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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Saw some jokes at this page and for me the best is the one I am reproducing below. Not sure why it is so funny but IT IS FUNNY.

I'M sure wherever my dad is, he's looking down on us. He's not dead - just very condescending.

The definition of family

You can't choose who to have as your blood related family but sometimes you can choose who to support and first and foremost is of course your blood related family. This story shook me up badly because no one seems to notice the viciousness of the attack but just that the attack was vicious in a general sense. My blood boils to read the useless sister of the victim whispering I Love You to the man who stabbed her brother on the leg many times to the point he had only 50% blood left in his body and he may face amputation of his leg. Now usually there is nothing significant in what that violent brute did, after all people do often get stabbed on the legs, hands, etc. But this is different. Why I said the attack was particularly vicious is because the victim in question is an up and coming footballer from West Ham football club and for a footballer nothing is more important than a good pair of legs. This brute knew exactly to exact hurt in the worst way and in the worst possible manner; the legs. Now the victim's playing days may or may not be over, we don't know but what I do know is the attack was planned, malicious and vicious because it is meant to cripple and it is meant to destroy the career of this promising young man. Some papers did write that the attack was because the victim opposed to the union between the dumb and the dumber (who is who up to you to decide) and some hinted it may be racially motivated type of opposition. How convenient. Obviously the victim and family was right to oppose the man since he could do what he did later on (that is stab the leg of the victim) which shows he is naturally violent and intentionally malicious given the victim's budding career. It is like someone stabbing your hands when you're a budding pianist or cut your tongue when you're a singer. Any ordinary day these attacks itself are violent of course. And now guess what? That sister is pregnant. How completely and utterly useless piece of family and my blood still boils over the I Love You whisper. Clearly her priority is not right. Since the victim is young (only 26 and already married with a child) I am sure he will survive but his playing days may suffer a major setback. If this man is convicted I suggest the victim sue him for all he's worth (which really amounts to nil but at least the satisfaction of it...) and then disowning the useless sister. See if love can survive all ...

What a vicious attack even if it is Romeo & Juliet situation. I do not think the opposition was racially motivated. As a brother surely you want your sister to be with someone worthy of her, someone good and someone responsible and clearly the attacker is none of those. But probably I got one thing right; she did get someone worthy of her.

I really pity the brother (and the mother who got stabbed along the way and was quite serious but now ok) for having such a ... I think you know what word I am going to use so no point in repeating.

Anyway the joke of the day? I have a feeling he will be out of jail in a few months. How disgusting the state of affairs are these days eh?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Up, UP & AWAY!!!

If there are TWO movies you must watch this and next month, make them District 9 AND Pixar's UP. No finer and more different movies than these 2 that kinda talks about the same subject; humans and a sense of purpose I suppose. District 9 impresses me and the ending depresses me and I hope for a sequel. UP impresses me as well but the ending enlightens me. The first 15 minutes left me choking back the tears, in fact many scenes had me choking back the tears but the ending was simply superbly simple and yet rather happy. Both movies impressed me so much I just feel like writing the word impress like a million times. I will write reviews for both.

Anyway to illustrate how impressive UP was to me, I am embedding the soundtrack called Married Life that was featured in the first 15 minutes. Just listen to it and you kinda guess what the end means. Don't watch the 3D version. So expensive. The 2D version is great enough with such colours and details. The dogs were funny but the funniest was Alpha, and I don't know why but the chipmunk voice is like the oldest trick in comedy workbook and yet it is funny each and every time. If you think Pixar will tank, let me assure you UP is the best thus far for many reasons but the simplest is it is for the first time about humans predominantly, a grouchy old man, an enthusiastic young boy, a floating house with thousands of balloons, a crazy adventurist, some amazing dogs,a rather colourful bird and a view to die for. What more can you ask? Oh yeah, it also has great voice acting and the thing called storyline, even if it doesn't quite make sense sometimes. But that spirit of adventure in you will agree that things that doesn't make sense doesn't mean it is impossible or improbably. Everything starts with a simple thing called imagination.

