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Monday, September 14, 2015

[O] WALLACE HUO JIANHUA [Actor][Part 3] : Why HD TV exists [Taiwan]

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The following consists of truths, lies, speculations, rumours, gossips, comments, reviews, opinions and analysis of everything Wallace Huo Jianhua. If you see this at the top of the post, it means it is updated. Click the Read More button below to see the entire post. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to.
Here is his profile

What is he in? 
Here is his filmography

You his fan? 
Sort of.

From whence? 
The Glamorous Imperial Concubine aka Qing Shi Huang Fei where I first saw him in HD TV and he was the sulky sullen unhappy angry miserable Liu Liancheng and I fell in love with him and was convinced HD is the way to go only if you're Wallace Huo. He was absolutely gorgeous (thank you to Ruby Lin for the beautiful angles and costumes!!) You can read my "love letter" to him in my review.

Got other posts about him? 
Yes, this is in fact part 3 of my comments. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here (Archive Blog).

More resources on him?
Chinese sites, can't help you. English ones, go to Jaynestars but be prepared to vomit blood since more concentrated on gossips and rumours. For more indepth stuff, go to his English fan forum, Forums.

Huajae Company at Weibo which is indirectly Wallace's weibo account (he doesn't have one officially and the day he opens one is when aliens taken over him) issued an indirect denial on recent relationship rumours with whoever he is rumoured with, specifically Liying and all those so called exposes.

@ Huajaecompany: The one that Hua Ge is in love with is this, therefore he is now in a relationship with it. Others so called relationships are pure fiction. 

There you have it. He rarely issues any statements personally,  not even on the Viann "one night stand-third party-hotel trysts" rumours. Usually it is Huajae Company that does it and even they're  not quite actively denying. But let's put into perspective. He is single and even if he's not, his other half is not Tang Yan or Zhao Liying.

Anyway he is now into cycling it seems. I am however not sure that IS his bicycle though.

So beautiful. I don't know how's he gonna handle talking about his looks from now on but I am sure he must have considered that when he took on SK II. Somehow I have a feeling he won't extend beyond 1 year BUT maybe he might enjoy being a bit vain from now on! I actually thought he looked better in the make up chair sort of pictures. The velvet suit pictures are too photoshopped which he doesn't need. No official poster yet but I am thinking SKII is not taking his best pictures.

And there it is, one full circle. He is spokesperson for SK II! I am in shock. Never a commercial and boom, SK II. So you will see him washing his face on TV (bare shoulders perhaps?), at launch parties (promote himself as well) and print ads (cut cut save save). SK II is darn expensive but then who better to represent a beauty product than Wallace with his flawless skin even if it is more genetics? But the fact that he is now contractually obliged to use it means he is taking better care of his skin. And he probably endorses stuff he uses so someone must have introduced this to him. Rather excited. He is becoming more open to wider ideas. So what's next? Phones? Watches? Only big time stars do these 2.

He looks rested, gained weight and basically looks just darn awesome. Why didn't he look that way in Close Your Eyes? He in fact dressed like he just came from the Close Your Eyes set. Hair is longer. He must be growing it for a reason. Very very handsome.


That is Hu Ge, probably his best friend in the industry. They only collaborated once if I am not mistaken. Both of the same nature. I love how relaxed he is with Hu Ge. See! This is Wallace when he is relaxed. He is also sort of the same way with Michelle Ye. That sort of ease. Is this from fan cam?  Where is the video?

Old but gold. One of the best photoshoot I have ever seen of any actor and for Wallace, his most relaxed. That's Yang Zi, his young costar in Battle Of Changsha.


I finally received my other Wallace Huo autograph which I won through lucky draw. There were 3 designs and I was secretly hoping to get one particular design and guess what? I got the design I wanted!! A good day indeed!!

I actually posted enough posts in his international fan forum to exchange an autograph previously but got lost. Then I won one through the same fan forum in Facebook through lucky draw (still waiting!!) and now today I received my second autograph (exchanged with tokens) and it happens to be the one Bai Zihua picture I fell in love with a year ago!! 

So happy! Gonna laminate it, but am scared will burn it! 

 Anyway yeah! What lucky day today!

Here is Wallace with his manager and partner of his production studio, Junjie who was his school friend and the rank demoted Assistant Manager, Woohoong who was labeled as Manager.

This picture chart will tell you. For once it is not overblown like 6 feet tall. Looks about it, maybe minus 1 inch. The weight however fluctuates.

Even his head is perfect. Look... so round, no blemish, not a scar except for that tiny one there, so much hair and did I say perfectly round? Shaved for Biao Men. Long time ago so no worries, he's not shaving his head recently.

