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Monday, February 9, 2015

[O] Sound Of The Desert / Da Mo Yao / 大漠謠 [2014][China]

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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.

Based on
A book of the same Chinese title by Tong Hua who gave you Bu Bu Jing Xin

Original English title
Ballad Of The Desert

Mandarin, dubbed with English subtitles

The original names were mostly changed because China prohibits portrayal of real life historical characters in fictionalised settings. My opinion will be based on the original names.

Hu Ge as Mo Xun (Meng Ximo)
Cecilia Liu as Xin Yue (Jin Yu)
Eddie Peng as Wei Wu Ji
Han Dong as Li Ji
Fala Chen as Qin Xiang
Kristal Tin as Hong Gu
Qin Hao as Wu Wei Li
Shi Xiaoqun as Princess Pingyang
Maggie Cheung Ho-yee as Wei Zifu
Lu Liang as Emperor Wu of Han
Wu Zhuohan as Wei Qing
Zhang Xiang as Li Yannian
Qin Yong as Lu Guangli
Wu Ying as Wei Shao'er
Liu Shuailiang as Wei Kang
Xu Sa as Fang Ru
Luo Mi as Xin Yan

The Series
The book

Until Episode 17 and some of 18

I don't know. On the one hand I cheered when Qubing (should I start using Wuji??) basically wrapped up a naked Xiao Yue and carried her away, on the other hand I wonder, do women really like these sort of boyfriends who are so controlling? I mean Qubing is controlling in his own way and for an independent woman like Xiao Yue, it doesn't make sense that she enjoys that sort of control. Like 50 Shades Of Gray. On paper, oh women love to be whipped by handsome young billionaire. But in real life? No way!

I don't know.

But I cheer for Qubing. And I like how Qubing just told Jiu Yeh straight in the face, "You have missed the boat" which is so true. Poor Jiu Yeh, frantically looking for Xiao Yue who is having this flirtatious thingy going on with Qubing. And I do mean very flirtatious like bathing time lar, sleeping holding hands lar, he on top of her lar, if this was a Hindi movie, they would be running around the mountains rolling on top of one another and smiling as they sing some catchy tune.

I actually expected Xiao Yue to stand up naked from the bathtub when Qubing challenged her. Pity. So she is NOT that progressive. Would have love to see his shocked expression at her daring because I expect her to be that daring.

Oh, some war scenes, Xiao Yue refuses to let go of her 2 pigeons and a young man dies because of that, or so she thinks. Don't blame the pigeons man!! The young man had no chance anyway. When you go into war for revenge, you basically have the word "DEAD MEAT" on your forehead. I expected him to die anyway. So I suppose Xiao Yue will roast the pigeons now? So bye bye Jiu Yeh, I don't love you anymore?

Oh oh I forgot! Qubing did something sly. I mean he did a lot of sly stuff with Xiao Yue but this one, he knew Jiu Yeh was looking for Xiao Yue but never told her. However why should he worry? Xiao Yue already dreamed about him dying when she was told the one she loved the most will die and it was Qubing, not Jiu Yeh. I thought that scene from earlier episode was such a sellout. I know I know deep down inside of her passionate heart she already has the hots for Qubing the sexy beast (he did take off his shirt for a bathing scene when realism demands that he takes off his pants as well!!!! At least a blurred butt shot?), so that scene shows that but to show it at that point was such a slap to Jiu Yeh. Come on she has plenty of time to feel sexually attracted to Qubing so why do it so early? Why not let her pure love remain at that point?

So you may wonder, for a usually boring dead looking Cecilia Liu, how she fared against the flirty Eddie Peng? Well, a lot of flirtation and she seems more receptive but overall, not enough. She is just an upgraded version of Ruoxi and Eddie is just a more released version of 4th prince. A better actress would have just oh ... make it all so sexy.

