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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chinese Malaysians Asking Far Too Much

I received the following in an email. I am surprised the first article appeared in Straits Times and since I never read that, I didn't know. With the dates, reference and all, it seems real enough. Anyway first the article.. please don't choke on your sweet and sour pork my friends...

"Chinese Malaysians Asking Far Too Much"/"Orang Cina Malaysia, apa lagi yang anda mahu?"

By Zaini Hassan
Source - Straits Times, published Apr 30, 2010

WHAT else do Chinese Malaysians want? Let us put aside the reasons why they do not support the current government in Kuala Lumpur. Let us study first what else they want.

For that, we have to go back to history. The Chinese came to Malaya to seek opportunities. They had lived a hard life in mainland China for hundreds of years. Like the whites who migrated to the American continent because it was the land of opportunity, the Chinese migrated to Malaya to make their fortunes in this bountiful land.

The strategy of their forebears has borne fruit. The Chinese have attained what they wanted. They now live in the lap of luxury in this land of opportunity called Malaysia.

In fact, it is not only in Malaysia that they have attained what they wanted. They have even gained full control of Singapore. Singapore is not their original country. The Singapore Chinese and the Malaysian Chinese were originally boat people. The difference is that those who landed in Singapore managed to gain full control of Singapore, but those who landed in Malaysia did not manage to control Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the Chinese live in peace with the Malays, the indigenous people and the Indians. In comparison, in Singapore, the Chinese control politics and the Government. In Malaysia, the Malays still control politics and the government. The systems of both governments are the same, but it is vice versa: The Malays dominate in Malaysia while the Chinese dominate across the Causeway.

In contrast, the Malays in Singapore and the Chinese in Malaysia are very different. The Malays in Singapore lead ordinary lives while the Chinese in Malaysia lead lives that are 'more than ordinary'.

In fact, former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad once stated that if all the Chinese-owned buildings in Kuala Lumpur were lifted from the map, only the buildings in Kampung Baru, a Malay area, would remain in the city.
All the other buildings are owned by Chinese Malaysians. The well-known shopping centres in Malaysia are owned by the Chinese.
The Chinese Malaysians are fantastic. They control all the cities and major towns in peninsular Malaysia, as well as Sabah and Sarawak. They produce the largest number of, and the most successful, professionals. The school system of the Chinese Malaysians is the best among similar school systems in the world.
The Chinese account for most of the students studying in the best private colleges in Malaysia. The Malays can gain admission into only government-owned colleges of ordinary reputation.
With regard to corporate and private organisations, it is the Chinese who dominate. The Malays number just a few; most of them are low-level employees. In fact, knowing Mandarin is a prerequisite for applying for jobs in these organisations.
Finally, an annual survey by the Malaysian Business magazine has found that eight of the 10 richest people in Malaysia are Chinese. The following is the list of the 10 richest people in Malaysia:

Mr Robert Kuok Hock Nien
Mr Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan
Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng
Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow
Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay
Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan
Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary
Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua
Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King
Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun

This is the reality in Malaysia, my beloved country. Is the current government, which has been in power for 52 years, cruel and totalitarian? What else do the Chinese Malaysians want? I think I know, and I think you know too.

Thank you to someone with the guts to reply to the rather mislead article at best and racist at worst article which is as follows ...

Here is Thuan Chye's response to Utusan Malaysia's article


Thuan Chye Responds to "Orang Cina Malaysia, apa lagi yang anda mahu?"(Utusan Malaysia article)

By Kee Thuan Chye

Every time the Barisan Nasional gets less than the expected support from Chinese voters at an election, the question invariably pops up among the petty-minded: Why are the Chinese ungrateful?

So now, after the Hulu Selangor by-election, it's not surprising to read in Utusan Malaysia a piece that asks: "Orang Cina Malaysia, apa lagi yang anda mahu?" (trans. Chinese of Malaysia, what more do you want?)
Normally, something intentionally provocative and propagandistic as this doesn't deserve to be honoured with a reply. But even though I'm fed up with such disruptive and ethnocentric polemics, this time I feel obliged to reply - partly because the article has also been published, in an English translation, in the Straits Times of Singapore.
I wish to emphasise here that I am replying not as a Chinese Malaysian but, simply, as a Malaysian. Let me say at the outset that the Chinese have got nothing more than what any citizen should get. So to ask "what more" it is they want, is misguided. A correct question would be, "What do the Chinese want?"

All our lives, we Chinese have held to the belief that no one owes us a living. We have to work for it. Most of us have got where we are by the sweat of our brow, not by handouts or the policies of the government.
We have come to expect nothing - not awards, not accolades, not gifts from official sources. (Let's not lump in Datukships, that's a different ball game.) We know that no Chinese who writes in the Chinese language will ever be bestowed the title of Sasterawan Negara, unlike in Singapore where the literatures of all the main language streams are recognised and honoured with the Cultural Medallion, etc.

We have learned we can't expect the government to grant us scholarships. Some will get those, but countless others won't. We've learned to live with that and to work extra hard in order to support our children to attain higher education - because education is very important to us. We experience a lot of daily pressure to achieve that. Unfortunately, not many non-Chinese realise or understand that. In fact, many Chinese had no choice but to emigrate for the sake of their children's further education. Or to accept scholarships from abroad, many from Singapore, which has inevitably led to a brain drain.

The writer of the Utusan article says the Chinese "account for most of the students" enrolled in "the best private colleges in Malaysia". Even so, the Chinese still have to pay a lot of money to have their children study in these colleges. And to earn that money, the parents have to work very hard. The money does not fall from the sky.
The writer goes on to add: "The Malays can gain admission into only government-owned colleges of ordinary reputation." That is utter nonsense. Some of these colleges are meant for the cream of the Malay crop of students and are endowed with the best facilities. They are given elite treatment.
The writer also fails to acknowledge that the Chinese are barred from being admitted to some of these colleges. As a result, the Chinese are forced to pay more money to go to private colleges. Furthermore, the Malays are also welcome to enrol in the private colleges, and many of them do. It's, after all, a free enterprise.

