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Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to surf blocked sites

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So called freedom in surfing the net and free flow of information, I am sure some of you may have realised one particular site which has been posting some seriously serious stuff on local politicians and issues have been blocked, which I didn't know at first. Apparently only Streamyx does it so that must mean something. Not to worry. Read this message carefully and unblock the blocked site. I believe in free flow of information. I don't understand how millions of porn sites can be left unattended and yet one site that posted some already known harsh truth is being uncreminously blocked. Judge it for yourself. Remember, surf wisely, don't believe everything you read but don't disbelieve either.

This is how to view all websites and get around the Internet censorship in Malaysia. First you need to find a proxy site, then go to it and enter the blog's URL = in the blank field then press enter. Here is a short list of proxy sites: or or or or or


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