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Monday, March 2, 2015

[O] Raising The Bar / 四個女仔三個BAR [TVB][2015]

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Title Deciphered
Chinese title is literally 4 girls and 3 Bar. Which basically means 4 girls, 3 of whom are barristers, I think

No. of Episodes

Released in

Ben Wong (黃智賢) as Marcus Fan Chi-ngai (范智毅)
Louis Cheung (張繼聰) as Quinton Chow Chi-pok (周梓博)
Ram Chiang (蔣志光) as Woody Lam Sam-muk (林森木)
Grace Chan (陳凱琳) as Giselle Tong Ching-chi (唐靖姿)
Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) as Vivian Cheung Wai-wan (張慧芸)
Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) as Brittany Fok Chi-ying (霍紫凝)
Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) as Chris Yiu Chui-fa (姚翠花)
Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) as Ashley Cheng Cheuk-tung (鄭妁彤)
Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠) as Duncan Yam Suen-yip (任雋燁)
Elena Kong (江美儀) as Judge Lui (呂官)
Moon Lau (劉佩玥) as Holly Tsang Ho-yan (曾可欣)
King Lam (林景程) as Chai On-kui (齊安居)
Sunny Dai (戴耀明) as Kuk Tat-kan (谷達勤)
Andy Siu (邵卓堯) as Paul
Matthew Ho (何廣沛) as Max Kwong
Sam Tsang (曾航生) as Chu Yiu-lik (朱耀力)
Hugo Wong (黃子恆) as Chui Yin-chit (崔賢哲)
Alex Tsui (徐家傑) as Fok Koon-tung (霍貫東)
Li Shing-cheong (李成昌) as Chan Keung (陳強)
Mimi Chu (朱咪咪) as Ng Suk-fan (吳淑芬)
Chun Wong (秦煌) as Chow Chung-cheung (周忠祥)
Hinson Chou (周子揚) as Jaydon Ngai Chung-hang 危仲衡
MoMo Wu (吳沚默) as Lee Dan (李丹)
Ali Lee (李佳芯) as Ching (清)
Skye Chan (陳倩揚) as Fong Tin-na 方天娜
Stefan Wong (黃長興) as Kelvin
Gary Chan (陳嘉輝) as Judge Ho (何官)
Wendy Hon (韓毓霞) as Judge Wong (王官)
Joseph Yeung (楊瑞麟) as Judge Chan (陳官)
Eddie Li (李岡龍) as Judge Lai (賴官)
Dolby Kwan (關浩揚) as Roy
Mary Hon (韓馬利) as Holly's mother (曾可欣之媽)
Steve Lee (李家鼎) as Holly's father (曾可欣之爸)
Helen Ng (吳香倫) as Lam Mui (林梅)
Johnson Law (羅莽) as Sit Kim (薛劍)
Judy Tsang (曾敏) as Yeung Lau (楊柳)
Snow Suen (孫慧雪) as KiKi (淇淇)
Suet Nei (雪妮)
Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏) as Lawyer Yiu (姚律師)

From Wikipedia

A group of barristers and trainee lawyers vow to pursue justice and ideals, but the process is fraught with difficulties. Regarded as the "Condor Heroes" of the legal world, barristers Marcus Fan (Ben Wong) and his wife Vivian Cheung (Elaine Yiu) have taught many students. Among them, Giselle Tong (Grace Chan), Brittany Fok (Jeannie Chan) and Quinton Chow (Louis Cheung) are Marco's favourites. Giselle's classmate, Holly Tsang (Moon Lau), is a trainee solicitor at Vivian's law firm, while Chris Yiu (Stephanie) Ho trains under barrister Duncan Yam (Timothy Cheng). Brittany's elder half-sister, Ashley Cheng (Natalie Tong), has an affair with the married Duncan and later switches over to work for Marcus. With each of them using their own methods, how do these rookies become qualified legal practitioners, in a journey that is full of struggle, doubt and tough choices about their future? Theory turns into practice as they handle tricky cases and experience success and failures, while also dealing with love, family and friendship problems every day. Their biggest test arrives when legal standards 

Until Episode 25 (Last Episode)

A happy ending. Am writing a review. Will post later.

Until Episode 23

Wifey returns to husband, crying alone from... lost opportunity? Guilt? Sees husband, rushes to him, hugs him close. Guilt. One happy ending, until the husband finds out I suppose. He will forgive her.

Bigger case. Li Dan's accusation against Marcus at the uni was dismissed (yeah, common sense man!!) but his reputation suffered. Li Dan then told Giselle he actually tried to rape her and so under Giselle's advice, she reported to the police. When she was questioned, she panicked, dropped charges and next thing found dead in the uni's toilet cubicle, and now everyone thinks Marcus is guilty. He was about to give some lecture when protestors ruined the event and called him wolf in sheep's clothing. Giselle still won't believe Marcus and was at the station welcoming Li Dan's grandparents since her parents died in earthquake. But she got the shock of her life when they weren't the grandparents. So who are they?!

Yes question by so many, here are my answers;

Giselle : "She is claiming he tried to rape her. No woman will want such publicity hat unless it is true"

Answer : Li Dan wants because she is cra-zy!

Someone : "If she was just trying to frame Mr Fan, why then she killed herself?"

Answer : Because she knows she has no road to go. She is trapped in her layers of lies. Her career, her reputation, all ruined. Or maybe in her craziness, she has convinced herself he did do what she said he did. What we can be sure is she is a manic depressive and insane.

Giselle : "Her results used to be so good, I don't know why it went down"

Answer : Because at some point the pressure got to her or something external happened and it reflected in her results.

Quinton : "she changes her story too often, I believe Mr Fan"
Giselle : "I believe my friend"

Answer : Giselle you are a poor judge of character and a prejudiced biased sexist. Just because your 1st master tried to lift your skirt doesn't mean Marcus too, more so Marcus had so many opportunities and he didn't. Your friend however has been erratic. Maybe you will think Marcus' bad deeds led to her prozac, inability to concentrate, suicide but it is the other way around. She is a severely disturbed woman who believes her own lies.

Anyway to something happy. Brittany gladly accepts Ashley as her sister and Duncan plays the dutiful boyfriend which was cute to watch.

Prediction time. Marcus realises work isn't everything so he will take a year long vacation time with a happy Vivien and meanwhile his students and his friend's student will don the wig, etc and takeover his case and run things for him whilst he is away. Shouldn't be too problematic since his cases are rather simplistic.

Until Episode ... Absolute Ridiculousness

I need to check which episode, broadcast on 25.02.2015 and the worst episode.

First, we have super minute details of will they, won't they adulteress pair and when finally they kissed passionately and was driving fast to you know, reach home and have amazing sex, ha ha ha!! Car crashed to avoid a dog which must be sent by heaven! So happy! And now she is having second thoughts. What a wife. Never check her whatsapp messages too because if she did she would have known something is troubling her husband.