So far, except for Cecilia Liu who doesn't deserve to be a lead in this series or any series whatsoever, all are ok. Hu Ge has his own beauty but I still feel he is a complete miscast. Still annoyed with his wimpy Jiu Yeh. But Eddie Peng is a revelation. He is scary, sexy, controlling and yet giving as Wuji aka Qubing. How can any woman not want him? Do you feel like ripping Jiu Yeh's clothes? Even if he is played by Wallace Huo? Nope. I feel like standing far apart, observing, admiring, like a beautiful museum piece of such value. With Qubing, that feeling is a direct opposite; still good but you know, more animalistic.

I have said and shall maintain the book as in this series, this is China's 50 Shades Of Grey minus the whipping but you got some bondage in here. 

Until Episode 15
Wow. 5 episodes and mostly on Fala and her errr,,,, I really am not sure what is her purpose and of course Xin Yue and her 1000th love confession to Jiu Yeh and his 999th rejection.

I won't say much except to say the book's Jiu Yeh came across as someone you feel for, someone you will love to love and hard to hate. But the series' Jiu Yeh doesn't translate well in the transition and he comes across as incredibly meek, weak and indecisive. And when he was decisive, you will probably cheer when Qubing found Xiao Yue. Qubing complained that Xiao Yue fell for Jiu Yeh because he found her first when she was in distress. Not true. She already was smitten when in the desert. Now that Xiao Yue's heart was once again broken by Jiu Yeh's rejection (no less than 3 times), she ran away and Qubing found her first and so a renaissance of her emotions I suppose. Her love for Jiu Yeh was always pure, with the way they DO NOT touch one another except when she is crying or she was teasing him to affix the earring for her. As for Qubing, if there is any indication, when he found her first the 2nd time, she was naked in a bathtub. For me Jiu Yeh was her first love, her puppy love, her crush that crushed her totally (even if the series doesn't quite show that) but Qubing? Qubing was her sexual awakening. If Jiu Yeh makes her feel girly, Qubing makes her feel womanly and will make her into his woman. Pure sex. Of course there's love but you know what I mean.

I will say GO QUBING! I am sick of Jiu Yeh for his rejection for reasons I do  not know why. His legs? Nope. His connection to and possibly possible death at the hands of the emperor? Not sure. His impotence? Since he asked her what she wanted and she wanted big family and he looked stricken. I don't know.

I also forgot if this was in the novel; was Jiu Yeh the nephew of the Emperor?! Once scene shows the Emperor calling him his nephew.

As for Fala, aka Xiang Furen, she complained bitterly how Wei Zifu seemed so nice and kind and that was because everybody did the dirty work for her even before she thought of it. True though, Xiang Furen had no connection. How she could climb up? Now before you start guessing, it would be years, in  historical sense because Wei Zifu was toppled since when Qubing died, Weis were still in power. So this series will show only the start and you won't see the end. It will probably show Xiang Furen becoming power hungry and is later left alone to do her battle with Zifu.

Anyway Jiu Yeh, you're such a wimp.

Got different version ah?
I didn't know there was different version? Like longer and shorter version? I only thought and hoped for international version means names unchanged and China version means bastardised. Interesting. I also notice some dialogues don't match the lips BUT every lines by Kristal Tin matches. She has the most perfect dubber for her face. She should hire that dubber as her sole professional dubbing voice in China from now on.

Until Episode 10
The whole "Why won't he love me back?" dilemma continues. The entire so called love affair between Jiu Yeh and Xin Yue is so pure. I mean Jiu yeh is perpetually in white, and her reaction to his everything is asexual, it is just pureness personified. She made a lot of effort to understand him, to get close to him. What does he like to read? Why does he like to read that? What is he doing? What is he thinking? What is in his heart? Am I in his heart? Why he treats me so well if he doesn't feel anything for me? If he feels anything for me why does he avoid me whenever I feel I came close enough?

Ahhhh why why why. I also don't know why. Maybe it's his inferiority complex, his inability to walk which may also be an issue about impotence for all I know. His complicated life of funding the freedom fighters (to the desert people)/terrorists (to the Hans). He has a lot in his mind, other than his disability. However he is learning to walk again.

