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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The face that would launch a thousand ships ...

...and that face belongs to a man!

I always appreciate a good looking guy, of course but sometimes there comes a man, or a young man that has a face that is just pure handsomeness. Not handsome as in handsome or beautiful as in sissy but just pure perfection eventhough he may be a bit too thin or too muc facial hair or whatever. This man I have noticed since Narnia and I didn't notice him before since I didn't know him before. He looks young for his age (27 to be exact) and he looks spectacularly perfect with shoulder length hair and it helps he had lots of hair. He is usually clean shaven and I couldn't think of anyone more perfect to play Dorian Gray than him. And if Lord Of The Rings were to be made now, he would have been Aragorn. No no he can't be Legolas because Legolas belongs to another actor with that almost same pretty face that is Orlando Bloom. If Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince were to truly incorporate full scenes about the young Voldemort, he would have been my choice to play the young man that was Tom Riddle, about 20 years ish. And he would have vote to play I think the name is Aro or whatever that is the Twilight series, that old vampire from Italy now played by Michael Sheen (yes I wonder too, WHAT?) and I would probably have loved Twilight as in New Moon and etc a little bit more and he would have my choice to play any swashbuckling characters only if he doesn't act next to Miley Cyrus or Sienna Miller or people as untalented as these 2 and quite frankly his acting is only so-so. But he has a dazzling smile, very rare these days and an air of simpleness about him even when he looked like an adonis God eventhough I am not sure he looks that way without his shirt on. He could play Darcy when he is older or any Austen heroes. He is not my favourite actor but when Narnia is on, I will look for him. And he was in Stardust too but briefly. Another to illicit such a respond from me is at this moment a tad too young but has a beautiful smile that is Taylor Lautner who looks even better now after he pumped up for his role in New Moon although maybe he should pump up more on his acting skills since he wasn't quite as good in Twilight. He looks best with like I said shoulder length hair that is jet black in colour.

Who is he?

The young actor with a solid name that 50 years from now wouldn't sound so ridiculous ...

Ben Barnes.

And he is English! What more can I say?

That he wasn't always that beautiful? For some guys longer hair does make them look transformed into prince charming!

Hope he is not gay. Oh please say no more! My heart shall break into a trillion million pieces to know he is unobtainable eventhough NOW he is unobtainable as it is.

What a beautiful man.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Would you eat these?

Truth is some I will but some... I think I just had a heart attack by just looking at them! See for yourself...

- This is why you're fat

- Fat's what I call a big burger!

How can anyone complain about nasi lemak and roti canai now?

Heart attack pictures...

One I might actually try...

Kinda reminded me of Auntie Anne's new chocolate stick or cinnamon stick or whatever stick. Very delicious.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

OPINION : Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

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Critics love HP 6 but it seems some fans don't. When I read that the funeral won't be in the movie as well as the intense fighting scenes between Harry and Snape, I was disappointed until I saw the movie itself. Of all the 6 movies, this was the one that had me looking at the screen, unblinking and concentrating hard. It showcases many important points from the book (which is easy considering it was the worst book and had many pages that can be left out as they were all rather repetetive) and basically explained what are Hocruxes, very vital for the end movies. Of course the fans will gripe about the following:-

1. No funeral scene
I felt perhaps such a major character dying would deserve a good farewell funeral but looking at the movie, I understood why it was omitted. That moment in the film was just right without too melodramatic and yet very touching. Rumour has it HP7 will begin with the funeral scene and that would be fitting start.

2. Harry and Ginny kissing at the wrong time/wrong scene
So? To have them kiss when Ron just won the game would take the shine off Ron. I was happy to see Ron given his limelight and I liked that kissing scene, very simple, very tender and very quiet.

3. The insignificance of the revelation of the Half Blood Prince's identity
As it is as insignificant in the book. I have no comment.

4. No end fighting scene
Understandable since HP7 will have plenty of those

5. No fighting scene between Snape and Harry
Rather it was shortened. I was ok with that. It was a very emotional scene.

I felt the book was well adapted for once and for once, in 6 movies I actually saw how huge and beautiful the castle was. The highlight was Hogwarts and the cinematography was beyond compare. The silent abandoned village where Slughorn lived, the rainy place of Snape's house, the dark but huge Hogwarts, the inferi scene was scary and awesome. The mode, the mood, the settings, all perfect. You can't fault the cinematography.