Marcus is found not guilty for the sexual harassment but ordinary folks and young lawyers did not believe him. Reputation stained and Giselle chose to not disbelief her friend Li Dan who is now staying with her. Quinton believes Marcus but stop short of calling Giselle stupid. I would have. Anyway suddenly Giselle is skeptical about Marcus since she has had bad past experience with her past master but girl, before Quinton arrived, didn't you spend all those long hours into late at night just with him in his office doing work? And if he wanted to seduce someone, why Li Dan and not prettier and more convenient Giselle? Her doubt makes absolutely zero sense.

Brittany is on the verge of accepting Ashley as her sister. Now that is good news. Brittany is not a bad person.

Giselle and Quinton is non moving. I do think Quinton is more suited with the other girl.

No cases, just stupid romances and over long scenes of someone totally unconnected to the title that is dragging this series down. Chinese title is 4 girls, 3 Bar(risters). Now it is 4 females, 3 Bar(risters) and 1 adulteress.

I really really really hate Vivien. 

Good news, Sky Eye (or is it Eye In The Sky?) is coming soon and there was one cool scene of Tavia looking like an assassin in the original presentation. Please let this be true. I so hate a vase.

By the way I am also watching that super k-drama called something something love something something another star.Talk more on that later. Meanwhile, I am just happy a new Ruco series is coming and he looks good in there.

Until Episode ... I don't care anymoreeeeeeeeeeee! STILL Off with her head!!!!!!!!!!

Aiyoh! Imagine when Vivien finds out she has been cheating on her husband who was being considerate. That crazy student, Li Dan accused Marcus of sexual harassment hence he was summoned to the university to be questioned, hence he couldn't do. He didn't tell his wife who ended up playing cooking, grocery shopping and wifey to Don although I suppose by tomorrow there would be sex. Because right now it is kiss, hug, playing hubby and wifey minus the conjugal rights. Absolutely disgusting and I can't understand when this series became the Vivien-Marcus show when the show is about 4 young girls. Nowhere in sight of any case involving 4 young girls. Fans of Elaine will be pleased to know she has 70% screen time for the past 2 episodes but she has been absolutely a surplus to the story and most hateable character, a waste of space and further proof why she is not leading material with her mostly 2 note acting but worst, saddled with cheating sexually dissatisfied wife sort of character. This series tells me Vivien doesn't really want to travel. She just wants to play housewife which is a slap to us all. What a contradiction.

I am surprised Marcus let the university investigate the way they did. He could have just pulled out Li Dan's medical records (those MCs are with the university and hence open knowledge) about her battle with depression and her inability to follow the classes. Giselle chose to believe her friend whilst everyone else believes Marcus is not that sort of man. And Vivien? Hidden somewhere in a nice chalet.

What a wife eh?

Until Episode ... I don't care anymoreeeeeeeeeeee! Off with her head!!!!!!!!!!

TVB must hate Elaine Yiu to always give the the dissatisfied wife looking for another man for some company. Urghh!

Oh how I despise Vivien. Clueless husband finally gets the clue and arranges a tour to Easter Island for 2 weeks only to  back out because one crazy student needs his attention for reasons he doesn't explain to his wife who storms into the plane alone.

Pity the wife, hate the neglectful husband?

Maybe BUT  before you do that, listen to the evidence.

Evidence 1
Not sure why clueless husband doesn't explain but he is tied up with a student who is emotional wreck. Not like as if he is having an affair. Ok his mistress is his dedication to his job, so guilty as charged.

Evidence 2
Prior to that wife crying and all that BS, the wife already KISSED another man. Not just kissed; she spoon fed him, he spoonfed her!!!!! They go bicycling around town. They flirted. I am just amazed HK is so small why none of anyone the couple knows ever bump into them, at all.

Evidence 3
She didn't storm into the plane. She called loverboy. At that point relationship was at best foreplay. I bet for the next 2 weeks when hubby thought she was in Easter Island, she will be with loverboy for a 2 weeks physically demanding vacation that is of course S-E-X!

Evidence 4
She already questioned the husband's dedication to her prior to anything. Urghh.

Pity her? Far from it.Disgusting. My bet is her affair is her way to get release, indeed! But she wouldn't have any plans to divorce her husband but does she? The most sickening part was how she panicked when she thought loverboy was hurt in some accident and panicked. She never shown such level of dedication to her own husband, or her own son for that matter or even the slightest compassion for her overworked colleagues. Selfish is more like it. But my biggest complaint is why not show both loverboy and husband in a life or death situation and see who she chooses and finally make the damn choice. Nope. Doesn't sound half as romantic and she wouldn't be able to get back with her hubby.

If her hubby has any manliness, divorce her and move on. But my bet is he will forgive her except she won't forgive herself or thinks it is god given right for her to cheat and so will leave him even if she may or may not leave with loverboy.

One scene she was saying she had insomnia and loverboy was teaching her how to deal with it with exercise, tea and yoga. I was ab-libbing;

"Vivien, your insomnia is caused by your immense guilt within yourself for having sexual thoughts for another man whilst married to a man you know whose only fault is the lack of so called time and dedication to you. All these manifests in your pre menopausal symptoms and your inability to get a good night's sleep."

Viviens of the world, you do not have my pity. Boo hoo, your husband neglects you. Ask yourself this; did you make the effort to try in the first place? And to the Marcus in the world, for god's sake, let that student jump to her death or whatever. Take that bloody vacation if you ever feel you want to save your marriage. And to the Dons of the world, seducing another man's wife is good, but does she want to be with you for the rest of her life or even your life or you are just a sexual release for her? Because at the end of the day, this isn't love. It is sex.

Oh how I hate those Viviens, Marcus and Dons.

But I hate Vivien more. Why? One scene she basically blamed her husband for getting her pregnant when she didn't want to and ruined her youth and tying her down. What a be-yatch!!

Until Episode ... I lost track 

The biggest question now is will Vivien do it? Will she break her marriage vows and cheat on her strangely missing husband Marcus who knows his wife is 10 steps towards an affair and yet is doing absolutely NOTHING to remedy that except asking for sex. Marcus, holiday perhaps? Immediate world tour with wife and take her to the places she wanna go rather than her sleeping with the man who went to those places? I suppose her dilemma is realistic except I wished it was done with more guilt. Her hesitation is not her husband or her son, but herself. I do not sense any dilemma in the sense moral dilemma because of her family. Or maybe Elaine Yiu is at best a 2 note actress with the bitchy glare and deliberate battling of eyelid like close eyes, count 2 and open slowly. Too deliberate. But my feeling is Vivien is a bitch, look at the way she treats the male colleague. However I feel there won't be an affair because...

