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Friday, August 31, 2012

Funn's Tea Vee Beh TV Award 2012 nomination list [Ongoing]

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We all know that in TVB speak, their so called fadan and siusang are young ones that they intend to promote (and squeeze till their juices run dry so as to get back every penny they ever invested in anything) and these will be nominated and supposedly validated through their TVB TV awards, every year. However one year was a shocker, or was it 2 when for the female category at least, a female actress above the expected young age became TV queen and that was Sheren Teng. And then there was Wayne Lai. I am sure TVB couldn't deny the fact that those series were popular and their performances were most deserving. Usually however they do not make any attempt to complement acting performance and popularity of a series. I am frankly sick of that. We all know great veteran actors in very prominent roles will never be proclaimed as TV King or TV Queen. Those are for young or young-ish ones until TVB can't deny some are so smashingly great, they will be a fool to deny them. Anyway you can expect the names like Tavia Yeung as TV Queen, Kenneth Ma as TV King, etc which we all know is total B.S but they're less B.S because TV Queen or Kng happens to be leading roles. But seriously, do these TV King or Queen really is a King or Queen? Do they bring in ratings? If so, Bobby Au Yeung will win almost every year.

So here is my ongoing list of my own's Tea Vee Beh TV Award 2012 nomination list. Will add and amend as I go along. Rather fun to rant.

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Awesomest Performance By A Male Actor
Aka TV King
Kent Cheng in The King Maker

Awesomest Performance By A Female Actress
Aka TV Queen
Rebecca Chan in Bottled Passion

Awesomest Supporting Performance By A Male Actor
Aka TV King's sidekick
Stephen Au 
All the Indian actors in No Good Either Way

Awesomest Supporting Performance By A Female Actress
Aka TV King's sidekick
Florence Kwok

Greatest Sui Wong Wong  Performance By A Male Actor
Aka beautiful tears
Raymond Wong in Bottled Passion

Greatest Sui Wong Wong Performance By A Female Actress
Aka beautiful tears
None so far

Most Improved Actress
Kristal Tin in King Maker, No Good Either Way

Most Improved Actor
None so far

Most Deproved Actress
Myolie Wu in *name any series by her in TVB*

Most Deproved Actor
None so far

Still The Worst Actor (Veteran category)
Sek Sau in King Maker

Still The Worst Actress (Veteran category)
None so far

Same Old, Same Old Actor
Aka never improve, de-prove, always the same
Kevin Cheng in *name any series in TVB itself*

Same Old, Same Old Actor
Aka never improve, de-prove, always the same
Jessica Hester Hsuan in *name any series in anywhere in the world*

The Future Deserving Fadan
Aka the one hopefully will not reach the Myolie Wu plateau effect
JJ Jia

The Future Deserving Siusang

Aka the one hopefully will not reach the Kevin Cheng same old same old in TVB effect
Pierre Ngo

Dangerously Close To Myolie Effect

Linda Chung

Talent Suddenly Appreciated
Aka the Ruco Chan effect
Oscar Leung in Tiger Cub

Talent Should Have Been Appreciated Years Ago
Aka the Wayne Lai effect
Jazz Lam in Ghetto Justice II
Ben Wong in *name any series*

Overrated Talent
Aka Almost every fadan and siusang in TVB thus far
*Take you pick!*

Most Overrated Performance
Raymond Lam in Three Kingdoms RPG

The Inevitable Stuffed Down Our Throat Future Leading Lady
Aka Damn you TVB for never listening!!
Fans scream Christine Kuo

Forever The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride
Fans scream Nancy but to me Nancy is more  like Joe Ma in terms of an actor. I just don't see her as a lead.

Joe Ma *in any shows where he is the leading man*

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn Factor
Tavia Yeung *in any shows where she is the leading lady*

X Factor Dimmed By TVB
Not 2012 series but have you seen Kara Hui in Qing Shi Huang Fei? In TVB series you wonder why she won HK best actress award but you will never question that when you see her in Qing Shi Huang Fei which makes me wonder, why TVB won't write a character like Empress Du for the veterans in TVB.

X Factor Overblown By TVB 
Put any name here and I will probably agree



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