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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Will anyone be interested? [Three Kingdoms RPG] - Updated

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Updates - 10.07.2012
I just read up a bit on Szema Yi which Szema Shun will be one day and the spelling is actually Sima Yi. Anyway interesting character because if this is true, then Sima Shun will serve Cao Cao and his many successors (he lived long enough to have served under at least 3 of the Caos) and will go head to head with Zhuge Liang. In history I believe Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei, etc are smaller players compared with Cao Cao, of course. Sima Yi looks like a politically wise and ambitious strategist so if this series follows through with history, we shall see Sima Shun aka Sima Yi pitted against Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi will win. After I watched Red Cliff I read up on Sun Quan and I was very surprised to learn of his illustrious career and then I realise perhaps Liu Bei and gang was indeed too romanticised. But this was an era of heroes and brotherhood. Even Cao Cao may have been more defamed in history than he was in real life. I look forward to how this series will present all these conflicts!

Updates - 09.07.2012
Ok! 1st episode episodic thought is posted. No more notices on updates for that page so do check it out during weekdays where the thought will be posted before the next episode's broadcast. My memory is a bit fuzzy for episode 1 so I apologise for the lack of info.

More after Read More link.

Updates - 09.07.2012

Updates - 08.07.2012
Reminder to all viewers who have ASTRO! This series (3 Kingdoms RPG) will start on Monday 09.07.2012 at 8.30pm time slot on AOD Ch 901. Repeats will be after 9.15pm at same channel or the other designated channels. My episodic thoughts will be posted by the next episode broadcast.

Confirmed! This series is showing starting Monday on AOD Channel 901 at I think 8.30pm slot, taking over No Good Either Way except No Good Either Way I think has 1 more episode to go on Monday. I thought it is 20 episodes but from what I can see, probably at least 2 more episodes? I can't see how 1 episode can wrap up everything. Anyway trailer for 3 Kingdoms RPG is just sad. It is combined trailer with other series. I would have missed it if I weren't paying attention.


I am watching No Good Either Way and regret a little for not writing episodic thoughts for this. I am also sort of watching Witness Insecurity but even all my love for Linda Chung can't help mask the fact that she seriously overacted in that series and the storyline is just.. boring. I mean to show a love story between a cop and whatever, first there must be sexy element and I find Bosco as sexy as his bland black suit and Linda isn't sexy at all. So for me, fail! I wanted so much to watch Tiger Cubs, because I like Vincent Wong (I GOT HIS NAME RIGHT!!!) but I missed the 1st episode because it was shown on weekends and no ads at all! NONE! So pissed off. So now comes 3Kingdoms RPG which I am hoping takes over No Good Either Way time slot so that it starts on this coming Monday. I haven't been writing reviews much lately.. ok I haven't been writing AT ALL so I was thinking the few of you still here, like 2 or 3 of you, would you like an episodic thoughts for 3kingdoms RPG? I hope it is good enough to sustain my interest to finish it, or bad enough, either way will do. What say you? That is if it is in that timeslot. If it is not, I can't imagine where the hell it is gonna be shown!!

Ok! Do bookmark the following URL;

If all goes well episode 1 will be up on Monday or early Tuesday. I will post an update here.


  1. I will watch No Good After I finish Master of Play.

  2. I stopped No Good in the middle. It got boring.

    I started Witness Insecurity until episode 3 and continued watching. I fell in love at first sight with boring black suit Bosco. I don't care about the boring storyline or overacting Linda. Paul Chun is fatherly and I love.

    I watched 2 episodes of Tiger Cubs. I praise the action and cinematography but too much skin and over the top attempt to show sexiness. I don't care about Vincent or Him, bring me back Carson or Onion anyday. Joe Ma is boring and old but I like his manly character.

  3. Three Kingdom RPG news are everywhere these days as if brainwashing us to watch and love it. What is TVB planning?

  4. Athena, do keep watching! I actually begin to like Kristal Tin towards the end where she and Ruco has such a serious conflict. The dialogue is realistic but how they got to the mess they're in is to me stupid.

    I still don't like Witness Insecurity. I can't stand the older actors because their characters don't make sense. Paul Chun has played fatherly before many many times and it is getting old. I am most disappointed with Linda though; there were some terrible display of acting in there. Bosco is good in his "Seriously?" deadpan look but seriously, I find his character so terribly not sexy. Sorry but Bosco, sex, Linda and passion all don't mix well.

    Tiger Cubs no comment. But since I don't like Joe Ma these days and I simply hate Jess, my feeling is I suppose I will be disappointed.

  5. "Three Kingdom RPG news are everywhere these days as if brainwashing us to watch and love it. What is TVB planning?"

    Brainwashing us and making us love it. I don't know. Hopefully the silliness is kept to a minimum.

  6. Anyway this seem to be Lau Ka Ho's big farewell production with all the promotion everywhere. The time travel genre sounds cute and attractive to me.

    I'm hooked with Witness Insecurity and can't wait for next week. Bosco is handsome and manly and Linda becomes pretty after I know her problem.

  7. Does this mean that No Good Either Way does not have a proper ending? You initially assume No Good to have one more episode. Now, Monday confirm got 3 kingdom. That means no more episode?

  8. Kidd, got!! I checked schedule there is ep 21 on Monday. Tuesday no other episode. I thought it is 20 episodes. So Monday schedule confirms it is 21 episodes. But I can't see how 1 episode can settle all issues. If monday is not last episode, that means it could be beyond 21 episodes.


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