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Friday, September 21, 2012

THE OTHER TRUTH [2011][TVB][O] : First impressions

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Wikipedia. Note, the plot aka summary there is not exactly right especially on Keith, Wallace's character description but then I missed 3 episodes in the beginning so Keith may be ruthless. Wallace is not a barrister, yet. Everybody else, even James is. I was confused about the law firm structure, now I understand. It has 2 firms, one is solicitor firm run by Wallace who is not a barrister, the other is a barrister firm run by Clayton, tookover from Keith. So when Wallace becomes a barrister, he has to close his solicitor firm and I suppose join as partner with Keith's firm. I suppose in HK a solicitor and barrister can't share the same firm BUT firms can share the same office space. Probably for convenience since they pass each other their cases. By the way barrister can appear in higher courts (in wigs, etc) but not solicitors who can appear in lower courts only. This is already explained in Ghetto Justice. And in HK prosecution office can hire outside barristers to prosecute a case. The system is still British like. I do suppose HK prosecution service has prosecutors but not enough to do all. And as barristers in criminal cases, they can't approach witnesses during the case as that is the duty of the solicitors. Logic is simple; solicitors finds facts, barristers fights the case in trial, not meeting the witnesses until trial day or sometime prior is so that the barrister can maintain I suppose a distance, so won't be influenced, prejudiced, etc. I am not sure if this applies to civil cases as well, at least in HK. Wait! It does, anyway the system is peculiar but not unreasonable. Many countries have abolished this approach and combined them and no restriction as to who can appear where. 

The series has ended!! Shocking ending! I mean at least to me, sort of but then quite typical TVB. But what is not typical is this is by far the best legal drama from TVB with arguments and scenes that makes sense and a very deep study into human psyche. It has its faults but darn it, it has ended much too soon! This needs a 2nd season only if the same intelligence is maintained. Or maybe not. Why ruin a good thing eh? Will write a review for this. Let me say this first; this SOOOOO trumps Ghetto Justice I and II and every other Chinese legal drama. There I said it!! AND one of the best poster ever! I finally noticed the question mark!!

More posts after the Read More link.

Kenneth Ma appears and he is scrumptious! For once I like his hair, sort of.

Anyway Evergreen Mak's crazy husband with the worst need for "face" and "ego" getting such a sad crazy end is just.. sad but realistic.

I may not post much about this series but until this episode whichever it may be, the series is decidedly more different from many TVB series and the courtroom scenes are at least 70% accurate with some follow up scenes. Sad sad case.

I seriously pitied Auntie Mei and feels Keith's mom deserves to be you know, thrown paint on her. And Keith should have had the courtesy to transfer the property to his sister because his father did run out of them! Unbelievable twisted logic I tell you! Anyway I actually like Chris Lai in this series and his rather interesting chemistry with Leanne who of course acting is so-so but she isn't that terrible. Her cantonese is ok but look at is it Eliza Sam? The one in that series Diva In Distress? Oh she is cute but she takes FOREVER to finish her line. Or look at Mandy Wong, praised till the sky and all I can see is a very reserved performance which shows she is not ready for a love story.

But the series redeemed itself at this moment with a very bold storyline; about rogue policemen. Loving it right now. Will talk more later.

Poor Auntie Mei. Hounded to suicide. Maybe everybody else was right, she may have been manipulative and trying to bind Keith's father by giving birth to Ivy but I was thinking why Keith had the audacity to tell Auntie Mei to forget the past and yet never told his mother to do the same? Hos mother should let go as well. The father is to be blamed for the affair, Auntie Mei as well but Keith's mother isn't a saint either. I was hoping Keith will just shout at his mom "STOP IT! STOP IT MOTHER! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!" because that woman, mother or no mother, deserves to be shouted at, at least once.

Wow. Keith has a mother from hell!! What a scary woman. The mistress treats him better than his own mom. From the looks of it, it does look like mistress as in Auntie Mei seems like his real mother but of course the story will explain maybe yes, maybe no. But one thing for sure; because so many people saw his mom and Auntie Mei struggling at the rooftop where Auntie Mei fell I suppose to her death, she didn't kill Auntie Mei. If not how to reconcile Keith and his mom from hell?

And what about Mavis that we have our Wallace running after her? Ok she has style by playing with him and then rejecting him outright but seriously? I can't see Mavis being sexually alluring or alluring.

