreal sued? You know, "Because I'm worth it and you're not"

Another L'unreal, but this time she is Andie MacDowell. Gibberish ingrediants but so very funny!

Nigella Lawson
Ronni Ancona again as Nigella Lawson, poking fun at her cooking shows and certain camera angles. It's true you know. And Nigella Lawson does make cooking sexy but frankly her recipes are scary. Spot on voice, spot on impersonation, spot on camera work!

I never knew this show existed until I was searching for British comedy in youtube. What a find. They poke fun at everybody, from celebrities to movie genres to the Queen to even Jesus!! The following are some of my favourites ...

Maximus meets a builder and a plumber
This is a hidden camera thing. A real builder and a plumber were called to give some quotation to a man who wants to rebuild a roman arena and guess who the potential client was? A dead on impersonation of Russel Crowe's Maximum from Gladiator!! This has got to be the funniest candid camera stuff! Check out the reaction but more so check out the impersonator, brilliant comedien named Jon Culshaw, the star of the show Dead Ringers. He never faltered and he was in character the whole time. The exchanges were funny and so true to character. Pity the 2 guys having to keep a straight face the whole time. This is like Punk'd but so much funnier!

The similarities between Harry Potter, Star Wars & Lord Of The Rings
I always knew there were similarities between Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings but Star Wars too? Funny stuff!!


The Weakest Disciple
Great stuff! I mean even Jesus and Judas could be funny! Guess who is the weakest link?


Queen's speech outtakes
I don't imagine the queen was ever like that or will she be. The last part, the Japanese ad part is the funniest ever!


I remember seeing some spot on impersonation on Daniel Craig's James Bond as well as Tony Blair. I will add more when I find them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Post Edison-gate : Gillian Chung's turn

Has it been 1 year? Didn't miss her at all!! Anyway here is Gillian Chung's interview in Be My Guest, thanks to Bridget for the link. ASTRO has been promoting this interview like every commercial break on Wah Lai Toi and it was annoying as hell. I haven't seen it fully so will comment later. All I know is he asks a question, she gives a few words answer and HE fills in the blank whilst she quietly and rather prettily wiped her tears in silent crying. She does cry beautifully. What more can I say what other haters haven't already said? Anyway just found out Cecilia Cheung's interview was supposed to be a 2 part interview and interestingly after the explosive and much rather interesting part 1, part 2 was pulled out because they say they want to respect Cecilia by not showing it. Bullshitting isn't it? SHOW IT! What? Did Edison Chan called and said he will picture the producer naked with the ugliest exposure tone ever? Oh come on! Cecilia Cheung deserves to be heard and we the public and her fans deserves to hear what she has to say!! Rather than one answer to one question, I like Cecilia's interview. More spunky, more outright, more forthright and yes more like a real woman hurt with regrets and now out to make amends instead of a woman out to salvage her career. Give me part 2!!! Anyway more comments to follow the video after I watching it.

志雲飯局 – CH118 (鍾欣桐)

Oh my my my, just start from around 6 minutes mark and all I can say is she is still digging her own grave. What she essentially said was she never intended to take on the image of a virginal girl, the record company insisted because they were doing kid's music video and kids business. She said she can't even kiss onscreen thanks to the record company. So what does that translates to? She is simply saying "Look I faked this virginal image to deceive young fans so to put cash in my bank account". I think I dislike her even more. She should have just said she is sorry, she is not a virginal saint, she tried but she is still human. And at the start she said she didn't want to talk about the incident and yet there she was. She is the one playing the victim again. Which is why I respect Cecilia more. She took it headon and just admitted she was stupid. Gillian Chung is still a hypocrite. Why she took the pictures? "I don't know, I suppose I was afraid I would lose him if I didn't". Well she looked like she enjoyed herself in the pictures as opposed to Bobo Chan who actually looked reluctant. She is pushing the entire blame on Edison but frankly, he didn't filmed her secretly. She actually posed! She should have said "I was stupid. I was in love. I did it because I thought it was private, and I was being adventurous when I shouldn't have been like that. I have let down my fans, let down myself, let down everybody. I agreed to participate in the pictures and I was stupid". Nope, she didn't say so. She just said a few words, doing the tai chi in pushing blame style and again giving this almost virginal girl act. Look, just say it, you just did it because you wanted to.

Edison is a tool, a jerk and a selfish man. That much I agree.

But I wanna ask' why should Edison apologise to them for taking those photos? They agreed to take them. They knew he would have kept it for private viewing. The pictures were taken off from the computer without consent. I think everybody got their perspective wrong. I feel Edison's offense is taking such vulgar pictures, if only he had been more artistic! But why should he apologise for those photos? Cecilia got it right when she said she didn't blame him for the pictures but for the fact that now he kept saying he will protect them when he didn't.

She says she is naive and foolish not because she took the pictures but because of the love. I suppose Edison must be one smooth talker. She felt she did wrong, that she shouldn't take those photos. Sorry my friend. I don't think it was the photos that shocked people. It was the fact she gave him a blowjob and had sex and were in the pictures doing those acts were the reasons. Fans are always reluctant to admit their idols have a sex life, even when they're single, young and has the angelic image.