On the other hand Qubing is forever not just teasing her. No that's beyond teasing. It is flirting. She flirts back even if Cecilia Liu manages to pour cold water over the very flirty banter. I mean that guy was going all out and although her character is sorta shy when it comes to sex and such stuff, I feel when she replied back it was devoid of any flirtation, just a reply from an annoyed woman. I feel that is just totally wasting poor Eddie's effort. She should flirt back. I saw some pictures of her in hot water spring with him, obviously having sex in broad day light and in  public so it is daring even by today's standard and she looked... she wished she was somewhere else. Sigh...

I feel Da Mo Yao is a very sexual book if you ask me. If I remember correctly  we have a couple unmarried and sexually active. Qubing obviously enjoys her physically and she loved him and also because he is a rather good lover, something Jiu Yeh does not give me the same impression. I just feel for all the so called flirting which will translate to sexual tension, I see dear Cecilia not really participating in it naturally.

Where was I? Ahh yeah Jiu Yeh is pureness personified, Qubing is passion personified. Both good men, but very different people.

Anyway Qubing is off to a victorious war, Xin Yue continued her quest to get close to Jiu Yeh's heart, Jiu Yeh continues to play coy and dear Xiang Furen as she is known is now in palace, very favoured just I suppose a few months on and unseen by us. I have had enough to Xin Yue asking all the questions without any answers. I want to see how our future villain is coping sleeping with the enemy. Still not sure why Xin Yue never ask her what is her objective although she did say she wanted to confront the emperor why kill her family BUT I suppose that got lost in plot development because one scene obviously did in the last few episodes; where Qubing demanded to see Fala's face, saw it and then dismissed her and Xin Yue asked why was he so rude to her and he said if she wants to know go have a walk with him and next thing we know, Xin Yue is busy playing with her pigeons, Qubing forgotten and the question as to why Qubing was so rude was never to be answered.

Like ever.

I will have to wait until Sunday for the next 5 episodes. So until then, I shall be like Jiu Yeh, questions asked, no answers given, just be silent and coy.

Until Episode 9
I just realised this series is called Sound Of The Desert and I kept thinking it was Song Of The Desert since the original title is Ballad Of The Desert and music plays a big part in this series.


I am convinced Cecilia Liu is the luckiest actress in the world. She is not an exceptional beauty, she is at best can be considered pretty but plain, she doesn't possess the most bodacious figure, you can say she is flat, her personality is none, her acting abilities has improved from zero to passable and she manages to act the same in every character she ever plays and yet here she is, the lead in another stellar production by Tangren. What did she do to gain Tangren's favour? Why do they favour her so?

She improved a lot since Bu Bu Jing Xin but her improvement is slight. I find no difference in her interpretation of Xinyue and Ruoxi except she was worse as Ruoxi as her Ruoxi was supposed to be 25 trapped in the body of a 16 year old and she acted she was 13. She looked terrible in some scenes, maybe she was sick. She could really cry and even when she is not crying she looks like she is on the verge of tears. She can't do intimate scenes well without cringing and believe me, let's not talk about passion and sexy, because she is neither.

But why is she the lead yet again? She is like the worst in the sea of bests. I don't mean to say she is god awful but she is just perfectly ordinary. And my god, she is dull. On screen she is dull and off screen, her most sexiest and most daring moment will be marrying the sexy beast called Nicky Wu who is much older than she is. But other than that, oh lord she is so boring.

And to illustrate her inconsistency, she can read and write Chinese and yet doesn't know how to use chopsticks. I was like huh? She can compose music and choreograph a dance and play politics and yet... she doesn't know how to use chopsticks?!

Anyway so far this series is captivating me because however dull and boring and mediocre she is, Cecilia Liu has the greatest luck of being in the prettiest productions surrounded by people more competent she will ever be.

I have read the translation of the book Da Mo Yao, a fan translated book and I kinda enjoyed it. In the book I loved Meng Jiu or Jiu Yeh because he was so tragic. I disliked Huo Qubing because he came across as a stalker, a creep and a strong character.

Surprisingly in this series, at episode 9, I find myself liking Qubing.


