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Monday, May 31, 2010

All About Eve

I am rewatching All About Eve (that Korean series, you know starring a dude named Jang Donggun who caused "Tracks of my tears" on my cheeks?). What a fantastic rewatch and I was still shocked at how different one particular actress looked there than in Iris. Chae Rim is still fun to watch eventhough acting wise now is better whilst Jang Donggun, oh Jang Donggun, I so miss your chubby cheeks! Ok, I have stopped crying. He is happy and I am happy. Some series are worth revisiting!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Doha Debates : Comedy Special

I chanced upon this Comedy Special of the Doha Debates last night and I was laughing my head off! The motion is simple;

women are superior to men

I am sure the Doha Debates is a very serious platform for debate in the Arab nation amongst invited panelists. I was surprised to see many Arab men and women good naturedly laughed to the jokes, especially the Arab men. And the jokes were funny. The 4 panelists were...

For the motion, Maysoon Zayid, a Palestinian-American actress and stand-up comedian and Azhar Usman, an American Muslim and co-founder of the "Allah made me funny - Official Muslim Comedy Tour" and against the motion, , Robin Ince and Carrie Quinlan, both British comedians, actors and writers who actually never made any convincing arguments anyway. For the motion was with 67% with of course jokes aside an alarming 33% against the motion! We know the real world ain't that simple but for that 1 hours, it was incredibly funny!

Some of the highlights ...

"Men, you wouldn't even be here if it weren't for us. We brought you into this world and we can kill you"

"No one except women can nag a man to death. We just trick men to believe that we cannot do many menial jobs so that you can do it for us. Think of man with a tooth ache and a women going through labour pain. Most men can’t even go into the delivery room to stay with the wife during delivery."

“The reason why a woman prefers to have a female by her side is that we are always ready. She can remove her slippers even before a man takes out his pistol. I suffer from cerebral palsy and yet walk in heels, can you do that,” she (Maysoon Zayid) challenged the men.

"men in the West have to beg women to marry them, men in the East have to pay them because no (woman) would do that voluntarily."

"They (women) are more attractive and beautiful while men are...disgusting. It is inevitable for a man married as long as me to say women are superior"

"Have any of you ever been inside a Muslim household? You find the exact opposite (of what you expect). The woman is the terrorist and oppresses the man."

"What did the Spice Girls do with Girl Power? Did they use it to build advantages for their cause? No, they used it to get drunk and dance on tables."

"Men have always done the worst acts for women. The Trojan War was fought for a beautiful woman. The Black Death that left millions of people in Europe death was due to the women, who just wanted more spices and sent their men to see which at the end led to the tragedy… We need to check the quality of world leaders ever since women got voting rights to know their judgement. Global obesity, disease, climate change are all due to them"

"One of the easiest things in the world is to grow a beard for which one just doesn’t have to do any thing. Yet women can’t even get that right"

"Some of the world's greatest men have beards and women cannot grow them, Plato, Socrates, Da Vinci, Darwin and Shakespeare were prime examples of bearded superiority. And what's more they can grow them without any effort at all"

The audiences participated in the Q&A session and one particularly good question was "why, when the doctors' waiting rooms were full of women, the mortuaries were full of men" and I remember the British comedien, Carrie Quinlan quipped, and that was really the best answer was that men do not waste resources and time so they hurry up and die which is why mortuaries is full of men whilst waiting rooms is full of women!!

I wish I could find the videos but I couldn't. The whole argument about beards a proof of male superiority was just absurd but incredibly funny! I do think the British comediens were funnier than the other 2 but all were rather sporting so to speak.

Anyway read the report here and news report here.

Cinderella Unni's Kim Gab Soo & a bit about height

Now that he is dead (the character, not the actor), I think the one element I miss most in Cinderella's Stepsister is the father, Daesung. I love his interaction with the various characters in this series and I knew he was younger than he looked, being 53, only. What I didn't know was that he was the father in A Tale Of Two Sisters in 2003, which I suppose was Moon Geun Young's breakout role? She was so very young and chubby plain girl who can act of course. I had to look back at the poster and frankly I couldn't recognise the actor at all. He was also in Typhoon. I wonder which character? Since I never seen Typhoon, hard to tell. But who knew eh? Ok maybe you all did but I just couldn't recognise him. The movie was ultra slow. It could have been better with a faster paced story but the ending was shocking as it is intended to be. Anyway the picture ...

And something which I am sure you all already know. The actress on the right, Yeom Jeong-ah who is a better actress now than she was way back many years before was in Models with Jang Donggun. She so happened to be his long time girlfriend before they broke up also years ago. Anyway stumbled across this old interview of Jang Donggun. Interesting, and the height confirmation is also interesting. I really need to stand next to him to know. 181.4cm is about 5 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. You know what? He looks about that! But I hardly  believe it when I saw Fukuyama Masaharu is supposedly 180cm or 181cm which makes him slightly shorter. That I kinda dispute, so I think Masha is about 5 feet 11 inches or so (his die hard fans would say 6 feet or a bit higher but I dispute that since seeing him stand next to a supermodel with at least 4 inch heels, he was dwarfed by her) whilst Jang Donggun is 5 feet 9 or so. Why they all look so tall like 6 feet and above is because everybody else is so short. Anyway, at least now he isn't that lonely, with a baby coming along, it will be messy, noisy and eventful. And he need to work harder, earn more! And I want him to gain weight! High cheekbones due to rapid massive weight loss is not cool! I want chubby cheeks! Ko So Young,


I was watching Mysteries Of Love and I was a bit surprised by Kenneth Ma's height next to Tavia who is so very much shorter. But looking at his bio, it states 183cm which is about 6 feet tall. Raymond Lam is supposed to be 180cm. I think these numbers are impossible. I believe Raymond should be about 5 feet 7 or so. Kenneth... if he can stand next to Jang Donggun would be great but I think 5 feet 9 is a good estimate since he is a head taller than Raymond, Or maybe half a head. I read Ada is 5 feet 8. I doubt that. Kenix is supposedly 5 feet 5. I wonder where the forum-ners got the data because I can vouch that Kenix is more 5 feet 2 or so. I was standing next to her, she was wearing at least a 3 inch heels and even then she is barely my height. Why they all look so tall is because they're next to shorter people or because like Kenix, she was at that time so very very very very thin. Even Marco Ngai looked small but my shock was Wong Hei; tiny but he was also very very very very slim. That was many years ago anyway.

But Kenneth Ma, I think yes I think 5 feet 9 is about the right height even if it is difficult to judge since Tavia wasn't on heels, hence she looked tiny next to him.

