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Monday, October 7, 2013

The games I play & my gaming habits ...

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Remember my post here?  Let me refresh your memory;

The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess and my Nintendo Wii
I am still playing Twilight Princess and am now at Goron mines
Well I like to talk more about my gaming habits and the games I play because that's what I have been doing these days on my Ipad. Basically this is my gaming habits;

Burger Shop 2

Nintendo Wii
Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword
Fishing game

Everything else

If Ipad has Burger Shop 2 I will play it in Ipad. Love the controls. 

I have been spending quite a few on buying games from Itunes. All are worth the price of $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, $4.99 and the most expensive, $6.99 and that is for Infinity Blade II. Wow... the graphics I tell you, I got blown away. The game play though is like a slasher movie set in some fantasy land. Just slash at every level. I quite enjoyed that. I also enjoyed and still enjoying Fruit Ninja which I have it in my Nokia N8 but on Ipad... wow... lovely! I also play those parking games, puzzle stuff and a wonderful adventure RPG game called Lili which I just walk left, walk right, solve some problems which is my favourite. I want to have more of such games. Graphics again is drop dead gorgeous.

I am also playing Burger Shop 1 in Ipad (I in fact PAID for it despite having exact same copy in my computer) and also that addictive Candy Crush. I am stuck at Level 52 I think, that one level before another chocolate region is opened and right now I am more than stuck. I refuse to pay for level up though. I will break it at some point.

As for apps, this area I have wasted money on some good ones until I found an even better one. I bought 2 sleeping aids which is great, like creating my very own zen like environment. But I am looking for those post it stickies that can stick in Home Screen and then I found out I can't even have different background for different home screens! Come on Apple! Surely such a simple preference must be made available?! COME ON!! What Air Play lar, this lar that lar and yet can't even change wallpaper for different Home Screens!

Anyway, awesome!

As for my Wii, I have stopped Twilight Princess and went for Skyward Sword. Wow, the controls.. wow.. accurate!!

Of all the games I have ever played, I only managed to finish 3 as in played till completion.

One will be on my old Compaq computer playing Marco Polo journey through China, second will Burger Shop 1 and third is Burger Shop 2.

I think Candy Crush is on course to be my fourth unless can't make it that far without paying.

And thereby ends my writeup about gaming habits.


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