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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Almost cheated!

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Yesterday, of all days, 11.09.2013 I was shocked into speechlessness. Not very rare but quite scary stuff. Early morning I received a call from a number, 0326163822 on my handphone and the Malay guy introduced himself as an Inspector from Commercial Crime Division at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur. Head office. Anyway he said my identity card number was used in some cheating case in Hk involving Citibank and 4 other Malaysians. He gave me 2 Chinese names and asked if I  knew the names and I said no. Of course I was a bit rattled at first because come on, not everyday you get a call from a policeman, more so someone claiming to be working with Interpol. And IC numbers are easy to compromise and he did make a convincing case when he asked if I lost my IC before, if I ever applied to banks with copies of my IC which is yes since who doesn't? Anyway I became a bit suspicious since I don't even have a bank account with Citibank, more so in HK. I asked when was that account opened and he said May 2013 and I said I have not been to HK for I can't remember how many years! So he gave me a telephone number, an international number and to call Mongkok Police Station and ask for a police called Lo Keong. I asked when I should call and he said immediately, if not once the warrant of arrest is issued, I will be arrested. He gave me his handphone number, to call him if I have enquiries and he put down the phone. Thoroughly convincing. Almost panicking I called my sisters and then I sat down and thought for a while. The story doesn't match. I was never in HK during that time. I never have any account with Citibank. I did not submit my IC to any banks more so Citibank in May 2013. Earlier maybe. I did lose my IC like more than a decade ago. Who hasn't lose their IC at least once? But the killer is this. Why would I use my IC to open an account in HK? Shouldn't it be my passport? And also, if such a huge case involving Interpol and what nots, how come I am not invited to Bukit Aman at an appointed date to give my statement instead of just calling straight to HK? So I called the number I see on my phone and indeed it is the Bukit Aman number but the person confirmed that there is no such inspector or such division. He asked what's the matter and I said someone called and said I was in some cheating case and he immediately asked; "Hong Kong issit?" and I said yes and he told me this was in the news, there were some calls about this and he told me not to worry about my IC being compromised and what nots. I asked how come the number used is the same number to Bukit Aman and he said the number was hijacked. I asked why not put this in bold at their website so that people know and he laughed I think when he said it was in the news. I asked if I should make a police report and he said no need. And then I called Citibank because I realised I am their card holder (and why is it always Citibank?!) and again they confirmed the same thing and told me to ignore those calls. And guess what? That fraudster actually called me 3 more times! I ignored all the calls.

So scary! How convincing, until you calm down and think. Of course police do call you but if they want a statement out of you which involves an international case, they would have set up an appointment at their police station or they will come to visit you and not like call the police in that country straight. And my sister did asked; "Have you ever heard of such a diligent policeman?" and well, she has a point.

Anyway people, if you got such a call, don't panic. They will know your IC, not such a big deal. Don't ever call the number they ask you to call. If any, call back the line you got the call from to confirm, and not the handphone. It could be real but remember, anyone asking you to meet privately or call somewhere or give account details and all are always fake! And if they do drop by for a visit, always insist on their IDs and badge and call Bukit Aman first to confirm the identity before talking or following them.

Quite a scare though. How come me? Why me?


  1. Thanks for posting. Wow, they never change the facts do they? The only difference is you were told to go to Bukit Aman and mine was to call some number in HK. And it is still ongoing. The guys at Bukit Aman should

    1. out a huge notice at the front of their website
    2. post a huge notice in newspaper
    3. post a huge warning in TV broadcasts

    Because frankly I can't find any of those notice anywhere

  2. Found this writeup when I googled that number. I just had that same call about 30 minutes ago. I requested that he speaks in English. He then asked if I speak in Mandarin. I said I don't speak Mandarin. He must've panicked, and hung up.

    1. Wow still ongoing? Be careful, he might call back again. Ignore the call.


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