The acting was great. I hated Emma Watson but she can be quite funny. Here she toned down on her Sit Kar Yin school of acting and actually gave a less opera-ish acting. She actually was really funny in the potions scene where Harry beat her in the class. Her messy hair, her kiasu attitude was so Hermione and I welcome back that character that was missing since movie 1. I am beginning to like her and though she is still stiff in some scenes, her scenes with Rupert Grint were funny and her longing love for him was quite genuine looking.

Daniel Radcliffe is still an inadequate actor but in one scene where he just had the good luck potion and he was feeling very lucky was his best. He has comic timing and he can be very funny when he is asked to play an overly enthusiastic young man. I like him and I felt though his Harry is tamer, he was funny when he should be, sad when he should but could have been angrier.

Rupert Grint is simply the best of the 3. He has comic timing and his performance in here is faultless. His quidditch scene was so funny and his other scenes as the funny guy was well played. I missed that Ron and glad to see him again.

The older actors were ALL excellent, especially Jim Broadbent as Slughorn. You can see he aged at the end when he realised his mistake and how he helped the rise of Voldemort and his guilt and fear people finding out. His scenes talking to Harry about his mother was poignant and after the actress who played Umbridge who is the only character other than Snape to have been captured so perfectly on screen, Broadbent was simply amazing.

I never liked Michael Gambon as Dumbledore but I must admit as an actor he is fantastic. He stil lacked the twinkling childlike quality of Dumbledore but he certainly played the burdened Dumbledore very well. His best scene was the most disturbing scene to watch; the one where Harry had to force feed Dumbledore to drink some poison in the cave. Gambon captured Dumbledore in that scene perfectly and I winced watching Dumbledore begging, crying, etc. Fantastic acting from Gambon. And his last scene as he said "Severus, please" was said with dignity and said nobly. It wasn't begging for life, not a plea to be let go but a simple dignified request. Gambon captured that moment perfectly. But as Dumbledore of the earlier books, Gambon would have been quite disastrous.

The two young men who played Tom Riddle were both haunting and perfection. The younger one, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin is Ralph Fiennes' nephew and he gave a rather sad and haunting performance of a confused Tom Riddle. Scary as well when he said he could hurt people who hurt him. But the revelation of an actor in this movie belongs to one young actor who only had about 10 minutes scene in a flashback with Jim Broadbent and that was Frank Dillane who played the 16 year old Voldemort. Handsome, young and dark, the way he smilingly and innocently asked about Hocruxes and all were just simply great acting from this young actor who understood Voldemort. The way he paused, the way he gave that false smile, the way he had to check himself so as to be nice to get what he wants, all in that 10 minute scene was simply a showcase of fine acting from both actors, the older and the younger. I was very impressed with him and I felt he captured Voldemort as Riddle in that one simple scene.

Tom Felton is a worthy mention as he has more to do here than to sneer at Harry. He is angry and confused and you feel that much for Draco. I don't like Draco but then the Deatheaters are like terrorists, training young people to do their dirty jobs. Draco captured that confusion and his reluctance to do the deed. He can be mean and sneer at all mudbloods as he called them but to be a murderer, to get your hands dirty is another matter. Tom Felton captured that dilemma well.

The young ones who simply had walk on roles or had more to do were wonderful as well. As with the actress who plays the lovestruck Lavender Brown. She is scary. And the actress who plays Luna Lovegood continues to be rather charming. I was hoping, as in the book that Harry would fall for her. I never liked Ginny in the book, in the movie she is less brash and the actress is growing up very prettily but I never thought there was any chemistry between them. I kept thinking Harry should have fallen for Luna instead.

Helena Bonham Carter is scary, Helen McCrory simply wasted in here and she can be played by any actresses. In fact she is not Narcissa, looking rather old and not as described and to make matter worse her scenes were cut so much. The book showed more of Narcissa as a desperate mother, however despicable her views about pure bloods and all but in the movie, none. I find Helen McCrory as an actress to be overrated to tell you the truth. I don't see how she is the best of her generation and so forth. And this movie did not convince me otherwise. I am however hopeful her husband Damian Lewis will be the older Ron in the last film but rumours has it the young actors may be aged for that last scene. I hope not.

There are many scenes from the book that was cut for simplification purposes and frankly I am ok with that for once. I am however not quite as happy that Hagrid was given less prominence since he is very close with Harry and in here there seems to be less or no interaction at all.