Trivia. He shaved his hair even before he was actually officially cast but it was after a few meetings. I suppose this final act convinced the producers.

His girlfriend you ask?

No! No! His co-star, Sandra Ma from Close Your Eyes (unofficial title) whilst filming in New York! I bet these scenes are gonna in some MTV style sequence!

Errr... father of the bride?

No! No! That's the director I think.

Errr... brother?


I believe some dude on a beach who happens to have taken a photo with them. This is like one of the coolest picture ever, and I do think our long haired guy is really cool looking!

 Ahhhhhh!! Girlfriend!! 

Officially, his manager I read. But I don't know. Terms can be interchangeable between assistants and managers. Anyway no not his girlfriend. His "manager" Woohong. But you never know...

Wallace in his interviews maintains he is single and happily so because he couldn't believe anyone will be ok to be in a relationship where the guy has to go elsewhere 3 months at a time.

My answer? Pick me! I am ok with it. Better, I will follow you to outstation!

Wallace in his interviews maintains he often eats alone, outside at some restaurant which isn't a bad thing.

My answer? Me too. Anyway seen a lot of his friends photos and he seems to be having dinners with people, not always alone.

Wallace was embroiled in some prostitution slander or one night stand with some boastful girl.

My answer? He sued, he won, move on. and that boastful girl retracted her statement. And he needs a better manager who gives better responses.

Wallace was involved in a few relationships prior or during his early days in the entertainment world. One particular girl who was I read a year older was his one true love who got away. He
 remembers her fondly, probably still in contact and seems excited to hear about her.

My answer? Everyone has that one true love. But you don't always end up with the one you love most. Moreover, that one true love is always that perfect love in your heart. But the one to spend the rest of her life with him is somewhere out there. And yes, he is STILL single. He says he will announce when he is dating. He has to because he will be photographed anyway.

Some very nice shots of Wallace at a recent press event (17.07.2015). If HK or China or Taiwan ever wants to do a biopic on some 50s star or 30s star, here is the man to do it. He really has that 50s screen god look, especially the smiling picture. In fact he can play any era, with or without hair.


My current obsession. I feel every frame of Journey Of Flower is meant to maximise the beauty of Bai Zihua, like the cameraman just knows where he is most gorgeous, like every angle. The costume, the hair, the make up, this is Wallace at his most beautiful and he really looks like a xian or fairy or deity or immortal descended from heaven or someone who cultivated into this gorgeous immortal except he is one step to 10th level, from perfection. Anything else, this is an absolutely beautiful man in a beautiful portrayal of a rather intriguing character. No wonder HQG and Zixun is insane about this man. And luckily he isn't so thin in this portrayal too. I will say one of the most memorable looks and character of all time and I hope he wins boat loads of awards in China for this performance. Absolutely stunning looking and a huge congrats to the make up and costume designer. This is costume designing and make up at its best and this is because only Wallace Huo could play Bai Zihua without being too feminine. There is masculinity in the absolutely beautiful Bai Zihua. Wow!

Some lovely shots from or for Here He Comes, Close Your Eyes.

And a rather interesting photos of Wallace under very harsh lights/contrast. Too thin but look at his flawless skin. 

I really like the following huge poster for Here He Comes, Close Your Eyes or whatever the English title will be, hopefully more imaginative and less suggestive.

But I feel two things is missing;

1. His character is crazy about the girl. This sitting position is too apart; I feel their one hand should link with one another, if not this looks like a businessman and his secretary who is in love with him and not both ways;

2. the pants kinda too short, too much socks.

And I am dismayed at the quality of his shoes (kinda cheap looking) and the suit (which is ill fitting) as I expect his character although thin to be fashionably distinctive. Like one look you know he's that guy.

You know, I miss Yukawa sensei. I really do. Masha is tall, fair, super slim. Sorta like the character description of Here He Comes, Close Your Eyes except he is not young. I am glad the age is upped a little. More convincing.

Anyway, this is the whole look for Wallace;

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Like the pants hitched a few inches higher and you have Grandpa Wallace; those old guys who likes to hike their pants up high, young ones like low.

Who would have thought he was the hottest as the hottest immortal who has ever cultivated in this world of immortals just about a year ago?

He will reportedly take a break after filming the series about extreme weight loss.. I mean about romance, mystery, serial killers, Yukawa sensei in China. Hopefully he puts on weight and is offered a role in a CCTV series. I notice CCTV series, actors are super serious, and well fed looking.

He really can play the monk in JTTW. Better no, if not too many sinful thoughts.