Now what about Joe Ma?

6 feet 1 or 6 feet 2 the data says. I know Joe Ma is one of TVB's tallest actor but I think 6 feet is a safe estimate because everyone else doesn't look too short next to him. Moses Chan should be 5 feet 9 or so. I know he looks all, and he is for an Asian guy but 6 feet is too much. If Sammul Chan is 6 feet, Ron Ng should be slightly shorter or rather maybe Ron Ng has such bad posture next to the usually military style straight Sammul Chan. Is Sammul as tall as Moses? I doubt that but you never know. But I think Sammul is 5 feet 8 or so, Ron probably same height if not for his bad posture. Bosco can't be 5 feet 11 because then the women next to him must be quite tall. Kevin Cheng is supposedly 5 feet 9 but minus 2 inches is more like it.

I got the numbers here.

Since I have seen HK young men up close, I can say they're generally reasonable height. Not short at all as the older generation but not that tall. But they're taller than I thought they would be and I was expecting midgets you see. Ok, kidding. I know actors' heights are one unpopular subject and will be disputed but I really doubt the numbers I see for HK stars. If I were to take Jang Donggun's word for his height and he looks all even with his rather short neck and if I were to believe Fukuyama Masaharu, always the tallest guy in a row of Japanese idols is only 180cm, then the official numbers for HK actors must be much lower. I am not taking into account high heels for girls, sometimes high heels for men, and even bad postures. Some girls are really really petite, which is the right word to describe Kenix Kwok, Joyce Tang and yes, even Wong Hei!

I am supposedly 5 feet 4 inches tall, without heels. And I am mostly taller than most of my contemporaries but nowadays the young ones are getting taller and taller, and I mean without heels. But if in light of what I read about the numbers, maybe I should measure myself again. I think I will.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Serbian singer

Ever thought how Serbian singers look, sound and perform like? Now you got the chance thanks to Eurovision. For some reason I just can't take my eyes off him. His name is Milan Stankovic and frankly I never knew Serbians look like that.

Mysteries Of Love X Galileo

Re this news and this news. And the image below...

This post is getting way too long. For the contents and what is it all about, and believe me very good read, click the Read More link.

I would rather they say there is inspired elements than to say no plagarism because TVB follows Japanese follows the book. All came from the same book except in the books there wasn't Utsumi's character. But in defence of MOL, the whole formula on blackboard thing is I believe a common setting for all lecturers so it is of no big deal. I wonder did Ray wrote them?

But the room for Kingsley is indeed quite alike like Galileo's one, except TVB version does look more sterile and in a studio than the original which was very messy, like Yukawa never left it at all. Both have 2 floors, table in the middle, etc. But then I suppose all lecturers have such room? I would take that as a tongue in cheek reference to the original. I wonder is it also Lab 13 or something? That I feel is definitely inspired by and not copied. But the set... TVB has wonderful set designers, they didn't need to copy if they did!

And I saw the 1st episode. The introduction is similar to our original, no wonder there were some comments. The vests and all, except Ray's is younger fashion with white vest and pink shirt etc. And the hair... what more can I say?

Shoot me if you will but when Kingsley King (WHAT A HORRIBLE NAME!) first appeared with a serious but mild mannered looking Ray speaking very softly, my first impression was Kingsley is gay. I won't know why! I hope he becomes more masculine because he gives me an impression he is a bit effiminate. The hair didn't help either. How he was introduced to Tavia etc convinces me he is on the police's retainer and he was Kenneth's very good friend in school. Tavia as usual is a bit too eager in her role, a bit too animated and as I saw the previews, she will be even more animated. Was it under the direction of the director? I find the whole settings a bit like comedy except it isn't a comedy nor is it a drama. It is dramedy I suppose.

Truth is MOL is like any other crime series from TVB, except the tagline is physics/science when frankly that aspect to me is minimal. The problems posed in the series, thus far from the previews and ep 1 is not strictly and wholly physics in nature, science generally yes but like I said before any good police forensic and similar could have solved them, rather than retaining Kingsley whose assistance must be quite expensive.

One aspect I love about Galileo is the series may not show it but his assistance was always saying the board of professors weren't happy he wasn't completing his own job before helping the police purely out of his curiosity and how he was really under pressure to conduct seminars, lectures, mark papers, conduct researches whilst juggling his time with rock climbing, squash, interests, the police in the form of Utsumi bothering him all the time. I wonder will Kingsley face the same problems or is TVB's world of university lecturers their concept of time isn't 24 hours but 48 hours so they have more time than everybody else?

But like I said before, ultimately the 2 series is very different. The superficial sameness is there, sets, clothes, characters, cases but deep down they're very different. I cannot imagine Yukawa sensei asking Utsumi to pretend to be his girlfriend or being so good natured. I believe Yukawa sensei would sooner be without a date than to ask Utsumi out, a matter of ego I suppose. And likewise to Utsumi who will not be so polite to him.

Ray's Galileo so to speak is good natured, all round great guy without much flaws. He will be very popular as audiences do like a nice guy. Likewise Masha's Galileo is also a good man even if he has his quirks and why audiences fell for him other than the obvious good looks is that despite everything in the end he always approaches all cases with logic and an eerie detachment although we know some cases do affect him deeply, such as in Suspect X. He is not super human and is terribly flawed.

So yes I will be watching MOL, 1 year from now and yes I will still compare and contrast but I walk away knowing these two are different and yes I do think Galileo is one of the most unique series with great characters that I have ever seen. The crimes are smart and the explanation even if out of this world is as smart.

So do watch both and maybe you will understand why the fans of Galileo aren't pleased with what MOL is doing but to the dissenting fans, like myself I would like to remind myself nothing is ever original but at least there is always something new to look forward to. FYI, even Japan news is reporting on this plagarism as they call it. That is huge and great publicity for MOL, which explains the ratings but whether it can sustain itself depends entirely on the later contents. I believe Ray alone is a ratings magnet.

There is something else I wanna say that I can't remember. I will update this post when I do.

Ahhh yes, I totally disagree with Tavia's "Also the love story of the main leads in "Mysteries" is richer.". It isn't. Galileo is actually a story about more than love and is as rich. But since Ray and Tavia didn't watch the original and probably would never since they're very busy to even watch any series at all, they wouldn't know. And that is the problem with TVB series these days. Love love love even in the face if great subject matter it is always love love love. My complain about MOL isn't about the whole copying anymore but rather the lack of imagination on the writers and giving us the same old TVB stuff. Can't we move away from love?

