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Monday, May 19, 2014

[O] Ruco Chan, in his own words

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This is a companion piece to "What I discover about Ruco Chan" and "Ruco Chan, in pictures" posts in this blog concentrating on his interviews. There won't be much updates here as it is mostly about interviews rather than press interviews. For his news in English, check out Jaynestars. If you know chinese, you must visit the various access points to Ruco himself, where you can find more information about these access points here.


I will be translating some good interviews. For those that I do translate, do take note I translate as I listen so certain words may be inaccurate or not exact word used in Cantonese/Mandarin. My Cantonese is better than Mandarin. It is all dependent on the quality of the audio and difficulty level of the Cantonese. So I may not translate the full thing but I will translate to the best representation of what he probably means. Comments are welcomed by please leave the sarcasm about my translation in your heart.

Feel free to repost if you want to do so. However I will appreciate credit as in Translated by Funn Lim ( 

Thank you to all his fans for ripping and extracting and uploading and sharing without which this post will never be possible.

Short interview on 18.05.2014 by Singapore Press
Beauty of this video is it is already English translated. Ruco is asked for his opinion on a few issues, such as his singing career, preference in roles as well as influence of K-Pop. Frankly I feel K-Pop is cookie cutter and HK can do well by going back to invidualism which K-Pop sorely lacks for the most part. As for his preference for villainous roles, he got his wish for Eye In The Sky? As for his favourite actress, he named Tavia but I just feel it is because he is currently filming with her. Maybe he dared not name Linda Chung!

A few additions and corrections to the translation in the video.

When he mentioned about his interest in "fan pai", which in Cantonese is villainous roles, the translation says remakes. Can't be remakes. So when you see the word "remake", I think he meant villains. Because in Mandarin, "fan pai" IS remake BUT it sounds terribly close to Cantonese "fan pai" which is "villains" and I think he meant the cantonese version. Correct me if I am wrong.

In the translation he mentioned about MV for an interlude piece, the translation did not mention what he specifically said, it is the Outbound Love subtheme, So Close (my interpretation of the title aka Cha Boon Bou).

When he mentioned "Tian Ya" which sounds like Teeth In The Sky,  he actually meant Eye In The Sky aka Tian Yan.

Blame his not very good mandarin but I do get what he is saying from a Cantonese perspective.

He looks tired and puffy face again. He should really take some rest. Anyway, hear what he has to say on various issues.

Short interview on 08.05.2014 about badminton, Wong Choon Hann & Wellness On The Go 2
Since this interview is directly related to what I posted here (see 04.05.2014 post), I think the following interview is very relevant and interesting as well.

Translation completed. I am fairly confident my translation is accurate enough to reflect what Ruco meant. You know Chinese, one word can mean many many things.Time of clip  is between 6 min 50 sec to 7 min 40 sec and date of interview is 08.05.2014 although video was broadcast a day later. The badminton playoff was on 04.05.2014 at Oneshamelin, KL, Malaysia. Do see here (see 04.05.2014 post) for loads of pictures and a video of Ruco hard at work earning his salary from TVB though he probably really enjoyed what he was doing.

Being an entertainer you need to have many talents. The former HK national ping pong player, Ruco Chan had to show off his abilities in the upcoming Wellness On The Go 2. Only this time he is not playing ping pong, but rather he is playing badminton.

I was partnered with former Malaysian national badminton player, Wong Choon Hann because of TVB's programme Wellness On The Go which is now in its 2nd series. First series was about nutrition and this year for the 2nd series, we have a few hosts and I was assigned to the sport, badminton. I was actually very happy to learn from the master.

You won...

Because he was there! If he wasn't there, I would be sweating profusely (or in essence, "having a very hard time winning"). But I do feel very happy during the entire process because I was also of athletic background and I was very happy that I could share (my love of sports) with everyone. 

Some Screencaps
From fansite

MyMelody radio (Malaysia) interview on 30.04.2014
And I thought he went back to HK! So he is still here? Went back and came back in a space of a week. Must be tiring. Anyway this interview is very insightful. He is basically repeating his past which you can read in any in depth translated article in Jaynestars  (such as THIS ONE) but this one has something special; he talks about his career or rather his views on his career as well as Ruse Of Engagement, etc. Which I think is very insightful since some of us may feel the way he did when he started out. Very good interview. Which is why I am attempting to translate this massive almost 15 minutes interview where he talked, a lot. However the original recording cut off some of his interview mid sentence which I will indicate. I will only translate his part of the interview and not the DJs. Give me some time.

