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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trolling, bullying, hacking & all things not very nice

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UPDATES - 21.03.2014
Continuing from this post and referring to an older post here.

This is becoming more interesting. You all know I am in KL, Malaysia. I never hide that fact. But to the imposter, bully and hacker (all the same person) where I got her IP address thanks to her attempts to get into my Facebook, I was referred to this service called WhatIsMyIpAddress. It is rather general but it does pin point the possible locations. The person who referred me to this site helped me to search for and it is mighty interesting. Of course there are ways to surf anonymously but the thing is bullies will always get careless and this is that time. I have the postal code which can pinpoint the area. The latitude and longitude does pinpoint the exact house apparently although the postcode is a big clue. I used Google Earth and I can see which area it is. I could go further.

For example;

1. Ok, so maybe cyber bullying is not yet illegal in Malaysia. Maybe I can't prove the impersonation which was long time ago. But the fact remains there is consistency and this IP address is repeated couple of times.
2. this troll tried to hack into my Facebook account to which I have the emails to prove it. Since I was nowhere near Bayan Lepas (assuming she is there), clearly whoever was trying to access and change my password wasn't me. Now THAT is definitely illegal and a criminal offence, more so there is some recent legislation on protection of personal datas and what nots. Could apply here.

3. I know the service provider aka ISP. I know the IP address. I know now the location. Which means I can ask my fellow friends in Penang and Bayan Lepas to check further for me, since I have the resources and believe me, this troll Tee V Be/Vivien/lol has pissed me enough to make me believe this will be money well spent. Since I have no intentions to sue her for the personal attacks, her actions in attempting to access my Facebook account is potentially criminal and therefore liable for prosecution. I say liable because it depends on Government of Malaysia and frankly I am not that powerful. But if we are to be Multimedia Super Corridor whatever, I suspect perhaps this can be the first test case? Whether can win or not is a another issue but there are always a first.

You may think I am just talking, just saying, it won't happen but hey, you never know. Like I said, on a personal level I already said I won't proceed with any legal action (if there's any). But if the hacking is true (which is true), the person is at the location as revealed by a simple check on the IP address then clearly this is potentially a criminal case which is really out of my hands, if I want to pursue it which I am tempted to. Why you ask am I tempted to? Not for all the insults and impersonation but for a simple fact that she tried TWICE to hack into my personal Facebook account. That is illegal and unforgivable.

But I want to be the bigger person. I do not wish to pursue on a merry go round and waste my resources when I can waste it on movies, bags and holidays. 

Assuming the contents are true as per IP check, this is my open warning to Tee V Be/Vivien/lol/whatever you chose to take on as your next identity; 

I will always know you whenever you post. Perhaps you could hide behind civility and I thank you for that. But if you ever choose to hack into my account, hijack my identity, post nonsense about me that undermines my credibility which becomes an illegal action, I will check further than just a simple IP check. And when I do, I will not hesitate to contact my lawyer to issue you a cease and desist letter as well as handover all I know to the police (and even if they don't proceed), I will inform the ISP provider plus Facebook and Google. Maybe they will ban you and blacklist you, maybe they won't. But don't try me, and don't try them. If you're smart enough, grow up! I don't care about you posting negatively about anyone else, I don't care for the slurs about me, but the moment you do anything that is potentially criminal, believe me, I will not let it go. I am of the believe if you have nothing to hide then continue on with whatever you are doing. But you know you have something to hide. For now I will take your apology issued at Jaynestars as a genuine sincere act.

ok. i apologise for the insults and what nots. i hope you be fair to tvb productions and those artists.

seriously i used to like your reviews like everyone else until lately. maybe criticising has got to your mind, but pls be more fair, i hope you are able to tone down your sarcasm against tvb or the artists
If I were you I will go home, switch off the internet and think for a while. Internet is a great medium that afford someone the opportunity to opine without fear because of the anonymity feature. But do not ever abuse that privilege which you have done countless of time. It is so easy to be a bully isn't it? Not when you're caught. Do you really want me to check further into your name, your background and publicly shame you? Are you such a kid that needs to  be hauled up before the school assembly and exposed? Come on! We are all adults here. Everyone has faults, everyone will speak some rude and strange remarks but we never cross the line of decency which you did, many many times. I know you targeted me when Jayne exposed you 2 years ago, and I was as shocked as everyone else. I thought perhaps some time have passed and you have grown up but you have proven stubborn and without a conscience because you think this is fun. Let me tell you this; having a criminal record is not fun. Being exposed such as you are now is certainly not fun. When you're ready to return to online community and learn the meaning of decorum, you will be most welcomed but your credibility is gone, no one will take your words seriously, no one cares, you are nothing but a pariah. Is that what you want? Just because internet is not real life? The thing is an online presence is the same as real life presence. A person's character speaks through by how they conduct themselves and in our online presence, it is how we write and what we do when we get offended. Bullies never win because in the end even bullies themselves will grow up. I have stated this before; for whatever reason you feel offended by what I wrote, I apologise. I forgive you for your slurs. But don't test my patience. I don't have very good patience with stupid people who persists to be stupid even when everyone tells them they're stupid and to smarten up.