Now the special effects were spectacular. I love the pensieve scenes and I love the whole inferi cave effects. Put it this way; with such a budget I expect nothing less but the effects blew me away.

The quidditch is back and THANK YOU FOR THAT!! Loved it. So worried Ron would be left out once again.

For once this is not a scene per scene adaptation and for once, after 6 movies, this one finally gave us a summary of the book instead of scene 1, scene 2, scene 3, etc.

I was not expecting this movie to be funny since the book was dead serious but this movie was witty and very funny and yet balances well with the more serious parts of the book. I thought I would have hated all the love stuff but guess what? They aren't that much and they are all well balanced. There are times the movie seems a bit too quiet and at 2 and a half hours, a wee bit too long, I actually enjoyed the movie. I of course enjoyed the scenes between Dumbledore and Harry as well. I know some major stuff was cut but in the end they're wisely cut in this movie. This movie doesn't feel badly cut up but rather quite seamless in terms of storytelling.

I have been reading fans' reaction. Whilst they're favourable, I read that many thought Alfonso Cuaran was the best director and HP3 movie was the best. Now, HP3 book is my favourite and frankly very difficult to adapt and so it was the worst adaptation of all the books. The director was something else. He was busy making the movie into an art form and so forgot that a story driven movie should not be about his vanity as a director but about the story, something HP 6 director, David Yates understood even when he did slip in a bit of his style here and there. When I saw how the students turned up in class with their types askew and their jackets and robes off, I was furious. The director had no idea about the system in England and how the students behave. Many important scenes were cut off and yes so maybe they can be deleted such as the identity of who made the Marauder's Map but you know what to me that was an important info. That is of course the script writer's fault but the director was too busy making sure the film looked right that he simply did not bother with the continuity of the story. Frankly I am glad he is out of the picture.

Guillermo del Toro was asked to direct Hp 6 and though David Yates gave me a good adaptation and renewed my love for everything Harry Potter and for once let me appreciate the books as translated into movies, Del Toro would have made a wonderful story out of HP6. Have you seen that what was the name? The spanish movie about the faun? Anyway he was fantastic and if he could make a non-happening Hellboy into such a watcheable franchise, imagine what he can do with such an enrinching story such as the one of Harry? In fact Peter Jackson would have been wonderful as well. But David Yates will be doing movie 7 (now 2 movies) and after having seen this current movie, I have faith he will make something great and coherent out of the last book. My biggest hope is that he and the script writer (that dreaded Steve Kloves who actually for once did a decent adaptation with this current movie) will change the dreaded and awful epilogue which I hated with all my passion because JK Rowling grew lazy. I hope the ending will showcae some other older Brit actors playing the 3 counterparts and I for once would hope to see Damian Lewis as the older Ron. If Ron married Hermione when he was say 20, and then his son being 11 goes to Hogwarts, he would have been 31 in the final scene. Ok ok maybe Damian is older than that but maybe Ron can marry Hermione when he was 25 perhaps??

And I hope to see Neville Longbottom given his moment in the final movies as we all know in the final book Neville emerged as a true Gryffindor himself!

Really looking forward towards the end and what an end it will be. In the hands of not just a competent director but a director who understood the story, maybe there is hope that the franchise which started with a whim and continued to grew less prominent in terms of the story will end with a bang that it deserves to be.

A must watch for all fans and non-fans. Hate all you want but David Yates rule (for now).

This movie was supposed to be released last year but was pushed back because Warner Bros feared the Twilight competition. I am sure JK Rowling would be howling with laughter and smirking as well. Fear Twilight? I mean is there a movie curse or something that says if you watch Twilight and then watch Harry Potter you will die? No right? So why can't the fans watch both? Moreover story wise, movie wise, book wise, acting wise, everything wise, this movie will prove that Twilight the book and Twilight the movie and Twilight the actors (save for Robert Pattinson who tried hard) were all pure crap. So what is there to fear? The interest in Twilight is fleeting. Harry, after how long? A decade? He is still relevant and he will continue to capture the imagination of his fans for years and years to come. Twilight? And its sequels and what nots? Can never stand the test of time. Hate all you want but Harry Potter rules. But then what is the connection between Harry and Twilight? Exactly. NOTHING. One is about lovesick vampires and a girl so eager to be the living dead but not married whilst the other is a boy with a destiny to fulfill. I can't understand why these two groups must fight. So in the end forget what I wrote. Twilight is Twilight. Harry is Harry. But you know how I feel about Twilight. Like one unidentified person in a HP6 interview said in reply to the question how they feel about Twilight "I'd rather watch Cricket". Likewise I'd rather watch golf and I hate golf.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great news & all sort of news!