Anyway, the music.. from UP called Married Life...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Of Andy Lau & Shakey's pizza

What a mess that funeral was wasn't it? Why can't Andy Lau just come out and admit he married that woman, they have a child and that dead man whom he is supposed to pay respect to was his father in law? In fact the daughter aka rumoured wife of Andy Lau did not pay her last respect and stayed on the bus or something, I suppose because it was hectic situation. Of course the paps were to be blamed, right? Of course but so was Andy Lau. All he had to do is to hold a press conference before the funeral, beg for some form of privacy, pay the cost of police barricading the whole place and just admit he is married to the dead man's daughter. He did none of those, he remained silent and therefore contributed significantly to the fiasco that transpired. And guess what? That funeral was suppose to be the last farewell of a man many said was friendly in life. In the end it became Spot Andy show. What a disgrace to the dead man. Can't even say goodbye decently and in peace.

And where on earth is Shakey's Pizza in KL? The one I know, in Jusco Maluri closed like I am not sure when and I don't even know where is it anymore in KL. It's like closed is it? What's going on Shakey's?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My twitter hacked?

I wanted to update my twitter when I notice I apparently posted this 1 day ago...

Retweet this awesome blog for losing weight off free products!

I didn't! You can still see it up this page. Why would I write that? My last tweet was 14th August about "Writing ongoing episodic thoughts for Moonlight Resonance. Will see it through! Read them all at"

Did someone hacked into my tweet? Or is it possible to spam?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9

I just spent first half of my Sunday watching District 9 when usually I don't do that. I didn't regret it. What a fantastic movie and very thought provoking and the ending made me feel so sad! And I was hoping there would be like end credit scene but the story was a cliff hanger of some sort but not those cliche one. I hope there will be a sequel and Christopher does come back in 3 years time. I believe he will because he didn't quite abandoned his post and Wikus but I am afraid Wikus' fate is sealed. So very very sad and thought provoking. As for those who hate it or thinks it has a gaping hole in the plot, just watch the movie again. The only questions are those related to the technology and how the fuel are extracted. Other than that, I feel this movie answered everything. I want a sequel!!! Do watch it. Highly recommended and fantastic performance from the Christian Bale lookalike actor.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have only ever seen him in ONE movie but my god, I think I am in love! So handsome! Who? Who else but Ben Barnes. Here he is as Dorian Gray. Perfect casting and he can act! So eager for this movie! So handsome! 27 years old! Look so young! So gorgeous! I'm sure he looks terrible naked since he is so so so thin but clothed, he just looks gorgeous especially in those Victorian suits! He should have been Aragorn!! He should have been Aro!! He should have been many many roles! Ahhhhh................

Free Image Hosting at

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Never in this lifetime...

... can I afford this but a girl can dream. Not hopeful but just dream. It is sold for I believe USD8 million. I never knew blue diamonds are so rare and the rarest? Ruby apparently. Not those you can buy for cheap, those are fakes or synthetics or man made, I mean the real deal. White diamond is seems is overrated but again still expensive ... but I never knew there exists blue diamond. NOT sapphire but blue, my favourite colour. Yes my favourite colours is all shades of blue. Sigh...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slight update on Moonlight Resonance [E] page

Further updates to what I posted below. I mistakenly used the embed comment form function and I believe the layout doesn't allow enough space for word verification perhaps. I have changed it to the standard full blogger comment page like in this blog with word verification on. Try and see if everything is ok.

Kidd emailed and mentioned there is a problem with the comment section of the Moonlight Resonance Episodic Thoughts blog. I believe it is either browser problem or layout design flaw. I tried it and I posted without a problem. She mentioned it is the word verification problem where there isn't any space to write the word verification and can't see the word. If you're experiencing the same problem, just know I switched off the word verification element in that blog. So now when you post you don't need to confirm your post by typing a computer generated word. Do try to post in Episode 1 again and see if there's a problem. Meanwhile since word verification is off, please do remember once you click post on your comment, most likely it is successful so no need to keep clicking to avoid multiple post.

Use this Post A Comment in this post to update me on the comment issue in that blog so that I can fix any problem. Thanks to Kidd for notifying me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally new stuff!

