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Monday, June 25, 2012

Malaysian way of life : Road blocks

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I do not know why but yesterday what was usually a very jam road became so jam I had to waste RM3 parking at KLCC for half an hour and then leave via Jalan Tun Razak. Probably road block because I can see buses zooming by and yet my lane just wasn't moving. And yes, Malaysian police has a tendency of blocking roads during rush hours such as 7am to 9am (rushing to work time), 12pm to 2pm (rushing to lunch time) and 5pm to 6pm (rushing to home time). Why these times I do not know except these are police working hours. Funny, construction work usually middle of the night which is great but road blocks for no apparent reason during rush hours is beyond me, more so I can't see how robbers and criminals can zig zag through the traffic where everything is one large parking lot. Maybe there were some accidents as well. I remember passing through 3 broken down cars all within 1 hour some time ago. Usually when so jam, it is either because of rain or like how I reasoned, an accident where someone died. No one died, no accidents but still very very jam. Anyway came across this funny picture that shows the typical Malaysian way of life that is roadblocks. It will explain HOW COME it is so jam but it won't explain WHY it is so. 


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