Plain and simple reason
The writer claims that the Chinese live "in the lap of luxury" and lead lives that are "more than ordinary" whereas the Malays in Singapore, their minority-race counterparts there, lead "ordinary lives". Such sweeping statements sound inane especially when they are not backed up by definitions of "lap of luxury" and "ordinary lives". They sound hysterical, if not hilarious as well, when they are not backed up by evidence. It's surprising that a national daily like Utusan Malaysia would publish something as idiosyncratic as that. And the Straits Times too.
The writer quotes from a survey that said eight of the 10 richest people in Malaysia are Chinese. Well, if these people are where they are, it must have also come from hard work and prudent business sense. Is that something to be faulted?

If the writer had said that some of them achieved greater wealth through being given crony privileges and lucrative contracts by the government, there might be a point, but even then, it would still take hard work and business acumen to secure success. Certainly, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, who is one of the 10, would take exception if it were said that he has not worked hard and lacks business savvy.
Most important, it should be noted that the eight Chinese tycoons mentioned in the survey represent but a minuscule percentage of the wider Chinese Malaysian population. To extrapolate that because eight Chinese are filthy rich, the rest of the Chinese must therefore live in the lap of luxury and lead more than ordinary lives would be a mockery of the truth. The writer has obviously not met the vast numbers of very poor Chinese.

The crux of the writer's article is that the Chinese are not grateful to the government by not voting for Barisan Nasional at the Hulu Selangor by-election. But this demonstrates the thinking of either a simple mind or a closed one.
Why did the Chinese by and large not vote for BN? Because it's corrupt. Plain and simple. Let's call a spade a spade. And BN showed how corrupt it was during the campaign by throwing bribes to the electorate, including baiting a Chinese school in Rasa by promising RM3 million should it win the by-election.
The Chinese were not alone in seeing this corruption. The figures are unofficial but one could assume that at least 40 per cent of Malays and 45 per cent of Indians who voted against BN in that by-election also had their eyes open. So, what's wrong with not supporting a government that is corrupt? If the government is corrupt, do we continue to support it?
To answer the question then, what do the Chinese want?
They want a government...

a. that is not corrupt;

b. that can govern well and proves to have done so;

c. that tells the truth rather than lies;

d. that follows the rule of law;

e. that upholds rather than abuses the country's sacred institutions.

Because BN does not fit that description, the Chinese have learned not to vote for it. This is not what only the Chinese want. It is something every sensible Malaysian, regardless of race, wants. Is that something that is too difficult to understand?
Some people think that the government is to be equated with the country, and therefore if someone does not support the government, they are being disloyal to the country. This is a complete fallacy. BN is not Malaysia. It is merely a political coalition that is the government of the day. Rejecting BN is not rejecting the country.

A sense of belonging
Let's be clear about this important distinction. In America, the people sometimes vote for the Democrats and sometimes for the Republicans. Voting against the one that is in government at the time is not considered disloyalty to the country.
By the same token, voting against UMNO is also voting against a party, not against a race. And if the Chinese or whoever criticise UMNO, they are criticising the party; they are not criticising Malays. It just happens that UMNO's leaders are Malay.
It is time all Malaysians realised this so that we can once and for all dispel the confusion. Let us no longer confuse country with government. We can love our country and at the same time hate the government. It is perfectly all right.

I should add here what the Chinese don't want:

a. We don't want to be insulted,

b. We don't want to be called pendatang

c. We don't want to be told to be grateful for our citizenship.

We have been loyal citizens; we duly and dutifully pay taxes; we respect the country's constitution and its institutions. Our forefathers came to this country many generations ago and helped it to prosper. We are continuing to contribute to the country's growth and development.

Would anyone like to be disparaged, made to feel unwelcome or unwanted? For the benefit of the writer of the Utusan article, what MCA president Chua Soi Lek means when he says the MCA needs to be more vocal is that it needs to speak up whenever the Chinese community is disparaged. For too long, the MCA has not spoken up strongly enough when UMNO politicians and associates like Ahmad Ismail, Nasir Safar, Ahmad Noh and others before them insulted the Chinese and made them feel like they don't belong. That's why the Chinese have largely rejected the MCA.
You see, the Chinese, like all human beings, want self-respect. And a sense of belonging in this country they call home. That is all the Chinese want, and have always wanted. Nothing more.

The Utusan Malaysia article: Orang Cina Malaysia, apa lagi yang anda mahu?

Dramatist and journalist Kee Thuan Chye is the author of 'March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up'. He is a contributor to Free Malaysia Today.
It is a fallacy you know to think we Chinese are damn rich and we should be grateful for all the treatments, etc. Malaysia is one of the very few countries in the world where "affirmative action" is for the majority unlike the US. You want to know the truth, the majority of Chinese is now middle class and not super rich. But good question though; What more do the Chinese in Malaysia want?

Well I can't answer for all or any but for me, and just me alone, what more do I want? I want fair treatment. I want to be known as Bumiputra because I was born and raised here and will probably die and be buried here. Why I didn't and will not vote for Barisan National, the main coalition? Because I want check and balance. Because look at it this way; even without much of the so called Chinese votes and our votes swinging to the opposition, we see such insanely misleading article, short of racist in tone and should be categorised under incitement of racial disharmony if not for the fact that I value free speech more. So just imagine if we all voted for the current government in power, wouldn't we be "bulldozed"?

To whoever who share the same sentiments as the one who questions our role in this beloved country of ours, all I have to say is please be fair to us as we have all been fair to you. Do not see us as immigrants still. We are not. We are Malaysians. One Malaysia. I have met and are colleagues and friends with many Malays whom I know does not share such a BS sentiment. They're decent hardworking people who treats me the same as they treat whoever else. So please stop questioning our intentions, our loyalty, and stop asking us to be complacent or be grateful and all that BS. As One Malaysia, and as Anak Malaysia (Child of Malaysia), "Saya hanya berharap diberi peluang yang sama seperti setiap Anak Malaysia yang lain, bukan lebih, bukan kurang, tetapi sama. Adakah ini merupakan satu permintaan yang melampau?"

