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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Your call! Opinion or Episodic Thoughts for Captain Of Destiny?

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In case you are curious, you must be wondering "Funn, where the heck are you?"

Are you?

Well I am still here. Since Captain Of Destiny is FINALLY showing, I have a reason to sit down to watch TVB series again. And since it stars Ruco Chan and a newbie that I like which is Grace Chan (a whole lotta Chans!), I am thinking of recapping it Episodic Thoughts style. I know I said I will but it's a lot of work to do for every episode. For The Journey Of Flower, I stopped at Episode 38 because I couldn't take the editing anymore. For TVB I know if it says 100 episodes, it will be 100 episodes. No uncertainty, just a matter of how good is the story and acting and pacing. I am sure this series has a lot of talking points for me AND commenting points for you. I mean you gotta participate, if not I don't know who am I recapping to. So my question is do you want me to? I will be reposting in Jaynestars. However if not, I will stick to Opinion based format, no recap, just rant like "WHAT THE HELL?!??!?!". Recapping though requires discipline, nightly on weekdays and full concentration.

I've been reading a lot of TVB bloggers are gone. Almost all full recaps these days are special treatment reserved for K dramas which does get on my nerves. So I suppose that I kept doing Episodic Thoughts for TVB dramas (and half for C Dramas) is my way of one up to the K dramas recaps which are great by the way but too many. 

The last FULL episodic thoughts I really did was for Three Kingdoms RPG. Man, I took down notes, I recap faithfully, etc etc etc. I am not so into writing reviews these days. I think it is time to implement my shorter reviews which I've been wanting to for a long time. With Episodic Thoughts, I can talk more on story and performances.

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  1. Hi Funn,
    I will be happy for either one.However episodic thoughts will be taxing if the series is not interesting enough.As you know TVB series nowadays can drive you crazy.I'm also anticipating this series but not very optimistic about the special looks cheap in the trailer!!

    1. Either its so good or so bad that will make a good write up.

      So far from what can be seen ok lar. Can lar.

  2. Someone please tell me that you think grace over acted in some scenes??

    1. She overacted in all scenes lol!

  3. Can't stand grace in her police uniform. Way too skinny! What is up with her screaming. Too high pitched. Plus her overacting. The role is too big for her.
    I have been wondering where you are. Either episode Recap or opinions are good

  4. Still here. Am writing for this series. Go to


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