{ADD] I finally remembered what I wanted to say. Sorry, old age, what to do? I actually wanted to say that this is not the first Japanese series that TVB copied, there was one blatantly if I remembered correctly many years ago, Kenix and Lawrence Ng as a divorced couple? Anyway perhaps Galileo is a famous that is too famous that TVB simply forgot sometimes it is either better to be brutally honest as to say YES we are adapting Galileo (kill the BS about inspired, that is hollywood of telling fans of a certain book that is being adapted that we ain't following the book) rather than WE did not copy, not plagarise. That will solve the problem. In fact 3 years down the road Galileo is still fresh in netizens' mind. Which is why it is always wiser to take elements from a less well known series, same way of singing a less well known song by Faye Wong singing note for note the same as the original singer, Cranberries for Dreams (the title I am not sure). In fact THAT was blatant plagarism.

See the scan below which I assume is HK press...

Original size here

Not fair about the pose since Masha's one is based on a famous scientific hand posing something whilst Ray's one is "hmmmmm". Also not fair to link Ray to the so called plagarism accusations since it ain't his fault. His Galileo is not the same as Masha's one. But blame TVB. Well, this is like free publicity for MOL. Now even more will tune in and anyway also free publicity for Fukuyama Masaharu who is having the time of his career right now! Maybe TVB never knew just how famous he is? Well now we all know. He does have a very strong fanbase in HK itself, that I can tell you!

I would love if some would compare wardrobe, not who is nicer (Masha's is) but who is more expensive! For example, find out just how expensive it is to be Yukawa sensei. Our theory is he has a sugar mommy if not how on earth Yukawa sensei can afford all THAT!


Must listen to this radio show in HK and how Japan is accusing TVB of plagarising too much! Entire show discusses about the accusation of plagarism and all. You judge. Anyway download here (post #415 page 28). 

Some snippets.

- TVB is still saying just inspired, not plagarised but the hosts did rightly pointed out how can then the sets look alike? Like I said, just say a tribute! Anyway we have pro and con in this show. I agree on the characters BUT the sets, etc I have to say I side with the Japanese media. 

- Apparently the Japanese media are quite pissed off with the whole plagarising thing.

- But the radio hosts are quite rude in the way they talked about Raymond Lam, the HK version of Yukawa sensei. "Lam Fung said he never watched the Japanese version. Seriously?" and one other host interjected saying "Like he as never done plastic surgery to his face?" Ouch! Raymond Lam did his nose some years back, though he never admitted it but everybody knows.

- But it is quite funny the way they say about the comparisons and the way they said "HK watching Japanese series, yes not strange but what is strange is Japanese watching TVB series! How can that happen?! Can they even get reception of TVB series? I tell you, it is ultimately Lam Fung's fault!!" 

- and also "Sorry our Japanese friends but that's the way it is, yours are not the first TVB has plagarised. What about ATV (I heard ATV)? Sorry lar, but that's the way it is" 

- and of course they did suggest "Maybe Raymond Lam and Fukuyama Masaharu can sing a duet a song, the themesong of that series! Will win Asian awards!". 

- "We (Hong Kong-ers) just love A stuff!" and A is artificial or also for pirated stuff!! 

Wow, very critical.

I was right! Red wine over men talk in a pub! Vests and bow ties are status symbols of academics! Kenneth Ma's shirt unbuttoned to dangerous level! He is TVB's new sex symbol. If he sexy? You decide. Hairstyle whilst working, ponytail! Got bag! Right again! Casual dress, expected that already. Japanese are more formal, they wear everything suit for all sort of work. What I didn't expect; "Kings", that the name Ray is called. I sat there with my mouth opened; "Kings". Oh dear... as for the lab... yes it is quite the same but also quite sterile and quite dangerous looking with all the wire hanging everywhere. As if the lab was never finished and looks a bit too young for an old professor's lab which Kings later inherited. Was told there is a big debate going on about this series and whatever it may be, 2 benefited from it; TVB because ratings will go high due to curiosity and whether it can sustain that will now depend on the quality of the series (episode 1 is never the best judge of quality; it almost always suck) and of course Fukuyama Masaharu or as HK-ers call him, Fook San Nga Tzi. Now everybody who knows him knows more and those who doesn't, what are you waiting for?  Do catch Galileo after you finish with Mysteries Of Love. Oh dead, Tam Ching Shuet On. I hated the title. I though the original Shall We State The Case (that's the one right?) was better.

What about RayDa?

I know you all are fans of CharRay, some FungYi but just wondering what about RayDa?

Just asking...

The answer is HELL NO!

Why is it in a Chinese production the lead actor is Korean? So his voice usually Korean actors have deep baritone voices has to be dubbed? And why must they find someone like THIS to portray my perfect Prince Charming that is Hyun Chul? And why must Chae Rim sell herself by guest starring in what I believe is a half bake remake or shall I use TVB's term, inspired by the original? Chae Rim, RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let it be! I don't see Jang Donggung doing a guest appearance and he was the life, soul, blood and everything of All About Eve. But what I don't understand is how can someone looking so unwashed can be Hyun Chul  (looking at the official photos)? Has standard of Prince Charming dropped to such low expectations these days? What happened to well shaven well groomed well dressed and good decent hair cut for prince charming? All About Eve is a series, the series that made me weep buckets; because I can never find a man as perfect as Hyun Chul. Now it is destroyed by the image of well... that ..I don't know what to say.

Anyway the news here and here. Here is the official page I think.

And by the way I have been watching Cinderella's Stepsister and reading the synopsis and recaps and I wonder is it me or has this series run out of steam? It is nearing the end and yet everybody is dancing in circles and it just never seems to have some sort of closure? I really believe the story originally conceived has been changed substantially as the series is written as it is filmed and I just can't stand the repetetive questions with non answer and the whole love square (not even triangle, now it seems to be branching out to octagon if you want my honest opinion). It has its moments in excitement but in the end I just feel the story is not enough to justify the length.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Why did I go and google Rosy Business? Now I know the bloody ending! But still wanna watch because knowing is different from seeing! But yeap yeap, Safe Guards stamped all over it! But only big scale Safe Guards. I do love this series at this moment but if you really wanna know, I think Rosy Business in itself is rather flawed. Will discuss more when I finish the series.

Are you reading my Episodic Thoughts? I think this is one where I really tried my best to recap and comment rather little. Not good!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can you spot evil?

A rather interesting mail for those who are not familiar with crimes and serial killers. The following are a series of mugshots, some are ordinary people or crimes of lesser gravity. Guess ...