Translation : "I only hope to be given same opportunities like all Child of Malaysia, not more, not less but the same. Is it too much to ask for?"

Friday, July 30, 2010

You're Hired

I am seriously watching this series now and I realise without Wong Chi Wah this series is nothing. Kudos to his comic timing. Only he can deliver his lines the way he does! Which made me think of Stephen Chow. When is he coming out with anything? I know masterpiece takes a long time to make and geniuses like Stephen Chow needs time to perfect it but it is taking too long!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Susanna Kwan and some earth shattering revelation

Well earth shattering revelation to me because it seems everybody knows except me. Susanna Kwan is a lesbian. Read the news here. I am shocked by

1. she being very open about it. But then she is 51, and if at 51 you're not allowed to be open, when then can you be? I must say; 51 and she looks fantastic!

2. she actually goes out with this girlfriend of hers and smiling too. And may I say, this girlfriend of hers has a serious identity crisis. Her name is Willy, which sounds like a very male sort of name and dressed head to toe not in butch style but practically male style. So is she Ellen De Generes or if she on the way of Chaz Bono? Not that it is my business but I am very confused.

So will this encourage more stars who are closet gays to be more open? You know like Bo(ahem!)Wie and some many rumoured ones?

Will it make a difference to you to know definitely their sexual preference when it comes to sayyyyy acting? Like if this actor is openly gay can you accept his acting of a womaniser? To me it matters a bit. Once I know as definite I don't think I can buy the portrayal unless he is a damn good actor. It is like asking a black man to play a white man. It doesn't work that way.

By the way I absolutely forgot she was married to Lai Siu Tin. Absolutely forgot about that!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A name with a punch

Orlando Bloom married his long time love Miranda Kerr recently. That is not the news. The news is her new name. I mean imagine this; MIRANDA KERR BLOOM and read it very very fast and you may notice how her new name may resemble a punching sound. Funny. No? Ok lar, not all my jokes are funny but Miranda KERR BLOOM is to me rather funny!

Cool stuff!

Finally found an online magazine flip style version online, free and no need to install anything! Check out the following...

Or see the full screen here. Or just click the link inside the embedded video. How cool is that? COOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!

I tried with purely written text and IT WORKS!!! OMG!OMG!OMG! So excited! Now I can create a book of some sort! Try and flip through and see! But since it is text based, wathc it full size and tell me what you think. The only problem with this is type in Chinese words and it goes blank. Can't customise the font but I do think the font is ok. Anyway now that there is such a thing, I can't think of anything to create. I could suggest creating a lovely picture book of some sort! Anyway it is auto flip. 34 pages! But the font should be bigger. The alignment for the header is a problem. Missing Chinese words also. But still, ain't this cool or what!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

When greed takes over ...

Sometimes money isn't everything. You must read THIS STORY and you will feel disgusted by the sister's action. Her excuse for doing the despicable thing is because

When you’re on your own, have a child and are offered £1,100, it’s a tough thing to turn down,’ she said. ‘I used some of the money to go on a cruise because I was depressed about everything that had happened. I needed a break.’

Miss Deering visited ports in France, Spain and Italy during her two-week Mediterranean cruise in May this year. She added: ‘I regret the fact that I lost the medals and I would love to get them back one day. I loved my brother and miss him every day, but I wanted to give my son the best.’

First of all, selling the medals, uniform and even the shell casing of one of 3 shot fired during his funeral has nothing to do with " I was depressed about everything that had happened. I needed a break.". It was pure greed. The reason "I wanted to give my son the best" has nothing to do with selling the medals and the holiday cruise. What a crappy excuse isn't it? And it took a complete stranger who paid good money for these stuff to have a conscience and return them to his fiancee who would treasure these stuff. Not even his own mother. Come 10 years later, I don't think they will even remember each had a brother/son.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Help with testing

To all netizens in Malaysia, and those using Streamyx, can you try to click the link below and tell me does the videos load for you? First is a commercial with Hugh Jackman in it. The second one is a commercial with Fukuyama Masaharu in it. Both at the same website. It loads the menus and intros but when I click on the name of the ad (such as Endless Rock for Fukuyama Masaharu one) and when the video is supposed to start, I can only see black screen, it stubbornly refuses to load for me and I am trying in 2 different locations but both Streamyx. Do use Post A Comment.


A sudden "gostan" in life

A rather interesting article here with the eye catching title "Scientists say more and more women are changing their sexuality in mid-life. Can it really be true?" and I was reading it and thinking, well are we all bisexuals in nature? It could be. Some seems rather genuine case of never explored never knew, once explored, then knew sort of sexual orientation but at least one was just a confused woman who can't differentiate between passion and love. I mean we can all feel attraction for our own sex right? But to walk away from everything you know and pursue that shows conviction, but to fail just months later shows confusion. Whatever it may be, all these women are mothers who just walked out of their growing children. Any wonder why the children hate them? And do they hate them because they became gay overnight like the article suggests (I mean how can one be gay overnight? Truth is you're bisexual, pure and simple) or rather because they were such irresponsible mothers who just abandoned their children for the sake of passion and all about me, me, me? Of course the children also about me, me, me but well children are children. Funny how the husbands in the articles seem to be faultless, so the husbands are good husbands and fathers. Whatever your sexual orientation may be, sometimes it is best to consider the consequences before taking an action. Some do it slowly and so the children were able to accept. I don't think I can accept if out of the blue if my mom says "Funn, I am gay and I am going to live with a woman from now on. You can call her mama if you want". Takes tact, patience and a bit of luck. In the end she is still my mum so I will accept the fact. But I think what the article didn't differentiate clearly is the children couldn't accept because the mothers left them. It is not about being gay, it is about being selfish irresponsible mothers.

Anyway my answer to the article is maybe women are fed up with men? They want tenderness and only women know women best?

What do you think? Could it be real love, hidden bisexuality, suppressed bisexuality, a fluke?