1. series is ending soon
2. potential adulterer will die, murdered either by Marcus' crazy student or adulterer's crazy fan
3. Vivien may be charged with murder, for the sake of TVB's "Within the family" concept in storyline
4. if not no. 3, then it will be Marcus
5. if not 4 then well, adulterer will die, period
6. or maybe Vivien thinks Marcus is having and affair and so her guilt is gone and she will have the affair she longs for

As you can see I absolutely dislike Vivien. But Viviens in the world exists, those in loving but boring mundane marriages who seek romance and passion. Remember, men rarely forgive women who cheat; either men kill them, or walk away to the younger girls. Never ever cheat, not in Vivien's case because she may not care for her husband's feelings, but her son is big enough to never forgive the adulteress mother. If Viviens of the world intends to cheat, at least divorce then cheat. You can't have the cake and eat the cake because there are other women who wants a good but boring man like Marcus. And Marcus in the world, please for heaven's sake, if your wife is sexually uninterested in you, she is sexually interested elsewhere and be the sexy man and just put away the work and bloody take a holiday with her. It is not true lawyers can't take a long holiday. Diaries can always be worked around. It is a question of priority.

That is why I like neither the mind-cheating Vivien, the no so clueless but inactive husband and the loverboy who seduces even when he knows that woman is married, happily.

Meanwhile, Grace Chan continues to charm even if her character has little to do for now.

And in TVB's "Within the family" concept, guess who is Ah Fa's father? Yeap! You guessed it! Oh how I hate that. She will forgive her father eventually because like her boyfriend says, he has changed for the better. But let's review his crime; he kidnapped a young girl, hid her, ran away from police or something and poor kid died of thirst/hunger ALL ALONE. And that girl was his daughter's very best friend. So the trust is broken, and everything. Why should there be forgiveness? It is not for Ah Fa to forgive. She can still face her father and not accept his penetance. I for one will never forgive such a father. Nor will I acknowledge him. That will be his punishment. I may still help him, buy him stuff as a dutiful daughter will, I may even face him and talk to him but I will state clearly "Father, I can never forgive you for what you done. I may not wish you rot in hell, but I will not wish to ever see you again". Forgiveness is sometimes so easily given. The crime does not befit forgiveness. It was a cruel crime. He kidnapped a family friend. That is ultimate betrayal of trust. But I know TVB has  a twisted sense of morality. In the end the killer will have his happy ending but nobody ever thinks of the victim or her family.


Until Episode 10

The focus in this episode for me is Grace. If she keeps this up I shall be her fan. I can see now why the camera loves to go up close to her face. Her expressions are subtle, which is made for TV but when you do see it up close, you can see a very expressive eyes. A simple twitching of her eyebrow, a smile, eyes bigger or narrower, etc etc, there is something very expressive in a minimal way and yet it works, especially in this episode.

One particularly memorable scene was Gisselle was working late with Quinton and at that point neither knew each was the chat pal of the other. Giselle was sitting at the back, Quinton's back facing her and she received a message from Quinton, she happily replied and she noticed a curious thing happened; everytime he replies, she receives a message. Everytime she replies, he receives a message. It doesn't take much to deduce the coincidence was no coincidence and that's where the beauty of Grace's performance lies. First she was smiling as she replied an unknown friend. Then her expressions turn curious and it moves on to become even more curious to a suspiscion and then more suspiscion and then a theory and then dawn of realisation and when Quinton left to go elsewhere she quickly looked at his phone and thereby her confirmation and not shock, but a happy revelation.

All in one single scene. I was so very excited to see such subtlety. She really embodies Giselle, a really nice hard working girl that you end up cheering on. I love also the scene where Quinton was feeling despondent, since he thought Marcus was gonna fail him and Giselle quite plainly told him, smiling as always her own difficulties as a student, how she went through hardships and for that one moment, I believe her. She has a way of acting the way things are; she doesn't embellish, she doesn't go OTT (not yet, I hope) and she just act the truth of whatever she is saying with conviction that I ended up being rather engrossed in the things she says. I love her delivery of lines. Whatever her bad habits were in Overachievers, she quickly overcame those bad habits, no doubts from self critical analysis and also feedback from veterans that she had the greatest pleasure of working with. She is one lucky and unlucky actress. Unlucky because she has to act against veterans, and those who can act very very well, in this series we have quite a few. Lucky because it turns out she is capable of holding her fort so to speak and so she is capable of absorbing and learning. I don't think I am wrong if I say she probably observed the veterans  because good observers always make good actors. Yes she is perky, sometimes quite teasing but not flirtatious, she has toned that down. All the male actors seem very comfortable with her, and genuinely like her. Often we hear of newbies being praised as with potential by veterans and they work very hard. But this time, I can see it, the end results. I don't care how many takes it took her to complete a scene, the point is the director captured her best and in some ways she made the director's job very easy. This episode makes me love her for her simple approach as an actress. Another more difficult scene was her asking leniency and understanding on behalf of Quinton in front of Marcus. You can see the way she acted that scene, it wasn't because she was biased or because she liked Quinton or pitied him. It's like in an earlier scene in an earlier episode when Marcus asked her why she wants to be a barrister and the way she answered was with sincerity. That scene as she asked Marcus to be understanding to Quinton shows her as someone who is kind, giving and caring as much as what a bastard that Marcus is for being so harsh to Quinton. Marcus said some very hurtful things and he didn't know it and I doubt the series wanted to portray him as such but that's how I see him.

I also love the scene where she genuinely spoke of admiration for Quinton that surprised Quinton at how sincere she sounded. And that's the crux of Grace's performance. She sounded sincere, she looked sincere. Can anyone be that genuinely sincere? Either she is the best actress or she acts as herself in the role of Giselle, either way I am just happy to witness the emergence of a potential star who can actually act. THANK GOD!!

But she is still too thin. She needs more fat in her. I have read some disparaging remarks about her, not on her looks (come one, no Indian blood? Who is she kidding??) but on her acting abilities, that Stephanie Ho is so so so much better than her. Let me explain why I disagree.

Stephanie Ho is a likable actress. She was raw in Gilded Chopsticks but she was cute. In here, she is also cute, being given a character that is impossible to dislike, as much as the actress who plays Brittany is given a character that is so easy to hate. Stephanie has natural cuteness in her, a certain charisma many actresses think they have when it is in the end just pure annoying trait. Not Stephanie. She is genuinely cute, and I like her, a lot. But performance wise, she is lacking. Her character isn't focused much, all she really had to do is to be cute. But her acting is not on another level; it is that sort of performance you expect from those of her level. She has big expressions, big movements and a likable character to begin with and paired with Timothy Cheng, they are the funny duo.

