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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New avatar!

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I have decided to update the passport picture representing me. I actually made a GIF version, inspired by Harry Potter you see but darn it! None of the uploads allow for GIF so back to muggles type picture. I didn't change my avatar's looks but just the hair and make up. I really like this hair. Hopefully you will see this new avatar reflected on every social site but I am still wondering how on earth Jaynestars manage to display my avatar and now how I can change it? I don't remember there's one account to change all social network profile picture.

Needs some adjustment. Too tired, maybe later. In fact I think I will change the badge as well.But I gotta say this; my avatar may not be pretty but she has character! Her face... very chok don't you think?

Muggle version

Potter version


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