Let it be known Tangren need not change the historical names for international release and yet they did and so the final act is done; they have sold their soul to the devil needlessly. I am very very very annoyed. I shall still call the historical characters by their real name. I hated Qubing's name, Wei Wuji, which sounds like a ciplak name from Jinyong's Wuxia series.


I really like this Qubing because he comes across as playful and mischievous, touchy feely and quite rude but quite endearing like a naughty man child with a hot body, not yet stalker like but is stalking our heroine. He doesn't come across as strong personality like in the book. It helps Eddie Peng is sex on legs with big doe eyes. Ahhhhh.... and yet Cecilia manages to look beyond all that and look terribly dull. Come on! Surely even Xin Yue will take another look at this demi god before her? No?

Anyway the one I really loved in the book was Jiu Yeh and the way the book described him was something like Xinyue first saw him and to her he was the most beautiful man she has ever laid eyes on, so pure, so beautiful and yet to sad, so melancholic, so troubled but by what? She was immediately drawn to his beauty which I do remember something about changing of seasons is affected by him or something to that. Can't remember much except how god smacking beautiful he was. And immediately I thought of Wallace Huo, the Emperor of HDTV. It is vital to have that contrast with Qubing because Qubing was in war and was a soldier all his life and so he was probably rough and manly looking and scarred and such and Jiu Yeh, the learned man who spent his time with books and pursuit of knowledge supposedly looked so perfectly flawless in everything must look polished and just perfect. Wallace turned down this series and Huge wanted this role and he got it. Huge is a good actor, he is also a handsome man in a weird sort of way. But he isn't Jiu Yeh. He can look sad and thoughtful and preoccupied and shy and all that but if you wanna talk about natural melancholic look if there is such a word, Wallace Huo fits the description perfectly. And Wallace is also naturally fair with flawless complexion and he is a beautiful man. So yeah, Huge, a miscast. But like I said he is a good actor. It could be because he was a miscast that I felt drawn to Eddie's Qubing who was perfectly cast.

The one I was most excited to see was Fala Chen and she didn't disappoint. She looked so elegant and pretty and aloof. TVB has never quite fully utilised her aloofness to great effect but in this series, her aloofness is her character. See Fala as TVB never knew how to present her; the morose, solemn, aloof, cold but beautiful, elegant, sophisticated future Consort Li.

Then I found out Maggie Cheung (Hor Yee) will be in this series as Wei Zifu and since I just finished another Wei Zifu series, I was happy with the connection. Her appearance was memorable. In Episode 8 or 9 I think, a few words but mostly just an introduction. Before that we are informed the Emperor is bored with his empress who to him is like a whithered flower and so Fala was being introduced as the next hot candidate by Xinyue and Princess Pingyang, both hoping to gain more favour with the emperor. Joke is Pingyang is the wife of the brother of the empress, so you can see how the husband feels. No one ever thought Fala will ever threaten the empress' position since the empress was aided by no less than 4 famous and powerful family members within the government and the emperor loved her dearly even if he doesn't find her sexually alluring anymore. Anyway Xinyue was gungho about it until the day came and in came the empress whose reputation far exceeded her even if she was very popular. She was a famous beauty once and Maggie may looked older but you can see her beautiful luminous skin even if wrinkled would have bewitched the emperor so to speak. Maggie was glowing in this scene. Anyway Xinyue saw her and she thought to herself that the Empress was like so beautiful, she understood why the emperor wanted to find another Wei Zifu and it did cross her mind the irony that Fala was being introduced in the same way in the same household by the same person to the emperor like how the empress was many years ago. And she concluded "How can the empress be described as a whithered flower? She is still the most beautiful graceful empress everyone knew" and that was when Xinyue felt immense guilt; that she may have helped to hurt the empress. Indeed the empress actually looked hurt but had to smile and here is where Maggie was simply splendid. Anyway even Qubing said if it wasn't Fala it could have been another woman so he didn't blame Xinyue.

Blame the emperor; lusty old man.