I am however bothered with the fact that it seems just fine to dub an actor's voice. Feel kinda like defrauding audiences, which is why I kinda like Battle Of Changsha and sorta can't not be picky with Journey Of Flower. He was also dubbed in The Great Protector aka Biaomen. Sad isn't it? He sounds ok, his accent is neutral now when he controls it. Leave his voice alone!

Side profile. Looking quite similar to Aaron Kwok! Except many years younger.

I was watching his interview where he cried when he recalled how fans said he was a 'chihuo' since he is often pictured having meals. Chihuo is internet speak for foodie which isn't terrible. But it seems in the past before when internet hijacked certain terms and made them nice such a word has a different negative connotation. It meant ' a good for nothing' or someone who just knows how to eat and nothing else. In other words a useless lazy bugger in modern speak. Now I understand why he was so upset he choked on his tears, more so he is a man who is consciously working hard to shed his idol pretty boy image and here he is deacribed as good for nothing. Of course his fans didn't mean it that way. So be careful with the terms you use more so with a man innately sensitive but buries his feelings deep inside. He was especially upset because his fans used that term. Anyway if he was hurt by a word imagine how he would have felt with those affair and prostitutes rumours. 

This is too funny. Luckily the receiver at the end is almost always a guy since gentle scenes are for women! Wallace has a problem he has just discovered; when in an emotionally charged scene when he speaks he showers his saliva on his co star's face! He's not the first. I call this the Alex Man treatment! See for yourself, from Perfect Couple. I don't imagine BZH in The Journey of Flower will have that problem since he hardly shouts or be so emotional. But imagine Durian City! Not Ruby Lin but the one who played his wife. Poor woman.

He's not the only one. Not sure if it is a coincidence or what, everyone spits in the series!! See more here. Even made it into news here. Netizens even made a funny exploding TV for that (so funny!!);

That was a year ago by the way. He seems rather embarrassed and worried. No worries Wallace, that's acting. Just spray elsewhere!!

More of his most current looks (like 24 hours old). Can't believe it was about 10 years since Chinese Paladin III and I realise all the actors hardly aged. Anyway still so  very thin no thanks to a particular role but the thinner he is the more you will be able to see his pixie sort of looks. Excellent flawless skin which he reportedly doesn't care too much. Some people are born with it but don't mention it to his face. I am sure he is sick of hearing that, just too polite to say he is sick of hearing that. By the way he is one of those very very very few actors who doesn't need any touch up on his photos. The more natural the better.


Wow, it was a year ago I updated this post, and with the picture of the character I am obsessed with now! Time to revive this post. Here are a few samples of the man in 2015; paler, slimmer but pixie looks still there;

Lucky girl. No worries; he's filming a new series which I am sure will be a hit. Close Your Eyes or something like that.

Point is...

Yes Wallace, I shall stop. No point needed. See the pictures, I rest my case. And yes, he is so beautiful, women vomit blood and faint.

Has it been almost a year since my last update for this post? Wow but then there was no reason to update this post, until the following.

The moment I saw the pictures in this article at Jaynestars, my heart skipped a beat until I saw the following:-

He is playing either an immortal or a deity or both or everything, I do not care. I saw this picture I just died and went to heaven and back and am only alive again because god says I will need to watch this series with Wallace in it so that I can relive every second why I fell for him in the first place; Liu Liancheng. The headgear remind me of that bastard whom I can't help but love. Put that fur thing on him and he is perfect. Absolute perfection. Other women can't be as beautiful as he is. TVB can't even cast anyone for this role and I don't even know what role it is. All I know is he is so god damn beautiful. I can spend the whole day looking at him.

And then I saw this;

We all know he can cry beautifully but god damn, he can even puke so beautifully. He looks so graceful even when puking blood. He belongs in an art gallery, behind protective glass wall to be observed, studied, admired. Your hands OFF HIM!!

10.09.2013 : Rumoured as third party with... VIANN ZHANG!
Where is the Tiffany Tang Yan rumour or the requisite Ruby Lin rumour when you need it huh?

File this under pure rumour and Yu Zheng PR tactic for his new upcoming series. Why?

Some homework for you;

b. then read this

See the connection? And you wonder who is Viann and where she is in Condor Heros?

By the way Yu Zheng spells it as Condor HEROS so I shall follow his deliberate stupid mistake.