1. which one will eventually become a very famous murder victim in an unsolved crime

2. which one is a celebrity

3. which three were actually notorious serial killers you have
read/heard about before aka complete psychos and pure evil reborn

4. which one assaulted his fiancee for not making the correct cheese sandwich

Can you spot evil when they stare you right in the eyes? No googling. Better if you can identify their names for 1-4. Some are just random mug shots by the way.










The answer is after Read More link. But if you haven't guessed, try first before looking at the answer!

Glad to know evil does have a face that one can spot! But some weren't accurate although majority wise most are correct.

The answer ...

Random mugshots are A, D and H. I don't know who they are, could be notorious criminals for all I know.

Answer to 1 is I. She was also called Black Dahlia but her real name was Elizabeth Short. She was murdered in 1947 where the murderer is still unknown but probably dead by now. Before you go googling her name, be forewarned, her death was very very gruesome. Reading the details gave me nightmares and I had the misfortune of having such burning curiosity that I googled for images and frankly I couldn't sleep for a few days. Yes just so you know her body was cut into two at the waist and she was naked, spread eagled in the fields for all to see. And more gruesome details I rather not remember but look it up and you will find it. As for the hollywood movie of the same name, frankly a total disappointment and nothing in it at all. Sometimes real life is scarier than movies.

Answer to 2 is E and he is Frank Sinatra!! Poor guy, does he look like a gangster? I suppose everybody does back in those days.

Answer to 3 are B, C & G and none of them is Ted Bundy. These 3 are masterclass when it comes to evil personified, each specialising in certain killing preference and victims. I am not sure who is the sickest. If I am not mistaken G is still in prison whilst B and C both died years ago in mental institution I think. You can read about them here although for more information, just google their names.

B is Albert Fish and he killed circa 1920s to 1930s. He seemed like a kindly old grandfather and considered a good father to his I think 6 children but privately he was a sadomasochistic paedophile. Really sick monster. Safe to google for images but you will come across a letter he wrote to the mother of a murder victim and how he taunted her.

C is Ed Gein, circa 1947 to 1957. He didn't rape but rather he killed women. Remember Silence Of The Lamds? Remember Psycho? Remember TExas Chainsaw Massacre? Those movies? You can say Ed Gein was the basis of all movie version's serial killer who has a mommy complex. I would advise you NOT to google for images because the first you will see is the picture of a woman hanged upside down like those you see of slaughtered cows in the market, minus the head and internal organs. So don't unless you really is up to it. He also liked to skin the women and make ornaments, wear their skins to be a woman and chopped off limbs and attach them to furnitures for decoration. He died in a mental institution in his 70s. The thing about serial killers like him  is once in an institution they seemed docile. But I remember reading though quiet and a model prisoner, whenever a nurse walks by his eyes would trail her movements. Scary!

G is Gary Ridgway and he is known as the The Green River Killer who rapes and kills in the early 1980s. His specialty is prostitutes and he dumps their body at a particular place. He is still alive and in prison. Also another sicko.

Answer to 4 is F. I lost the link to the original news but he was the man who had an over-reaction when his wife made him the wrong sandwich; I think he bit off her finger or something.

The rest are just random mugshots.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The real Mysteries Of Love

I am not talking about Galileo but the TVB series itself, airing tomorrow and I have been watching the previews. Why is it that it always start with someone we know got framed?

Anyway the previews are better than the awful trailers. However it is rather typical to see an entire department deployed to investigate one case and Ray as Kingsley following them. So I suppose the Galileo in this Chinese version is of course official employed by the HK police force! I am still getting used to his nerdy hairstyle but TVB, why reduce Ray's hotness with that silly hair? Give him the Japanese/Korean makeover; give him Gatsby and fabulous hair! And unbutton some of the buttons!! Anyway I just have this feeling for that few previews I see what Ray's character is doing is not physics related or strictly science related but rather police force ballistic whatever's job. Isn't he a bit too smart for ordinary problems? Give him a difficult one, like the one Galileo himself did not solve because the series ended; the one where Utsumi says a man jumped out of the building and disappeared mid air! Now that is something Kingsley should answer and not like how the fingerprints disappeared from the evidence, why the wind is blowing in the hallway of an apartment, why shooting sounds can't be heard from certain angle... come on! The police can answer that! Is this gonna be like Kingsley is smart, the police are dumb? And why is Kenneth in every single scene I see? He should investigate elsewhere, let Tavia be the communicator with Kingsley, don't butt in! And every scene I see Bernice, she bares her back, etc. I know, a very big role for her which requires real acting like taking off the clothes. Sorry but I am just annoyed Bernice whom I like as a person but dislike as an actress is in here for I wonder what reason? Representation of lust? Wouldn't it be nice she is Kingsley's love interest? It shows nerdy physics professor is only human and not demi god as this series will show him to be. For me Mysteries Of Love looks like any investigative drama with some hilarious names. But I suppose never judge a book by its cover and its cover is Galileo and I have high hopes if I see it that way. So I shall throw away the Galileo reference because I know now except for wardrobe, character gender and some cases, Galileo and Mysteries Of Love are not the same at all. Like I said TVB took the "piu min" and stripped away all the uniqueness and goodness of it all and then revamp it into something so TVB which I feel is so unoriginal in that sense. They could have just replaced Ray's face with Bobby's and we have Forensic Heroes 4 except we are not dealing with dead bodies here but science related questions. Even in Galileo I was complaining some aren't even physics related but this one...

But I like to talk about the "piu min" stuff where I saw one scene Tavia observing Ray's sleeping, which of course is an important scene in every budding romance story right? The difference is this is in a car whilst in Galileo, it was on a bed.


But let me guess ...

1. Everyone will confess, and shall confess fully and we shall see the confession scene

2. the police when interrogating will fold their arms across the chest with death stare eyes

3. some major character will be hurt/die/kidnapped/disappear/involved in the mystery itself/fly away/come back/depart/reunite/family will be threatened

4. The police and gang will go to pubs for drinks, beer probably whilst Ray doesn't drink BUT his academic family will drink wine and speak in sporadic English just because they're academic whilst the police are portrayed as either not smart/dumb/not logical/not patient

5. Everyone will have nicknames for everyone in the police force

6. Confirmed that Kenneth and Ray were best friends in secondary school where Kenneth sacrificed himself by being kicked off school and I suppose that is the basis why Ray helps Kenneth?