Grace is on another level. I always appreciate subtlety, and I most appreciate an actress who is able to portray a character as if she has been her from the day she was born that comes with a whole lot of history without us knowing. Maggie Cheung Hor Yee has that ability. A great example is Charmaine Sheh who doesn't possess that ability and she is to me after so many years still a scene per scene actress. Grace has that consistency.

I know it is a high praise and I hope she will continue to improve. Even if she deproves, like how Myolie deproved, at least at some level I witnessed a great potential. She is indeed raising the bar for newcomers. Those who doesn't see it, well, it is your choice but seriously, look at her performance in this episode, what is there not to like?

As for the male actors, all wonderful, not much comment. I wish to see more of Timothy though. I mean that man can speak good English, with the same specs and hairstyle he can be a villain or in this series, a nice lothario. I am beginning to be annoyed with Ben's Marcus whom I feel is something not right. Louis is doing well, no worries for him. I love his scenes with Grace and the way he speaks his line, he too speaks the truth. He and Grace are not much different as actors; same technique, same philosophy. There is a sense of eagerness in them. I like that passion for acting. I however wish he do something with his bad skin. HDTV is killing his looks. 

So far the series is still interesting. It is really showing the practical aspects of practising as lawyers; including company trips, all so real. However I am disappointed with the cases I see. So far nothing major, I suppose HK has no major cases? And I dread to think in the end one of them will be arrested just so to personalise the whole series. I hope TVB learns a character can still grow without being in a personalised situation. A lawyer can still learn the meaning of justice without being arrested themselves and put through some murder trial or something.

By the way I am also liking Joebee, the teenage son of Marcus and his wife. That young man, I don't know who he is, where he comes from but he just gives me the weird vibe in a good way. His monotone delivery is awesome, he is not a bad actor, just his voice is like a flatline. But I don't know, he reminds me of Jacky Heung and I could never understand why I could never take my eyes off from Jacky Heung in A Fistful Of Stances even when he was a terrible actor. Luckily for this young actor with the awesome character's name (Joebee), he is a much better actor. Just so very weird you know?

Until Episode 9
Verdict is in for wife killer. Not guilty. Why? Pity marks I suppose. The legal argument is everywhere. Is Marcus saying he didn't push the wife since no one actually saw him doing it or is he saying he pushed the wife because she wanted him to do it? Is he suggesting she threw herself into the sea and husband forbids people from rescuing her or he threw her into the sea, forbid people from rescuing her because she wants to die and he wants to die with her?

There is a difference. Because the proper verdict is GUILTY but sentencing is minimal. However it depends what he is charged with. Let's say a heavier one and a lesser one, so jury can always guilty conscience free give a verdict for the lesser onel. If like in this case only one charge and I believe murder, jury wouldn't convict based on emotion rather than letter of the law.

This episode touches on judge's duty in instructing the jury as to what to consider when considering a verdict. In this case the definition of murder. And I remember Marcus said something about the definition of murder which I disagreed but can't remember the specifics. Basically if as jury you think he pushed the wife into the sea and he did it after planning it, he is guilty as hell. No other verdict. This episode did not elaborate on that.

But Marcus had a defence but this episode never went full force into it probably because no writer considered it more than a mitigating factor; the fact that NO ONE saw the husband actually pushed the wife into the sea. She could have pushed herself for all we know except when Marcus was examining him, the husband said except for sleeping, he had to do everything for her and Duncan would have pursued that line and surmise since he had to do everything for her, it is logical to come the conclusion this woman couldn't have pushed herself, she must have been pushed.

Again the case lacks any depth and any good logical legal argument. 

Then there's Marcus telling his 2 pupils, Quinton (Louise) and Giselle (sounds like g-cell when Ben spoke her name) to find him a case that he will find complicated. Poor Quinton, found some law changing English cases but he was wrong. Giselle quoted a theft case where Marcus handled where he had to argue some legal point in Court of Appeal (when case went on appeal) and Marcus said Giselle was correct. And I was thinking Marcus oh Marcus, is theft in a supermarket the most difficult case you every argued for? Is that it? So narcissistic of you to chose your own cases. TVB is back to explaining the obvious to the audience; of course lawyers had to present legal argument based on legal precendent. I mean what else is there to present? Giselle pointed out Marcus won the case on appeal by showing how biased the judge was. What Giselle never told us all is that when a case goes beyond High Court for appeal, it stops being a question of fact; it becomes a question of law. You can't argue facts and evidence but you need to find what is wrong in the judge's direction, how the judge reach his verdict, the law that he depended on. That's what Giselle means, without actually saying those things.

Poor Quinton. His girlfriend left him and confessed she finds him childish for believing in aliens, he lost a good job to a biased boss eventhough he was well liked and worked hard and now, he felt like a total failure in front of Marcus. He is not the smartest pupil but he is also the most eager. So poor Quinton sits on the stairs alone and cried very very hard and Giselle saw him and decided not to intervene. I really like this scene. It feels real, it feels authentic, I don't think TVB has ever shown a male lead character crying so hard when facing difficulties at work or in life or both. I like that.

So far the acting is top notch. Even the younger actors are all doing well with Grace being my guilty pleasure. She is such a natural after she got over the overeagerness in the first few minutes in Overachievers. You can see an improvement in here, probably because she may be playing herself. The movements, the delivery of the dialogue, the facial expressions, all are perfection in my book. Yes she is still new but she is beyon potential. She is mre natural than sayyyy a 3 year veteran. I think she is a delight to watch but like Louis who needs to get major skin care so that it is easier on the eyes, Grace too needs to gain weight. Her looks already very Punjabi girl is too sharp for my taste.

Until Episode 8
Oh, that brute poured urine on Brittany! No wonder the shock. I mean water also as shocking. Wasn't really what was thrown but the act itself. Once again this episode started in a scene totally not connected with last night's scene. Last scene as Hanson comforting her. And then? What happened? Is Hanson just the white knight and nothing more? Doesn't he deserve to have his story told too?