I haven't written a proper review for some time so I thought I am going to do it for Moonlight Resonance in the form of Episodic Thoughts. I don't think I will do a review proper but if you enjoyed my previous episodic thoughts, I think you may enjoy this too. As usual the page will be updated daily as in tonight's episode will be posted the next day, depending how fast I write them and the updates will not be posted in here so you know where to bookmark. At this stage I am still like a new viewer, not sure what is going on. So if you're watching or have watched this series, relive it all real time with me everyday for the next 40 days. Some days I will be writing for half a hour show's worth since I am watching other shows and some I may miss altogether. So your help is needed. Fill in the blanks, etc. I will however try to complete all episodes, at least 3 full ones per week and the next 3 half hour each, because Monday & Tuesday I am watching He Who Can't Marry (that leaves 15 min worth of show to comment on) and Thursday Criminal Minds (leaving half an hour to comment on). I am sure I won't miss much and I hope you won't be pissed. I know some do read to know plot points. By the way rough language will be used because just 10 minutes into it I too feel an intense dislike for a few characters. Let us all embark on this journey together! Remember, do use Post A Comment, no future spoilers and your participation is essential!! Bookmark the page please. I will add the link later to the reviews page.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Remembering Baby P

Very few cases ever made me teary eyed for hatred and anger except for one such as the case of the short miserable life of Baby Peter aka Baby P. Funny thing was when I was writing this I added the HTML codes to justify the paragraph and unknowingly I wrote JUSTICE instead of JUSTIFY. And yet justice were denied. I can never understand how none of the 3 monsters who killed/abbetted/contributed to the death of Baby P are not tried and convicted of murder and the truth is they will never ever be held justifiably accountable for the death of this beautiful boy. We never quite knew their names and faces although I did activated my Facebook account again to see that woman's face. I refuse to post their ugly mugshots or their stupid evil faces here but you can now read their names and see their faces here at Daily Mail since the court order protecting their identities have expired.

See their faces, remember their names and for as long as there are those who shows open contempt for these 3, and I blame the mother above all else even if she pretended that she didn't know ... how could she have not known you may ask and I would say you have asked a sensible question ... as long as you shall meet them and spit at them and show nothing but utter contempt for them and try not to understand them or even analyse them or empathise with them for whatever shitty childhood they've been through as none of that justify the TORTURE they inflicted on a poor innocent child such as Baby P (and mind you between them they have at least tortured one child and raped another), there is some form of justice for Baby P.

And they deserve nothing less.

In case you are not familiar with this explosive story of Baby P and the effect he had on those who read about him, you must read the following articles but please remember, it will cause you pain, nightmare, anguish, hurt, hatred, anger, pity, sadness and above all else, a sense of injustice but read you must, know you must. And if you feel anything less than contempt for these 3 beasts and anything less than utter love and sympathy for Baby P, I believe and I sincerely do and I don't care if you think I am otherwise or whatever, I sincerely believe you're of the same league as that woman who has no right to be called a human being that is the mother of Baby P.

> The chocolate smile that hid the terrible scars of abuse on tragic blue-eyed Baby P

> Even British justice has betrayed poor Baby P

> How health staff failed to spot warning signs and missed 34 chances to save Baby P

> Baby P jail sentences WON'T be increased as Attorney General backs down

And many more articles, just at Daily Mail alone. I never have any desire or rather strong desire to have children, more so to adopt one since I can hardly take care of myself but reading about the plight of Baby P, I felt if the mother really hated him enough to let him be tortured the way he was, why not let me take care of him? I can do a far better job and I am capable of loving a child not from my womb. I actually felt that way at that time and I still do. And in some ways I felt everybody failed him, the doctors, the system, the social workers, the stupid family, even his ignorant father and of course God...

But perhaps death may have been the ultimate release for Baby P and his suffering. I found this poem called Above the Bright Blue Sky and I felt the words were touching and apt and in memory of the beautiful angel Peter, I hope he found lasting love at last. I don't know Baby P nor did I contribute to his death but I felt somehow responsible...there was a time I felt very much ill at ease with everything, something I felt too when I read about poor Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying and her poor excuse for a mother ... injustice. That's the word, injustice. Never more examplified in the case of Baby P. I am not religious but this poem gave me some comfort ...

There's a Friend for little children
Above the bright blue sky,
A Friend who never changes
Whose love will never die;
Our earthly friends may fail us,
And change with changing years,
This Friend is always worthy
Of that dear name he bears.
There's a home for little children
Above the bright blue sky,
Where Jesus reigns in glory,
A home of peace and joy;
No home on earth is like it,
Nor can with it compare;
And everyone is happy,
Nor could be happier there.