P/S Gostan is also Go As Turn.


I have been using Blogger for so long, I am so used to it since all my blogs are under one roof. But then I looked at Wordpress again and I was very impressed with its functionality, so easy to add Twitter, so easy to add calender, etc that all intergrates into the theme of the blog so beautifully. I think why I chose not to move to Wordpress before is because I can't personalise it as my own without upgrading my account which thank you to Blogger for keeping all the features free. Tempting though, very tempting with the ease how I can quickly create the layout I want. Blogger has been introducing features and all but frankly they should just look at how easy at Wordpress. And those premium features and premium Wordpress templates are awesome.

Tempting, very tempting.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Has anyone seen Inception? Is it that good? Except for The Dark Knight, I like Christopher Nolan's movie. I thought The Prestige was pretty clever (the book was great too) so Inception with all its special effects must be great.

Only in China?

A fascinating story, that probably rarely happens. The guy in this picture really was a tramp who had suffered a lot of heartache. Nice to read one simple picture could change someone's life. It helps that despite no baths, dressing the way he did, etc, he is a good looking guy.

You're Hired

I am watching TVB's You're Hired right now and I can't help but comment I really like each of Charmaine's dress in the series thus far, that is 2nd episode. Sort of funny, more silly than stupid funny actually which is good and I like Dayo Wong although his character is getting on my nerves. Anyway it is now 2nd episode and I notice at least 2 times I could see Charmaine who as Miu Miu was supposed to be very angry and exasperated with the impossible character played by Dayo Wong but I swear I saw her suppressing her laughter, at least twice. Not a complaint, of course you can say what a bad actress, etc but you know I like that. I find that endearing although I hope she wouldn't do that in every episode.

So far so good. Anyway rather this than that Dr House ciplak series, that Alex Fong series whose title I just can't remember. But imagine the irony of crazy eyes Kate Tsui as well crazy. Maybe deliberate eh?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here we go again!

SAYS WHO?! And just 2 days ago I think I read a report of government having to spend some 3 digit million Ringgit to implement GST or whatever the hell they're implementing. So I guess all these reductions goes to... where?

I am middle income group and to our government,


Can you hear the echo? No one is listening!

Christian Bale and Mel Gibson phone conversation

More like huge argument! I was thinking if I should post the following since it is full of F words but in the end I feel I must because it is funny, it feels real and my god, sometimes however much I like Christian Bale or neutral feelings towards Mel Gibson, right at that moment when these were recorded, they were pure jerks. Whether they were trapped or whatever, no excuse for such behaviour and therefore what better way to ridicule them than to make such brilliant mash ups? FYI, they never called one another. Christian Bale was having a huge meltdown against I believe Chief Photography for the terminator movie and Mel Gibson had a huge meltdown against his present strangely zen like wife. Seriously funny but loads of F words so beware.

Chinese stars before and after pictures

Interesting. Some may be more make up and push up bras than surgery. What do you think?

1-10. fan bingbing (范氷氷): actress.
11,12. jay chou (周杰倫): singer, actor
13. 大S / Da S (徐熙媛): actress, mc.
14,15. cindy wang (王心凌): singer.
16,17. Ariel Lin (林依晨): actress.
18. wilber pan / pan wei bo(潘瑋柏): singer.
19-22. elva (蕭亞軒): singer.
23,24. vivian hsu (徐若瑄): singer.
25. Jackie Chan (陳港生, 成龍): actor.
26,27. coco lee (李玟): singer.
28-34. jolin tsai (蔡依林): singer.
35. Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武): actor.
36-38. lin chiling (林志玲): model.
39. Rainie Yang (楊丞琳): singer.
40. Selina / S.H.E (任家萱): singer.
41,42. TARCY SU (蘇慧倫):singer.
43. wang lee hom (王力宏): singer.
44-46. Maggie Cheung (張曼玉): actress.
47. Yuqi Zhang (张雨绮): actress.
48,49. kelly chen (陳慧琳): singer.
50. Gaile Lok : model.
51-53. Pace Wu (吳佩慈): actress.
54,55. Betty Sun (孫儷): actree.
56,57. Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文): singer.
58. Valen Hsu (許茹芸): actress.
59. GIGI FU (傅明憲): actress.
60. Kristy Yeung (楊恭如): actress.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The irresistible charm of Wayne Lai

What is it about Wayne Lai that after he has achieved great and well deserved success with Rosy Business and thus become perhaps TVB's undisputed TV King that he looked so darn irresistible? Is it the success itself? Or probably because of Off Pedder where he looked fit, well groomed and tanned? Anyway Sehseh dropped a surprise email to me with if I may say scans that will change the way how you look at him, and I have been looking at him for a very long time, but not this way. I never quite realise he had dimples. I mean I know he has but I never took notice of them. He is about 36 years of age according to this bio (178cm is about 5 feet 8 inches tall but well, he isn't that tall from what I can see because I can't imagine Kong Wah is 5 feet 10 inches - BUT great fact is he is a fellow dragon!! Yeah!), sometimes he does look older because he looks tired but thanks to Photoshop, lightning and some nice suits, voila! He looks irresistible. But what is so irresistible about him, as in his charm is that I don't think I am wrong to proclaim him as one of the best actors in TVB today. I won't say he is the best, because I do think he is but safe to say, one of the top 3. I have no idea what the text says since I can't read Chinese. I wonder will he address his first wife issue? What did he say?

Anyway reposted here with permission by wonderful Sehseh. They're thumbnails so do click on them for larger size. But if you wish to repost, please do ask Sehseh first since you can see her watermark on the scans so you know where to find her.

Source : i-Weekly Issue 659 (Magazine from Singapore). You might be interested in the full article which also features Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam at Sehseh's blog where you will find 2 more Wayne Lai scans with Charmaine and Raymond in it.

If you do know what the text is about, a bit of info will be much appreciated. Do use Post A Comment. 

A great big thanks to Bridget Au for the full translation of the above scans which you can read after Read More link. Please do not repost without permission of the translator, which is Miss Bridget herself.