Translation completed to the best of my ability. I took some liberties with what the DJ asked just to sumarise what he said. The starting few sentences I wasn't so sure though. And the part about why he joined the entertainment world is not my best translation. But I do believe I captured his meaning in spirit. Any mistake do inform me so I can amend them. I have added a summary of some questions by the DJ for clarity. The DJ is rather good, making some light comments and asking some good questions. Since some answers did not need questions to be clear, I decided to leave them out. The introduction though was rather nice. My comments in italics, DJ's comments in blue.

DJ : Tonight my guest I am interviewing is someone I called big brother ("gor gor") and I call him gor gor because he is someone who has the experience in life. I was reading his biodata and it says he is from a modest middle income family, studying, working, he has made a lot of choices in life and I am not sure how he views himself, whether he feels happy at the path he has taken and whether he would like to go back to the track he wants. Let me welcome Ruco Chan.

Hello everyone, how are you? Thank you very much for introducing me this way, very meaningful.

DJ :  Do you mind if I did not introduce you as from some affluent family? 

No no I like (being introduced as from a) modest middle income family.

Actually my parents were very simple and humble in their expectations of me. They never had any high expectations for me or even for themselves. I just feel, for myself, in this society where I was born in 1977 until around 90s where I mature  at a time where there were big changes in Hong Kong which really took off around 80s. It was a time where you can't survive comfortably in Hong Kong if you were soft spoken or naive and you needed to have the experience to survive in the difficult times because there was a difference in terms of materialism and money. And at that time I began to think about my future. If I were to continue as I was, I would end up as some simplistic person who may not be able to contribute much to my future family. For example, I could be like how my parents raised and taught me to be; be someone honest and do something step by step and depend on myself in any situation. But these factors were not enough in Hong Kong, I needed at the very least to know that Hong Kong is also about shares and share markets which I still dabble in it. The thing is even if you live a worry free life, you will probably still be under immense pressure.

At that time I loved sports. I chose table tennis which wasn't a big sport in Hong Kong back then. At that time there were some foreign players coming in and frankly we couldn't possibly compete with them. At that time also the coach who trained me in Hong Kong also wanted to leave. At that time I never really thought of sports as my job where I can earn money or put food on my table. I never thought about it that way. I just know during that time I was very very happy. Sports gave me confidence  and made me feel very good about myself. But the coach was the one who trained me from the beginning, and he wanted to leave and so.. young men like myself is all about loyalty so I told myself since coach is leaving.. so I left too.

Young men tend to be vain, fame hungry and loves exciting stuff and at that time the entertainment world is such a world so that sort of world could satisfy those aspects and there is a difference between working and studying. At that time I enrolled in TVB acting class together with my school friends. I was wondering which direction in my life I should be taking and I thought to myself better be in a line that will give me an exciting life. My father objected to my choice, he felt I was too young. Because he was required to sign on the contract since I just reached 18 and he did say no to me.

[Recording cut off]

At that time I never thought of myself as suffering in my career, not even now. I saw all of that as a learning process. It was a process and I always believed if one day I felt whatever I have done is enough, then perhaps I have chosen the wrong aim in life. If you want excitement, then naturally you will need to choose a line where you will be constantly faced with competitive exciting challenges and try a myriad of things. Naturally a lot of us will choose to be happy but reality is a lot of exciting challenges may not yield happiness. So at (the starting) point of my life, I was constantly learning. Except when it came to singing which I didn't quite take it as seriously (??).  I lost that feeling (competitive drive) and so I failed. Failure can be attributed to many factors; own feelings, the people who surrounds you and chances given by others. That time was also my unhappiest time.

DJ : Have you always dreamed of being a lead actor?

When I first entered acting school, I already dreamed of being the lead actor. I mean you always watch leading actors in TV and not 2 or 3 days into it you will realise being a lead actor is very very hard!

At every stage in your life, you can't have this too high an expectation, everybody has their good and bad points. However at some point in life, somehow you will exhibit all these bad points and you will need to better yourself and strike a balance.  I thought to myself if I hadn't walked down the difficult path  step by step, I would never have had such opportunities. If you want to enjoy such good feelings, well stop for awhile. But if you want to continue on with this path, you must cut down on... I am not sure if this thing is called contentment but whatever this thing is you will eventually let it grow and mislead you where you will lose your ambition and your passion for learning.   With contentment you may not take the chances with more difficult roles simply because you want to maintain that status quo. For myself I hope to try more varied and different roles.

