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Monday, August 10, 2015


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I am now effectively writing full recaps aka episodic thoughts for this series. What started as an intention to write about how I feel had to expand to full episodic thoughts because what a waste if I did not. I enjoyed recapping them so I hope you might have a look and be tempted to watch the series too! I am about 2 episodes behind for the Uncut version.

For those unfamiliar, there is a version called TV Hunan version which is shorter but is at episode 40 and Uncut version broadcast over internet which is at Episode 35. Uncut doesn't mean not censored, just segmented differently, some scenes may be in one version but not the other. I am following the Uncut version.

If you are wondering where did my The Journey Of Flower / Hua Qiangu page together with the download page gone to, I have moved them to one blog, all neatly categorised since my recap is getting more and more detailed. Find them all here at this dedicated link;

All comments also moved there under PREVIOUS COMMENTS post. Any new comments do post in respective posts. No worries, download page is there. So bookmark that blog and no updates will be announced here. I bet that blog will be more active than this one.

Anyway I am still updating the template so please excuse the mess. When done, it will be far easier to see than the previous one long post.


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