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Thursday, January 10, 2013

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] Impostor exposed! Back at Jaynestars!

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[10.01.2013]  I feel like Bilbo Baggins when I am writing this post, like There And Back Again. Because here we go again. I never thought I need to ever EVER repost this and guess what? There and back again. If you see a Funn Lim but not my usual avatar, that is not me. But the worst is Funn who again is not me but writes with the same style as the imposter. I am really tired. Maybe you will say I am not the only one with this name. Sure, and suddenly in 1 day Funn, Funn Lim and Lim Funn surfaces with 3 different avatars. And suddenly there are so many Funns but hey, no Jayne, no Kidd, no Mary or whatever. I never knew Funn was such a common name.  I am ok with Lim Funn if that is the poster's name. But the one posting as Funn is blatantly obvious isn't it? So I give up. Whatever. Just know any name without my avatar (you will know it when you see it) ain't me. Go on and be an unoriginal lazy idiot that you are. I bet if I use a different name, 1 month later, voila! Someone with the same name! I do know Funn is also a brand name for some bicycles (I googled) but I doubt the CEO is there to post as Funn. Sigh...what a bummer to a new year. If you think I am being anal about this, well go to Jaynestars and tell me, why Funn is such a popular name, suddenly?

P/S Any name with Funn, funn, Lim Funn, etc without my avatar is not me. I am not sure about Lim Funn, but I am pretty sure Funn, funn with 3 different avatars is the same person that is that unoriginal ungracious idiot that I have written about in my posts below. If you're genuine in using the name, fine. But don't give me the BS story how that is your name etc when you use not one but THREE different emails and come up with excuse like I wrote my email wrongly. As if. Like I said to that idiot, I am done being polite. Everytime I read her comment and I disagree, I shall go to her level and be her sort. You know, rude and all. And it is easy because her comments are nonsense anyway. And I do mean literally nonsense since I can't understand a word she is saying. A cheat in any style is a cheat. Nothing worse than an unoriginal unapologetic shameless cheat. And one who hides behind an assumed name that she (or he for all I care, or he/she, or it perhaps) does not feel any affinity for which makes me angry. I call that total disrespect. And I am sure she is laughing because I am giving her more time than this virus deserves. Not even bacteria because you can destroy bacteria. A virus can't be destroyed; once outed it lays dormant and then becomes active again, like this idiot. If you think I am being ungracious, well I learn from this virus. And until you get the same treatment, let's say you won't know the effect of that virus.

Check out the whole sordid tale after the jump.

[23.10.2012]  Bless Jayne for giving me a straight answer. When I asked her to check who posted as Funn Lim using my avatar ie my email, the answer was surprising and deeply disappointing.

After checking through our comments log, we have validated that the imposter posing as “Funn Lim” has been a commenter going under various nicknames on our site: “Vivien,” “Lol” and more recently as “Anon”. I am surprised at my own findings and shocked that a frequent commenter on our site has resorted to such tactics as posing as another commenter, a form of online identity theft. Funn, you have been a well-respected member of our community for a long time. I apologize for the recent turn of events causing you much headache and will do our best to come up with a viable solution to prevent such actions of online identity theft. [Link]

I am deeply disappointed because at least 2 names in there are regulars and I have been quite friendly with them. I believe they're the same people using various IPs and various names. It is simple to beat the IPs. Just go online using different internet connection. I am sure these same people also posted as funnlim which started it all. Sometimes I wonder am I so worth his or her time to destroy their own reputation? Anyway, my reply at Jaynestars;

