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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

GONG II/PALACE II [O][China][2012]

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What.a.stupid.ending. The worst series, of all time. So glad it is finished because now I can watch The Detective. Utterly stupid end.

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Suddenly Li Wei suffers conscience attack and is the saviour. What utter rubbish.  As I am watching Schemes Of A Beauty, I realised  Yu Zheng even ciplak from his own series. This series is a cross between Schemes Of A Beauty and Empresses In The Palace with a bit of Bu Bu Jing Xin thrown in and what you get? At 35 episodes and still no end in sight, a certain sore eye because I am waiting for my The Detective aka Xing Ming Shi Ye and if this nonsense doesn't end, I cant get to see Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo!!! This Gong II has the distinction of being the WORST Mainland China production I have ever seen, from cheesy blindingly colourful costumes to some worst cast ever to the worst culprit, the utterly stupid storyline. It is WORST than Gong I which is not that far away and I am convinced I will hate Gong III making these 3 the unholy trinity. I can take BS but this sort of BS is just mind bogglingly just beyond BS. It is sacrilege! Oh Yongzheng, how you have been defamed, slandered and now even a story of you is so savagely badly told even if it is fiction. And funny thing is, I like Mickey He the best next to Sammul Chan in Schemes Of A Beauty! He can act, he can sing, he has a nice voice but he seems to be involved in too many Yu Zheng rubbish. The actor as 17th prince is also rather good but saddled with such poor material. However Yuan Shan Shan is just ugly. I rarely go directly for the looks but her face, her poor acting, her make up, everything just makes me want to look away. But I suspect it is less Yuan Shan Shan and more Yu Zheng Fatigue in my case. And I really like Schemes Of A Beauty but Gong II is just beyond rubbish. I hope Yu Zheng knows how rubbish it is so as not to transfer that rubbishness to Swordsman because I am sure even at his advanced age, Jin Yong will probably personally scream "NO MORE SHALL I BE INSULTED, HUMILIATED BY THESE ADAPTATIONS!!!" and give a blanket universal intergalactic ban from any beings and sentients adapting his works.

Oh please Gong II, just bloody end so that I can watch my 2 handsome guys and a girl I quite like that has the pleasure of being stuck in the middle of those 2 guys. An enviable position but not so enviable since she has to choose!

I actually gave up on this series a few episodes ago but had to sit through because someone else is watching. And I was confronted with the stupidest lamest scene ever where copy also copy all wrong! Definitely copied one scene from Empresses In The Palace where in Empresses In The Palace, Zhen Huan was having high fever. It was winter outside. Supposed to be a romantic scene where 17th prince took off his outer clothes, rushed out to lie on the snow, ran in and hugged the sleeping Zhen Huan, and he did it again and again and again. Retrospectively now I wonder why he didn't just carry her to a bathtub with cold water to cool her temperature. Probably he really wanted to hug her a lot. Anyway back to Gong II, and remember I said Yu Zheng likes to portray things from back to front? Same scene except this time it is a male character high with fever and it was a woman, Mu Dan who wanted to cool his body temperature. It isn't winter outside, and so she carried a pail of water. I thought, is she gonna pour on him as he laid on the bed or maybe gently sprinkle the water on him or whatever? I tell you, what happened next is something I never thought of. Remember, she is in her own room, carpet and all. SHE POURED THE WATER ONTO HERSELF, and then she rushed to him and laid on the bed and hugged him. Then she ran out, carried the pail of water into the room again, did the same thing like 4 or 5 times. Can you imagine how flooded or ruined her carpet or living room will be? Can't she pour it on herself OUTSIDE? Even my sister laughed hard and said "Dumb man! DUMB!!". It was DUMB!

What the hell!!!!!!

Previously, another scene that I actually laughed. It wasn't supposed to be funny but the acting is terrible, that it made Mickey He and the actor as 17th prince looked like award winners and frankly these 2 can act, given the fact that the material is rubbish.