But good news! Finally a difficult case for Marcus, or as difficult as it could be. It's a case of a man who allegedly pushed his sickly wheelchair bound wife into the sea and refused to let anyone save her. He is charged with murder. Everyone thinks it is euthanesia and our young pupil sat around educating us about suicide and how the law is unfair and how the law is repealed. Well, not in Malaysia. Still a crime to try to kill yourself. I know it sounds ridiculous. It's your body, you can do whatever you want. If you want to tattoo your body surely you can cut your wrists and die without having the threat of imprisonment if you don't die. Wouldn't that person be more depressed? Failed suicidal people shouldn't be charged and jailed. That's a waste of time and money to prosecute which should be given more to cases like rape, white collar crime etc. These people should be given medical or psychiatric attention or a listening ear. However that scene with the pupil talking about suicide is just plain wrong. It isn't about suicide; it is about ASSISTED suicide aka euthanasia. Someone did tell me that what the guy did was euthanasia. Well giving the wife a bottle of pills is euthanasia but pushing her into the sea isn't euthanasia. Why I said that is because pills need swallowing, an act by the person who wants to die. Pushing her into the sea didn't leave much choice to the person whether they actually wanna die or not. Law And Order had an episode about assisted suicide where a trigger was pulled and mind you that episode was 20 years old and still as relevant. To Ben Stone (my inspirational fictional hero lawyer prosecutor) it was murder. Who is to know when the trigger was pulled on the victim's behalf that the victim consented all the way? Who could be sure maybe 1 second before the bullet hit the forehead the victim may have changed his mind. No such questions if victim himself pulled the trigger or the victim's hand is held by the accused and the victim assisted by the accused helped pull the trigger. At worst, manslaughter.

Same situation in this episode except Law & Order did it better 20 years ago and the pupils asked the wrong questions; it's not suicide. It is assisted suicide and assisting suicide is murky water. It is illegal in most countries unless sanctioned for some medical reason and usually it is the hospitals doing the assisted suicide by removing the feeding tube or the victim given a button to push some poison thing into his body. I don't need to be told prosecuting a failed suicidal person is morally repugnant or that why they're punished is because you can't take away your own life which is given by god because all these are wrong questions. The right questions are;

- did the man seek medical help in ending the wife's life
- what sort of sickness she has and how much was she in pain
- did she consent to it - well last scene stephanie rushed in and showed Marcus a letter so we assume wife consented. But does it mean husband is all clear? Of course not. At the very least manslaughter with minimal jail time, very least. Because he did kill her and euthanasia is not a recognised defence, not that I know of.

Interesting case, all the wrong approach, getting  a bit childish in argument here. And there I was thinking, it was a case of Munchausen syndrome which I was told only happened to women. Now that would be an interesting case eh?

And I am still wondering how Marcus earns his millions by taking cases where I doubt the defendants can pay. Oh this series also reminded us all pupils receive ZERO salary for 1 year. I know. But surely they have ALLOWANCE and mind you allowance these days is semi salary in amount.

Until Episode 7 
I am beginning to wonder what is Natalie doing in this series.

Anyway I am VERY convinced Elaine will leave Marcus aka Ben for the bookshop guy whose lifestyle she admires. CONVINCED. Coming soon I tell ya!

Finally our Brittany has more things to do. So she is doing the rounds for mitigation. Strange. In Malaysia, it is done by pupils via legal aid. In here done by barristers? Well she was right to tell the 17 year old boy to plead guilty to what is a minimal charge since 1st offender, Ketamine for own use, small amount, etc etc. Guess what? Super stern judge wants to make an example of the kid and wants to sentence him to prison!!! Will sentence in 2 weeks. If kid is still a kid in HK, he won't actually go to prison. He will go to ... house for delinquents? I heard life's good in there. Anyway parents and family so emotional, one uncle I think threw a bottle of something at Brittany and severely traumatises her but luckily handsome dude named of all names, Hanson was there to comfort her.

Could be real though. I mean Brittany had it coming. She doesn't feel for her clients, and for all of Marcus' teachings, I think she forgotten his number 1 lesson; learn to read the judge aka know thy judge. But then the judge was an arsehole so to speak.  Believe me, come appeal, sentence will be reduced, etc unless HK has a lot of spaces in prison and sending a minor to prison is their idea of rehabilitation.

Now how come Marcus isn't doing this case? You mean in HK theft is much heavier than dealing with drugs? When is Marcus doing a big case? As a big finale perhaps?

The more accurate depiction was Elaine as a super stern lawyer who is actually a nice lady. I like how she scolded the stupid client, how she also scolded ... what's her name? Her gentle looking pupil whose life centred around her civil servant boyfriend? Anyway her scolding was right. Pupils can't dispense with advice. But I never heard statement of defence being handwritten and just presented to court. In a way ... well I don't know about HK, maybe it is permitted. In Malaysia, you need to type it, properly file it before it is considered filed. ANd it need to be served on the other side as notice. So in a way the judge was right to refuse to hear the guy and considering his behaviour like shouting and all, the judge was right to ask for psychiatric evaluation. Elaine was only half right. That is the risk of self representation which is permitted but not encouraged.

I wished for a better depiction of judges being stupid and being upped by a smarter lawyer, not like this. I feel the criminal case of that K drug is a better possible scenario rather than a guy not following procedure. That is why there is civil procedure. Criminal case maybe is more flexible but must operate within rules of evidence.

Anyway, there are many good things about this series but some things are still just drama.

As for our Louis ... what's his name in here? And Giselle who is aptly named, life is hard as a pupil but they followed a good master who is willing to teach.

Stephanie Ho is still stuck in nothing to do except to be scolded by her master who is actually a good master. I mean he is willing to teach her. But I think she will be paired with the extra hardworking lawyer who is actually accurate in his portrayal as a new young lawyer. Not sure who is the actor.

Why can't Stephanie be paired with a guy like Hanson? Why handsome must always match with pretty? If I were Hanson I will like someone like Stephanie more. So far, Brittany is a major beyatch.

But still, so far, still so very good.

Until Episode 6
Confirmed! Elaine will leave Marcus for book owner. I am sure of it. Again.

Anyway this series is indeed raising the bar in depiction of the legal world in terms of the pupils. Whatever Marcus said are quite accurate and I am glad he said those to pupils instead if in the past, to fellow lawyers which will be unrealistic.

However still has major problems.

For god sake, give Marcus a bigger case!! He is still into thefts and how can they afford his fees? Give him murders, rapes, robberies, kidnapping, big corporate fraud cases, whatever befitting his status and the money he supposedly earn!

As for the case in Episode 6, entire proceedings in English so they had to find actresses who can speak in English if not Marcus will take that small time case involving someone akin to Jacky Chan! Oh come on TVB if you have guts show Marcus employed by some big time kung fu star to go to China to assist in his son's case! Anyway I don't get the case. What's the strategy except she, Brittany won? Ahhh legal stuff still messy. I can speculate.

Our star was arrested for driving dangerously (which can be explained), assault on the police (including acts and words and to me by poking the police's chest he is already guilty and should have admitted but then HK has no plea thingy), did not produce driving license (I will get to that) and resisting arrest.