Finally finished the TVB's 12 Angry Men ver aka 7 Angry Men and Women! At least it is an attempt at some real legal stuff but I can tell you, what Madam Wai did would result in mistrial, the 2 young ones are just prejudiced and all those doubts aren't doubts , more like child's play. A good attempt but a rather childish one but at least a real attempt. I like Q Bobo as the defense lawyer, He is very realistic, especially we see more of a continous Q&A sessions, Tavia is a bit too emotional, too harsh and too preachy. And Aimee Chan did rather ok as the starlet who errrr... also made a mistake that night. That scene where she seduced Chima was very sexy, I mean her shorts is so short! She really went all out,with some realistic dialogue about the whole "rape" thing. Her crying scenes in court is ok too but the rest, as in the begging scene, more out of court crying scene, they were rather not good. She looks like she is acting. Seriously, her best moment was seducing Chima. Now we know what Moses gets eh? And the more I look at her, the more I don't think she resembles Christine Kuo. I find Christine Kuo's face more feminine whilst Aimee is sharper face and Christine has the inherent goddess like quality of her whilst Aimee's eyes looks like she is squinting all the time. Yes they resemble but no big deal sort of resemblance. Anyway The Other Truth turns out to be a rather good one. I am sure before those relationship stuff kills the story. I don't know, when I see Tavia in that role, I was thinking if this was few years' back, maybe Kenix would have been cast as Mavis. I see Kenix in that role. Somehow Tavia doesn't look convincing as someone with an ex husband. I am wondering also why in one scene Ruco instead of sitting on a chair proper, he sat on the armrest of that chair. He did it rather casually, fits his character, Keith.

Wow, lawyers' series and you have proper English names like Keith, Wallace, Mavis, Clayton, James (not even Jim, or Jimmy), Cecilia, Norman... no Internet, Super, Pow Wow, whatever. I thought that was rather amusing. Because for police drama, I am sure the names will be Gay-chai, Walla-see, Mo Wai, Kai Tau, CC.. that sort.

Anyway good show thus far but like all TVB series, it can't maintain this momentum without personalising all cases. Almost all the lawyers in this series have own legal struggles via their family. Anyway I find it to be TVB's most legal drama of legal dramas, more so than Files Of Justice. My only problem so far is I wanted to know what happened to that Yoyo Chen's case, that appeal case and nothing so far. I wanted to hear the appeal legal arguments but TVB took the easy way out. So far I have not seen Ruco aka Keith in court. Have seen the rest but not Keith. So I am naturally curious. For all the actors, etc, so far I find Louis Yuen rather convincing but it has to be Q Bobo who did the best so far.

I know this is old series, but are you watching it now?

Wow! Now we have 12 Angry Men aka 7 Angry Men and Women and Indian as protaganist. Interesting stuff!! Who to believe? My feeling is we will have a misunderstood Indian. But very thought provoking. I am however bored with Mavis, the walking legal textbook and her preachiness.

I am watching The Other Truth right now and I am becoming quite a fan of Ruco Chan's very very easy charm! He still looks more like an accountant serial killer but still, love his easy charm. Although I don't get the legal arguments for The Other Truth, at least they made some legal sense. Everybody looked so young in this series. I love the way Ruco speaks his line, crisp and clear. I love the way Raymond Wong speaks his line, so old fashioned accent with an inherent honesty in them, like everything he says is the ultimate truth. Tavia is Tavia.


  1. Now, can you understand the craze of Ruco Chan after TOT and why he win that Sexiest poll? :D

  2. Tavia's nose seriously scared me in here. Ruco Chan does look like a serial killer -- I don't trust him in 'good guy' roles. Also don't think he has enough charisma as the leading man in here.

  3. Ahhhhh sorry Bridgetm gotta disagree with you here about Ruco. He still looks like a serial killer but he is also a darn good actor in several very subtle scenes. For others, he does look like those relaxed sort of lawyer. Maybe not believable as an ex cop, I feel Raymond Wong looks more like an ex cop but Ruco nails the lawyer professional look.

  4. and he does have charisma. He may not be able to fully lead a series but he can share the lead and not take others' spotlight and yet not fade into the background.

  5. Decent actor, but whenever he smiles he looks really patronizing... it's kind of annoying. As long as he doesn't smile, I'm relative OK with him.

    But I agree he does have the professional lawyer look. Disagree on the charisma as a main lead; he and Tavia together were the reason I couldn't finish the series.

  6. Love your comments on this series! Very insightful and spot-on. Looking forward to reading more. Btw, this series actually released last summer so it's a 2011 series. :)

  7. Yeah, Mavis as a guy magnet is unconvincing.

  8. I believe that Raymond Wong would have excelled in Ruco's role as well, but Raymond doesn't look as fierce as Ruco.

    The middle of the drama dragged and the last case featuring Kenneth Ma goes on in breakneck speed. The pacing of the last case is not well done. However, you will enjoy Kenneth and Ruco showdown scenes.

    Ruco anchored "The Other Truth" well. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to follow up last year's drama with a worthy successor. TVB seems bent on bring back big-name veteran actors now and Ruco has been relegated to much smaller productions.

  9. I agree with you on Keith's mom. She should have let it go. Auntie Mei has already told the truth and lost so much. Keith's mom should be thanking God and loosen up instead of still hounding on Auntie Mei.

    Keith was very upset with his mother's action too. He said so in the bar. I guess he has asked his mom to let go but, to no avail.

  10. So fast already the rogue policemen case. I really like Wallace in this case. He shows great courage and integrity.


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