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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Luggage bag woe be me!

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Or whatever is poetic sounding. I am looking for a luggage bag, one to call my own. I found the one I want, that is Hush Puppies sky/baby/whatever blue version and it is RM650 or something and offer is 50% and that makes it about RM325 and to me that is RM100 over budget but it is good quality, it looks sturdy, empty it is only 4kg (Samsonite like 1000% more expensive is about 3kg) and my god, the colour, I LOVE! But RM325... too expensive. I don't know... let me look at the picture and think...


Maybe there is some other store which offers 60% off? Maybe like RM300 under? Maybe like RM280? Because I will buy if RM280. Better if RM250. Anyone knows perhaps of such a store in Kuala Lumpur? No? I am dreaming? "Slap yourself Funn! And wake up! That is impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

No? Why? WHY?? WHY?!?!??!???!?

I wish I had NEVER EVER laid eyes on you, you perfect blue Hush Puppies luggage, you beautiful beast!!!


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