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Monday, December 2, 2013

[Giveaway] Momento Giveaway 2013 [CLOSED]

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1st winner is Yvonne and her winning set is Set B.
2nd winner is Shawn and his winning set is Set C
3rd winner is Anthony and his winning set is Set A

Congratulations! I will be contacting you shortly. Thanks for joining.

POSTED ON 29.11.2013
went to Taiwan recently for about a week and I went to Taipei, Taroko Gorge, Jiufen, Tam Sui and some other places. My main reason for being in Taiwan is the National Palace Museum which didn't disappoint in terms of items to see but was very frustrating due to too many people like some buffet line just to see the famous jade cabbage and pork. Anyway as usual I bought some Taiwan only gifts for my loyal readers and visitors to share with you what I experienced. They may not be much but they're expensive in terms of TWD until I switch to Ringgit mode which isn't expensive. I have 3 sets of almost equal value which you can see below. 

How to enter
All you need to do is when the contest opens, just answer 2 simple questions (one answer can be found in this post and the other here from my write up about my trip) using the embedded form below and include as well your email (for eg funnlim AT gmail dot com), your location (country will do) and your preferred set (choice 1 then 2 and then 3). Successful entry will receive my email for more info such as your full address, name, etc.

Who can enter
Anyone from anywhere listed in the list of countries. Taiwan by default is not eligible.

How winner is chosen
The winners will be the 1st, 3rd and 5th persons. I will post the winning entry in the comments section and email you as well.

When to enter
Beginning 30 November 2013 and when the title post says OPEN

When it will end
Until 3 winners are found and when the title post says CLOSED

What you will need to do
Nothing really. Just answer 2 simple questions, give me the details I require (all p&c) and that's it.

What I will do
If you are from Malaysia the items will be delivered by Pos Laju. Tracking details will be emailed to you. If you are from outside Malaysia items will be delivered by registered post. You do not need to pay anything. I pay everything. I will send the items a bit later due to various factors. But I will send them. If you do not believe me, I did the same twice before in 2011 and at All About Fukuyama Masaharu in 2011. I also did it for my Xian-Shanghai-Hangzhou trip in 2012 but I can't find the post. I seriously do not know where the post gone. Those gifts were awesome though.

The items
One set each. Examine which you want.

Set A

What's in this set

Mouse pad from National Palace Museum.

Pop up postcard from Miniature Museum of Taiwan. You will need to cut along the dotted lines at the back to make it pop out.

Set B

What's in this set

Paper lantern. Hand made without any written words on it.

Hand phone dust hole cover thingy. This is the famous jade pork from National Palace Museum. Very cute and quite big.

Set C

What's in this set

Paper lantern. Hand made without any written words on it.

A flute in the shape of a small duck together with a song book. I saw the artiste who made this. He was super friendly and he assured me you can learn to blow and play this duck flute! He showed me how and though the duck is small the sound is lovely. If you know how to play flute I am sure it will be easy for you. Funny thing is you need to blow through the errrrr duck's backside. But If you can't you can use it as an ornament. Beautifully made from porcelain. My only worry is posting it to you wherever you are. Anyway I told the artiste that even if I go up the mountain for ten years I will never be able to play one single note!  Anyway this is called Ocarina.

So... make your choice!


  1. Yvonne, congrats! You're the 1st winner and Set B is yours! I will email you when contest is closed for posting details.

  2. Hi Funn,
    My answers are
    No 1. F
    No 2. A

    My choice
    Set A, Set C, Set B
    I'm from Australia
    Email add :

  3. Hey Funn!
    No 1: F
    No 2: A

    My choice would be:
    Set C, Set A, Set B
    Btw I'm from Australlia

  4. Hey Funn, it's shawn. Have you sent an email yet? I haven't received an email and was wondering if I had given you the wrong email or something.

    1. Haven't sent yet, but will do so later.


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