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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local roundup

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Not much since can't say much.

Well for one I don't see why people can't march in peace in Malaysia. The problem is police and the authorities overreacting. If people want to walk peacefully from point A to point B for a certain issue close to their heart which affects national unity and the concept of 1Malaysia, why not? By giving all sorts of obstacles and arresting people it just makes things worst. Truth is I doubt our authorities know how to handle such a situation, the one called mass protest. Luckily we are not at that stage yet. Point is notices have been given way ahead about the peaceful march so I don't see how businesses would be affected since it was going to be affected anyway. One day less of business but a worthwhile reminder of our inalienable rights in a democratic country is worth the hassle, that much I believe. Moreover generally we are peaceful people, even if there are some who overreacts. Different PM, different slogan, different catchphrase but in the end same conclusion.

Then there's the news in today's newspaper which calls for a ban of sale of alcohol from 24 hour mart like 7-Eleven in Muslim majority area in Selangor. I pity the Selangor MB and all the oppositions. All of a sudden all attention on them when previously occupied seat by the out and out candidates of current party never seems to get THAT much of attention. Anyway my question is why have so little faith in your people? Why so little confidence in your beliefs? Apparently it is because young Muslims have been drinking heavily. As far as I know, there has been increased number of pre marital sex so well.. sex is banned I supposed, right? What about increased activity of dating? I mean proximity is frowned upon between 2 different sexes right? Do you ban dating?

Point is you must have faith in your people. Instead of practising "no see, no touch, no eat, everything ok" why not let temptation do its bid and let the tempted be untempted by physically rejecting the temptation? Alcohol exists and frankly drank in moderation it isn't bad. And moreover one is driven by the tenets and beliefs of ones own conviction so have a little faith I say. What's next then? Ban pork in the same area? Maybe it has been banned. Ban dogs? Ban other faiths? Where does it stop? I like to believe in the concept of 1Malaysia and I like to believe in the Selangor MB and I like to believe tolerance means having to put up with something even if it does not benefit you but it is the right of another. I believe the Selangor MB will come to a right decision and I believe in the next election I will not vote for PAS that can be extremist in their views (worse still they represent the faith! how intolerant!) and I will not vote for any party or anyone who will curb my right, even if I don't drink. Alcohol is no longer banned in the world and it is my right whether I chose to drink or not. As far as I am concerned, smoking is worse since it affects the one who doesn't smoke. Ban cigarettes then?

Then there's the poor man, a certain Mr Teoh found dead in a certain building after a certain "interview". Nothing much to say except hopefully there will be answers. Whether he was murdered or driven to suicide or whatever it may be, his last image when he entered the building (or was it leaving? He never left) was very haunting. I have never seen a more dejected hopeless looking face and it haunts me to know something happened to cause what happened to him. Something either so tremendously evil or tremendously hopeless, either which is terrible if you look at it. And all that debacle on whether his unborn child's birth certificate should list him as the father since he had yet to marry his fiance. I don't see the problem. Why can't his name be listed? He is already dead. It used to be that you must put a father's name no matter what, nowadays you can't unless with consent. Since the man's family consented, why not? Why make a fuss? Why cause further distress? I am sure the right decision will be reached, especially with the nation rallying for her and her unborn child.

And lastly AH1N1. More deaths. At the time of writing, is it 4? 5? Mostly children and seemingly normal healthy adults. Of course the papers highlighted words like obese or whatever but truth is it affects those who don't seem to be sick at all at first glance. Guess what? We have an acute failure on the part of our medical professionals as in none of them diagnosed these people either earlier or soon enough. I beg you all, any sign of fever (fever being predominant, flu maybe not) and headache and body ache but above all else high fever that does not subside with your panadol, no matter what, even if you look like an idiot and wastes money after all the tests, JUST GO TO THE HOSPITAL and get tested. If the doctor says come back 2 days later if still got fever, cough in his face and demand to get tested because we may have Tamiflu, but they're only effective if taken within 48 hours of getting that dreaded virus! True! Demand for it! After all you gonna pay right? So just say I WANT TO BE TESTED!!!!! Because who knows, you may have it, you may infect someone else and then a 10 year old child dies for no apparent reason other from the fact from the lack of due care that is supposed to be shown by these very same professionals. It is no joke. I read Daily Mail everyday and it is now like a pandemic in England. Avoid gwailos also I suppose and those who came back from gwailo areas. Luckily Cambodia is ok so I am fine although I had such a bad fall my knee is now swollen. Actually itchy and swollen. Anyway Malaysia has yet to reach epidemic so no worries about pandemic but the idea that you can just get tested, take a tablet and be ok is so simple, I can't understand why we can't just bloody do it!

Anyway end of local roundup.


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