17th prince was saved by his wife but he didn't appreciate her help. He scolded her, shouted at her and said many many things, and ended it with 2 sentences where he expresses his deep love for the perfect Lian Er (Yuan Shan Shan) and he will never ever EVER love his wife. EVER. It was actually well acted by the actor. Anyway he got reprimanded by his old time maid and he confessed he couldn't scold anyone and so he scolded the one person he can unleash his temper. Wow, how sensitive eh? And later he went to his wife, now dressed in his wedding gown sitting very still with eyes closed and lo and behold, she took poison and killed herself. Now my sis said the empress supposedly kind killed this woman with her scheming that saved her own brother but ruined 17th prince' reputation to which 17th prince's wife agreed to play along so as to preserve his life. I do agree, what she did was dumb and she should've consulted him before making a decision that ruined his reputation. However the empress did not cause her death. It was 17th prince with the last 2 sentences that he shouted at her about the virtous Lian Er and how much he loved her, etc etc etc. 17th prince was shocked, held his wife and cried as he lamented what a fool he was. And that was the moment I burst out laughing because the actress as Jia Jia the wife was just terribly inadequate. Even her supposed death looked like she was smiling and the way the actor cried so hard, and she looking like she was smiling reminded me of all those comedies where a character cries hard holding a dead body in a most unnecessarily dramatic way.

And then we have Lian Er leaving the palace ala Empresses In The Palace. I predicted she will meet 17th prince again but like I said about Yu Zheng, in Empresses In The Palace Zhen Huan had an affair with 17th prince because she no longer loved the emperor which was just one of those insanely foolish and dumb plot. But in Gong II, remember the back to front principle, we have 17th prince repeatedly expressing his love for Lian Er but Lian Er's heart is set; she loves the emperor.

Yu Zheng, the Back To Front Principle man.

What more can I say? Just a week more and this garbage will end so that my The Detectives (Xing Ming Shi Ye) can officially begin. Gong II is to me the worst series ever thus far, even more worse than the Ma Jing Tao Qing series where he carried his dead wife's body into the forest, as in that stupid Qiong Yau series.  Gong II has decent actors with some surprising guest stars but I should have known by the way it started in episode 1 that it was pure and utter rubbish. But I gave it a chance, to see how extreme it can go. Oh it was extreme but my problem is not how extreme but how supremely stupid it is. I can perfectly understand why China wants to ban such series.

And it is all Yu Zheng's fault and it is that bad simply because of his 100% touch on the series. Schemes Of A Beauty was good. Gong II was not. If you have lost faith in TVB, get yourself Gong II and I am very sure you will sing hallelujah, TVB the saviour!!

Now I really fear for Swordsman or as Yu Zheng spells it, Swordman.

The structure of the story is exactly like Schemes Of A Beauty, another Yu Zheng production whereby Schemes Of A Beauty has less Yu Zheng's touch which makes it heaps better. Both stories are the same; 2 best friend, one favoured by Emperor, the other jealous, the other schemes and emperor due to his own personal jealousy beds the best friend and made her the concubine. Same! Except Schemes Of A Beauty is more brutal, story made more sense and to me so far highly enjoyable. Even Ruby Lin acted better than in Qing Shi Huang Fei. As for Gong II, I see Li Wei, I fast forward. Darn bored with his story. Also not interested in Yu Shu who to me is just too stupid as a contender. Even Lian Er herself is like some silly girl skipping alone the palace and just had heaps of luck. I can understand Yu Shu's frustration. This Lian Er lacks the grace, elegance, brutality and street smartness of Zhen Huan in Empresses In The Palace. The actress lacks the beauty of Betty Sun Li. And obviously lacks her acting skill as well. Gong II is just another good reason why China wants to and did ban such stories. It is a travesty to all history lover. Wanna "goreng" also must "goreng" within certain confines. My limit is Empresses In The Palace and even towards the end I lost my patience with the story which just went overboard and drowned itself of any credibility. To see Li Wei being defamed as such is just brutal and it doesn't even help the story. Where got a minister thinks he is above that of a Wang Ye (Lord)? I just had to switch to The Last Steep Ascent for a good story well told, even if it is a rehash of any Lee Tim Shing's series, but at least it is not as bombastically stupid like Gong II. I hated Gong I. But now, I shall double hate Gong II. Mickey He was ok as the jealous Emperor but the story is just... not even TVB will go that way I tell you!! I had to rewatch Bu Bu Jing Xin to cleanse my mind. I see Nicky Wu's 4th Prince, I feel like tearing his clothes off. I see Mickey He's Yongzheng in Gong II, I feel like kicking him into the gutter. It is THAT much that I hate Yu Zheng. Now I am afraid for Swordsman (which by the way all the posters stupidly spell Swordman). It has 100% Yu Zheng touch and whilst I once liked Yuan Shan Shan, I now realise her acting is terribly amateur. I hope Swordsman will be like Schemes Of A Beauty, some Yu Zheng touch but not enough to kill it. Because I don't want Wallace Huo being laughed to his grave for taking part in a travesty. Yes Mickey He is famous but seriously, I see him I feel like he deserves better and I really like his Zhou Ya Fu in Schemes Of A Beauty.

