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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why so confusing?!

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Here I am fretting about contact lenses. I never knew contact lenses can be so darn confusing, expensive (well I know it is expensive but never knew SO expensive) and so difficult to decide. I mean I am so confused! Do I need contact lenses? Yes, because I hate squinting and I sweat so glasses is troubling me. Will I wear contact lenses every day? Probably not. I have dry eyes. Must I have contact lenses? Not really, more for like you know the idea of coloured contact lenses which is expensive. Frankly why do I need contact lenses? Travel purposes, so that I don't need to depend on my glasses.

So now what? Daily change? Once every 30 days? Coloured? No coloured? Add in ermmm not sure what's the term but with something like "light exposure" more expensive than no "light exposure" but the point is to see clearly. Since I rarely use, maybe buy every change option?

How? HOW?! So confused and all that over contact lenses!! I am a cheapskate so I guess I will go with no colour/tint. I like grey though.


  1. I wear hard lenses and they're a b-tc, but I don't really have a choice as my astigmatism isn't good for soft lenses. I do have a pair of soft lenses that I wear for sports (monthlies).

    Between daily and monthly, it depends on how you're planning to wear them. If regularly (like every day), monthlies are better as they're more durable / thicker than dailies. My brother wears monthlies. Dailies are OK if you're not planning to wear them that much (i.e. for travel as you said).

    Coloured contacts still freak me out a little, I have to admit. And from a health perspective, I'm paranoid that some study will come out eventually that says they make you blind / give you cancer. LOL.

    Glasses are annoying, actually... I only wear them at night and/or when I'm too sick or tired to put on my contacts.

    They have all kinds of wetting/soaking solutions for people with dry/sensitive eyes so I wouldn't worry about that too much. I have dry/sensitive eyes and have been wearing contacts for years with no major problems. My first pair actually lasted me 4 years.

  2. Is astigmatism the term I was looking for?!

    Thanks Bridget for your sound advice. Sehseh been giving me some tips also. I am going shopping and if the price is right, I think for me as a starting point daily wear is good since I need to learn how to take care of lenses. Since I like the idea of use 1 day and dump!

    I actually look better with glasses. But ermm... coloured contacts is not that bad right? I see they can make your eyes clearer, bigger, and me with sleepy eyes need that! No blindness or cancer but yes weird if asian got large doe blue eyes. I really like grey, subtle. But cost is the ultimate thing.

    Thanks again! Will be checking out more shops. But you know how aggressive shops are these days. I am however still thinking do I need the more expensive version, the one which I suppose with astigmatism if that is the correct term.

    And Bridget, you wear hard lenses? Which means you must have very very bad eyesight!!

  3. After suffering through my awkward teen years with glasses (damn you tvb dramas) and then some years with contact lenses, here's my two cents:

    I found glasses easier than to deal with than contact lenses in regards to cleaning. Your glasses get blurry - wipe it a bit. Your contact lenses get dirty - you either throw it away or use a solution to clean it. Unless you're using dailies, you have to clean the lenses before and after each use, which is actually a very quick process but I fell asleep with them on quite a number of times. Be prepare to play hide and seek if you do, it might not reappear for a day or two.

    Aesthetically, contact lenses are generally more pleasing but since you mentioned glasses look good on you so maybe it's best to use lenses as an alternative choice for going out and such. I hated how my glasses will tend to slide down my nose and leaving a mark if I had make up on. On the other hand, contact lenses make your eyes dry and waterproof mascara only goes so far when you're constantly using eyedrops.

    On to price, glasses are hands down cheaper than any type of contact lenses you get. I'm not sure how it works where you live, but here I need to get a prescription every two years for glasses and one year for lenses. It always seems like just the other month I went in for a eye checkup. And dont be surprised at how quickly those small boxes of eyesight adds up. All of that lenses are soooo worth it. It took me a couple weeks to get used to the routine of wearing and maintaining the lenses but I loved not having to wear glasses. Vainity, thy name is woman...

    When selecting the types of contact lenses to buy I think you should consider first what type of wearer you are. I chose to wear the bi weekly ones because I wore them regularly. Buy dailies if you're the occasional wearer. Much cheaper that way. There are many types of lenses but I can honestly say If you buy from a reputatble brand you really can't tell the difference. I wasn't able to. Find one that doesnt dry your eyes and works for you, and stick to it. No real need to experiment after that.

    I'm happy to say though that I left all of this behind me. About a year ago I went and got a Lasik eye surgery done. With the decline in good tvb series, I was barely spending time in front of TV so my eyesight became stable enabling me have to surgery done. haha. I did not achieve 20/20 vision but I'm able to see well without the use of glasses/lenses. NO more doctor's visit, cleaning contacts, etc. The best part is that the surgery itself was relatively cheap. I paid only $1,200 for it and the doctor was highly recommended.

    Anyhoo, good luck!

  4. " I fell asleep with them on quite a number of times. Be prepare to play hide and seek if you do, it might not reappear for a day or two."

    That's kinda scary. What if it did not reappear?

  5. Thanks teri for the advice. I kinda sorta settled on the daily change but the specs lady at the shop seems intent on just selling the monthlies.

    Kidd, it will reappear since where can it possibly go? This is horror story though. Scary actually. I think I will be casual wearer. One month supply is enough.

  6. I've been using dailies for a long time now cos I find that monthlies are hard to maintain. Plus, my eyes are quite sensitive so I find that after a few days of wearing the monthlies my eyes start to hurt and water when try to put them on. Besides, I find that I only really want to put on contact lenses a few days a week so hygiene-wise and value-wise, I just figured out that dailies would work best for me.

    I guess at the end of the day, it depends on your usage and how comfortable you feel in them. Most people start out with monthlies as they are more durable and more value-for-money if you intend to put them on often.

  7. lol. It was definitely scary the first time I slept with contact lenses on and wasn't able to locate one of them the next morning. I was adviced to use saline drops to help wet the lenses but that didnt help. Eventually I thought perhaps it fell out as I slept. The next day after putting on my contact lenses, my vision became very blurred so I removed them. Thats when I found two lenses stuck onto each other. So the missing lense was still in one eye the whole time. Luckily, the eye socket is a closed system because this event repeated itself a couple times. So my advice is to keep your lenses properly moist and do not sleep with them on.

    Funn, I settled with acuvue 2. They were comfortable and didnt cause dryness.

  8. So expensive!!! BUT I thought I should just give dailies a try. Had to get that augme.. whatever how to spell that version. I wonder can I just get the normal ones without corrective lens, etc? Double the price! Well maybe I went to the more expensive shop. Anyway hopefully all goes well.


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