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Monday, August 24, 2009

Up, UP & AWAY!!!

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If there are TWO movies you must watch this and next month, make them District 9 AND Pixar's UP. No finer and more different movies than these 2 that kinda talks about the same subject; humans and a sense of purpose I suppose. District 9 impresses me and the ending depresses me and I hope for a sequel. UP impresses me as well but the ending enlightens me. The first 15 minutes left me choking back the tears, in fact many scenes had me choking back the tears but the ending was simply superbly simple and yet rather happy. Both movies impressed me so much I just feel like writing the word impress like a million times. I will write reviews for both.

Anyway to illustrate how impressive UP was to me, I am embedding the soundtrack called Married Life that was featured in the first 15 minutes. Just listen to it and you kinda guess what the end means. Don't watch the 3D version. So expensive. The 2D version is great enough with such colours and details. The dogs were funny but the funniest was Alpha, and I don't know why but the chipmunk voice is like the oldest trick in comedy workbook and yet it is funny each and every time. If you think Pixar will tank, let me assure you UP is the best thus far for many reasons but the simplest is it is for the first time about humans predominantly, a grouchy old man, an enthusiastic young boy, a floating house with thousands of balloons, a crazy adventurist, some amazing dogs,a rather colourful bird and a view to die for. What more can you ask? Oh yeah, it also has great voice acting and the thing called storyline, even if it doesn't quite make sense sometimes. But that spirit of adventure in you will agree that things that doesn't make sense doesn't mean it is impossible or improbably. Everything starts with a simple thing called imagination.

Anyway, the music.. from UP called Married Life...


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