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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The gamer side of me

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I recently invested in a rather good desktop with a top quality processor and a good quality graphic card. I insisted on such expensive add ons because I surf a lot and also I wanted to play Sims 3. It turns out for better internet experience I should have bought a better connection rather than a better graphic card. But I could play Sims 3.

So recently I wondered what sort of games my computer can handle. Of course it can handle the simple ones like that excellent Burger Shop (makes me drool everytime I play and I dream of McDonald's after that). But I was thinking what about those heavy duty games?  So I tried Spore. Ok, so it was released in 2008, but the graphics is cool and according to one website, my processor and graphic card is almost 10 out of 10. Then I searched for some dragon RPG games and found a game which won some major awards but can't remember the name. Again my computer passed the test. Then I tried a new game called Botanicula and happily, passed the test as well. I am going to try for more latest games. My hunch is my processor can handle it, but maybe in a few months my graphic card is not gonna be able to handle the more super graphic games. So far my graphic card is heaven sent for stuff like Second Life. Finally I could see the texture, etc.

However, my internet connection still sucks.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the gamer side of me. Ok, so I tried playing Botanicula first. It has the awesomest soundtrack, cutest characters, beautiful whimsical graphics but I can't solve the puzzle and I am just at 2nd level! 

Then I tried Spore. Loved creating the ugliest creature ever, then tried playing, I excelled at being organism since it is just eat eat eat then collect then eat some more. Then I went to level 2, as in organism on land and again it is simple enough for me. Again just eat, kill, eat, kill. Then I went to level 3, still ok with the constant killing, eating. Basically I am great at killing and eating. And when I said killing, Spore is seriously very very violent but in a cutesy sort of way.  I have options of befriending or killing. When I can't befriend, I kill. Was killed like 5 or 6 times until I learned to form a pack and we were like velociraptors, hunting like a pack, just kill, kill, kill. Finally I leveled up to tribal stage where now it is more like a civilisations cum strategy game and that is where I failed, miserably. Now no longer just kill, I need to socialise and stuff and guess what? Never succeeded beyond "Hi!" because I itch to kill and I did and I died like so many times now I am fed up with the game. And this is just very early tribal stage.

I move on to that dragon RPG game, the name I can't remember and the graphic was awesome, went to creating my character, got introduction, got attacked by a dragon, ran into some building and then... I have no idea how to move to the next level. All in all, minus the time I took to create the character's look, basically I stopped after 15 minutes into the game.

Yes, I even played Sims 3, the main reason for the upgrade and guess what? I stopped after building a house. 

So frankly, I am not a serious gamer. The only game I ever completed is Burger Shop. I was even in the test group for Burger Shop 2! Other than that, I am more of a serious blogger and even then I am not a constant blogger. So I believe I am a serious "surfer" but then I only go to the usual places I go to. 

I am lost! What am I serious at?!

So what are you? Are you a serious gamer? Any good high end graphic games you can recommend me? I am sorta like into those traveling sort of game, like one I played on my old computer called Marco Polo something. Or a food based game, which I am playing right now called Cooking Academy 3 and all I do is chop chop, stir fry, etc. Sounds boring but actually quite exciting. Been thinking of getting the Nintendo Wii.

Anyway ... my question to you; any good games for me to play? Knowing I am basically dumb when it comes to games, any nice graphic which can utilise my high end computer and play some serious game but isn't so mind bogglingly difficult that I just rather run out of the building hoping the dragon will kill me but as the game is designed not to do that, so I end up alive and still nowhere to move to next level?

P/S Finally remember the name of that dragon RPG game.The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim.


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