One question which was funny; after her appearance for a charity event she got millions of complaints. He asked "Did it ever come to your mind that you're tired of the complaints and just want to retire out of showbiz?". She said she was tired, and she was very tired and wanted to rest for a year but it was far too long. Her mother supported her decision and Gillian said she wanted to rest and company said ok to her request.

Now let me break that down to you. Probably her company thought fans would be forgiving and so threw her into the gutter with the charity. She was shocked at the negative reception. She said she is in the business for her family, and didn't want to give up. Yeah right. How giving. The truth is she has no other career options and if she were to quit she will either marry, be a mistress or find a proper job that pays way below what she is earning. Tired yes, of course she should be tired but retirement? I doubt it was within her radar. And she said she wanted to kill herself. Oh bring on the drama!

Give me Cecilia anytime. I think I despise Gillian Chung more. Didn't her PR prep her on what to say and what not to say and what to bring onto the table and what not to even talk about? Suicidal thoughts is not one because that is annoyingly dramatic. If she had wanted to die, she would have been dead already.

Good that she was asked about the Malaysian Genting Highlands exposure incident. And when asked how she would regain her dignity and she said she must respect herself only then others will respect her.

Oh dear Gillian, perhaps Edison who since had retired might as well just come out and say "Look I didn't force you to take the pictures girl!".

I stopped at the point where she admitted she herself made the biggest mistake. A few more seconds before I stopped she was saying she felt he should apologise to her. Oh my God!! Again, she took the pictures voluntarily. Anyway she feels her new boyfriend should not be one to judge her on these pictures. Frankly unless it is some super rich family, I doubt that will be the case. If I was that guy, I would be very happy since I know what she is capable of. Crude? Yeah but hell, all guys want a pretty rich girl who is willing to do anything to please her lover sexually. She will still be popular with the guys.

What a boring interview.

Just a few notes of advice to Gillian:-

Gillian, next time, after recording those stuff, just when you break up make sure you take back the negatives. Better yet don't take those pictures unless you want to which I know you do, so in the end, just be discreet. Not everybody wants to know your sex life but when the info is freely available, even the naysayers will have a look. And avoid any man by the name of Edison Chan, who can smooth talk and has a camera in hand.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

AI 8 : Fantastic 2 new potential winners

These 2 impressed me from the beginning eventhough both are polar opposites. Fantastic performances out of the overall not so great other performances. These 2 will be 1 and 2, don't know who will be 1 and who will be 2.

aka soulful singer whose wife died suddenly 4 weeks before the audition

aka the fabulously flamboyantly unapologetically over the top gay guy

Frankly Adam wins this round for his fantastic performance. He can now just record Black Or White and it will be a hit. He really reminds me of Freddie Mercury and that is a major compliment. Danny is also very soulful with a very slick voice. Wow wow wow and to think I was getting bored with AI already.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Shroud Of Turin

I never knew the existence of this Shroud Of Turin until it was mentioned in of all things, Pink Panther II! Hilarious movie. Anyway, even more intrigued when it was mentioned in a fictional book called The Templar Legacy (terrible book, badly paced, I am beginning to appreciate Dan Brown however OTT his plot may be). It is a linen clothe that was used to wrap around a man who was crucified on a stake. Carbon dating said it was around 1300 (but that is disputed because of the restoration and stuff, some carbon dating results may not even accurate!) and so the book used it around its templar knights plot although even experts can't agree on anything except the image imprinted on the linen clothe (probably due to some chemical reaction or some freaky stuff going on back then) looked a whole lot like Jesus Christ. So many believed it was the shroud that was used to wrap around Jesus after his crucification. Many more things are known and yet many more questions raised. You can see a faint image but when the image is how to say, negative it? Anyway once negative it you can clearly see a body, the face with the eyes closed, even the crucification mark. The body is tall, almost 6 feet, the hair parted side ways, length around shoulder length with beard. Does look like Jesus but if it was 1300, then it was way after Jesus AND the preferred execution style back then was I suppose crucification AND preferred hairstyle was that way. If the carbon dating is screwed up, it could be Jesus!! Was Jesus THAT tall? What do you think? It is the single most examined artifact ever and still no answer. Nuns and popes believed the man to be Jesus, some said may be a hoax. I doubt anyone would want to play such an elaborate hoax way back in 1300 or so. You decide. Why is it called Shroud Of Turin I have no idea. Still reading the materials ... Anyway, quite freaky...

If you're interested, some websites, including some heated comments by expert when the shroud was restored, much to the annoyance of the experts ...

>> The Shroud Of Turin Website

>> Wikipedia

>> A sceptic believing in the myth of the Shroud

>> More on the Shroud (watch the movie at the top of the site - interesting stuff in proving the shroud is no fake)

Behold! The image of ... ermm... someone...could be Christ...

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excessive food

You know, I love food and I love a huge meal of bacon and stuff but these are too much!!