This is me Funn with a new email and a new avatar. Thanks for your reply on the IPs for the ones posted under Funn Lim. I already suspected one that is Anon but I never in my life suspected the other 2. And I understand there are several Lol or lol or the variations so I hope it is indeed as lol and not other variations. I am however disappointed with the other name posted who I have been replying to in a friendly manner. I never knew and I hope it is someone else posting as that name, that person. Come to think of it my email is public knowledge at my blog, so those who know must be those who has been there and looked around and made a huge guess. I am ok with the cyber bullying, all is fair but I am deeply disappointed the names I know so well are part of the same identity who thinks it is ok and funny to hijack my name, my avatar, my email, mimicking my style of posting but doing it all wrong and then use it not just to mock me, but to mock the rest of us, the commenters and in the end made a fool of himself or herself. I am not the fool, that person is. What an idiot. Thanks Jayne for your help. I don’t feel any better but with a sharp eye as yours, I can count on you to track any future bullying in your site, whether as against me or against someone else. I don’t see myself as a victim, I just feel angry so I switched off for a while. But I bet I don’t feel as stupid as the one who thinks it is ok to mock other people by stealing other’s identity. It is mean spirited. look, if any of you don’t like what I posted, tell me so. Don’t go to that level, that below the belt level. Is it so hard to share your opinion being yourself or you think it is much easier to pretend to be that person and destroy that person’s name? I am not some famous figure, I am not worth your effort to lower yourself to that level. Find your own worthiness, your own inner commenter and post your opinion under your own identity. It is a name, not your photo or your real life identity but at least play fair. Thanks again Jayne! [Link]

I don't think these acts are born out of hatred for me but simply because they think they can get away with it. Thank you Jayne for naming and shaming them. I thought only in real life you have to be wary of who you befriend but it seems even in a world where we are faceless with a nickname and avatar and email address to represent us, we are still susceptible to pretentious people. We are all pretending but to be so malicious is below the belt and guess who gets hurt in the end? Not me. I change my email, upload a new avatar and that's still me. I know nobody really cares but it is important to me when the impostor started to defame others in a crude manner in my name. I talk back about people and I am not blowing my own trumpet but I do it in a classier way (from my perspective).

Anyway, from now on I will be posting at Jaynestars still as Funn Lim. It is my name. I will stick with it. The following will be my avatar;

Jaynestars have implemented a userid next to each name, but it isn't foolproof since I share the same userid with the impostors with my old avatar using my previous email. I am now using a new email and so my userid is 8828c13cfc3c3a06b2c71714b899aa55. I will be changing my avatar to something classier soon.

Thanks for the voices of support at Jaynestars and my online friends. I thank Jayne also for bearing with my complaints. I know I can be a pain sometimes but seriously, I am really not worth your time to damage your own reputation. Surely you do know IPs can be tracked?

[22.10.2012] I have my suspicion. But I won't call out the idiot troll until I am sure so I shall wait for the confirmation I seek. Now I feel like I am famous since I have a dedicated troll who is probably a Malaysian male teenager without a life. There is a difference between using my name and pretending to be me using my avatar with my email that is public knowledge. It is no longer funny but mean spirited and unoriginal. Some people just need to grow up, if not well troll away but at some point let's laugh at the last idiot standing which won't be me since I am out of the game.

[21.10.2012] Again at Jaynestars only this could happen and so blatantly, through no fault of Jayne the webmistress. Other than funnlim (which is my name) and a variety of others who posts as themselves using a variation of my name, I believe this funnlim has now saved and uploaded my avatar to and used Funn Lim as his or her nickname OR as someone wisely pointed out, my email which is of no secret is used since Jaynestars does not require password, so now it is as if I posted those insane comments such as;
Lol, you are too emotional. You ask ppl to relax and there you get pisst off. Are you insane? [Link]

You are right. Probably Tavia needs a real and got burstling s*x scandal to spice up her chances of winning the best atress award. [Link]

And here again, the imposter! [Link]

Please get away. Imposter![Link]

Are you nutz? Her impression to me is terrible. [Link]

I don’t talk about nose. I ralk about beautiful face. Only people here who know me can differentiate who is a real and who is fake Funn Lim.[Link]

