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Monday, April 25, 2011

Jacky Heung

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No reason, just wanna post these pictures and I assume they're all him, the link thanks to Kidd.

How the hell did he get from this...

Kidd says the older one is him, at his heaviest he was 240 pounds and when he was 14 he fell in love and lost the weight so that he can tell the girl how he feels. Awwwwwwwww...

to this...

and finally this...



I bet she is regretting her dalliances with Edison Chen.

but I wouldn't mind this...

2 more episodes of A Fistful Of Stances and I shall miss this guy who has the FACE for stardom (admit it; that is a face you'll remember, full of character, albeit evil characters but I suspect he will do well in comedies, you never know!) BUT the TALENT for being ke-le-fe.

My heart hurts at such a fair ending; you can't look like it and be like one it seems! What a pity!!

And I know you might wonder "Funn, what's your bloody obsession with a guy whose acting talent is that of angry, angrier and angriest until he opens his mouth" and my answer is "I really don't know". I have found 3 friends of similar view, all online friends of course, 2 I know, and 1 more I read from Jayne Stars. You may think it is because he looks like a bad boy, and we are naturally attracted to bad boys but nope, not that at all. I think there must be more of us who knows he is such a terrible actor BUT somehow can't help but watch him. I was cruel; I laughed everytime he opens his mouth BUT yet I look forward to him. Tell me why.. TELL ME WHY? Is it his magnetic evil eyes, evil smirk, evil grin, evil hair, evil everything? He simply oozes evil everything. I suppose looking at his cute cuddly childhood pictures will eventual cure me, or maybe 3 in a row series where he acts bad, badly, OMG BAD! way... but come on, I rather watch him than Kevin Cheng and sometimes having him around does make me notice less of Kenneth's flaws in the same series.

Help me...

I think the answer lies in the fact that it has been quite some time I've seen someone with such a sharp look that just looks great on TV/movie. That is until he opens his mouth.

Yes I know, he is an awful actor, no need to remind me of that but you know... oh never mind!


  1. Pictures can't be seen Funn :(

  2. Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will save the pics and repost later.

    And hello Pearl. LOOOOOOONG time no hear/see/talk/read!


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