Remember this post and remember it well.

UPDATES - 21.03.2014
Continuing from this post and referring to an older post here.

A friend helped to check the IP and guess what?

I checked the ip address and it is the same ip address as Tee v b. She indeed tried to hack into your facebook address. She is the same person as “Vivien”, “lol” or better known as Bosco hater who fills our site and other online forums with negative comments about Bosco. Aside from this, she has also chosen to bully Funn online recently and even hack into her Facebook account.

In the end it is always the same person doing the nonsense. And she accused me of being negative and having free time since I am an old maid. Guess who is the petulant baby and a mean spirited one? Next time you read a negative comment about Bosco, I bet it is her. Expose her!

I was so tired I just made truce with her and she dared to say sorry, etc. And now disappear yet again or lurking around pretending to be someone else. Like a psychopath. I am really pissed but more importantly I am very tired with her attitude. But she doesn't just bully me alone from what my friend revealed. So why are we all sitting down taking shit from this nobody? If you read another rude comment by her and suspect it is her, just call her by her true name;Vivien. It began from that name.

UPDATES - 20.03.2014
Continuing from this post.

Just out of curiosity I checked my counter against the IP address as informed to me by Facebook. Indeed, appeared several times at different hours but all were consistent. So what do I know about

1. Supposedly in Bayan Lepas, Penang which makes she or he a Malaysian

2. uses iOS and Safari which means accessing the blog via Ipad OR Iphone

3. Definitely came straight to my Ruse Of Engagement post, a few times, twice no less which is consistent with the troll posting I believe minimum twice in the same post which I have deleted

4.  The timing matches local time and since the hacking was during working hours my conclusion is ....

5. My bet is a student (since knows politics probably college) or a young working adult but most probably a student during class break

6. Since she is so keen on my marital status, my bet is young, unmarried and since made such emphasis over man hungry status means she has a man in her life

7. I said she because to me, and this is personal observation, women are often the worst trolls towards women with the name callings. Call it the cheerleader syndrome.

We all know who this is. I can go on but since I have said I will let it go in Jaynestars, I will stop here. But don;t think you can hide behind anonymity or hack into people's accounts and no one knows. I know. But since I want to be the bigger (wo)man, I shall leave this as it is and investigate no more.

Thank you for all the words of support everyone! No worries, I will write again but will need to find that urge. I do admit, I was very emotional with all these name callings and unfairness of it all. It brought back memories of when I was a child at some school yard playing where children can be particularly mean to other children except frankly when I was growing up, I never had such a trolling problem. I know it is just 1 person but sometimes 1 person is enough to make everything good so filthy. I believe my readers and those who visit my blog are not such people and I thank you for your patronage and reasonableness. And I shall repeat; my comments are towards the artistes' work and work only. When I say Ron Ng is wooden, I meant his performance. I will only step out of line when I say he is better at pool parties than in acting because that is personal and which I never do that. Maybe in normal comments I will do that but not in my reviews and episodic thoughts. Instead of making it your own personal mission to be mean to me for no apparent reason, why not write why you disagree in a polite manner, write out your own thoughts. Until now I still do not understand what offended the troll except she feels offended. Period. In restrospect I realise she contributed nothing to the discussion, just negativity and I was the one accused of being unfair and negative when she has gone beyond decorum and decency and into childish mean name callings. And hacking into my accounts. Now tell me my dear readers, even if you disagree with my reviews and opinion, there is one thing I believe we can all agree on. We who write for a passion, who comment with a passion, who review by way of our passion will agree to deny such commenters who contribute nothing but filth and empty opinion, that those who resort to name calling of other commenters surely will gain no respect to their online presence, have no place amongst we honourable few. Yes I do  make it sound as if whatever we or I myself is doing is some great thing; no it is not. I am an easy target all these years because I am still here, still active, still reviewing and writing. I am such an easy target that everyone feels I probably deserve it, that woe befallen me because I asked for it, that this is my comeuppance. All I can say is wait till it is your turn. There is always a troll for every one of us who thinks they're meting out justice when what they're meting out is making this forum into such a filth to which we need not swim in it. We all who come together to discuss, opine and argue with passion and with decorum deserves a better forum and deserves better company. All these trolls will grow up one day, and one day when they reflect back their actions as they realise in their real life, at work, at home they're faced with trolls of their own, perhaps they may feel the injustice trolled commenters such as myself will feel.