She is the lady in purple. And for all her past deeds, read here (look for keyword called Ron Ng). Anyway read it with a tinge of salt. Wallace will never ever ever admit or deny unless he is confronted with it, on TV by the woman purported to be the lady in his life (ala Ruby Lin). Rumours are still strong with the Joe Chen thingy but Joe Chen is rumoured to be with Wallace lookalike, Louis Koo. So either Louis who came out of nowhere is the red herring or Wallace is red herring. You figure that out.

I could be wrong about Viann and Wallace but right now I stand by what I wrote at Jaynestars; PURE RUMOUR OF NO BASIS, AT ALL. And if got basis, please ... pleaseeeee Wallace, you have better taste than to get yourself into trouble with a woman so too in tune with her emotions. With her you won't have privacy that you crave. She may be beautiful (as much as $$$ can help to enhance and all that) but not worth the eventual problem. Sex may be exciting, but if you're fighting for control, how exciting can that be? Anyway, my replies will explain my stance.

I am not vomitting blood because it is not true. Remember Yu Zheng is king of stirring interest and why of all women it so happens 2 unconnected people connected by Yu Zheng one with an previous series and the other a new one coming up suddenly got this so called gossip? And it could be Wallace Hoo instead of Huo. Wallace never admit or deny a relationship rumour.And fan forum says “The media, SINA, has just made an apology for posting wrong info and causing great disturbance to Wallace. ” though I have yet to see a link to that apology. So Viann, he ain’t yours, yet. And don’t blame her. How many series or movies she does in 6 months or even a year? A pretty big one is coming up, needs to drum up interest in her. Tellingly she did not announce in poetic fashion in her own weibo or something, so it means it ain’t true. Assuming it is true, it won’t last. My bet is Wallace is dating someone either in the industry BUT more discreet or his assistant or his assistant’s assistant. Point is he is dating. That I am quite certain.

I asked the fan so far no link yet (a fan said SINA apologised for the wrong reporting but the fan has yet to post the said link). If I see it I will update. That’s why I am not sure since usually they never apologise. But I am pretty sure it ain’t Viann. Oh Wallace get away from China’s kardashian!! From what I read above, relationship seems purely sexual. Kinda not Viann’s character to not talk about it. Wallace has said many many times he won’t divulge his love life; perhaps he learned some lessons from the Joe part of his life? Or just stubborness? I think he will save everybody a lot of trouble by just admitting he is dating and who he is dating. All these nonsense about protecting family, friends is just.. nonsense. That part I absolutely disagree with the stars unless they’re embarassed to admit to the relationship which one wonders, why be in one in the first place? Be that or do it like Daniel Craig and wife. No twitter, no weibo, no facebook, therefore whatever they do is their private life. Nothing like I twitter my fans and then say this is my private life and then goes on to announce the marriage and yet assert cries for privacy ala you know who.

So was the other actress and yet he is connected to rumour queen because of a rumour of what her ex said and all that stuff. Take it with a pinch of salt. But I will say this much; Wallace is like every other man. On surface, Viann is one hot girl and this is a woman admitting to that. There is a certain attractiveness to her mannequin looks and her inability to emote. I don’t think she can get him to run around like Ron though. So worst case scenario, I will say this is a purely physical relationship. I don’t see how this can be deeply emotional, especially for Wallace unless he has been hypocritical in his replies and musings about love, women and relationships. As for Viann, no doubt she throws herself into relationships and when she resurface after the honeymoon period, she then realise guys don’t want to really commit to her the way she wants hence the heartbreak. Like Taylor Swift who writes about her disdain for her ex with songs, Viann does it with blogging. She is too vocal for a guy who wants to be able to go to his favourite shop to eat with friends. Hence my worst case scenario. Anyway so far fan forums are not killing themselves over these rumours.
And to the question why not Viann? What is so bad about her? I wrote the following in a fan forum;

Have you followed her love life with Ron Ng? If you did, you may dislike her for her controlling temparamental ways (she was dying to tell everyone she was dating Ron Ng, play temper tantrums, wrote weibo entries implying many things in well written ways but still way to open for Wallace's taste, she is in fact too quick to tell everyone her emotions and since Wallace is private man, this is not good! Imagine Taylor Swift except for blogging instead of song writing) or respect her for her "not afraid to hate, not afraid to love personality". And from head to toe, she is plastic. She can't even move her muscles on her face, she looks at all times a mannequin. She is to me China's Kardashian. Not as trashy but is an emotional opportunist and these 2 is a dangerous combination for men who want private life to stay private. But she is not stupid so that's a plus point. 
You know, I do admire her for her stance when it comes to relationships and being vocal and all. She is young after all, deeply romantic and thus when faced with failure maybe deeply poetic as well as deeply hateful. I like that she has high expectations and expect something to be her way. Which is why she is not the right gal for Wallace. And in my heart, I feel this is pure rumour because I suppose Wallace could have detected the same thing a million miles away. I remember reading how he felt about Joe Chen's boldness when they were dating and that he is not into that sort of daredevil attitude to love anymore. I can't remember exact quote but that's the meaning; he is older, he is wiser, he is more mature. Which is why Viann is the last person for him. But hey, great face (however frozen) and great body can do things to a man's rational mind, so can love.