BUT WAIT! He ain't no old man! He is supposed to be 35 or 36 then, so that makes Zifu early 30s. My god, already a whithered flower? I thought the emperor met Lady Li in his late 50s? The timeline changed? Why not just say the emperor was in his 40s and Zifu is 40? That would make more sense much like how Ada Choi's empress was in Empresses In The Palace. I don't know who is the actor but I think it was deliberate to find someone with bad skin and not so good looking. That ain't Raymond Lam for sure!

Anyway so far so good. Up until ep 9, all I can say is...

1. OMG. The costumes, the hair, the head accessories... OMG.So beautiful. Made me wanna grow long hair and do the Han style with the hair accessories that didn't look like helmet hair. May I repeat the costumes again? I don't mean the car crash that is Xinyue's desert look but Princess Pingyang and Jiu Yeh's costumes, wow! 

2. OMG. The set decoration. Not sure how accurate but OMG, looks great.

3. The casting, OMG, except for Cecilia, and to some lesser extent Huge, it has been exemplary. You will see familiar faces from BBJX.

4. The dubbing, OMG. The one who benefits the most is Kristal Tin. Taking away her real voice, replacing it with a superbly dubbed voice that just fits her so perfectly, you can now appreciate how animated her performance was. It helps she delivered her lines in mandarin and the lips movement moved in perfect sync with the dubber who was simply excellent.  You will also hear familiar voices from BBJX.

5, The CGI though is not OMG since I know it is CGI BUT way better than TVB's Form 3 CGI level. Tangren's CGI is University level.

6. The wolves aren't wolves but the cutest huge dogs ever. So cute. Why not just CGI the wolves?

7. The classical music in this series is superb but the themesong is not.

8. The make up is fantastic. And if Cecilia can still look puffy eyed, red nosed and sickly, it just shows she must have looked worse before the make up. I especially like Huge's pink lip balm. So much make up on the man. Least make up may be Eddie but maybe a lot of spray tan.

Ok, just 8.

Are you watching Sound Of The Desert? What do you think, so far at episode 9?


  1. I'm glad that Eddie proved to detractors that he is perfectly casted for the role. Before the drama airs they're bashing him the most.

  2. Funn. You make me so wanna watch the series. I was putting it off because of Cecilia. I'll go home and watch the first episode tonight.

    I caught the theater dance scene on Astro late one night. I saw the Princess Ping Yang actress and thought she look familiar. But only the next day did I remember she's 8th Fu Jin in BBJX.

    Agree with you that Tangren should release the version without the name change overseas. Overseas audience has seen way more serious butchering of history and won't easily believe everything a TV series show.

    1. Yeah she is 8th fujin! Perfect as Pingyang, cold, aloof, same voice. So far series is nice except you gotta swallow Cecilia. Just ignore her and watch it for the men and other people.

  3. Watch episode 1. Cecilia looks prettier in her wolf girl attire and the Arabia dress than in Han attire. Her later look when she's leader of the dance theater makes her look bloated.

    Shi Feng, the beggar boy who saved her in the beggar forest looks a lot older than I imagine. When reading the book, I imagine him to be around 14 to 15 years old. The actor who played Shi Feng looks 20.

  4. Hi Funn! I've actually been reading your blog for at least 12 years now and this is the first time I'm posting. Thanks for writing your thoughts about DMY! I finished the series already but I remember I was pretty disappointed after the first episode - one of my favourite scene was when Jin yue saved Qubing with her huge pack of wolves. When I read the novel, it seemed really epic to me...I imagined hundreds and thousands of wolves surrounding the desert thieves. The scene in the drama just looked anti-climatic...maybe because the dogs looked too happy...i agree they should have used CGI

    1. Thanks for following blog for so long!

      I expected the wolves to be more menacing but budget constraints and the fact that can't expect real wolves mean they had to make do with I believe huskies and they're just so cute. Like they will sloppily kiss you to death. So so cute.