He/She Changed My Life

Chai Gau changed his acting career, his wife changed his tragic fate. As he says: “Life is an experience, I’m simply a passerby”. The people he met on this journey changed this path forever.

Understanding one’s position (in this context, his position in life) is great wisdom. His tone is just as steady, just as honest. Before popularity, he never complained nor blamed anyone for his woes. At the height of his popularity, he called it a trend of the moment. Through 25 years of spring winds and stormy rains, there really is nothing to be overly excited nor disappointed about.

He only wants to act every role well. 

Looking at the “Journey to the West” series, main character Suen Ng Hong (Monkey King) became an overnight sensation. With popularity, everything looked great. Even the Pig became a handsome guy.

“Rosy Business” lifted him on a pedestal to be admired by thousands. 20 years of effort couldn’t compare to one character’s power. Life is indeed ridiculous.

“You all say my acting is good, I was always like this. Why did things explode so suddenly? It’s pretty funny when I think about it”. Even the person in question finds it odd. With popularity, nothing seems like a big deal anymore.

Last time it was Laughing Gor, this time it’s Chai Gau. Next time, it will be someone else. When it’s time to step back, there’s no point trying to cling onto things. “Life goes on. At most, I’ll be Chai Gau for awhile. I’ll have more stage opportunities, more endorsements or commercials, make some quick money. After all this is over, things will calm down”.

He joined TVB’s acting academy in 1985. 25 years of acting with no major lows nor highs. He’s been a ke-le-fe, yet has also experienced portraying a main character, but somehow has always dodged luck and timing.

“Heir to the Throne” was his first series – at the time, he was only 22 years old. His acting academy classmate, Kathy Chow, was already a female lead.

“The Ordeal Before the Revolution” was the first series where he had a character with a name. The male lead of that series, Siu Zhong Wai, has long disappeared.

“The Challenge of Life” was the first time he received a letter from a fan. Male lead and good friend Sean Lau had already stopped filming TV series for more than 10 years.

It turns out Wayne Lai was present in every generation. He has always been around us, he never left. Never shining glamourously, but always in the background.

“I don’t have Andy Lau’s good looks, nor Tony Leung’s audience fate. From the first day of acting, I’ve never thought of any accomplishment or success. I just wanted to continue acting”. At the beginning of his career, the Five Tigers led the pack. As long as one understood their position, there would be no disappointment.

Pessimistic and lacking self-esteem since he was a child, he never knew quite how to follow rules nor socialize. Acting became a dreamland where he could escape from sadness. “Acting is a very happy world where I can forget all about reality. One knows about all the happiness and sadness beforehand. I just need to follow the script without any need to make friends, socialize, or build relationships. If the script says you’re friends, you’re friends. A script allows me to be in control, which gives me a sense of security. Reality is different. There are a lot of things to worry about and a lot of things you can’t predict, which makes people insecure”.

He acted well, yet never received any recognition. Others felt bad for him, but he didn’t feel as though he had to grind his teeth to continue walking down this path. The journey wasn’t perfectly smooth, but it wasn’t hard either.

“With hard work comes reward is a very accurate concept, but doesn’t apply in the entertainment business. I know myself – I’m not tall, nor cool, nor do I know how to socialize. I can’t be a male lead, but I don’t NG often and directors like to use me. My income isn’t bad and sometimes I film commercials. I’ve got a flat and a car, and I don’t worry about money if I go out for dinner at a hotel. I’m very satisfied with this kind of life. Big stars can’t go out to eat at Hong Kong cafes, but I can”.

Understanding one’s position is his philosophy on life. He also inherited his “enough is enough” (i.e. being satisfied with the basics) attitude from his mother. If you don’t think too much about it, sometimes you can get more.

The one big decision he made in life was to marry her. Her biggest wish was to be with him forever. Not that she was the woman behind a successful man, just that without her, Wayne Lai wouldn’t be who he is today.

He speaks about her in a very calm tone. Love has always been something to interpret, and not to speak of.

Personality dictates one’s fate. This is how he describes his life before age 30, before he met her: “The first half of my life was a tragedy. No thought, no courage, no sense of self… just wandering peacefully but aimlessly through life”. He was passive since youth; life was simply about satisfying others.

Can I go out? Didn’t matter, Mom can decide. His school was far from home, but it didn’t matter. “My older sister liked the school”, he says. His summer jobs were chosen by his dad. Whatever family members decided was OK. Never unhappy, he simply lived day to day, his biggest wish was that nothing would happen. His happiest moments were enjoying solitude while drinking beer at night.

Until 1994, when he met his present wife. 

He smiles when thinking back about the memory: “At the time I was filming ‘The Last Conquest’. She was Loretta Lee’s assistant. She didn’t make much of an impression on me at first, but later on she asked me out to dinner. Haha, she started to chase me then”.

He was attracted by her honesty, courage, and independence. These qualities were things previously missing in his life: “It was her who pulled me back from my tragic life. She knows how to control herself, and how to pursue the things that she wants to do. I realized that I had never had the courage to pursue anything”.

Only after figuring oneself out can one portray a character. Living without purpose or feelings means a character you portray has no flesh or blood. “After that, I slowly started to discover what acting is. It’s creating a character, giving it feelings and emotions. Before, I only knew to rehearse my script, remember where to walk, remember where the camera is… I remembered everything well, but my characters were emotionless, because I had no emotions either”. Marrying her created a breakthrough in his, improving significantly, because now his life had emotions.

“Previous relationships were just like… adding a spot on the family dinner table. This person’s existence didn’t really matter. If she was there, we’d chat. If she wasn’t there, I can still enjoy my dinner alone. I realized that love isn’t like that. Love is a feeling; it can give you a sense of security and give you happiness”.

This ‘her’ that he speaks of is the most hard-working and supportive wife. She accompanies him to photo shoots, to interviews, and stealing an extra glance at him is effortless. She takes care of all the small and big things in their lives, so that he can concentrate on acting. She is also a devoted and objective fan.

