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Friday, September 7, 2012


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I want to buy a GPS for my car, because of all the people in the world, I am one who seriously needs a GPS. I can even get lost coming out of Pavilion KL, and I was forced to use my Nokia N8 Nokia Maps which worked brilliantly. But I can't imagine using my phone as GPS thing because if battery all gone, how then can I make calls which is the very first reason why I bought my N8? Ok, also for the camera.

So I was researching and found Garmin and everyone saying PapaGo. My sis has a GPS which she says is ciplak type of PapaGo. So I was thinking what is Garmin and PapaGo?

Just imagine Apple and Microsoft. Garmin is Apple, own hardware, own software. PapaGo is Microsoft and any device, such as WayWay or anything using PapaGo is like Compaq, Dell, etc. I've read good things about both but I am personally rather liking Garmin because I expected GPS to be RM800 and above which it is but Garmin has a cheaper less high tech version such as this which is selling between RM360 to RM430, the difference is in the warranty.

I paid a lot of money for my Nokia N8 because of the warranty and a few years on, never used it once. So maybe I will get the AP set. So I am posting this, hoping anyone who has GPS can perhaps recommend me between Garmin and any device using PapaGo, which is better for my purpose?

My purpose is to have the freedom to drive in my own country without getting lost and if I can get lost out of Pavilion KL, that tells you how clueless I am about Malaysian roads, even if we have excellent signboards. With my Nokia Maps, I did feel liberated for a while. Also I want my maps to be updated. I understand none of these devices could instal other countries' maps for free but I like the flexibility of updating them, longevity, usage, battery power and ease of use as well as accuracy and strong signal. Don't want to drive and then being told GPS signal lost. My Nokia can install any country's maps which is useful for walking. My purpose of this car GPS is for my car. Would be nice like some GPS I see got also real pictures of junction, etc. Not sure if the one I am interested in got it or not. I also wonder is there a GPS device that lets me input full address and actually finds it for me? No?

Any horror story to tell about your GPS? Or you're your own GPS, the human GPS?

P/S I am shocked to read the unit I am interested in does not come with a USB cable, which to me is stupid. I need to buy the USB cable? Seriously, how expensive it is to include it in the package?!


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