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Friday, July 27, 2012

Witness Insecurity's ending

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When I knew 3Kingdoms RPG was preempted for Witness Insecurity 2 episodes ending, I decided to watch the last 2 episode. Shocking to see Eric Li looking like a really real drug addict so kudos to some good acting. But the ending is just stupid. On a scale of stupidity, just 3 steps below Bottled Passion and we have sorta same ending. After a huge collision, our hero doesn't go to the hospital; instead he rides a motorcycle for I assume 15 minutes of so and died in Linda's arms after saying "I am sorry I was late" and she cries and then THE END. WHAT?! Even in Titanic after Jack dies we get to see what happens to Rose. Here we see nothing. And won't you go hysterical if your would be but now goner boyfriend for no good reason dying in your arms? Now is the best time for Linda hysterical school and acting and all we have is a mehhhhh acting. And I was like WTH is with these romantic sorta heroes who just doesn't go to hospital? You know that ending is meant to be a tearjerker and I laughed. Because it was stupid! You know the BEST ending? And yet sad? Have Bosco survive and then crippled but with Linda by his side, happily ever after. Isn't that MORE romantic?! Is this like a revenge for what is the MyBos-gate? What a stupid ending!


  1. Yeah when I saw the finale it was kinda ruined for me due to bosco's infidelity rumors. Nonetheless just a terrible ending And although I love and adore linda Chung - fellow Canadian, I found her role to be useless because there wasn't really a romance in the movie and they never got together. Hui sir died and that was predictable and besides would chi lam want to be with him knowing he was the one who threw her dad in jail?

  2. I haven't even watched the ending and yet my head is filled with rage. Is TVB trying to be like those Korean dramas? I already watched more than half of WI and the ending tells me that it is back to square one for Linda's character...LAME.

  3. Nah Hui Sir need to die because it is more heartbreaking if they live but can't be together because how will Hailey face the guy he loves put her dad in jail and her dad did many wrong things?

    Nice what. I really buy Bosco is like dying minus the fake tomato sauce blood and fake car accident. Linda improved la somewhat.


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