7. Confirmed that Ray wins awards, has accolades, comes from rich family of academics I suppose and is probably those type that every girl wants but of course TVB would like you to believe Raymond Lam is not hot, not cool, not a babe magnet. Puh-leaseeeeeeeeeee, likewise that Kenneth Ma is handsome and a total babe magnet because he is hot, sexy, playboy. Is this like the way they're trying to convince us with Moses Chan? They're gentlemen, aren't that sexy enough?

8. Let me guess what is Bernice's role in here and let me guess in the end she will die in some mysterious ways? If not .. wait! she is the reporter, well she will die investigating a case?

9. Each case will last about 2 episodes or 3 maybe. Thus far haven't seen any special guest star sort of routine like in Galileo which is something I hope to see in Mysteries of Love

10. The last episode will involve big case, but who am I to complain? In Galileo the last 2 episodes involved a plot to bomb half of Tokyo so that is like overkill so I expect that with TVB but not with a bomb. And of course the last episode either Bernice dies and if she doesn't die, she will end up with Kenneth whilst Ray and Tavia will not end up together. Because if they do, Mysteries Of Love 2 will mean Tavia will die because the trend is always someone new replaces someone old and I don't see our "hero" being bumped off. Unless they don't want a sequel (already this one has its controversies) then Ray and Tavia will end up being very friendly together, impliedly there may be a budding relationship between them. Tavia doesn't always end up with the man she loves in her series, sans Moonlight Resonance (that "incestous" relationship). I hope though they do end up together, because in a sequel Tavia can always leave the country to study elsewhere and halfway through we are told they separated.

One thing for sure! Ray will sing the themesong, if there is one.

We shall see...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rosy Business Episodic thoughts

Sorry if I seem distracted as I kept thinking the name Kingsley King Bok and the really crazy English title and the even crazier Chinese title. Oh dear...

Anyway just a reminder that the Episodic Thoughts for Rosy Business has already started and I feel I have been quite detailed in my recap! Not as conversational as in Moonlight Resonance but still I feel rather satisfying, and good that I remember the story but sometimes the timeline may be a bit off. Anyway now at episode 6. Remember to just log in every Monday to Friday sometime after midnight or latest by 5pm the next day. So far very few discussion or comments so do comment if you have something to add to the recap!

A matter of principle

I went to a local kopitiam (as in those who wants to emulate the old time kopitiam but the price is at least double the old time kopitiam) and first of, I can never understand why anyone doing business would want incompetent staff to serve people? Incompetent as in language barrier. Malaysia is now a mecca for foreign workers who works hard to memorise the menu but what about personal service? Who can explain what is that certain food? And then comes the reason for my post.

Ever notice middle class establishment (not too expensive, not the cheap ones) always shortchange you? True! A meal comes to RM1.45, for example. You pay RM2.00 and how much you should get back? According to Malaysia, it is 50 cents and our maths is amazing eh? It used to be the 1 sen problem. Now it is 5 sen problem. They always shortchange by 5 sen, saying no 5 sen. Well, if pasar malam uncle can say "You don't have 5 sen? I discount 5 sen lar!" or pay back 60 sen (meaning extra 5 sen back), why can't these tax paying restaurants do the same?

I know, 5 sen, such a small amount, why make a big issue? Well imagine 3 meals a day, 365 times a year, times by however many customers they have, and imagine who gets paid extra? See it as a tip? Why should I? Didn't I just pay service tax? And why should I give tips to useless staff who can't even explain the menu?

It is in the end a matter of principle. And I hope young and old, next time you're shortchanged 5 sen, ask the cashier, where is my 5 sen? No? Why not discount the 5 sen or give me back 10 sen? You won't get back your 5 sen but you will get your point across. Some may whisper "What a bitch", customers included but in the end the stupid ones are those who just let it go. And it is time we shouldn't.

By the way I got back my 5 sen.

The original Mysteries Of Love

I can hardly believe this series was in 2007, that is almost 3 years ago and the movie in 2008. I could watch them all again and still feel it is relevant. The first episode is still the best and I do miss all those scribblings of the formula, etc and the whole hand on his face pose. In light of the hot topic that is Mysteries Of Love, I like to remind myself of the original with a much cooler name, Galileo and his famous " Jitsuni omoshiroi" (roughly, "That is amusing")  ...

Apparently his real handwriting. Further, the theories are real.

Young Galileo

My favourite photo of all Galileo, except for that Suspect X poster picture ...

From Suspect X actually

And Tavia Yeung's character in the Japanese version, Utsumi Kaoru and Kenneth Ma's equivalent that is Kusanagi Shunpei.

Bernice's character is entirely new for the TVB version. In fact Kusanagi's story is minor in Galileo series.

Favourite Scene
One of my favourite, Utsumi cooks for Yukawa and either he loved it but couldn't bring himself to compliment her or as I suspect it, it was awful and couldn't tell her the truth but she was very pleased with herself.

The Themesong
By Fukuyama Masaharu, sung by the lead actress Shibasaki Kou, called Kiss Shite (pronounced as Kissu Shite meaning Kiss Me). Translated lyrics here.

The Subsongs
Instrumental from the series, Kakusei moment

Instrumental from the movie
99, my favourite thus far which you can listen here

Themesong from the movie
Saiai or Beloved/Deepest Love which you can find the lyrics here

Watch The Series, Movie, Special
Interested in watching this? Excellent English hardsubbed, movie version, special version all can be found here!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too bizarre

I just don't know what to think of THIS STORY. It is not April 1st so it can't be a joke. You have to read it and tell me, how can anyone stand having a 6 inch handle in her buttocks for TWO years and not well, just go to a doctor and point it out? HOW?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Polymer Clay & Epoxy Resin : Supplies

I remember I once posted my frustration in getting supplies for my Clay and Resin hobby and frankly I still have problems locating some stuff. So for fellow budding clay-ists and Resin-ists, I hope this post will ease your worries a bit. All if you're in KL region.

Where on earth do I buy Polymer Clay?
You know, we have limited supplies of shops that sell Polymer Clays. Depends on the brand.

You can find an assortment of Premo clay at Craft Haven which sells mainly scrapbooking stuff. Some at Multifilla.

Sculpey III
Craft Haven and the super expensive Art Friend

Wide selection at Multifilla. Used to sell a lot of Premo as well but the owner told me they're not ordering PREMO anymore since they have a lot of FIMO and FIMO Soft.

Craft Haven

Sculpey Studio clay
Bigger, colour more vibrant but lesser selection than Sculpey III. At Craft Haven.

Hearty, and similar
Multifilla, Art Friend, Craft Haven, even Popular Bookstore at Leisure Mall (but Korean brands only)

Sukerukun, the most translucent one ever
None in KL. Can buy from Etsy, a seller from Singapore sells it, reasonably priced.

