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Monday, March 3, 2014

[HELP] Looking for TVB Journey To The West 1 & 2 OST files

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I am hoping against hope someone has a decent mp3 copy somewhere. I am looking for the ultra short but ultra popular Original Soundtrack (CD) files of TVB's Journey To The West starring Dicky Cheung. I remember there were some great songs in there but just a few. Do you have it? Mp3 format?

I am also looking for the CD files for TVB's Journey To The West 2 starring Benny Chan. I don't recall an OST released but I did recall hearing some songs in there which were the best. I am looking  for all of them but if you have that erhu instrumental of the Benny Chan themesong, you will make my decade. Yes, decade. I only heard it a few times somewhere, can't remember which website many years ago when MP3 was not in fashion and someone uploaded a very bad realmedia (remember the rm format?) copy. So there must be a CD copy somewhere. Do you have it? I FOUND IT! I ACTUALLY FOUND THE INSTRUMENTAL!!  I am not sure it is official that there was ever an erhu version but this is the one! If the one I heard is fan version and TVB never had such a version, I don't know, still awesome. Don't care! Found it! But still need to find the others.

Why can't TVB release proper OSTs for such great music and instrumentals? Do you have that erhu version? It was totally awesome! Please? Or maybe it is in youtube or tudou but in Chinese which explains why I can never find it? Any ideas?


  1. I've only got a few of their vocal songs, not in mp3 format though, I think their wav files.


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