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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Singapore, you're hot!

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In every sense of the word, Singapore is hot (cool), hot (weather), hot (happening). It was so hot weather wise, and when I was walking in Universal Studio, I wished I was in China during autumn. It was THAT hot. And so many people. I learned the meaning of queues. It was an anaconda snake like queue. The worst was Transformers ride, gave new meaning to the word queue. 2 hours of queueing but of course the ride was darn worth it. Expensive stuff but fun! May I suggest if you intend to go to Universal Studio and ride all the rides and play all the games, do buy the fast pass. It is worth the extra $20 or something.

Food wise, quality has improved but I can name many more places in Malaysia that can do the food better, even at the so called Malaysian food centre at Universal Studio. 

Other than that, no comment except, so so so hot.


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