“She watches series very carefully and is very picky, often saying I didn’t act well enough… especially in love scenes, saying I’m not emotionally invested enough with the female lead”. His wife is like a mirror, allowing him to see his true self.

He’s already been lifted up on a pedestal and can portray any character without criticism. But she doesn’t know how to admire him… to each their own. Genuine opinions may not be easy to hear, yet it’s even more difficult to speak them. She has the courage to speak them, and he has the courage to hear them. This might just be the way marriage works.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The World Cup 2010 is over!

SPAIN WINS!! (Alternate report here) The sotong is right! So the bird.. want some sesame on it whilst it is roasted? Huh? Anyway halfway through I was asked if I think it will be penalty shootout and I said "No, one will win by one goal margin, 1-0 probably by one being sent out with red card and during extra time, probably second half time and the winner will be Spain because the sotong says so" and my god! I was right! Such an angry game, so many yellow cards, fouls, etc. Poor Holland but since I am fan of neither, I am just happy to have watched the World Cup! Next will be Brazil! Hosted by Brazil! Anyway can I vote Uruguay as the most entertaining team? They're probably a team that thinks the game is 120 minutes instead of the standard 90 minutes because often you think give them another 10 minutes they could equalise and probably will. I was very impressed with Forlan and I thought that hand ball by Suarez was the highlight for the right and wrong reasons. Wrong because it was a deliberate handball but right because that is the job of defenders and he uphold that belief. Uruguay actually played very entertaining football, scoring, chasing, fouls, etc. Except they're like always 1 goal behind. Which is why give them another 10 minutes they would equalise. I must admit, even if Spain is always just 1 goal margin, earlier maybe 2 in rare moments, tonight's game was rather entertaining in the 2nd half. But at times I just wishd it would have been Uruguay against anyone for the final for entertainment sake. Spain plays good football, sometimes lovely in the passing but 9 out of 10 passing, none scores or even remotely close. Like could pass but can't end well. Holland may play what they call cynical football but at least 9 out of 10 kinda close. Both team got cooperation, unlike some earlier teams. Great thing is seeing Cannavarro from Italy, looking handsome and smiling delivering to the stadium the world cup itself. Italy crashed out spectacularly earlier.

Anyway one funny thing. I know there were opening and closing ceremonies but frankly I never noticed at all unlike Olympics, you will notice. Just show it is the match we are waiting for, not the ceremony itself. And World Cup is the only one where Closing Ceremony is half way through, stopped and completed when the winner is announced!

Great fun! Now have to wait 4 more years!

Diego Forlan of Uruguay won Golden Ball! I wanted him to win, he was inspiring with some amazing goals and showmanship and he won! Yeah!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sotong Vs Bird, who shall prevail!

It is now official. It ain't Spain Vs Holland but Sotong Vs Bird! Read this hilarious article here. For me frankly I have no preference although I like how Holland seems to be allergic to the goalkeeper as they tend to score a goal far far away! Anyway took a day off to see the final. After all World Cup is only here once every 4 years.

An inspiration, Hayley Okines

Remember how inspired I was by the poem Invictus? Well recently I stumbled upon some excellent documentaries that focused not on doom and gloom but on hope and inspiration and one which caught my eye was the title "Hayley: The 96-Year-Old Schoolgirl" in the documentary "Extraordinary People" which I heard about from this Daily Mail article. It was a fairly recent documentary  about a girl named Hayley Okines and I was very touched to read the then 13 year old's journey in life as she lives with the devastating genetic disease, Progeria (where children ages rapidly and dies usually around age 13 suffering from ravages of old age!) She has the body of a 96 year old. After watching that 1 hour documentary, I felt myself rather hollow, too vain, to darn stupid sometimes to appreciate the gift of youth. Here I was complaining about stuff and here is this girl, where the ability to go to secondary school is in itself a momentous occasion. She is ably supported by loving siblings, even loving parents and as life shows us, what are we without a few protective and supporting friends? She may look old, diseased or whatever you call it, but make no mistake, her brain and mind function is normal. I find her articulate, girlish and very soft spoken and well mannered. I also find it rather charming that looking as she does, she does mind her looks but when the drugs she was taking caused her to grow hair on her chin ala beard-ish look, she looked rather embarrassed at her looks. I like her and I believe if I have met her at her age, I would probably be very good friends with her. I love how her friends, a few of them being very protective of her. That's what friends are for. Anyway, her drugs is working. Her heart is that of her young age, her skin actually looked more supple towards the end, she is beginning to grow some inches to her height and some hair. Make not mistake, the drug won't miraculously turn back time but at least she won't be expecting death at 14 or 15 or 16. I wish the drug will continue to work on her so that she can plan for the future. To tell you the truth I was very touched by her courage. And when I first saw the documentary, I was struck by the depth of her eyes; big blue eyes that are not only mesmerizing, but very beautiful. I actually find her very pretty despite what progeria was doing to her. And she has a lovely smile. And I mean that genuinely.

Will there be a cure someday? How if only the drugs were available to her when she was a baby, I truly believe it will help. For now, I just hope sincerely that she will have a long and healthy life.

Like my favourite poem says,

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Progeria may have robbed her of a certain future, but from what I could see, she is managing well. Life is cruel sometimes but I admire those who when faced with cruelty they have no choice over, they rise above the occasion and seized the day. That's what I call true courage, something I sometimes lack, admittedly.

Anyway another excellent article on her, very recent. My only problem with her is her liking of Twilight. Why Hayley, WHY?!??!?!?!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The scary and the funny side of news

You have got to read the following 2 news.

First is the funny story. I know it is mean to laugh, considering someone is dead but to die and to be found that way is just... funny. And they even published her picture! Poor girl!

Then there's the scary news, only because the pictures are shocking but it has a happy ending which is great. Be forewarned, it will spook you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup final

Spain vs Holland. That darn sotong was right, again! Based on what I could see, Holland will lift the cup. If only Uruguay had Suarez, it would have been Spain Vs Uruguay!