Sadly to say, most people’s writing here are either too shallow or too naive to be acceptable. I hope these people can be as mature as I am to write something more sensible and meaningful for society to read. [Link]
The following is by me using my undisclosed email and avatar;


And updating my avatar which is this;

Maybe I am an easy target and maybe someone is all out to cyber bully me. All I know is this idiot is now going all out to pretend to be me and posting some I believe comments uncharacteristic of me. And there is nothing I can do about it. I am ok with a variation of my name but posting as yourself. But now I have this person whom I suspect is funnlim at Jaynestars doing this just so to annoy me probably. I am sure those who know me can decipher who is me. And if you can't, I will make it very easy for you.

Take note from 21.10.2012 onwards I will not be posting in Jaynestars anymore. So if you see my name Funn Lim with my avatar but any comments posted after 21.10.2012 5pm Malaysian time, those are not by me even if using my avatar and my name Funn Lim. Maybe my withdrawal from Jaynestars will stop this idiot's actions or maybe not. I do care, and I am even more upset than I was but I am resigned to the fact that there isn't much I can do. This does not apply to my reviews in Jaynestars.

Thank you for reading my comments in Jaynestar. 


There seems to be a variety of people or maybe that one person who seems to think it is fun to ride on another person's identity because I highly doubt that 'funnlim' has that name as me. As you know I have various accounts in the name of 'funnlim' in Twitter, Youtube and the likes. BUT that 'funnlim' in Jaynestars commenting in various articles is not me. I write as Funn Lim or sometimes Funn, so when you see Funnee Lee, Lim Funn and similar, you know it ain't me. However I was and still is very upset at the person using 'funnlim' at Jaynestars because that is my exact name. I am not only appalled at the lack of creativity when it comes to naming oneself, but the brazenness of such person who think taking my name seems like fun, no pun intended. If you happen to google and see 'funnlim' at anywhere else but Jaynestars, that will probably be me but take note, no matter how gracious or nice or whatever sort of tone the message is in Jaynestars, the one posting as 'funnlim' without my avatar is not me but some stupid unimaginative uncreative unknown whatever. I have never seen this 'funnlim' in Jaynestars until these few weeks and I suspect he or she may be some other person with other names before. I have posted in many forums, but never had I have my named parodied or whatever the word is in so many ways. Some are funny, but this 'funnlim' in Jaynestars is not funny at all, and was never funny and will never be funny. I am very very upset because we have a lot of anonymous people posting many things online, some adopting a gung ho attitude and such they are either rude or simply conceited. I have met many net friends over the years and I can safely say most of them take criticisms well because we play fair and we play nice.

Whoever is using my name in the exact way I spell it and in the exact way I write it in sequence at Jaynestars, take note, until you find your own name, whatever you write is meaningless because you don't even have the decency to find your own nickname and use others. I suspect this person is probably a "he" and is young person whose "lou soon:" has yet to grow fully.

I could be a bigger person and not care, but 'funnlim' is my name, my identity and my voice and to have someone now using it so brazenly and never even bothered to reply with any sarcastic remark shows this person knows fully well what he is doing. I feel I have been robbed of my voice. But more importantly I feel this fake 'funnlim' has done us all a disservice. Whatever credibility he may wish to build, he has destroyed it by not finding his own name. I don't care his real name is funnlim but for as long as I am in the internet, no one has ever had such a name in Chinese or English forum. I know I am right when I am right. And if you agree with this 'funnlim' and condone what he is doing, then like so many others who replied me whenever I post a criticism, wait till it happens to you.

'funnlim' of Jaynestars, I don't think you will read this because I don't think you have a brain to process this anyway but in case you have someone else doing the reading for you since obviously you can't read (I mean you can't even create your own name), I just want to let you know you will continue to use funnlim at Jaynestars for as long as you think it is fun for you to do that, but you have built no credibility for yourself. But since you are probably an idiot, I don't suppose you will ever understand what credibility and reputation means.


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