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Monday, March 21, 2011

My kind of dog

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UPDATES - 22.03.2011
There is actually a difference between Siberian Husky AND Alaskan Malamute eventhough both looked serious, the former looking playful and the latter sturdy. I didn't know! And Alaskan Malamute is more expensive! My dream dog, a bad ass looking either one. And I change my mind. No pug for me. I mean I like toy dogs but I think I like one where I can really really hug. I am torn between Labrador Retriever (chocolate) for their loyalty and good natured personality and the beautiful Siberian Husky (chocolate)/Alaskan Malamute. Whether male or female, I am changing my mind about the name; I have always wanted to name a pet CALCIFER. And so Calcifer my future dog shall be!


I have decided that if I ever were to get a dog, those pedigree sort, I want either a small dog or a big dog. A small dog would be a pug and no other ...

and a big dog would be a retriever, specifically a labrador retriever, probably a bright coloured one ...

But I also wouldn't mind an Akita Inu, the pure bred genuine Japanese type ...

or a Siberian Husky (my dream dog actually but not easy to find), like this one exactly ...

And whatever the dog may be, male or female, I have decided to call him or her Daemon (pronounced as Demon). But considering my place is small and Malaysia is hot, so as not to torture my future pet, I think I will settle for Pug. I long for a dog I can actually lift up.

And no, NO CATS!

What's you idea of your perfect dog?


  1. I love pugs, but my sister has two very cute pomeranians and they are the centre of my attention. Both are small and cuddly and well-trained indoor dogs. Baci is a red pomeranian-terrier cross and Milky is a creamy pure-bred pomeranian.

  2. elizabeth, I had to google pomeranians since I was like a pomeranians what?! I see!! Very cute. BUT so much hair! Grooming will be expensive. Anyway I just read pugs have loads of health problems.

  3. I plan to get a toy poodle. They're intelligent and affectionate, most importantly non-shedding! (I'm allergic to fur and dust)

    But if I ever afford a landed property, I want a collie! And yes I'm gonna name him/her Lassie <3

  4. I am with you on the Siberian Husky. I absolutely like the one you have posted. I love their eyes. But since I live in the cold midwest, I can definitely have a husky.

  5. Well, pugs have all these complications with breathing and infections of their nasal passages are so narrow and curvy. Also, the have a larger risk of dying at childbirth because they haev like 4 pups per litter inside so little space. Either the mother dies from the stress or the pups gets tangled and suffocate. We looked after a pug for a few days and the unsterilized ones smell bad. It is a hormone thing they have.

    Um. I pay around $AUS 100 per month to have both Milky and Baci professionally groomed. You have to brush them at home every now and then because they have two thick coats of fur. I am allergic to fur and dust too but I have certian areas where they play and dog-free areas where I go when I get allergies. I also have different sets of clothes when with the dogs and when without them.

    Milky is epileptic so we have to monitor her 24/7 between the family members and Baci has anxiety issues due to childhood abuse so he can't be left alone either. Both are very affectionate dogs - but they hate men with umbrellas.


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