Moonlight Resonance

Heavily promoted, even read articles about Linda Chung in The Star, a 2 page spread mind you! Bombarded too with ads after ads, apart from Burning Flame 3 of course (3 channels aired the same Burning Flame trailer one after another as I clicked through them!) and starting tonight at prime time 9.30pm replacing the boring hapless and rather dumb but still quite funny Marriage Of Inconvenience. You know Marriage of Inconvenience was all about arguing and bitching and fighting and now we have the ultimate arguing, bitching and fighting. Kept thinking of that scene in that trailer where Michelle Yim slapped Lei Sze Kei and her glasses FLEW OFF. WOAHHHH! Ultimate fight! Yeah I haven't watched Moonlight Resonance and I believe everybody has a reason to be really angry in there. Will of course watch it but nothing will come between me and Mondays and Tuesdays 9pm to 10.10pm because that is the timeslot for He Who Can't Marry, that Korean TV series with Ji Jin Hee. I am watching that and I won't sacrifice that, after all already on 2 episodes per week! At least something good to watch.

So, ASTRO subscribers, and those who by any chance haven't watched Moonlight Resonance, are you like getting ready with your popcorn and watch the ultimate bitching and fighting series? I just hope it doesn't start with Ha Yu giggling like the happiest idiot in the world like that previous series. I am afraid I will just shut the TV off.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Local roundup II : Unusual but yet true

Don't you wish judges are like that? I must admit I do admire some of our local teachers' way of making a point, especially with THIS ONE which is strange and yet apt? And did you read the local papers about local traders, taxi associations, etc who will be suing the organisers' of the recent demonstration (anti-ISA rally) for loss of profit? I mean didn't the demonstrators kinda told everyone of the demonstration like days ahead and roadblocks were put like days and days ahead? Didn't the police overreacted by tear gas and whatever when all these people want to do is to march from point A to point B to let their cause be known? Could there be any legal cause to sue and win this silly case? When has profit override our basic civil liberties? Even for one day? I believe this is not a true cause and anyone who joins the suit clearly exhibits an ignorance of what these demonstrators knew very well; that in Malaysia, a democratic country, we have rights and at least once a year, or once every few years, we must be allowed to think beyond commerce and profits to exercise our basic civil liberties. What a truly sad day if the case wins and we are forced to shut up and not make our feelings known just so tourists can buy a few more t-shirts for that day for a lousy so called RM500,000-00 profit. Seriously, RM500,000-00 profit? Did I read that right?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stunning transformation

Whilst I have always been very impressed with Korean plastic surgeons (or whereever the Korean actresses got the job done), this time I am very impressed with a mere snip of the hair, losing a few pounds and the magic of makeup. Presenting to you, the stunning looking Susan Boyle!!

Maybe a bit of photoshop but still looks natural.

More pictures HERE.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local roundup

Not much since can't say much.

Well for one I don't see why people can't march in peace in Malaysia. The problem is police and the authorities overreacting. If people want to walk peacefully from point A to point B for a certain issue close to their heart which affects national unity and the concept of 1Malaysia, why not? By giving all sorts of obstacles and arresting people it just makes things worst. Truth is I doubt our authorities know how to handle such a situation, the one called mass protest. Luckily we are not at that stage yet. Point is notices have been given way ahead about the peaceful march so I don't see how businesses would be affected since it was going to be affected anyway. One day less of business but a worthwhile reminder of our inalienable rights in a democratic country is worth the hassle, that much I believe. Moreover generally we are peaceful people, even if there are some who overreacts. Different PM, different slogan, different catchphrase but in the end same conclusion.

Then there's the news in today's newspaper which calls for a ban of sale of alcohol from 24 hour mart like 7-Eleven in Muslim majority area in Selangor. I pity the Selangor MB and all the oppositions. All of a sudden all attention on them when previously occupied seat by the out and out candidates of current party never seems to get THAT much of attention. Anyway my question is why have so little faith in your people? Why so little confidence in your beliefs? Apparently it is because young Muslims have been drinking heavily. As far as I know, there has been increased number of pre marital sex so well.. sex is banned I supposed, right? What about increased activity of dating? I mean proximity is frowned upon between 2 different sexes right? Do you ban dating?

Point is you must have faith in your people. Instead of practising "no see, no touch, no eat, everything ok" why not let temptation do its bid and let the tempted be untempted by physically rejecting the temptation? Alcohol exists and frankly drank in moderation it isn't bad. And moreover one is driven by the tenets and beliefs of ones own conviction so have a little faith I say. What's next then? Ban pork in the same area? Maybe it has been banned. Ban dogs? Ban other faiths? Where does it stop? I like to believe in the concept of 1Malaysia and I like to believe in the Selangor MB and I like to believe tolerance means having to put up with something even if it does not benefit you but it is the right of another. I believe the Selangor MB will come to a right decision and I believe in the next election I will not vote for PAS that can be extremist in their views (worse still they represent the faith! how intolerant!) and I will not vote for any party or anyone who will curb my right, even if I don't drink. Alcohol is no longer banned in the world and it is my right whether I chose to drink or not. As far as I am concerned, smoking is worse since it affects the one who doesn't smoke. Ban cigarettes then?