I prefer FIMO by the way, more transparent.


Craft Haven has them but each time I go, no stock so I am not sure if they're adding the stock

Glue to bind uncured clay together
Don't buy the expensive Sculpey one made for this. The liquid clay itself can do.

Epoxy glue
Anywhere also got

Jewelry grade glue
E6000 I think it is called? Art Friend.

GLASS BEADS/Irisdescant whatever
That you often see on top of Clay cupcakes, etc. You can buy online or if you're willing to splurge a lot, like RM160-00 a lot but for I believe 12 bottles of different glass beads, there is a shop at One Utama that sells such stuff. It is not Craft Haven, but before you reach the Cinema, I believe it is situated opposite some Pizza restaurant. I will repost when I do go back to One Utama.

Craft Haven has it but is RM20 more expensive, around RM50. Multifilla has the same, around RM30.

Silicone Molds
Blue in colour, rubber like, food grade
Craft Haven, but very expensive, about RM130 for small container

Plaster In Paris
Or Something like that. Rigid. Art Friend. Don't faint when you look at the price. Craft Haven which has some more materials to make molds. I think Multifilla has it too.

What's the difference between Sculpey Mold Making and those silicone molds?
Flexibility. Sculpey Mold has to be baked at 130 celcius like any clay and is rigid and hard once cold. So it won't be of much help for resin making purposes. Silicone molds are like rubber molds, flexible and is to me wonderful. Moreover silicone molds needs to be mixed in equal parts (for putty that is) and will cure in 10 minutes or so.No need to bake.

What's the difference between putty and what the other one?
I think RTV or something. Putty is more solid. The other one is like pour on silicone, great for making bracelet molds and all. I have yet to find any craft store selling this in KL or Selangor. Frankly I haven't checked Multifilla. They may have it.

Such as Sculpey Mold, Fimo Mold
Craft Haven got some but Multifilla got more

For clay. Some at Multifilla but much much more, Makin's brand at Craft Haven. But expensive. Cheaper cutters can be found at your nearest Bakery supply shop which I found one near my home with the cutters and all. Meant for cookies but can be used for clay and the size is just right.

Like those triangle, etc. NONE in Malaysia thus far. Why I do not know. So you need to get them on Ebay or Etsy. Not expensive when comes to shipping but the molds themselves are expensive when converted to MYR. For lesser quality ones and much cheaper like RM2, go to your bakery store. I found some molds to make HEART shapes. Or go to your 100Yen store and buy silicone ice cube tray with strawberry shape, etc. Or make your own clay shape, bake it, cure it, buy silicone putty and make your own mold.

PearlEx Powders
Ahhhh so beautiful, totally obsessed with such powders. Find them all at Craft Haven, each around RM9 something. One time I went during discount and got them at RM7 per bottle. Still expensive by American standard but in Malaysia that is cheap. Craft Haven also sells Embossing powders, a huge range too.

Pearl Powders, Glitters
Not exactly PearlEx. Art Friend has a lot of Glitters, specifically one called Crystal Glitter which is amazing when used on resin BUT also heart attack expensive. Cheaper version can be found at Multifilla, including Pearlised Powder. Cheaper, not cheap.

Epoxy Resin
In  all Ebay and Etsy, it is HAZMAT! So if it is not in Malaysia, gone case lar! But got! For jewelry purposes also. As in Clear Casting Epoxy Resin. Two places. Multifilla at RM60 but you need to invest in 2 plastic bottles and pour out the contents yourself. Very messy. Art Friend, which carries the branded one, Envirotex Lite but big bottle, around RM160. Both comes to same conclusion; flat clear epoxy resin. Has to be mixed in a ration of 1:1. No smell but don't go sticking your nose into the hardener, you will be reeling from the chemical smell for a few hours, like I did.

What is the difference between Epoxy resin and some other resin such as Doming resin?
Epoxy will create a flat effect, meaning it will level itself when poured. Primarily used to coat tables. Doming when poured on say scrabble tiles or those made with clay will create a dome like effect, magnifying the sayyy paper you put inside. Very beautiful. Unfortunately no one in KL sells doming resin, you will need to buy online and only 1 will deliver to Malaysia and that is Annie Howes. The price without the shipping charge is fair but shipping charge is a bit more expensive so you better buy more stuff from her just to make the shipping charges worth the price.

Transparent Dyes or Opaque Dyes for Resin
Opaque you can make yourself by using oil paint plus some Titanium White into it. Transparent not quite so need to use Transparent Dyes not sold in Malaysia unfortunately. Do not use water based!

Measure cups
That you see whenever people talk about resins. None in KL. None at all!! BUT Multifilla boss says "Ahhhh use clear plastic cup also can one lar!" which is true. I haven't had a bad resin mix so far although messy ones yes.

Wooden stir sticks
Aka ice cream sticks but smaller. Craft Haven. Bigger ones? Anywhere also got.

Craft papers
The ones you see embedded into rings, etc. No need to buy expensive ones. Get wrapping paper will do. For the cutters as in cut round ready shapes, etc, you can find these at Art Friend or more reasonably priced at Craft Haven. Usually used for scrapbooking.

Bail Pendants
If you mean glue on type as in Aanraku, apparently Asians do not like those, only Americans do. We like Pinch bails apparently, Why I do not know. So for glue on bails, you will need to buy from Ebay or Etsy international.

Usual findings
My friend say you can buy from Chinatown. I am looking for ball chains so I suppose I will update this when I do find them.

Inclusions for Resin 
Easy! Can use anything. Just make sure you dab a bit of alcohol (a bit only!) or use acrylic spray or decoupage glue (clear clue, thinned, Mod Podge which to me isn't that expensive since I use very little and leaves the hassle of making my own glue using water and wood glue or similar), let it dry completely before putting them into the resin. Anything! Candy! Hair! Sprinkles! Your tiny polymer stuff! Your real baked cupcake!

For everything else
Local etsy and ebay, websites. Not that they're cheaper but delivery is cheaper, RM5 or RM6 flat so that is good.

Clay related tools
Go to Multifilla, tell the uncle or auntie there what you like to make and they will recommend a tool. Ask for a set which will be cheaper than individually sold. Don't bother asking for discount because as it is they're selling about 10% cheaper than usual market price.

Pasta Machine for Clay
Art Friend but branded and expensive. I saw one at Multifilla.

