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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where is compassion when you need it?

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You know, a law against truancy is always enacted with good intentions but god forbid in Malaysia we shall have such a stupid judge (more here). But the question is who reported her? Why didn't the school defend her? Yes, she broke the law but every law has a compassionate side, if not the law is an ass! In this case, yes 24 hours in jail is nothing but for her future college application, scholarships, jobs, a felony is still a felony. What a stupid sentencing! And guess what? She is Asian! I hate to use the race card but seriously, would he have sentenced a westerner student with the same sob sob story? I wonder... I am very sure her sentencing and fine will be expunged with so much outcry. The law should be amended to give more discretion to judges. But every statue does have a loophole in the sense discretion to judges unless the law uses the word SHALL everywhere or MANDATORY so that makes the person who drafted that said law as stupid as the judge who interpreted it. And his reasonings for his sentence; ""If you let one run loose, what are you going to do with the rest of them? Let them go, too? A little stay in the jail for one night isn’t a death sentence". Well judge, it might as well have been a death sentence to this poor girl since she now has a criminal record thanks to your stupidity. If you have ruined her chance at Harvard, will you compensate her since a little compensation for the poor girl whose life you've ruined even before it began isn't really that bad on your pocket!

And apparently the judge warned her before that she will be jailed if she missed school again. But did the judge know WHY she was missing school? Stupid stupid stupid!


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