I confess, I watched beyond episode 2 and reposting from my BBJX post;

I was watching Gong II intermittently, just to see how far it can go in terms of storyline and I can tell you, not even TVB will go that far. I understand why China want to ban historical dramas, thanks to rubbish like Gong II. And it is a testament to horrible it is that it supersedes Gong I. And there's gonna be a Gong III. It will be Gong Gong Gong of rubbish. Absolute rubbish. It rubbishes Yongzheng, it rubbishes Empresses In The Palace, it rubbishes Duke of Mountdeer, it rubbishes Kangxi, it rubbishes the viewers. Yu Zheng rubbishes the rubbish. I am also watching Sammul Chan-Ruby Lin's Schemes Of A Beauty and that is a Yu Zheng production but at least he has minimal touch there so it is interesting but still some nagging feeling it just ain't right. Which is why I fear for Wallace Huo and Swordsman (Xiao Au Jiang Hu) because that is 100% Yu Zheng touch and it will be rubbish from precedents. It already is with Yuan Shan Shan whom I quite like until I saw Gong II and I feel that her acting is superficial even if not that horrible and her looks is just not pretty. She is just not pretty. All Yu Zheng's ladies in Gong II has different varying degrees of plastic on then, even Yang Mi but Yang Mi still looks sort of human. I feel Tang Ren makes better production and I am sorta liking Liu Shi Shi who may be mediocre but she is not as annoying as Yuan Shan Shan in Gong II. Maybe it is the role. I still can't get over the fact how Gong II rubbishes Li Wei and then dare to pull a twin sister stunt. Even TVB will say "Hold on! Hold on!". Very tacky. I bet Jessica Hester Hsuen will say "Rubbish".

I am about 2 episodes from giving up on Gong II, but I really want to know how much more this series can "offer".

ASTRO is showing Palace II aka Gong II and I can't believe I just watched episode 1. Before I watched Gong II, I actually quite like Yuan Shan Shan but after I watched episode 1, I don't like her that much. I am beginning to like Liu Shi Shi. It really is because the writing and acting is just shitty.

If Gong I is Bu Bu Jing Xin rip off but from back to front sort of way, Gong II which is about the story that our heroine from Gong I wrote (so it is a story within a story - only the cheapest lamest storyteller would use such a tactic to tell a story!), it is Empresses In The Palace and a little of Qing Shi Huang Fei rip off, again from back to front. I can't believe I just watched it! And I am still wondering why is our heroine so happy when her father just died? When did her father died? Did I miss something? If you think TVB is a bad storyteller, wait till you meet Yu Zheng and his Gong series. And none of the guys are good looking at all. And I hope it is only because of Gong because I fear for Swordsman now. I do!

But the themesong is nice. Background like in all Qing series is very colourful but the costume is too colourful.

I have watched so many Qing series, I can honestly say this is not the worst. Oh no, the worst is Curse Of The Royal Harem, from story to costume to sets to casting to the acting, all 10000% horrendous. Gong I is pretty close, Gong II is also a little close.

Help me!! I heard Gong III is coming. Which story or book is Yu Zheng going to defile now? I read he likes Wallace Huo so much he wants him in a Gong III, reportedly a movie. Please Wallace Huo, Jien Hua, Hua Ge, Hua Ge Ge, Boss ... save your career and the integrity of your career and don't join the Gong stupidity!!

That's it! I am not watching episode 2!!


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