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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seunggi-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! What's the name of that darn song?! [P/s it is 여행을 떠나요]

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I have no idea where to begin. I have been watching old 1N2D episodes circa 2009 I think (when Lee Seunggi was about 23 or 24) and everytime there is some fun scene of them all together, there is this rather fast going song which reminds me of summer fun and happiness, like running towards a beach or something and I think he is the singer and the problem is I don't know where to begin to find such a song! Does anyone has any idea of what I am talking about? Can point me to the right direction? Surely ballad prince hasn't sing so many fast uptempo summer feel song right? Please?

[UPDATE] Thanks to Bridget with the title I found the full song!! MP3!! HERE!!! BUT!!! Quality not so good leh. Other files either wrong file, different singer or totally different song. Is there a better clearer MP3 rip? Is there?

[UPDATE] Thanks again to Bridget, found a clear CD copy!! Download here! Can't believe so many people sang this song before. I wonder who is the original singer? Anyway if you're interested the korean title is 이승기 (Lee Seunggi) - 여행을 떠나요. Google says in English it is Bon Voyage whilst in Chinese "一路順風" which is.. bon voyage!! However official title for the Seunggi version is "Let's go on a vacation" P/S THAT is a very very super tight pants you have there Seunggi!


  1. Are you talking about 'Let's Go On a Vacation'?

    It's a popular song that Koreans sing when they... well, go on a vacation.

    SM Town (of SM Entertainment, the label that Super Junior and a bunch of other K-pop groups belong to) have a version that was released in 2007.

    Also sometimes referred to as 'Let's Go On a Trip' (this is the title that the SM Town version uses).

  2. Bridget, I don't know... Is there a Seunggi version? Any link? So it isn't by him?

    1. Funn, not sure whether the song is by him originally, but did a search on YouTube and there are several videos with 1N2D clips and him singing that song so that must be it. The song is referred to by 3 titles:

      Let's Go On A Vacation
      Let's Go On A Trip
      Let's Go On A Journey

      This is the song I'm trying to learn for my trip to Korea / Japan next week!

  3. Bridget, Korea AND Japan? To see.. what's that flower in Japan ah? Good time! WOW!! Have fun and seriously in Korea all you need to do is point but in Japan, if you see younger people, have a bit of patience. I can never understand what sort of customer service where you know the customer does not know Japanese and still you insist to speak in full japanese sentences, even if politely, I find that exceedingly rude. The older ones are great, they say in japanese AND point and all, so can understand. I am told Koreans are generally very very friendly.

  4. Cherry blossoms, you mean? We will be on the tail end of the season so hopefully be able to see some.

    Thanks for the advice!

    I am getting mixed reviews on Koreans and Japanese. Some say Japanese very polite and helpful / friendly, while Koreans are the ones giving hard time if you don't speak Korean. And then others agree with you. I don't know what to believe anymore!

    I am seeing Super Junior's concert in Tokyo - and let me tell you the story and logistics to do this is crazy. I don't think I will do this again! If it all works out it will be a miracle.

  5. Oh btw, did you try searching for the mp3 by the Korean title of the song?

    여행을 떠나요

  6. Tyhanks Bridget!! How many people sang this song?! Finally found a clear copy!! Errr.. any Eng lyrics?

  7. Eh Bridget, you like Super Jr?

    "and let me tell you the story and logistics to do this is crazy. I don't think I will do this again! If it all works out it will be a miracle."

    Don't worry. I understand because I went through the same headache with Fukuyama Masaharu, the concert ticket being the most headache.

  8. P/S I sister who went to both Korea and Japan says Koreans are generally very friendly, especially the ahjummas and ahjussis. Just don't go calling any guy oppa.

    Japan is generally friendly, especially the older aunties and grandmas but it is the young ones I can't stand. They're not outwardly rude, but nor are they remotely helpful in anyway. Koreans have worse command English that Japanese according to my sis but they try to help, pointing and all. Just go with keywords I suppose. Japanese like I said, the good thing is they keep to themselves. Which is good when you don't want to chat with anyone. But I met some awesome japanese people in small towns. So it depends. I am sure all big cities will have more unfriendly unfeeling people. But if you know basic japanese and korean, you should survive. If you don't, may I suggest at least in Tokyo/Japan, when taking the trains, listen to keywords especially after 8pm because the trains change routes and do take the green cars if you travelling more than 1 hour, because the normal cars will be crammed and you wouldn't want to stand for hours. And do not use your handphone in the trains BUT interestingly you can eat in it.

  9. I have no idea how many people sang the song and/or the original version, it seems like a popular song that Koreans sing when they go on vacation.

    The English translation of the lyrics is here (scroll down):

    Ah helpful advice for Tokyo! Thanks!!!

    I generally had good experiences with Koreans here; they are very respectful and friendly, and yes, definitely don't go around calling any guys 'oppa'.

    Yes an SJ fan... but definitely will not do this again. It's too much stress, haha!

  10. Oh, how was the Fukuyama Masaharu concert? You saw him in Tokyo?

  11. Yeah I saw him in Tokyo, I went to 2 nights and it was supremely awesome.

    Super Jr concert is in Korea or Japan??

  12. 2 nights?! Wow, hardcore fan!

    I am seeing the SJ concert in Japan (Tokyo Dome).

    One of the friends I'm travelling with pointed out the irony of me going to Korea, but watching the concert in Japan (it's b/c they are not doing their Korea leg of the concert until much later).


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