    2. I think when I first read your was on Seagull's website. Not sure where he/she is now?

    3. I lost contact. probably moved on with life unlike me!!!

    4. I agree with you guys. Those 'wolves' look so tame and nonthreatening. Lol.

  5. I wish they kept the historcal characters' names too. What I loved most about Tong Hua's novels was how closely she tried to follow historical events. After I read BBJX I actually researched historical records online to see what actually happened - then I realized many events described in the book did occur including those trips to Mongolia (the year, which prince went etc were all accurate!). I was so amazed! For DMY, since this goes way way back..historical records were much more Tong Hua had more leeway with the plot. I think the main reason China banned the series was because it made Huo Qubing seem like he did everything for the girl and not for his country...and they cant have that for their national hero

    1. I think main reason is they can't show he lived when he died. That sort. But don't believe Tong Hua in everything. I for one didn't believe the whole theory about 8th prince.

    2. Many in tianya complained that Tong Hua butchered history. They say BBJX is the closest to history because she has a Qing Dynasty expert to help her and there was 'Yong Zheng Huang Di' series/movie for reference. But, Da Mo Yao and Yun Zhong Ge has many inaccuracies.

      Well, I'm not a Han dynasty expert, so, I don't know. But, I know she vilified one of my fave Han Emperor in Yun Zhong Ge, which I'm kinda upset about. But, I will still read YZG to see what she wrote. Maybe it's not that bad.

    3. For 'Da Mo Yao' and 'Yun Zhong Ge', Tong Hua did not only fill in the blanks for what not recorded in history. She changed event timelines and historical characters' age to fit her story. In Da Mo Yao, Huo Qu Bing's supposed poisoned by Wei Qing's son. But, in history, when HQB died, Wei Qing's son was still a kid. So, I wouldn't believe all the 'historical' stuff in DMY and YZG. I'll just read them as stories.If I want to know more about the historical events and historical people in the story, I'll do more searching. :)

    4. Hey Kidd...thanks for your reply..I'm actually really interested in knowing what actually happened in that time period....where does it say that he was still a kid when HQB died?

      I just did a quick search on Wei Qing's son...not sure how accurate this website is but it says his year of birth was not recorded in history. It did mention that he was still a kid at 124 BC though...and HQB died at 117 BC. ..that gives him 7 years to grow up?

    5. I'm not saying Tong Hua stuck to history 100%...that's impossible and everyone who read her novels know it's fiction. I'm just so used to watching tvb series that butchered history way more than what Tong Hua least she tried...and was able to keep the story interesting

    6. Hi Yan,

      I read it from here.

      Scroll to 神童卫伉.


      But, even if this guy's interpretation is incorrect and we follow the baike info, Wei Kang was born around BC130. So, when HQB died, he was only 13. Still can be considered a kid I think.

    7. Yan,

      I do agree Tong Hua at least tried and did stick to history in the major events. That's a lot more faithful than most TVB historical dramas. But, that's also what makes viewers more able to believe the historical stuff in her novels as true. TVB butchering are sometimes so outrageous and far from the truth that not many will believe them.

      "everyone who read her novels know it's fiction"

      Well according to her detractors, that's not the case. Her novels fans believe what she wrote is true and more true than the history books and go hate on the historical people that TH cast as villains in her novel. Some history fans said TH's fans go to their forum and argued with them about what is true history. But I guess this can't be blamed on Tong Hua.

      P.S. My info about the fans antics is also second-hand info. So, might not be true. If I'm wrong, my apologies.

    8. Thanks for the insight. Never knew there was so much hate going on in the forums. I always thought it was just Mainland China that had a problem with DMY. Her fans really believe he met a wolf girl? There are some things in YZG that are quite unbelievable actually...I dont want to spoil YZG for you...let's discuss after you are finished?

    9. I no more believe that 8th prince was a perfect gentleman than a wolf girl whatever. It is just a fictionalised story using real historical figures. I sense China was right to ban these stories.

      For all I know HQB must have had his enemies since when he died he was just early 20s and yet achieved so much standing next to his uncle. And his uncle was MORE prolific by the way from what I read. No denying had HQB lived long he may be more prolific than his uncle. People die of illnesses back in those days especially a soldier. Mortality rate is high. Unless there was another text saying how HQB's corpse looked like, I'd no more believe this nonsensical theory than 4th prince killing Kangxi for the throne and considering like almost 1500 years or whatever separate between these 2 events, I could almost understand why people believe the 4th prince scandaloud theory. Whilst history is written by the victors, don't forget, history is in the past and even scandals, gossips and malicious backstabbing theories persists when everyone involved is long dead.