Anyway, the Dutch for the cup. Let's see which that sotong who is fast becoming Sushi when Germany gets their hands on it (heard that the sotong is in Germany!)will pick since one chilli red, one orange!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The impossibility of the possible

I have always wanted to talk about this small issue, or several but never got to for whatever reason. Now I shall. It is very petty but still vital. Growing up with TVB series, and now bombarded with series from all countries, there is a link between all these countries; the way they drive.

You see, it fascinates me whenever there is a scene of a character driving, and he or she is driving the steering and all and another character by the side, and they talk and the driver would stare at him or her for a very long time, as in perhaps 5 seconds and above whilst speeding full speed ahead and then slowly look back on the road and then look at that person again, for a further 5 seconds or more, hands now caressing his or her hair, etc. What he is doing with his other hand is really none of my concern but I was and still is very fascinated for the fact that he or she could take his or her (you know what, just assume it is a he) eyes off from the road and look at the other person whilst still stepping on the gas.

I tried the same trick and I chickened out after less than 1 second. Since I have been to HK, I can safely say the traffic is not like some American highway so taking your eyes off the road for more than 5 seconds whilst still driving full speed ahead is to me a fantasy, not true, not real, very dangerous if practised for real. Not just TVB series though. One series that kinda not do that was in Galileo but everywhere else, like in Korea with their longing stare, how can that be even possible?

So I tried again. This time on a highway, not much car and again I chickened out after 2 seconds because my car was going much too left or right.

Have you tried? I mean maybe it is a different issue if there is a guy next to me telling me his worries ala the world of TVB and Korean series but frankly, I don't even think it is possible. Of course I know the real actor is not really driving the car but is pulled by a truck or something but just imagine, is it possible to look at the person next to you for more than 5 seconds whilst driving full speed ahead without the urge, the instinct to look back to the street after 1 second?

Is it?

Then there's this unique TVB world where nobody ever leaves or let go of their handbags, ever, not even in their own homes, not even in their own room. In Korean series, increasingly they even kiss with their handbag firmly by their side. Well, maybe that is real. But walking around in your own home? Arguing madly and still that darn handbag is still by her side. Is that possible?

And then the issue of the jacket for the men. They will never leave their jacket, will wear them even in their own room. It looks as if HK is so darn cold, like the artic when it is chilly but not THAT cold. But the jacket, never removed. You won't see a hanger nearby because these people will wear their jacket and their handbags. Always.

How strange.

But then wearing one's shoes into one's home is strange to me. Imagine the dirt! BUT to be fair to HK, their streets is very clean, you can literally wear your shoes into your home and have no dirt on the floor. In KL, not even possible.

A good surprise & a word on Diego Maradona

Fans can be so fickleminded sometime. They hate you, they love you but in the end they will support you till the end. In the case of Argentina World Cup team, it was overwhelming. They were trashed 4-0 by Germany, considered a humiliating trashing, security was tight when they flew home, expecting a lynch mob or at least angry fans like in England or in Brazil but what did they find?

This news and more news and ...

And to my not so eternal surprise, I could see the players were shocked with the warm welcome and some didn't even look up, looking morose or rather feeling guilty for letting their fans down, like I think I saw Messi looking especially sad. There was one video that had an even longer shot of the bus. They really look surprised! Cheer up lad! You're still young, 4 years later will be your year!

Compare to the English players who smoke and drink right after the humiliating defeat or Brazil who went home to threats and jeers. I am very surprised with the Argentinians. It shows, now matter what family sticks together and I really believe the next world cup will be their year. You can say Maradona is a poor coach or he is all heart but little substance as a coach but you can't deny it, he really backs his players and united them, something the French coach couldn't do. However I feel he should stay on not as a coach but as the PR face for the Argentinian team, like Beckham is for the English team and let the coaching be done by someone more capable of coaching. However Argentina is one of those rare country in World Cup that actually plays stylish football but what is style if you can't score? That is the pity. I especially love how Maradona protected Messi where Messi reportedly broke down really hard in the locker room, everybody said he failed but truth is he didn't.

"To see Messi cry in the dressing room, whoever says that he doesn't feel pride for his shirt is stupid" - Maradona

He may not have scored but he was selfless in giving Tevez and others to score and I feel he is beyond a striker, he is a playmaker and another 4 years and some maturity, he may be able to lead Argentina to the ultimate prize; the World Cup like Maradona once did even if Messi isn't really Maradona's league to tell you the truth.

To me Maradona is the world's greatest player who has ever lived. I know, Pele, Cryuff, etc but Maradona single handedly led Argentina to World Cup glory in 1986. He went through hell and back, he had his vices and yet he bounced back to lift the morale of the team. Whatever you may think of him, to me Maradona is the greatest, despite and inspite of everything.

One picture says it all..

A striker usually has 2 to 3 defenders or someone dedicated in marking him but here he has 6 and he could still net in a goal or 2. This is really a classic picture.

I am beginning to realise modern footballer no longer play like that anymore. Sad but true. Are there any more superstar players that is not just a star but super?

Anyway great support by fans! These are real fans; come better times come worse times they're always there. But Argentinian team deserves that because they really look remorseful, unlike that other team.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Argentina 0 - Germany 4!!!

Argentina lost, in spectacular fashion to a classier, cooler and more meticulous Germans who looked like they never ever ever ever sweat. All are robots. I tell you, Leonardo DiCaprio cursed the Argentinians! Anyway when the Germans scored 2 I already knew. There's only one Tevez, there's only one Messi and he is not Maradona in Maradona's best days. Argentina played like there's only 2 players in it, the defence... absolutely abysmal! Anyway Germany might lift the cup. They're like I said, meticulous and all so young! Can still play in the next THREE World Cups, except for Klose of course. What to do? I didn't cry. Because I was numbed.

But poor Maradona. The critics will rub it in! And to Pele who might just do that, he might not say so considering Maradona had the balls to coach the team. Does Pele have that same balls to coach his beloved Brazil who by the crashed out, also? I really pity Messi who reportedly cried. What can one man do against the more meticulous team?

