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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The definition of family

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You can't choose who to have as your blood related family but sometimes you can choose who to support and first and foremost is of course your blood related family. This story shook me up badly because no one seems to notice the viciousness of the attack but just that the attack was vicious in a general sense. My blood boils to read the useless sister of the victim whispering I Love You to the man who stabbed her brother on the leg many times to the point he had only 50% blood left in his body and he may face amputation of his leg. Now usually there is nothing significant in what that violent brute did, after all people do often get stabbed on the legs, hands, etc. But this is different. Why I said the attack was particularly vicious is because the victim in question is an up and coming footballer from West Ham football club and for a footballer nothing is more important than a good pair of legs. This brute knew exactly to exact hurt in the worst way and in the worst possible manner; the legs. Now the victim's playing days may or may not be over, we don't know but what I do know is the attack was planned, malicious and vicious because it is meant to cripple and it is meant to destroy the career of this promising young man. Some papers did write that the attack was because the victim opposed to the union between the dumb and the dumber (who is who up to you to decide) and some hinted it may be racially motivated type of opposition. How convenient. Obviously the victim and family was right to oppose the man since he could do what he did later on (that is stab the leg of the victim) which shows he is naturally violent and intentionally malicious given the victim's budding career. It is like someone stabbing your hands when you're a budding pianist or cut your tongue when you're a singer. Any ordinary day these attacks itself are violent of course. And now guess what? That sister is pregnant. How completely and utterly useless piece of family and my blood still boils over the I Love You whisper. Clearly her priority is not right. Since the victim is young (only 26 and already married with a child) I am sure he will survive but his playing days may suffer a major setback. If this man is convicted I suggest the victim sue him for all he's worth (which really amounts to nil but at least the satisfaction of it...) and then disowning the useless sister. See if love can survive all ...

What a vicious attack even if it is Romeo & Juliet situation. I do not think the opposition was racially motivated. As a brother surely you want your sister to be with someone worthy of her, someone good and someone responsible and clearly the attacker is none of those. But probably I got one thing right; she did get someone worthy of her.

I really pity the brother (and the mother who got stabbed along the way and was quite serious but now ok) for having such a ... I think you know what word I am going to use so no point in repeating.

Anyway the joke of the day? I have a feeling he will be out of jail in a few months. How disgusting the state of affairs are these days eh?

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  1. Yeah, it's unbelievable how the sister can still stand by the man who did this to her brother.


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