  6. Thanks for the link! In the baike website it says "his year of birth is unknown, but approximately BC130" It appears they made that guess based on:

    Since Wei Qing's son was considered a 襁褓 at BC124...he was 10 years old or under. Let's just say he was 9 to give Tong Hua benefit of the doubt...then he can be as old as 16 years old when HQB died?

    Again...I'm not saying this website is accurate for sure....this age puzzle is fun though!

    1. Yan,

      襁褓之年 actually means one year or below. But, since you got that reference, can give Tong Hua the benefit of the doubt. :)"

      These ancient way of writing is real confusing. Really is an interesting puzzle for us modern people.

      As for her fans. Maybe they didn't believe the wolf girl part (the wolf girl part and the '七日瘟‘ poison part are the most unbeliavable parts), but, do believe the Wei family harming HQB.

    2. Why would wei hurt own family who will help o preserve power when uncle wei qing is old and dead? I will sooner believe the emperot hmself did it and and why wouod he anyway? He needsa a good general.

    3. Funn,

      I also don't understand why they find it more believable than history. From the wiki info I read, HQB seems tight with the Wei family.

      I've read Tong Hua's conspiracy theory. She said that only after 2 years of the Li Gan hit Wei Qing that HQB shoot LG for revenge. Why after so long? So, there must be something that trigger it and the reason wasn't that simple. Also, she said the historical record of HQB's death record was short, it just mentioned he died of illness, but, very elaborate about his funeral. That means even Sima Qian himself doubt about HQB's death. That's why he did not elaborate. So, she put on the theory that HQB isn't death in the story and put on her theory about Wei family harming HQB.

    4. This is the 1st time I've read any doubt about HQB and his death. Well history was scant maybe because since he died of illness he probably had not much to be written about. Or if he was indeed poisoned or something, couldn't be from the Wei camp unless he was a rebel who wanted to do something different. But nothing to indicate he wasn't loyal to his family or country. Emperor wouldn't have wanted him dead since he was buried near the emperor and at that time sort of the height of Wei family's powers.I think Sima Qian was pro emperor right? So if Sima Qian did not elaborate later in life, not sure when, it means it has more to do with the emperor than the Weis. Again I highly doubt both so in the end I feel nothing to it. Ever thought perhaps HQB's funeral was of much more significance to a historian than his mundane death from illness?

    5. "he said that only after 2 years of the Li Gan hit Wei Qing that HQB shoot LG for revenge. "

      Really? Considering how this happened like what? Almost 2000 years ago? Like back in BC time, can you even believe totally on whatever records that's left?

    6. Sima Qian was actually pro-truth. His integrity was admirable when he would rather be castrated than alter a word on his historical records to please Han Wu Di. SMQ is a real man among men. He used his own dignity, life and reputation to protect the truth. So if SMQ says it, I believe it.

  7. I wonder if the series while expand the plot of Li Yan.

    Li Yan's story seems half-bake in the novel. What is her plan after she enter the palace? All she did in the novel is trying to kill Jin Yu. Toppling Wei Zifu seems second priority. Killing the Emperor totally not on the list.

    1. Right now, as half baked as the book if you ask me. Or more half bake because the series is more interested in Xiao Yue's love conflict than developing Li Yan's story. I think she wanted the emperor dead, so she asked Xiao Yue to help her enter palace. I feel even this part is flimsy. Once she is in she finds it difficult o exert influence because Wei Zifu is flanked by her powerful family even if she is the emperor's favourite. I think later she abandoned all ideas of revenge when she became very comfortable in her position. She wanted Xiao Yue's death because she became involved with the Wei via HQB and Xiao Yue knew her secret.

      The emperor in this series is sorta so far quite scary as in not sure what he will do.


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