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Friday, October 18, 2013

[O] Hanzawa Naoki [2013][TV][Jp]

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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.


D-addicts wiki
The torrent from D-addicts (848x480 x264 version) and the subtitles here (the Hanzawa Naoki Complete 480p.rar version).

If by computer or laptop, place both the mp4 file together with the ass (subtitle) file in the same folder. Make sure the name is the same such as:-

Ep1.mp4 must be the same as Ep1.ass 

Since the downloads are complete with corresponding names for both video and subtitle files, all you need to do is to place them in same folder.

If by Ipad, directly place the video files into your Ipad. However Ipad could not recognise the subtitle files so to watch in Ipad, download the video player like Player Xtreme HD, then using your Ipad go to the app and then buy the full version. Then use itunes to place both video and subtitle files in same app or folder and make sure the names are the same. When in Player Xtreme HD, play the video file, go to the subtitle tab and switch on the subtitle tab and voila, now you can watch them all in Ipad! Definitely worth the money.

If by Nokia, same method as computer/laptop. But the subtitle file must first be saved as SRT file to be recognised. 

OMG, the last showdown between Hanzawa and Owada was epic!! Totally so OTT in everything but epic as in EPIC. I love the scene where Hanzawa says to Owada "I will pay you back! Double payback.. no! Hundred times over!!" and Owada smiles his evil smile as he says "10 X 0 is 0, 100 X 0 it still.. ZERO". And the ending is sorta very real and totally sets up for the sequel which I now wait with abated breath. Give me the sequel, now!! And I mean NOW! What a series. What an ending! Let me gather my thoughts and hopefully will write a proper review.

OMG, one more episode to the end. I won't say much, I will leave it for my review but if there is one series you must watch, this is the one! Just pure satisfaction from watching it! That's all I will say for now! TVB? They won't be able to remake it without making it bloated. Sorry TVB, you just don't have it in you to make this thought provoking series.

TVB officially bought the rights to this smash hit in Japan about the banking industry and since officially TVB bought it, it will only mean TVB means business. Reading Jaynestars news here, it seems TVB wants to cast an actor in the lead role of Hanzawa Naoki that epitomises coolness and if that is the case, that series is doomed to oblivion for comparison between original version and the remake. Why? Naoki isn't cool. He is acting cool. He is actually a man who knows his career will go belly up if he doesn't recover the $500 million for his bank and so he is also desperate. So cool can that be? Roger Kwok looks like the original actor and I bet, a much better actor because the Japanese counterparts tend to be very OTT in everything. Roger Kwok will display all that is needed and more in the titular role of Naoki. Unfortunately as TVB is always terrible in making casting decision, they will probably cast Chilam or Kevin Cheng, neither having that acting gravitas for such a multi layered character that is almost a super hero for ordinary folks.

As for the Japanese version, I am at episode 2 and I tell you, woahhhhhh... a good one. However the contents of the series would be better off for a 2 and a half hours movie rather than 10 episodes. But then TVB will most likely make it 30 episodes minimum so who am I to complain about the Japanese' ability for brevity? In 2 episodes the series basically established all the characters' background and motives and I tell you, brevity is indeed beautiful! The version I got is the lower quality version with very good fan sub in English, except for the subtitles' placement, everything was ok. I am enjoying the series thus far even if the acting is seriously OTT in the sense the characters are like holding it all in, about to burst. But I love how Naoki is stopped by his supervisors at every step of the way and how he fought back and how his colleagues quietly helped him. There are some often repeated scenes, like how his late father advised him that the relationship between people and people are the most important and not to be a robot, and I mean in 2 episodes that scene was repeated at least 5 times. But this series slowly peels away Naoki the man and his motive for working at the bank but first, whatever motive that may be, he will need to solve the more immediate problem; getting back the $500 million bad debt loaned to a company that went belly up not long later but the CEO is happily living in luxury and under the cloak of bankruptcy. And he must get the money before the Tax Dept with its crazy effeminate balls crushing boss gets it before him and he needs to get the money without any help from his own bank who places more importance in him preparing accounting reports for the next meeting rather than getting back the money.

If you're not watching this series, may I recommend that you do. But proviso; the acting is really very OTT. But the tight storyline, the brevity of it, the straight to the point and the lack of romantic love interest is what makes this series enjoyable. Japanese when making TV series will TV series like this; love story will be love story. Banking empire will be banking empire. Mystery is mystery. They don't mix and they don't match. You get whatever the genre is, no more and no less. And when they do it right, you get a classic in min 10 episodes, max 12 episodes plus 1 special, 2 movies and if they're a hit, 10 more episodes, 1 more special and another movie. The end.


  1. Lol...Funn,that is quite harsh to TVB! :)
    I have downloaded the series but haven't got the time to start watching.In TVB version,maybe we can see more of Naoki's mom and siblings (if he have them)..and their ups and downs in their relationships.

    1. Evelyn, are you used to Japanese series? If not, do get ready to be kinda shocked by their OTT acting style in this one. But after 1 episode you will get used to it and appreciate it for it is. This series is flawed but believe me, it is tense. If you love Taken for all the "beat the bad guys" moments, oh you will LOVE this one. I cheered each and every episode. Down with the bad bankers! Go super Hanzawa-kun!

  2. Hi Funn,
    I'm starting to get used to Japanese series for their 11 episodes format.I have watched a few here and there and appreciated that they don't mix and match their series like you have said before.What genre you pick is what you get.Recently i watched Doctors (season 1) and learnt so much and I try to compare it to TVB On Call 36,well let's say they were as different as day and night.
    Btw,some ppl said that ending for Hanzawa Naoki might lead to a 2nd season?

    1. I have one more episode to go but usually their format for any series (except maybe a definite love story) is like this;

      10- 12 episodes and then 1 special (2 hours for TV) and then 1 movie and then sequel of another 10-12 episodes and then 1 special and then 1 or 2 movies. and then the end.



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