Acrylic Roller
Hate using a bottle to roll your clay? Get an acrylic roller. Multifilla

Plexiglass/Marble/Acrylic cover
To roll your clay on it. Multifilla

Baking Paper/Parchment/Greaseproof paper
Only one place have all these, TESCO. Don't bother with JUSCO. All you get is Aluminium Foil.

Glue gun
As in Glue TRIGGER Gun. All 1 temperature only and is reasonably priced at around RM12 or so. Find it at Art Friend and Multifilla. If you want a high tech one get Dremel Glue Gun, about RM150 or so I suppose? But can only buy online and can't even use in Malaysia also without a Step Down Transformer or Voltage.

Yes, the pain with resin is you need to DRILL it to make a hole. Apparently pin vise won't do unless you have the arm of the Hulk. One drill machine that is perfect for this hobby which will also buff it, like sandpaper like function, cut, drill, etc is the Dremel Stylus. I want one, sold in Malaysia for RM530!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only one place sells it. Can buy online at half the price plus shipping cost which comes to RM350 or so BUT you need a step down transformer (Ace Hardware has that at RM60)for the charger. I so dream of Dremel Stylus....

As in LIQUID thermometer, that's what you want as it is super accurate. Can use for baking also if you want. Don't bother with other oven thermometer, off by at least 20 celcius sometimes. Sorry but not in KL. I bought mine at Ebay International (USA), expensive but I didn't want to due of fumes from burnt clay so it was a smart investment.

Professional Baking Rack
For your clay beads. Very useful, a good investment for me. Again not in Malaysia so you will need to buy at Ebay which is to me fair price except the delivery price is oh so expensive!

Craft Haven, so many type of varnish

Acrylic Paint/Oil Paint/Chalk Pastel/Oil Pastel
Anywhere also got, but artistes one, all 3 shops have them in abundance. Popular Bookstore at Leisure Mall got also.

When to use Acrylic/oil/chalk/pastel?
For Polymer Clay itself, you can paint a cured clay with Acrylic paint. For baked effect, use Chalk pastel. To mix with the clay itself, a bit of acrylic won't kill you but better use oil paint but little bit is enough.

For resin or Liquid clay, do not use acrylic though a little won't kill you. As acrylic is water based, and resin or liquid clay cure by heat, some say that is not good. So safer bet is on oil paint or shave a bit of oil pastel but not nice. I prefer oil paint than oil pastel.

Acrylic Spray
Art Friend so far but I haven't check the others

What else? Can't think of anything else. You got something you want to find? Maybe I have tried looking for it before and I can tell you where. You've got something you know where to find? TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

Lot S211 (2nd Floor),
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,

Tel/Fax number
+603 – 7727 3541

Located in the middle wing, sort of. The sales assistance there are helpful and one in particular knows what she is talking about. Got membership, can get 10% discount and sometimes sales for members, extra 10% and on birthday month further 10% I was told. Also bring the Craft Haven bag instead of using the shopping bags, you get extra member points. For what reason I am not sure. Opens everyday, even during holidays.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – We are now at The Gardens @ Mid Valley City!
Third Floor Lot T-213
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: (603) 2284 7777
Fax: (603) 2284 7577

Conveniently at the Gardens. Very near the Food Court on level 3. Got membership, get 10% discount. Been to many art places and this one simply infuriates me. The sales assistance offers zero support. Ask them for glue gun, they show me something else. Ask them what is alcohol based and even the I think senior sales or whatever doesn't seem to want to entertain me. The prices are expensive, but they have things that others don't. Don't bother asking them. Just know what you want and go find it yourself. I find the sales assistance gives the place a bad name for being utterly clueless about what they're selling. Opens everyday.

No 1, Jalan 2/2,
Taman Industri Selesa Jaya,
Balakong, 43300 Selangor Darul Ehsan,

:: 603-89613686
:: 603-89613658
:: 603-89613657

Closed during holidays, and Sundays. Open from Monday to Saturday, until 4.30 pm only. I believe this is a family business and they have got at least 90% of stuff there that you will need and more. Ok, they don't have doming resin or measuring cups and Pearlex Powders. They don't have membership, no discounts as they sell like 10% cheaper already. Accepts credit card for I think above RM100-00 only and although the place is messy, it is a mecca for arts enthusiast. Yes they only sell 1 brand or 1 type or 1 choice but usually that's the one you want. If not there's always learning to love that 1 brand. The Husband and Wife team I believe (in case I am wrong I shall call them auntie and uncle) knows what they're selling. The uncle especially. Tools, and stuff, just ask them. Let's say you know what you want, just ask where to find the stuff. You don't know what you want? Well ask them! One time I went there almost every week, forgetting about one thing or another, to the point I feel rather shy going there. I quietly asked "Do you have like a thing for me to roll clay on?" and immediately the auntie went "Marble tile? Small one only." I asked "Is there a what you call? Plexiglass??" and she said "YES, many sizes" and I was like so happy.Don't be turned off by the mess, they're not selling second hand stuff. But after a while when you want variety, you have to move beyond Multifilla of course. And they're very friendly as well and when I ask alcohol (something I asked Art Friend and they were like blank), the uncle said "Got, but very big bottle" which didn't suit me at all so I didn't buy. Be ready to bring RM300 when you go there because believe me there is always something you will want to buy even if you don't plan to buy. The place is difficult to find for first timers or those not from that area. They have a map at the website.

Findings are always better to buy in bulk online as it is cheaper compared to in store. Wires, tiger tails, etc. I was told Chinatown got but I have never checked. I mean all the ones below must be getting their supplies somewhere. I was thinking if I can find that, I will open my own supply store!

For findings, wire, etc. A bit more expensive than the one below...

For findings, clay stuff. Slightly cheaper than above. Best is RM5 flat rate delivery price. 

For findings, reasonably priced. This is the one I was very impressed with the packaging.

Thai lady I believe living in Malaysia. Very helpful, reasonable price, fast delivery, for findings.

For more specialised stuff, and everything else, Ebay and Etsy is the way to go. Do you want me to post about Etsy and Ebay as well? That will include international sellers. If you wanna know, then I will continue this post later on.

Pos Malaysia

I have been using a lot of services from Pos Malaysia, whether normal post or Pos Laju (national courier service) services since I have been very active in purchasing stuff online these days, whether from local Ebay or international etsy or Ebay. With that I have been reading a lot of horror stories about our local post services, but mostly dating back to 2005 and before, so I was quite confident services have improved since then. So let me tell you my experience.