DJ : In this business you will need to learn to be able to let go and not take things too seriously. I can't believe you, Ruco Chan were never ever angry before. Were you ever angry at all in this business?

Yes I have. But I feel every person has different aspects to them. Maybe it is due to Chinese traditional perspectives about life; be respectful, etc which I feel is a virtue. Like how we were chatting about K-drama and K-dramas are now showcasing this aspect. Everyone has put up a lot of effort, everyone has done something with sincerity. Like our seniors, they too have given their everything. Maybe they're at this moment not at the top of their position, but they have once contributed a lot in this entertainment world and I feel ...


DJ : About awards and recognition

There was a time I was feeling unhappy, like a year or two ago, when your role is getting heavier, your expectations of others also increases and artistes have only that much to give. I began to be very negative. A friend told me if company gives you a good role it means everyone has confidence in you. So you must try more things. Look at it differently; you shouldn't ask for help more but rather go out and try more things. That is a good way of thinking.

DJ : One day this group of people who once liked you stopped liking you. So you have to be grateful for what you have now. So for now as Ruco Chan you know you have a lot of supporters so you have to work doubly hard to satisfy them all. Someone liking you is also fated.

I once had this experience. When I was singing, I had a  group of fans who supported me. My singing career was not handled well and so my fanclub had to be disbanded. At that time I did feel very disappointed not because no one likes me but rather when they like me they have put in a lot of effort into me and it was like losing direction. Such as myself, liking Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung and one day they disappeared suddenly, don't you feel like, they didn't disappear because of marriage or starting a family but they just disappear! So as a fan, you will feel very disappointed so I feel I must be very grateful for this luck and I must carry it with a little sense of responsibility.

*My favourite part of the interview and well said. Ruco feels a sense of responsibility for us who have invested our time and effort and feelings into him. Next time if you get up close to him, do thank him and shake his hands at least on behalf of me for not abandoning his fans*

DJ : Is it true to say that Ruco Chan has regrets for not being able to develop his singing career.

I am thriving in entertainment world because a lot of people like me. If for one day, and I may not be in the entertainment world anymore, my attitude in life and my personality will still be the same and that is important to me. Your fans love you not just because of your talent, I do think more than half of them probably love you because of your attitude and your personality and to me that is what is important.

DJ : On 2 series, Outbound Love and Ruse Of Engagement

The role in Outbound Love is one role I have waited for a very long time. Because producers often think that my face is a bit too fierce, a bit evil and a bit good, good for characters that are professionals or highly strung characters. The character in Outbound Love is a complete opposite, someone playful, someone who is very into society and yet wants to avoid this very same society because of past hurt and doesn't know how to settle the problem and so he chooses to avoid the world. And Outbound Love has such a character.  So I am thankful to producers for giving me this chance and let me intrepete this character in the way I wanted.  I learned a lot. If you want to see a different side to Ruco Chan, do watch this series, Outbound Love.

DJ : We have for the past 4 series seen you in the same role. I mean sometimes when you eat noddles every day, why not feed him some rice please?

True true. Everyone wants some changes, not because to change people's perception of you but for yourself. So when you have acted in too many roles that are professionals,  or villains or good guys, you hope to learn more for your future path. Ruse Of Engagement is a 3 year old series. But company maybe by pure coincidence..

DJ : Forgot about the series? 3 years is a long time!

I actually thought the series is frozen indefinitely or sold overseas. But company never freeze it nor was it sold overseas. You gotta hand it to the executives; recently there were terrorist attacks in HK and the world, and just right on time the series is released.  Because the series is about terrorism, and most will feel terrorism in Hong Kong? Don't joke around! It is outsiders carrying out those acts, will never ever affect Hong Kong at all. But it could happen to Hong Kong or any where so we must be careful. So the timing is just right! Anyway this is just my thinking.

DJ : Sometimes you have to think positively, with high EQ!

But Ruse Of Engagement really tested my abilities. Everything I have learned over the years, I have put it into Ruse Of Engagement . Whether it was stunts, passionate love ...

DJ : Do you cringe when you watch back this performance, like you want to reshoot the series? After all it was 3 years ago and you have improved since then.

Certain things may improve, but there are things you can't turn back the clock. Like if you do the same thing now, it may be excessive. Ruse of Engagement  is one you can see me differently in terms of stunts, passionate love, sibling love ... very different.

DJ : Consumers are spoilt for choices now. Why consumers should choose you? If you do not stand out that will be difficult because they may not spend their time on you.