What I am trying to say is do not ever read my reviews in piece meal. It is a flowing commentary of opinion with words and I always write about the good, the bad and the ugly. If you wish to concentrate on the ugly, frankly there is nothing more I can do. It is your nature to be petty and unreasonable. I may be critical but I consider a ladylike critique. I hate how I became such a mean person myself and with that I decided to be the better person and apologise for any offence caused, not by my opinion but the way I write. I make no apologies for my opinion, but my writing may not be as acceptable to all. I am continously evolving, continously learning but I do feel I am an expressive writer. At some point the troll stopped reading what I write and just jumped to conclusion. And if that is the case, reason is with me, not her.

Thank you for reading.

POSTED ON 20.03.2014
I received a very disturbing email just now with the heading "Attempted Facebook password and email change". It is a clear sign of someone trying to hack into my normally not very often used Facebook account. I am sure the attempt was unsuccessful. If it is please take notice if anyone post anything stupid from my Facebook account, it isn't me.

The details of the hacker is as follows:-

Hi Funn,

Someone tried to change your Facebook password and set your login email to by answering your security question on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 2:10pm (UTC+08).

Operating system:     iOS
Browser:     Mobile Safari
IP address:
Estimated location:     Bayan Lepas, 07, MY

I checked. There is a which is a design company but I don't think this someone is from that America based company or rather just using the name for the sake of it. I have a feeling this is the troll since there were a few clues. I even got the IP address and the estimated location consistent with the few information revealed in our argument at Jaynestars. Tee V Be, you pray this is not you. Because I am on my way to lodge a police report.

What a slimy useless idiot. I wonder does her parents know what she is doing with her free time? Does being a bully so enjoyable? I am sure in person she would be amiable. All psychopaths are that way. But how many will know that person they know is in fact a small minded stupid vengeful vermin? 

Whoever you are, you should know it is time to stop your tactics because I know where you are now. Don't think you can hide. If you still want any credibility left, or any human decency in you, you should know whatever you're doing is pointless; because one day when you are grown up and smarter and hopefully more reasonable you will realise how pointless all these are when another young idiot doing the very same thing to you. Do you hate me so much that you will risk your reputation, your credibility, your freedom and your own sanity? If yes all I can say is whatever have I done to you to make you torture yourself as such?

Life is much more than bullying others who did nothing to offend you. Grow up.

A follow up moments after I posted this;

Hi Funn,

Someone tried to change your Facebook password and login email using the account recovery process.  


More updates. Since I tried logging into this not often used account, I need to prove my identity which I won't. So my account is locked until I meet certain criterias. Which means no one can access. Good. Just the way I want it.

More updates. I made my peace with the troll and decided my life is not worth the heartache of one bullying troll. The moment I said I will stop writing for a while I feel rather light. Maybe Ruse Of Engagement is not a right choice to write about since it will be repetitive anyway. I was told I was sarcastic and negative in my reviews. Paragraphs after paragraphs of good points disregarded over 1 or 2 paragraphs of negative review. It shows if anyone ever bother to read from top to bottom (and there is a flow to it), they won't feel that way about my reviews. Like I always said, if you want nothing but fake positive, go to fan forums. Don't come here, don't read my reviews. And when I say a certain actor is wooden, it is a heartfelt assessment and really, Ron Ng is wooden.

Anyway police report is now kept in my folder, just in case.


  1. Wow, scary. All this just over arguments on the net?

    1. I am not the petty one here. If not her who else? Anyway am happy to leave my facebook as locked since I rarely use it anyway. I wouldn't send my Id to facebook.

  2. Dang, why would someone go to such extent? Ehhh


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