First of, I have purchased from Ebay Malaysia, from local suppliers who uses Pos Laju. My items reaches me 1 day after posting. I expected that since we are all in KL. I have purchased from websites, some from Selangor and some Johor Bahru. The one in Selangor uses a different courier service called Skynet and it takes 1 day to reach me, which I consider efficient. Johor Bahru website uses Pos Laju and amazingly 1 day as well. So basically Pos Laju within West Malaysia is 1 day to reach my address. I think that is efficient enough for me.

Then I bought stuff from Ebay international and at Etsy. Now that is tricky because how long does it take? How long will our custom keep the stuff? How long for Pos Malaysia to deliver? It depends on what item.

Normal gift items take lesser time.

For example, I bought from USA (any part of USA) some gift items. It took them approx 8 days to reach me. Which means in between 8 days it will involve shipping from USA to Malaysia, kept by Custom, picked up by Pos Malaysia and delivered to me. I think that is very efficient.

I bought some stuff as well from Singapore and it takes 5 days exactly to reach me each and every time. And 5 days includes shipping, checking and delivery.

The longest was Philippines, which was by way of registered mail which took 2 weeks, that is about 16 days if I remember correctly. I kinda panicked. The seller told me registered mail takes longer and since reading horror stories of postal services in Philippines, I panicked even more. But I received the items in one piece in the end although 16 days was so bloody long. 

Later I bought supplies from Etsy international that is USA, Singapore and Philippines again. Supplies inclyde doming resin which one seller says can be shipped although in USA, epoxy resin can only be delivered on land as it is considered hazardous material. Imagine my surprise doming resin can be flown here! Anyway that one took much longer. 14 days if I remembered correctly, a bulk of the time it was held back by customs. But so far I have never been told to pay any custom taxes. When it was delivered I wasn't home so I had to go pick up the parcel. I went the next day and lo and behold my parcel was already there! I call that efficiency. And the box looks as good as new.

The Singapore one took 5 days exactly. No change.

The Philippines one was surprising. I received the items in about 7 days because this time I did not use registered mail. I used ordinary mail and it was indeed faster.

What I find surprising though is that for USA items, I never asked for registered mail but each and everytime my mother has had to sign the acknowledgment form. So I am a bit confused on that as I thought it was ordinary mail. I suppose it was registered mail only in so far as when it leaves US. Like our AR Registered Mail I suppose?

All in all, customs did not charge me, USA takes 8 - 14 days to reach Malaysia. One package actually arrive about 5 days later but kept by customs for I think 5 days or so. Can't quite remember. Singapore takes 5 days but I usually buy small items. Philippines 5 to 16 days, depending on registered or normal mail.

So how do you choose which mail to go for? It really depends on who is the seller. All the items I bought were sold by Ebay sellers with 100% or 99.9% record. I read the comments carefully and decided to go with the one with good price, fair shipping rates and positive comments. For etsy, I go by what I want, as well as positive comments. And so far I have yet to be cheated. I find them professional and the packaging were inspiring. One local ebay seller impressed me when she labelled each item as against a self printed invoice to identify which item. That really helped, because I knew what I bought, which item it was and all was accounted for. 

As compared to our local sellers via websites (NOT ebay or etsy but own ecommerce site), 1 in particular has never bothered with an invoice or labelling the items as against the invoice. Since I bought wire, imagine my confusion at first which is black and which is gunmetal. I also believe I got lesser yards for certain items but I do not wish to dispute that since that was the 1st time they screwed up. However delivery was amazingly fast. Paid on Monday, delivered on Tuesday, received items on Wednesday. That I can't fault them.

Pos Malaysia thus far has given me great service. I find them efficient, hardworking and sometimes a tad underappreciated. I haven't had a lost mail. Maybe it is because of the area of delivery, sometimes some postmen are lazy but my area has been quite ok. Moreover which dept works on Sundays? Pos Malaysia. They work on Sundays, full day Sundays mind you in certain places. You can't say the same for some banks I tell you.

All in all, I think Pos Malaysia is a-ok. Hopefully this won't jinx it. Now if only the customs will just scan and let the items pass within 24 hours. Not that I am buying materials to make bombs! They may think so I mean who would buy big quantities of resins, some wires, some spray stuff... does look suspiscious eh?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well, something new...

He's gay? Now that's new. Ahhhh love, always the cause of the fall of a mighty empire! I didn't know Jaynes Stars is back by the way.

Rosy Business' official episode synopsis

Has anyone ever come across Rosy Business' official episode synopsis in English as provided by either TV channels like TVB themselves or other channels? I know ASTRO doesn't have it. Do you whether it exists or it doesn't exist? I am not talking about the official synopsis itself but episode synopsis. Thanks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

E.U - The Ending and the Ending's ending

I wanna talk about E.U's ending and the ending's ending.

First of the ending. You know what? I really like the ending, and the interaction between Michael Miu and his daughter. I could actually believe if his real daughter were to grow up she would look like that actress. What's her name again? I think she is very pretty, can really act but her voice is kinda annoying. But the ending was awesome. How his father didn't trust his own daughter, how his daughter in spite of everything, how she wished her father would rot in jail in the end wanted to save his father from going to prison. And the promise she made him say, that he will live and will come out one day and rejoin her, probably in 20 years time. I really like that part. I also like that she didn't end up with Ron. After so many lies, twists and all, how can she ever end up with him? Of course Ron is the good guy. I just got a bit fed up with the is he an undercover cop or not or yes or no again and again, like double crosser of the double crosser.

Now the ending's ending is weird and creepy. Very last scene was one guy dressing as a cop and I was thinking, Ron? Sammul? when we see Laughing and his voiceover. Kinda reminded me of Laughing haunting the police locker room. Of course this is to provide continuity for the movie version of Laughing's story but in EU itself, the entire scene was just way out.

And did I hear Sammul in one scene said UE? I think I did. He didn't say EU, he said UE. Whatever. Sammul looked totally hot in EU, unfortunately I can't stand Pak Kiu.

For all fairness, the actress who played his wife, who looks like the less pretty version of Michelle Ip (if I remember her name correctly) wasn't THAT bad. Her character is just schizo but other than that she wasn't that bad. It could have been worse.

I think of all 3 series of The Academy, all flawed and each has its own problems that I could spend months talking about, I find EU the least worst of the lot, thanks not to the 2 guys but others. Michael Miu certainly did very well, in fact I would have thought he's the main character in EU with the way EU centred the entire series on his one character. Not that I am complaining. Kathy Chow was memorable too, her death scene was rather sad and I do think the last 3 or 4 episodes is the best. It has its problems but you know what? EU is definitely the least annoying one of the 3. Just don't make me hear the preaching of the police officers, that would be great!