Hong Kong,  with the four heavenly kings, Jackie Chan, Lawrence Cheng (Dan Gor), they're like renaissance men.  They've all done too well. They can be hosts, do kung fu, singing, everything they did they did so well. So they were so great and all we can hope to do is to thrive in their shadows. Think about it; viewers now want more feeling of excitement. You will have to be better than them! Very difficult to reach their level or do better than them and the truth is the market has changed too.

DJ : Understood! I hope for the best for you!

I hope to use Mandarin to conduct this interview with you in future so I can improve.

DJ : Maybe by then my Mandarin will deteriorate! 

Then let's use Cantonese again!

DJ : Thank you and bless you.

Thank you 


  1. Fun, thanks a lot for ur translation. It's really fruitful so I can know more about this guy. I hope that he is given more chance in the future. He can really act...yes, his face is a bit fierce, a bit evil...^ ^ so that he can role various characters.I really hope that one day he could get BA award. He deserves it. As for me, Ruco outshines in ROE. His role really gets me hooked. Actually, I watched TOT but his Keith din attract me. At that time I just tog "This new guy looks so mature..not like new guy type" :) Then I watched Raymond W's When Lane Merge...and Ruco was a villain. Then I forget about him...till I watched him again in ROE. Now I am watching his other series...BK, OL, RC,.... gonna re-watch TOT later and all make me love him more. ^_^

  2. Hi, Funn ^^ wanna share about his short interview on SG e-award event. When I heard Ruco said "fan pai" in Mandarin, what comes to my mind is villain (baddie) role. I don't understand Canto, and as far as I know, "fan pai" is villain in Mandarin. It's sth new to me that it also means 'remake'.

    While reading the Eng sub, I just think that "remake" here may mean that Ruco will be back to his villain roles. As we know that his earlier minor roles in TVB series were mostly villains. Once I saw his interview clip in YT and it's about he's no longer a villain since he got the lead role in TOT.

    As a newbie, I am excited to see his villain role. One of my friends who wacthed TVB old dramas told me that Ruco's acting as a villain is very good. In fact, it's better than his nice guy role. I only see him ONCE as a villain, so I'll be waiting patiently for Tian Yan. ^ ^

    Oh yes, why can't I find Apo.... hmmm I forget the correct spelling / Da Yao Fang in ur blog ?

    1. In cantonese is it fan pak, as in refilm aka remake. He clearly meant fan pai but I suppose his intonation was a bit off hence the confusion.

      What is Da Yao Fung??

    2. Ok, Linda Chung series right? Thanks to Buzz for explaining. You can't find because there isn't any, until the series is out.

    3. I see... will be waitin' then.
      I read somewhere that Apothecary / Da Yao Fang will be airing on Sept. If yes, there'll be 3 series of Ruco in this year.

  3. The original translation is a bit of a joke. "Fan Pai" in Mandarin definitely refers to "villain role" not remake!
    Funn, i saw a post on yr translation of the OL subtheme song. Can't seem to find it now. Pl direct me there, thx.
    Btw Da Yao Fang is The Big Apothecary (can't remember the new English title), the drama with Linda.

    1. oops, it's ok, i found it!

    2. I haven't translated yet, Just the music.

  4. I saw Qiufang said you haven't seen Ruco in a baddie role. See the attached gifs from "Love in a Miracle" for yourself how cool and "bad" this guy can be.

  5. Talking about Ruco's acting, another interesting series to watch will be "Stupid Child". Here's some gifs. He can be so cute!

    1. snoopybird, thanks a lot...u r d best!!
      Seen aldy all the gifs.... Love in a Miracle -- as a baddie, I can see how his eyes stare and move. He really looks so cool fact, he's handsome baddie :P

      Stupid Child -- can't help laughing to see his acting as an autistic teen. It's really really diff from his baddie role.... as if they are roled by two diff actors. Yesss...that's a great actor can do!!

      For me, his Carson is also different from his other roles... he's playful and cool, too ^ ^ And .... because of Carson, I like Ruco Chan as an actor. He drags me back to TVB world. I start watching all his dramas and they all make me admire him more.

      Too bad that I don't understand Canto, so when seeing his interview or event clips... I just look at his face and smile without knowing what he talks about. Hahaha.... but when he speaks Mandarin (he speaks it slowy enough to grasp the meaning), I feel as if the earplugs in my ears are open !!

      So, Ruco lovers, thanks for all your sharing in English. Nice to talk abt Ruco wf u here.... ^ ^


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