Then there's the poor man, a certain Mr Teoh found dead in a certain building after a certain "interview". Nothing much to say except hopefully there will be answers. Whether he was murdered or driven to suicide or whatever it may be, his last image when he entered the building (or was it leaving? He never left) was very haunting. I have never seen a more dejected hopeless looking face and it haunts me to know something happened to cause what happened to him. Something either so tremendously evil or tremendously hopeless, either which is terrible if you look at it. And all that debacle on whether his unborn child's birth certificate should list him as the father since he had yet to marry his fiance. I don't see the problem. Why can't his name be listed? He is already dead. It used to be that you must put a father's name no matter what, nowadays you can't unless with consent. Since the man's family consented, why not? Why make a fuss? Why cause further distress? I am sure the right decision will be reached, especially with the nation rallying for her and her unborn child.

And lastly AH1N1. More deaths. At the time of writing, is it 4? 5? Mostly children and seemingly normal healthy adults. Of course the papers highlighted words like obese or whatever but truth is it affects those who don't seem to be sick at all at first glance. Guess what? We have an acute failure on the part of our medical professionals as in none of them diagnosed these people either earlier or soon enough. I beg you all, any sign of fever (fever being predominant, flu maybe not) and headache and body ache but above all else high fever that does not subside with your panadol, no matter what, even if you look like an idiot and wastes money after all the tests, JUST GO TO THE HOSPITAL and get tested. If the doctor says come back 2 days later if still got fever, cough in his face and demand to get tested because we may have Tamiflu, but they're only effective if taken within 48 hours of getting that dreaded virus! True! Demand for it! After all you gonna pay right? So just say I WANT TO BE TESTED!!!!! Because who knows, you may have it, you may infect someone else and then a 10 year old child dies for no apparent reason other from the fact from the lack of due care that is supposed to be shown by these very same professionals. It is no joke. I read Daily Mail everyday and it is now like a pandemic in England. Avoid gwailos also I suppose and those who came back from gwailo areas. Luckily Cambodia is ok so I am fine although I had such a bad fall my knee is now swollen. Actually itchy and swollen. Anyway Malaysia has yet to reach epidemic so no worries about pandemic but the idea that you can just get tested, take a tablet and be ok is so simple, I can't understand why we can't just bloody do it!

Anyway end of local roundup.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Burning Flame III

Just saw some previews on this new series which yet again stars Wong He in an unrelated character to all his previous fireman character in part 1 and 2. From what I could see Part 1 he was happy go lucky buy with an ambition to become a fireman, part 2 he was a fussy single dad and in part 3 he is I suppose the brother of his character in part 1, that is very controlling and stubborn but not necessarily a bad guy. I am predicting his character will die, as in part 2, but in a more dramatic fashion.

As for Kevin Cheng, he doesn't look like a fireman to me and so I deem it a miscast. I doubt he can even carry the hose past 2nd floor. Somehow Wong He looked fit but Kevin much too thin. Alex Fong made one sexy fireman in part 2, Kevin just looks thin.

And Myolie should have been a firewoman instead of being the girlfriend in between 2 guys. Is it me or ever since she has become famous, she seems less interesting in her acting? What happened to her?

How to surf blocked sites

So called freedom in surfing the net and free flow of information, I am sure some of you may have realised one particular site which has been posting some seriously serious stuff on local politicians and issues have been blocked, which I didn't know at first. Apparently only Streamyx does it so that must mean something. Not to worry. Read this message carefully and unblock the blocked site. I believe in free flow of information. I don't understand how millions of porn sites can be left unattended and yet one site that posted some already known harsh truth is being uncreminously blocked. Judge it for yourself. Remember, surf wisely, don't believe everything you read but don't disbelieve either.

This is how to view all websites and get around the Internet censorship in Malaysia. First you need to find a proxy site, then go to it and enter the blog's URL = in the blank field then press enter. Here is a short list of proxy sites: or or or or or