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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Da mo yao (Ballad of the desert)

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I just finished the fan translation of Tong Hua's Da Mo Yao aka Ballad Of The Desert which is being adapted into a TV series by Tang Ren, and from early pictures, the costumes look splendid. After finishing the story, my favourite character is no doubt the melancholic Meng Jiu or Jiu Ye who in the end did not win the girl. Every chapter with him in it I could see Liu Lian Cheng or quite simply Wallace Huo. The character is described as being very young but very well learned and more importantly, so darn beautiful that the sun shines because he smiled, the rain drops because he cried, that sort of analogy and though I like Hu Ge, he isn't Meng Jiu. He isn't that jaw droppingly gorgeous looking guy. Rumour has it Wallace Huo was supposed to be Meng Jiu and Hu Ge as the handsome general Huo Qu Bing, but not as handsome of course. That to me is quite a perfect casting, mainly because Meng Jiu is very hard to cast and I just feel Wallace was the guy for it. A pity. Anyway what a sad ending for Meng Jiu for a Tong Hua series, this is considered a very happy ending for the main couple. I don't get it though; why Tong Hua seems to pay so much painful details on the character that never gets the girl? I feel like she loves Meng Jiu. Huo Qu Bing to me is a-typical hero, doesn't mean I don't like him but I gravitate towards Meng Jiu. Meng Jiu is Liu Lian Cheng minus the hate, angst and the entire Xiangyun craziness.

Anyway, if you can't understand Chinese, HERE is the best place to read the complete novel in English. Translation is fantastic although I have issues with certain way too modern words used but it serves its purpose.


  1. I saw this book in a bookstore. Is it worth reading? The whole novel consist of 3 books. So, not cheap.

  2. The translator said 2 volumes?

    Read the translation lar! I only like 1 character, the rest I skipped.


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