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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New episodic thoughts coming soon

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I have been brainwashed by the excellent trailer for A Fistful of Stances (sounds like some porn title). I shall withstand the wooden Kevin Cheng, the pouty Kenneth Ma and the screaming Tavia Yeung to bring you nightly episodic recap. Will be missing a few episodes here and there but mostly will be watching this. Will post the link later. Anyway starts tomorrow 23.03.2011. Stay tune!

[ADD] So many people crammed into one poster! And Tavia plays younger character of the older Yuen Qiu! So her screentime must be half? But Kevin gets a double dose as husband AND son? Wow. Anyway, the link, do bookmark;

[ADD] It has begun!! Do bookmark that link and check automatically everyday from Monday to Friday. Updates will not be announced here. Link has been added into Reviews Database. All comments welcomed, but do avoid revealing future episodes spoilers.


  1. Then, I have to start watching Iron Horse along side you. :D

    I've always wanted to watch this, but, never brought myself to actually watch it because there are too many series to watch. Now, got incentive liao.

    To be honest, I want to watch this for Kevin Cheng. Really curious to see how he will do in this kind of series. He has never done kungfu series before.

    The person who gain the most popularity from this series is Kenneth Ma and Dominic Lam, from what I gather in the forum.

  2. Yeah watch together! The trailers looks very interesting but Kevin, I hope doesn't underact. Dominic Lam doesn't seem to be the great villain but kudos to Lee Tim Shing for taking chances on some casting. I am most excited about Yuen Qiu and some good kung fu scene.


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