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Monday, August 10, 2015

On TVB new series

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I have officially given up on Brick Slaves. Really cliche, same old same old. Back to devoting my time to The Journey Of Flower, a must watch by the way.

I am watching TVB again that is Brick Slaves purely for Vincent Wong and he doesn't disappoint. Problem is can they cut the silliness with Serena's character? Getting on my nerves...

and I just saw an ad for a series called The Fixer with actors I don't care about like Mandy Wong as a lawyer (yawn), Chin Kar Lok as some leader of some ultra Mission Impossible type group (seriously? You buy that Chin Kar Lok is that smart?), and everybody else I don't care about about a series that depends as much on style as it is on chemistry of the actors and individual star power. I can never understand TVB these days with their poor casting choices. No. 1 wrong is to cast Chin Kar Lok as someone smart. That's it. Tracy Chu is ok but why jeapordise her career by casting her with people who really can't lead? You know some series are doomed before it begins. Help!!


  1. I have to say, none of the TVB series slotted for this year has managed to capture my interest. Maybe I will watch "Brother's Keeper 2" because Hugo Ng is back but I hate sequels. I nearly cried watching MOD because it was so bad.

    Brick Slaves looks boring and cliched to me even though I do like Vincent.

    Just stick with TJOF lah! Only 15 eps left!

  2. So much left to tell. I always thought the 54 or so eps is for uncut.

  3. If you think about it, only 36 eps have been released from the uncut version. So we have 54-36 = 18 eps til the end.

    On Hunan, "Yun Zhong Ge: will follow TJOF and will start on 15th September, so we still have 4 more weeks of cut version with 4 eps per week. Hunan has released 42 eps cut version now so 42+16 = 58 eps in total.It has to be more than the total of 50 eps as said on wikipedia because Hunan TV needs the money from advertisements.

    Anyway, so much dark and religious stuff for SARFT to cut out so the story will fit.

    1. So the ultimate difference between the 2 is 4 episodes? I kept writing 54 eps is for uncut, no one believe me.


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