Frankly, he shouldn't have pleaded guilty to not producing driving license when asked to for the same reason for resisting arrest. He didn't understand English, police did not quite understand Cantonese and so he is not guilty of something he can't understand. Questions should have been asked was he given an interpreter back in the station, was he cautioned when arrested (read his rights), etc etc. He should have been let go on technicalities. Although at the point of arrest he wasn't cautioned in Cantonese, but if he was back in station and cautioned in Cantonese, that will do. Point is, he is done in for assaulting police IF the police has produced evidence he was the police. Even if he is in a police car or whatever. Point is Brittany's case is a case on technicalities and of course this scenario was not explained so I am sure you're left wondering why that guy was let off. Frankly I felt it was poorly written and a big star like this guy wouldn't have hired Brittany but hired Duncan or Marcus as senior counsel and Brittany as co counsel. Yes it is a small case but he is a big star you know?

Stephanie Ho is still cute and funny but she needs to move to better story. For me, Grace is still a delight to watch and she does look and behave like a typical pupil.

So far, still so very good. Except the cases but well, can't expect too much from TVB.

Until Episode 4
Confirmed! Elaine will leave Marcus for book owner. I am sure of it. OR either one will die and Marcus arrested and her pupil will defend him. Hopefully not because that is so cliche!

Not much comment for this episode except to say I am still baffled at how small and petty the criminal cases our Marcus, one of the best barrister in HK is taking and still could manage that house. Does his clientele look like they can afford him?

This episode is more on Louis and Grace, who shares a somewhat same fate at being stuck or formerly stuck with supremely jerk employers. But I don't get Louis' significance unless he somehow becomes a lawyer and then becomes villain because Marcus is his love rival perhaps? But can he be a lawyer in a year? Seriously?

Back to Grace. God, I have got to say I am  beginning to seriously like her. I don't get the nonsense by other fans in forums calling her a bad actress. Yes she is skinny, yes she is unhealthy looking, yes she is chindian looking or I suspect, Punjabi + Chinse (Punjabi girls are skinny generally with sharp features like Grace), but come on! COME ON! This girl can act! She gives me a vibe of someone with integrity and a bit of grace. Her Giselle (aptly named) is such a strong person. I love how Ben's Marcus observing her, believing the rumours that this girl slept her way into her training (I am sure a lot of HK lady lawyers will be complaining) but his heart tells him this girl doesn't look like it. I love how she played so naturally being shocked when Ben walked in to find her doing something girlish and embarrasing. Basically I just love her so I hope she does well. Those who lives in their la la land thinking Natalie Tong or Elaine Yiu could be main lead must be still in la la land. Natalie Tong perhaps but not yet but Elaine? Her acting is ok but Grace trumps her. This girl somehow is Giselle.

If you wanna hate, hate for the right reasons.

Until Episodes 3
I am so convinced Elaine will yet again act as a dissatisfied wife who leaves her husband and child for another man, such as in this series, the book store owner. Mark my words!!

Grace continues to impress as the way the story goes continue to baffles.

First Grace.

The cameraman must be in love with her because the camera is always on her even when she has an "opponent" opposite her. I expect the camera to go on her full face when she is fighting a case in court, so to speak. Just you wait. Well, she has a bad times (she looks so frail), most good and one excellent moment. That excellent moment was when Marcus Fan aka Ben asked her why she wants to be a barrister and her short answer was well.. short but I love how she acted tha moment when she answered, she was like in a trance, in her own world and feeling the moment and then she said what she said with such passion and eagerness, as if Ben wasn't even there, that brought a smile to my face as I said to my family who was watching with me, "THANK GOD A MISS HK WHO CAN ACT!!".

I had my own biased opinion about her until I saw Overachievers which sort of a little bit blew my mind not because she was so great but because for her very 1st series and in an important role amongst veterans who are all acting heavyweights, she not only didn't suck but towards the end she showed spunk. For such a tiny girl with such a small frame, her body language packed with determination and grit. I haven't seen so much strength in such a small framed girl. Well Natalie was as painfully thin too but Natalie had more arrogance sort of body language than Grace who was more like someone eager to prove herself but not by walking over dead bodies. In here, her character is strong despite what she went through powered by her passion for the law. All I can say is she is lovely to watch but she does need to work on those louder more dramatic moments and also on eating more and gaining weight. My only problem with her is she is difficult to look at. She is pretty but too body and too sharp for my taste.

I am so happy. Finally!!

So far the characters are going well.

Stephanie Ho is just so cute. I believe she is the oldest amongst them but looking the youngest. I love her relationship with her master, Duncan aka Timothy. She kept saying her master never take a female pupil, until her and yet she constantly get scolded by her master. So my theory is she must be from the same village as him or her family knows him or something. No doubt, Duncan may scold her a lot, I believe he scolds her with affection and he does like her a lot. And he genuinely teaches her unlike Grace's old master (Stefan) who had other "teaching" in mind. Stephanie to me enjoys those sort of master-pupil relationship that one can only dream of. A master who cares,  a pupil who respects her master to care as well. She is not stupid though, just a bit slow.

The series also shows the perspective of a male pupil turned young lawyer and so far I think the portrayal is fairly accurate for any young lawyers. He also had the chance to chamber under a good master, Marcus who is less passionate and dirty tricks like Duncan but nevertheless a competent lawyer who uses the law to win a case. Duncan doesn't see it as dirty trick, just using the technicality of the law.

My only problem with these 2 in this episode is how improbable it is; they're said to be 2 of the brightest stars in legal world, very expensive to hire AND YET this series until this episode is still showing them handling what I call minor criminal/civil cases such as the lastest one where 2 men were accused of blackmailing a girl. Neither men looked like they could afford a lawyer and here we have 2 of the brightest fighting over a very very very minor charge in my opinion. I know it aims to show the different style between the 2 advocates and also to show why Grace wants to chamber under Marcus since Marcus won a case by pointing an obvious loophole in the witness' testimony and with cases to support. Looks and sounds good but seriously, I am surprised the prosecution aka Natalie never even considered that fact when interviewing the witness. It just shows incompetence on the part of the prosecution. In HK, there is no concept of plea bargaining and pleading down one  offence so that accused can testify against the other with a more serious offence. Well that's what TVB legal dramas tell me anyway. If there is a case needed to highlight how eloquent Marcus is, this is not the case. This sort of case would have been handled well by a young or mid young lawyer so to speak, not a senior like him. So far all very petty cases. It should have been a murder case with 2 defendants and one of whom got away with the same argument Marcus forwarded but in a more thorough way. As usual I can't expect too much from TVB.

At least it shows lawyers quoting cases, never seen this before.

In Malaysia that same sort of situation should be for drug charges. That sort to highlight the ability to spot mistake in technicalities and evidence.

In episode 1 or 2 there was one judge who told one character to change into appropriate clothing before appearing again and believe me, also true. There were times when some wear the wrong tie or colour or blouse, etc etc. We have strict dress code and frankly saved me from a lot of fashion confusion in the mornings. But the biggest no-no is not being robed when in a higher court in open court.