By the way the Germans's shirt is amazing looking.

Yukata sale

By the way, there is a yukata sale at Jusco Mega Mall, KL, Msia. Anybody over size 6 in shoes or I suppose size 6 in body shape need not look. The price however is rather cheap, the whole ensemble minus the shoes/geta (RM19-90) and bag (RM50-00) and fan is RM130-00 and less if I remember correctly. However it does look like a rather fancy looking robe. Better stick to the heavy expensive looking kimonos rather than this summer casual kimono even if hot like hell! And I can't imagine anyone actually wearing them in Malaysia!

Similar pattern as below, same bow ribbon so I suppose Yukata is worn with this ribbon style? But with such cheap price, let's just say the quality isn't great from what I could see.

Friday, July 2, 2010


There is a debate that the following pictures may have been photoshopped. Probably just angles and a bit of colour enhancing but photoshop or not photoshop, the sharks look scary but if real, wow, so big! I would think the pictures are real. Love the first picture especially, reminds me of Finding Nemo and the shark named Bruce. And I could also hear the JAWS soundtrack. Read the report here at Daily Mail.

Brazil 1-Holland 2

First of, I thought our Asian referee from Japan and his linesmen did a very good job, but credit to the referee for a great refereeing!

Anyway, Brazil LOST!

Allow me just this time...


Who knew Brazil could lose their temper that way! One brilliant goal, one own goal, one stupid red card as in deserving getting that red card. Idiot!

Argentina will lift the cup!!

Maradona can now tell Pele he can suck it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

World Cup 2010

Who would have thought it is coming to an end, so soon?

Anyway I still think Argentina will lift the cup. Last 4 will be Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Ghana. Final 2 will be Argentina and Brazil. Winner will be Argentina.

We shall see...

Hell Girl Season 2 Opening themesong

I never watched the anime Hell Girl Season 1 because I started with Season 2 and got immediately hooked with the beautiful graphics, amazing storyline which is both fascinating and creepy. Love the ending too! Anyway I was also very impressed with the themesong sung by a group called SNOW. Searched and found the song! I didn't know Season 2 is known as Jigoku Shouju Futakomori (双籠 = 2 cages). The title of the song is called Nightmare.

I haven't heard yet since I am in office but I think the description for the following video says this is the MV for the song.

The entire OSTs plus singles plus all music of this season can be downloaded here but requires registration. If you're interested in this song itself, it is called NightmaRe. I must say very unique way of spelling, does look nightmarish! The singer is SNoW. Note the way it is written. 100% for coolness level! Should I now call myself FuNN or FuNn or FunN or fUnn?

Anyway an alternative download link that does not require registration. This one is of course way better than the above link.

Both taken from here

What a looooooong song!

Tell me what time it is now, say that it’s a dream, and embrace me

I have recollections of the city of ruins
Inside of the photo album that I flipped through with you

Why am I alone? I’m alone
I’ll realize that it’s a dream soon, soon

I run through the rubble, I kick away something
I wake from a dream, I search for the exit

I must hurry, I must hurry
Your voice is sounding out from somewhere

I can see eternity
Only within the moving time and nowhere else…

Tell me what time it is now, say that it’s a dream, and embrace me
Move my heart that has started to stop, please
You’re next to me
Probably dreaming a different dream
I don’t need the sun
I’m in love with your smiling face now

I think of you, think of you so much
I found such a me in a dream

I want to know more, I want to know more
I want to know more, more about you

I must do it somehow, I must be firm
Painfulness overflows in no matter what kind of world it is

Time is beloved; somehow it’s beloved
I want to know more about you now

I’d forgotten that if I don’t believe
Then nothing will start

Even for a minute or second, embrace me forever and ever
Please whisper to me that I was only having a nightmare
You were next to me
Surely even now you’re by my side
Even if the alarm rings
Nothing but your voice reaches me

I want to be enchanted
My head hurts
I want to hear things like “I’ll protect you” from time to time
I want to burst
I want to laugh
I want to start it

Tell me what time it is now, say that it’s a dream, and embrace me
Move my heart that has started to stop, please
You’re next to me
Probably dreaming a different dream
I don’t need the sun
I’m in love with your smiling face now

Ima nanji ka oshiete yume to itte dakishimete

Haikyo no machi ni mioboe ga aru
Anata to mekutta shashinshuu no naka

Doushite hitori atashi wa hitori
Sugu ni sugu ni yume nanda to kizuku

Gareki o hashiru nanika ketobasu
Yume kara sameru deguchi o sagasu no

Hayaku ikanakya hayaku ikanakya
Dokoka de anata no koe ga shiteru no

Ugoite iru toki no naka shika
Eien nante mienai n da…

Ima nanji ka oshiete yume to itte dakishimete
Tomarikaketa atashi no kokoro o ugokashite onegai
Tonari ni anata wa iru
Tabun chigau yume o mite
Taiyou nanka iranai
Anata no egao ga ima koishikute

Anata o omou konna ni omou
Sonna atashi o yume de mitsuketa no

Motto shiritai motto shiritai
Anata no koto o motto motto shiritai

Nan to ka shinakya shikkari shinakya
Donna sekai ni mo setsunasa ga afureru

Toki ga itoshii nazeka itoshii
Ima wa motto anata o shiritai

Wasureteta yo shinjinakereba
Donna koto de mo hajimaranai n da

Ippun ichibyou de mo zutto zutto dakishimete
Warui yume o mite ita dake to sasayaite kudasai
Tonari ni anata ga ita
Ima mo kitto soba ni iru no
Araamu ga nattatte
Anata no koe shika todokanai n da

Toroketai n da
Atama itai n da
“Kimi o mamoru” to ka tama ni wa kikitai n da
Hajiketai n da
Waratte itai n da
Hajimetai n da

Ima nanji ka oshiete yume to itte dakishimete
Tomarikaketa atashi no kokoro o ugokashite onegai
Tonari ni anata wa iru
Tabun chigau yume o mite
Taiyou nanka iranai
Anata no egao ga ima koishikute