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Friday, October 4, 2013

What's wrong with Miley Cyrus?

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I know many are asking what's wrong with Miley Cyrus? Is she ill? Is she being advised, badly? Is she heading for a trainwreck?

Well, I will say nothing is wrong with her. She knows perfectly well what she is doing. She is not having some early life crisis. She is in fact creating one. She planned all this stuff and so she is perfectly well. So don't worry about Miley. Whatever you see her doing, she wanted to do it. Am I ok with it? Of course not. When you can't act or sing or dance or perform, what's the best way to promote yourself? Do it the Madonna way. Hopefully she will have sense to stop it sometime later and opt for the elegant route. Until then, oh I think she has more to do, like this vulgarity of a photoshoot. She is giving Rihanna a run for her money, except Miley did it worse because she is so much younger. Only 20 and is spent. I guess after that is just up up up.


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