People think being lawyers are easy money. This series shows a tiny aspect where it is sorta difficult but I doubt it will show all. We have a lot of bosses, the clients who can make your life hell, the judges who can make life difficult, your immediate superior and the partners of a firm, those that can fire you. Not all lawyers are rich. Only a few. Not all law firms are big or famous. Most are single proprietors. Not all lawyers drive expensive cars or take those big trolley bags. I've seen some take luggage bag and some senior lawyers running around with I presume their old school bag. I don't like the trolley bag. Too heavy even without books. Documents aren't just what can fit into the trolley bag. I once had 3 full boxes of documents sent to me and I will be damned if I had to carry all these to court which I don't. The series thus far shows law firms with boxes and files stacked everywhere which is somewhat accurate except I don't think a famous or somewhat big firm like Marcus Fan would have such a nice reception area filled with boxes by the side. 

Anyway, love this episode even if I was scratching my head why oh why 2 big time lawyers take on petty cases and how the clients could afford to pay them.

P/S Why is Natalie so thin? She looks as thin as Grace except Grace is shorter perhaps. In retrospect Natalie looks sickly thin. What happened? Is the big bubble head is still a trend these days?

Until Episode  2
First of all, the Chinese title is groan worthy. It sounds like some mindless idol drama about girls when it is about very serious stuff so yes, I hate the title but it is on point. It is about 4 young women, 4 young lawyers, 3 of whom are or wants to be barristers.

Now TVB loves to explain stuff like in some crime or legal drama they love to explain what is murder, etc etc. BUT in this series and many before, they never really explain what is the difference between a barrister (bar) or a solicitor (solit). Don't bother; just know there are 2 distinct functions in the same profession and barristers are those who attends court and those you see with white wig, those are senior barristers qualified to appear before higher courts.  TVB series rarely go beyond High Court since finding 1 respectable smart looking actor or actress to be a judge is already difficult, more so 3, 5 or 7 in a panel.

As for this series, I was ready to cringe. I like Grace Chan and I thought she gave a smashing debut in Overachievers once she got over the whole cutesy stuff and I got over her so very thin frame. I worry for her; can she physically withstand TVB's punishing schedule? And yes she looks Indian so let's move on.

It is very apparent she is the lead in here. And TVB intends to make her the lead and for once it is justified. It isn't even fair to say she is a raw diamond in the rough because she can act better or perhaps same level as those with 10 years of experience so I can say she has natural talent although she needs to work on her louder moments when she went berserk. I also don't understand for someone who can speak English why when she is required to deliver her lines in English she sounds so unnatural. And perhaps the scene is unnatural since why suddenly a whole chunk of dialogue in English?

The premise of the series has been done before except this time, it focuses on 4 young lawyers from their long call/admittance to the Bar and their quest to become the legal eagles so to speak. We have their masters played by veterans and their assistance and many more in supporting roles.

First of, I am sick and tired of reading in forums about why so and so not the lead; like Elaine Yiu deserves it, etc etc etc. For heaven's sake, this is a series about YOUNG lawyers. Natalie looks beyond YOUNG lawyers and Elaine Yiu definitely not YOUNG lawyer. Maybe this series would be more complete if it is represented by an older person who studied law late in age and then becoming lawyer mid 30s or 40s but that will be another series. I wouldn't complain about Elaine being a supporting since she has an important role, as important as Ben, Timothy or Louis. I will worry however if she will mid way become the frustrated wife who leaves her husband as she is forever typecast in such role. I wouldn't even say Cilla Kung could be a young lawyer. So I feel the casting is fine. I don't know most of the young actors but I do know most of the young actresses and all of them are capable. And Grace being the lead is fine with me because thank god she can act! So please, forget this and this deserve to be lead etc etc. Look at the contents. It is time TVB cast an age appropriate person in an age appropriate role. Oh and Natalie Tong is in here also. Ok I get the criticisms why they have to get on with actors older than them by at least 15 years I suppose. But for their characters it fits. You can't be successful lawyer with big firm and etc etc without being in late 30s or early 40s. My problem is every lead character you see in here will eventually become a lawyer which is over populated.

However the story itself is going fine. 2 episodes in and we know a lot about the 4 girls with very different masters; some were lucky to have a good one, some often scolded but the master meant well, some with a strict master and some followed a master who takes advantage of them. It represents every level. It also shows how the young lawyers deal with more experienced seniors and their nervousness and believe me, all very very real. I also like TVB actually researched the manners, conduct and how to present themselves in court which is all so very exciting for me as they're familiar.

However TVB did get quite a lot wrong.

First wrong is never explaining the difference between Bar and Solit. So I am scratching my head but the way I see it, Solit seems to earn more since they approach the clientele more. In true sense, Solicitors find and communicates with clients and barristers go to court and represent the clients with not much contact. There is a clear separation. In HK it seems to be still the same as in England I suppose.

Second, I can never understand why in HK there is no concept of partnership, legal assistants, senior associates, junior partners, senior partners, consultants. Forever I see young lawyers having to pay for their own rental in an established law firm as if working independently. I don't get that and if you're from HK and you know why, do explain.

Thirdly, I love that they included the "admittance to Bar" scene which is actually called a Long Call. It is true someone will stand up and speak about the young lawyer and all very informal and judges are very very relaxed there. But I am sure HK is the same as elsewhere; the young lawyer is supposed to be standing up and unrobed. And when the judge says he is now admitted to the Bar, his master will robe him formally, often an important and respectable event if you're close to your master. Maybe HK is different. And Masters don't do the whole intro, it is usually someone else. But the said contents by Timothy is accurate EXCEPT lawyers don't say "We therefore apply for so and so"  since he spoke in English. For all of TVB's research, it should have been "Therefore I humbly pray to this honourable court to admit so and so ....". Not apply but pray. I am sure HK if in English is the same as any commonwealth countries.

Fourthly, I love the fact that it shows the first trial jitters and being bamboozled by more senior lawyers into agreeing to a crucial evidence. It is real. What Timothy wanted was to admit the article aka the picture into evidence and the young lawyer is asked to agree to it. Seems ok except it is also true if you agree to certain documents you need not call the maker and examine the maker. So yes, that is accurate. What is not quite accurate and I stand to be corrected is this; Timothy actually wanted to admit into evidence the statement below the picture; that the defendant was violent as observed by the reporter. Hence the objection. What this scene does not explain is that even if this evidence is admitted into court, as a defendant lawyer I will object if Timothy says the reason is to show the defendant was violent due to the statement in the article by way of the hearsay rule. Hearsay is you can't repeat someone else's statement (printed, oral, otherwise) if it is admitted to prove the truth of the matter, unless you call the person and cross examine the person.  So either way picture can go in, but only as far as the picture is concerned. It won't be hearsay if Timothy shows it is not for the truth but for the fact the statement was made. Meaning person said this, but you're not saying the person saying this is alleging whatever is said is the truth. Well, Timothy will have a hard time proving that in my opinion. So there is a slight simplicity to any rules of evidence in this series but hey the fact TVB can be at least quite technical, is great news for me.