Indeed fabulous news. My bank account is increased by RM56-00 or somewhere around that figure! How you ask? Well, thanks to Nuffnang and you guys (and girls)!! I mean everytime you take the trouble to click that Nuffnang ad on the right (if there is some flashy ad) I earn RM1 or so. It took me a year I think but RM56 is fabulous news. I could only cash out when the amount reaches RM50 and when it did, not believing I will ever see the cash, I cashed out about more than a month ago (I think 2 months ago) and suddenly yesterday voila! My HSBC cheque with my name and money and guess what? The cheque even had little hearts next to my name! Now all I need is to deposit the cheque and see if it goes in. I am sure it will because no one can be so cruel to make me so happy and then so disappointed, right?

Please please please whenever you come by my site just click on the flashy Nuffnang ad. Let me earn some, please. Then you just SHOUT your blog and I will go there and click it everyday, or when I have internet access!!

By the way I am now totally into those bun/egg tart key chain with those chocolate smell that smell artificial but after awhile quite delicious and I am not into Chocolate! Yeap! I got one that really really looks like a bun and good enough to eat. But to use as keychain is dangerous; as in the whole thing might be pulled off. You know how we all take our keys from our bags right? So that bun is now hanging nicely in my car. I saw the egg tart. Big version is like RM10-00 and smaller ones are RM6-00 or 2 for RM10-00. You think the price is fair? I do like the egg tart. Last week I spent like RM30-00 on various food type key chain, from a piece of pork (my mum kept saying DON'T LET THE MUSLIMS SEE!!!! and I was like WHO CARES!!), a claypot rice, a claypot prawn soup and a claypot crab soup. They're all excellently made! I mean I love food and now my keychains are all food themed. My handphone remains the only one without a food themed handphone deco.

How about you? What's your favourite key chain theme? Big bear? Small puppy? Stars? Cartoon characters? Your own picture? Your boyfriend's pictures? Your own name?? You know, those alphabets put together as handphone deco thingy?

By the way I am actively watching Silver Chamber Of Sorrows and I promise, a review is forthcoming when it ends.

Now I am super excited about watching the MediaCorp series, The Ultimatum but must first find the torrent. Let's face it, can't buy, can't watch, so better to download.

And if any of you are looking for a good animated claymation type of animation, do give CORALINE a try. I am reading the book and as always I always felt Neil Gaiman's books are better translated into movies than they're as books. Somehow the emotional connection is not there. The soundtrack is amazing. I will be writing a short review for that to be posted here as well as in SPCNET.

And the time has come for me to go "Ha-rrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" because Harry Potter is coming soon!! I am sure compared to the book it may suck less than previous ones because the book compared to the same series kinda suck a bit.

Ok, that's all for now. PLEASE CLICK NUFFNANG AD PLEASE!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stating the obvious ...

The MJ saga continues. Was he the father or was he not? We all know the answer even if he denied it. Now even the mother isn't the mother! Woahh! Then will or no will? Suddenly there's a will. At least he left a will. How much left? Some. I thought he sold the Beatles catalogue but he didn't and that must worth a lot. Also now I read he wanted Diana Ross to be his children's Guardian if his mom died or incapacitated. Diana Ross? Not Janet? Did Diana Ross know?And then there's the father and his odd behaviour. If you ask me who is the happiest person at the time of such tragedy, I would say the father because suddenly he is relevant, suddenly he talks business stuff, suddenly he is in the limelight and his more uber famous son no more. Egoistical vain man? Maybe. Perhaps it is time the family should re-evaluate the father's worth in their world and maybe, just maybe the mother at this old age and at the death of her beloved son would finally realise being rid of that egoistical man would perhaps be the best decision she has ever made, a decision she should have made when he (reportedly) repeatedly punched MJ when MJ was little and was later for rehearsel. You know, did he touched the boys? I am not sure but I maintain he had inappropriate thoughts and did inappropriate things short of you know, the whole way so he was no saint but the father, the father was and still is really something. What a spectacle. Sit tight because there would be more.