Check this space out. There WILL be more!


  1. What website did you read about Wallace's feelings towards Joe Chen's boldness??

  2. Have known about Wallace for a long time and never liked him. Never thought much of his looks and even thought less of his acting. Suddenly, he's starring in the adaptations of my favorite novels back to back!!! Now, I've become one of those crazy diehard fans who want to marry him, lol. When I'm not fangirling him like mad as his beautiful face graces my 50" TV, then I'm plotting how I can get him to marry me, lol.

    1. Good! He likes bold women since he is sorta slow to "heat" sort of guy. Go for it! Just make sure you fulfil his requirements; big eyes, button nose, ample bossoms, a few years older, not clingy and likes "old" guys who likes to eat out a lot.

    2. Meh, I don't fit Wallace's requirements but wish me luck anyway, lol.

    3. Taste changes in the face of compatibility. I really do think he is not into cute young girls. I don't think his lifestyle can handle it. He seems to favour older women, even now. If Rosamund Kwan had a chance if as rumoured, ha! Got chance but errrr eyes big and small nose. Ok, screw it.

  3. Not obsessed with Wallace or his good looks. I think he is a very very beautiful and graceful man but I feel sad when he cries (or vomits blood). I respect him as a person and as an actor. Nothing to with TJOF or QSHF. It is not easy to achieve what he has in such a short time and still stay above all the stupid rumours and media attacks.

    1. I will be honest. I don't find him graceful. Absolutely devastatingly beautiful, yes but lacking in grace but as BZH he is getting there. He wasn't amazing in QSHF except I was in love with what I can see. He never responds to rumours except lately since getting out of hand. Media so far has been ok with him truth be told.

      Anyway I can't believe this is now Part 3. Gonna go into Part 4 soon since I have earmarked his next movies and series to follow even if one year later. So slow to release.

      He does better TV series than in movies. I wish he is more picky with movies. So far I see nothing exceptional.

    2. What movies has he done?

      I am confused by his new project "He's come. Close your eyes". The trailer is very vague. What is happening?

      I'm watching "The Grand Protector" at the moment in between work and TJOF. And I do find him quite graceful when compared to the rest of the cast despite the spraying. Don't mind the shaved head.

    3. None worth recommending.

      What do you mean what is happening? You mean the story? Or is it filming?

      I saw a bit of Grand Protector. Those are his dream project to do. He craves such project. Unfortunately when I watched I still see the head shaking like boing boing boing way, which is a terribly bad habit of his which you can see in his earlier series., In JOF he can't move that much that's why he has to be perfectly still. I don't care about the shaven head. In fact I didn't even notice he shaved his head. I wished he had taken BBJX but anyway, I still find him lacking as an actor truth be told. But as BZH he is close to his best acting yet. Not Battle Of Changsha, not Grand Protector, but BZH.

    4. If on the story Lidge can help! Since her fave book. to my understanding just imagine Galileo Yukawa Sensei goes to China except more emphasis on love, something about dual personality and the title actually refers to the serial killer who came to seek to kill our hero. And loads of kissing/bed scenes it seems.

    5. Discussion of the book He Has Come, Close Your Eyes @

      More info @

      I love detective stories and guys in suits so I'm not sure if I can handle Wallace's hotness in this drama, but I shall try my best, lol.

    6. Looked at his recent pictures. Too thin. Way too thin. Not sure if this is his thinnest, my feeling is yes.

    7. Thanks lidge. Unfortunately, I am not into romance novels. How are the detective stories? Are there clever twists? And do they make sense?

  4. Gosh your blog is funny as sh*t. Was reading this in the peaceful quiet midnight, but I could not stop from laughing out loud. I tried not to make a sound (did not want to disturb my mates), but instead my laughter came out sounded like a super loud pig snort, which was worse. Thanks for the entertainment. Cheers.

  5. Hey, do you by any chance know the title of the ending ost of his movie titled 'Love in the Forlorn City伤城之恋’? Only the opening soundtrack 'There's a Love Called Letting Go 有一种爱叫做放手' mentioned everywhere, but nothing about the ending ost. Thanks in advance.


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