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Monday, September 16, 2013

Humidifier? Dehumidifier? Purifier? Ioniser? Colour changer?

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I have a .. or rather I had a humidifier which blew fuse. An expensive one and yes, made in China. In fact it was a China branded goods. When it worked, it was nice. I do not know to what effect but it felt good to have white smoke blowing out of that 2L thing. Like I said, it blew fuse. Stopped working. So now I am on the hunt for another humidifier except I googled and found a bunch of terms which is suitable for my use but each is a separate element.

Colour Changer

The only 2 things I understand at the time of googling were colour changer and that humi and dehumi is never in one product. The more I read the more I feel Air Purifier is what I need. My air cond got ioniser, I think. Air Purifier is expensive and I got one for my car which is not cheap. I don't care about colour changer. I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night and see some freakish glowing thing on my computer table. So I am sorta back to humidifier except then I found products which are Humidifier Purifier Ioniser Colour Changer. Yes, ALL in one. Now I am confused. But I suppose all humidifiers are air purifier with ioniser technology in it? But air purifiers are not humidifiers?

Should I even think about colour changer? Because that's the only thing that made sense when I was writing this post.

I still need something to clean the air in my tiny room. But all are expensive. I may end up buying the same made in China branded product that blew the fuse. 


  1. Hi Funn

    Maybe i could share some of my knowledge abt the equipment you mentioned. I don't know what's a colour changer so I'm going to leave that one out
    Dehumidifier is used when the room is humid and moisture. Imagine your long forgotten leather bag suddenly grown fungus on it and with yucky smell, that's the sign of humidity. Basically dehumidifier is used to suck up all the water content in the room, simply put it, it is actually a big electrical thirsty hippo
    Humidifier is for those who had problem woken up after sleeping in an a/c room with dry nose and throat. The water partical disperse fr the machine is to moisten the room. We in asian country don't usually use humidifier. You can see those in korean drama esp in hospital scene, don't know why...
    Humidifier don't really cleans the air though, in my opinion, but you could put few drops of essential oil as well to freshen up the room
    Air purifier as the name sounds is to purify the air, not neccessary need to put water, used normally by asthma people as it's really works!! and esp during haze condition, just like months ago, this item had been selling like hot cakes!!
    a good purifier needs to be HEPA certified as it had something filter and nuetralised the air, i suppose, Someone told me Amway has a very good air purifier with HEPA but super expensive. Honeywell in my opinion is also in the range but not that expensive, Sharp as well.

    Well hope the above helps you to choose the correct one that you wanted.

    1. Thanks!! I think Humidifier is suitable for me since I have air cond in the room. But yeah I have been eyeing Air Purifier but they're kinda twice the price of any mid range Humidifier. HEPA huh? I will check those details out! Thanks again.

      By the way Colour Changer is basically that thing having a colour changing lightbulb only. Like effect lar.


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