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Saturday, June 11, 2011

When file storage sites are called illegal download sites ...

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If you're in Malaysia and couldn't get in Megaupload, please let me tell you Malaysia just banned Megaupload which is a legitimate file storage site. This is beyond insane; this is stupid. Because if you want to stop file sharing, then stop the search engine and the biggest culprit if any is Google search engine which you can search and find anything that goes beyond Megaupload. 15 sites were blocked, but only 10 published. Which is the other 5? Copyright infringement they say, to save the industry, etc. Yes I understand, so why not ban them all? 4shared? Mediafire? The rest? Why Megaupload and those few? I thought that corridor policy (you know which one) says unfettered internet access? So what is this then? So what's next? Facebook? What is there to stop the banning of other sites, beyond file sharing? Some torrents are legitimate! I get, some warez sites better blocked since got virus but subscription paying storage sites should be left alone! Can you ask Megaupload for refund then? So what is those high speed internet for? Youtube? Porn download?


  1. Our Minister thought Megaupload only use by pirates.

    Funniest line in the news.

    "When asked about the fate of surfers who legally use the websites such as for storing non-pirated content, Mohd Roslan said they could always write to the ministry."

    I wonder if they will even look at the letter, let alone doing anything about it.

    Sending to Michael Chong and the newspaper is a better move imho.

  2. The block has started already. I saw in lowyat forum people saying they cannot access megaupload.

  3. I hope people don't publicise too much on the public DNS because nothing to stop them from banning these public DNS isn't it?

  4. i just know the mu website have been banned when i want to download one of my fav video...what i feel right now is i really2 feel mad and upset!! why must banned this website? why not banned the porn site? they use the illegal download site as the reason...OMG! i really2 upset with know what,THE GOVERMENT LOVE PORN SITE, thats why that gross site never been banned

  5. Hi Funn,
    Can you still access from office?

  6. Evelyn, I can't access at office anymore. But I still can at home. Change to OpenDNS unless they decided to ban that as well. How stupid. How dumb. What will stop them from banning 4shared? Mediafire?


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