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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The IMAX 3D experience

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I have never walked into an Imax theatre but decided to do it for Gravity after what I read. I paid RM29-00, excluding parking and petrol because there are only TWO IMAX theatres in KL/Selangor and one is in Sunway Pyramid which I read is the first and the other in 1Utama Shopping Complex (Old wing) which is newer. I walked into the theatre awed, and after watching Gravity I have decided for Hobbit 2 I will watch in IMAX. It was quite and experience and Gravity is such a movie for such an experience. I felt like I was in space. And it was a tense and fantastic movie too only if you watch in IMAX 3D. I mean the acting is so-so (too much heavy breathing) but the plot and the effects were outstanding. If you watched it in ordinary 2D or just 3D, I am sorry to say you will find the movie boring. But in IMAX 3D, everything is so clear, so big and with 3D dimension that is totally and absolutely awesome. It heightens the experience and believe me, Gravity is the movie to get that sort of experience. Don't waste it on Transformers and the likes, which will show how huge things are but only Gravity could show the huge DEPTH of matter. But for Hobbit 2, I like the idea of seeing the dragon Smaug in 3D and huge like that.

Was RM28-00 (minus RM1-00 for online booking) expensive for a movie? Yes. But then, you must at least watch one movie in IMAX 3D and so for me RM28-00 plus tol plus petrol plus fear of getting lost plus am totally lost when in 1Utama and etc is money well spent.

P/S Since my movie was 1st of the day, the theatre only switched on the air-conditioner when I walked in which was hot. But halfway through I appreciate the not too cold environment. The seats are comfy but hot and sorta itchy because the material used. Popcorn was ok. I wish IMAX is with GSC, at least better popcorn. I also prefer leather seat rather than those fabric seat.And the whole TGV settings is so darn dark BUT at least got seats by the side when you're waiting for your hall to open. I like it. Far but clean and new-ish. But I won't go there for any movie. Just for IMAX 3D.

And I am beginning to sound like an infomercial. 


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