The rest I can't remember much. Except for the woman who tortured her maid. I am surprised again at the lack of technical knowledge since so much effort gone to writing that scene where under cross examination she basically admitted she beat the maid. As usual her lawyer this time Ben like in all TVB series looked somewhat defeated or nonchalant. He should have objected the line of questioning for the sake of just objecting. The woman basically admitted her crime. Therefore what is there more to tell? The pupil said well that can be a good mitigating factor. Yeah, during mitigation, not during trial. So for me, that is just poor writing.

And also on the status of the pupils. No one said pupil, strangely. Clearly they were all chambering pupils prior to admittance to the Bar so why not use that word?

I would love to see the perspective of a young lawyer in the prosecution office but I don't think TVB wants to expand that.

For a legal drama from TVB, this is probably very impressive. I am impressed and I will be following this series. I love that Timothy is given a chance at a larger role and he rocks so far. I love the casting so far so for me no complaints. Story wise I am still wondering. Technicality wise, as long as we don't have a lawyer saying "You know you just commit murder, you deserve to go to jail" sort of statement I am fine with it even if some are still inaccurate way. But it shows lawyers in a good light even if I am still so very confused at the whole solit and bar thing and renting of office space thing.

But if you want a really good legal drama, just watch Law & Order. I just rewatched Season 1, Season 2 and I must say, 20 years on, the issues are still as relevant then as it is today. The prosecutor Ben Stone and gang all probably inspired a generation of lawyers.

This series won't inspire a generation of lawyers. Lawyering is not rich business, most lawyers are not even rich. But it means something noble only if your conduct is noble.

By the way the story about the pouch behind the black robe is true. Lawyers long ago is a noble profession. No fixed fee so the clients can pay whatever amount into the pouch. Now the pouch is symbolic.

You know what, it is still a powerful reminder of the purpose of this profession. Sharks or bad lawyers aside, the robe represented everything. Wearing that robe meant something for me; I felt proud. When I watched the long call scene, it reminded of my long call many years ago. My proud family with bouquet of flowers, my master, the robe bought by my family (very expensive) and I have been using the same robe since, missing buttons and the pouch all gone missing. Of course back then it was all dreams and hope but after entering into the profession proper, you realise your dreams don't feed you or pay your car instalments. You are an officer of the court but it feels more like a business than a profession. It felt wrong and for me when I walked away from the court with a very very heavy heart, I knew it was the right time for me. But the great thing about law is you can always practice at any age, no retirement age as long as you pay the subscription fee, certificate fee, etc etc. So I can always go back to it, maybe in near future. For now, I have walked away from court but not from the law. If all goes to plan, I will walk away forever. So watching this series brings back my memories of my early days until reality set in and life as they say becomes less about ideals and more about practicalities.

Anyway this series so far is wonderful. Give it a chance. .\


  1. In HK, barristers can only practice as sole proprietors, so basically everyone in the law firm is on their own. However, solicitors can practice in partnerships.

  2. Funn, welcome back, yup so far, Ben and Giselle is watchable

    hmm, wondering if Ben really throw Giselle application letter at first but have a change of heart to 'just' give a her a chance out?

  3. I have only watch episode 1. Elena Kong english was so good. Her diction was clear and she hardly has any accent.

  4. Ep 7, the something at Brittany was pee. Hanson, lol, he is now the TVB go to guy as casanova, lol.

  5. Surprisingly,this series is very watchable.Started with episode 10 until 18 then start again with episode 1 and Grace Chan is natural although she's a newbie.All the other girls did well too and most importantly I haven't give up the series yet which says a lot for a TVB series...
    Just wondering why Elaine Yiu keep getting this kind of role?Can't she say no?

    1. Evelyn, if she refuses this sort of role, she has nothing else to do. She is at best a C list in TVB. I am pretty tired with her one note performance and her deliberate "shut eyelid SLOWLY" sort of acting. Maybe because I just hate Vivien.

      Yes Grace is fantastic. I really like her in here and she can really act even if she is new. This series is good but right now near the end it is losing its focus. I am sick of adulteress wife, I want the title 4 young girls 3 Bar. Missing!

  6. Anyone knows what is the song title for the song in the end of episode 20? Something 'crazy'...?? I just couldn't find that song for a year!! :'((( anyone??

  7. Well, it is going to end this Friday (double episodes). The series started of a great deal of cases, then slowly slow down to some love dilemma.

    Elaine has been corrupted, her friend, who basically has sex with a lover, and she is considering too, anyway, poor writing
    She don't really care about his husband, co-worker or anything

    And she said her husband ruined her youth, didn't she said she worked so hard to Woody (Ram Chiang) before as well? what is the different?

    Right now, basically, Quiton want to be Giselle but always stuck with Holly, anyway, Holly is the best girl in this series for me

    Still, I don't know how they going to warp out the show with just 4 episodes left
    - Ashley pregnant and half sister issue
    - Brittany white knight
    - Quinton triangle love lol
    - Vivian issue

    Hope there is no sudden UFO invasion like one of the series

    1. Easy.

      Ashley will marry duncan after reslising she shouldnt be so hung up over insecurities. Brittany will accept her half sister. Question is what about the supposed condition that may affect the baby? Solved by dr saying no problemo.

      Brittany no white knight. She is already dating him.

      There is no live triangle even if ithink quinton is more suited with holly. All a misunderstanding.

  8. *****SPOILER*****
    Just finish this series. Man i have never watch series that makes my blood boil!!!!!!!! What sort of ridiculous script is this. Grace should have given lin dan's diary to the police. What bull of a reason! The moment she made a report. It became a police investigation! Moreover she committed suicide after leaving such a stinking shit!!! Honestly if the police couldn't find any answers in that diary, it would be returned to her family! The funny part is that lin dan's parents gave that journal saying you should have 'Kong dou'. Wow. What kong dou is that. He doesnt need to be reminded that he was innocent.

    1. I agree, It would have been obstruction of justice and she should have been charged with that or with contempt if the prosecution asked for the diary which could aide in investigation. whether the contents is helpful or not is for the judge to decide. The parents could have been vindictive and burn it. She emphasised too much on trust when justice is not being served. I can't remember if she read the diary. If she did she should have revealed the truth. Sexual harassment or rape is a serious charge. If she didn't she made an unfair call. Her sifu would have faced extreme prejudice. In this case I feel the rights of the living outweighs the dead, In real life the police would have subpoena the diary. That's why when in the end the series talked about upholding justice when the one character did not.


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